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Magellan lyrics - Impending Ascension

Waterfront Weirdos

Original and similar lyrics
We are the misfits with a broken horizon Like Keats or Hemingway, survive with poets defiance Christmas at the Martinique grieving for a home Three generations tough it out on the big street all alone... Rank of the privileged on the evening commute Don't want to be bothered, don't want to be used booming in suburbia, shuttle's on the way A beggar asks for money. It's a dollar you don't want to pay- To the Waterfront Weirdos For the Waterfront Weirdos Who are the Waterfront Weirdos? Many live on the edge, keep them out of sight out of mind In our midst a disgrace-answers are elusive yet we find It's so damn hard to conceive 'till it looks you straight in the eye Just take a walk on West 32nd Street or pick up a New York Times and believe it... Up in an ivory tower it's hard to see, hard to feel, hard to be homeless and one of the outcast-Waterfront Weirdos. Who are the Waterfront Weirdos? Many live on the edge, keep them out of sight out of mind In our midst a disgrace-answers are elusive then we find Powerless is a child in the wake of hunger at night Giving up-giving in Can't we hear their screaming from within...? My life spent standing here in the back of a line I'm living for the moment-yes, I'm living by the hour in a game of survival In a mood of resignation I'm not the man I am- meal ticket, waiting for a handout Things will change and somehow I'll get out I keep telling myself it won't last forever Adversity closing in, my sanity lapses, I'll rise again Resisting the end Only 22 as my apprehension seques into an IMPENDING ASCENSION I could not fake this for long How long am I supposed to take it lying down? I will not take this lying down! Many live on the edge Keep them out of sight out of mind In the end it is us picking up the pieces that we find On the path of least resistance evidence is loud and clear When will we wake up? Failures are mounting as the underclass grows every year and believe that- Up in an ivory tower it's hard to see, hard to feel, hard to be homeless and one of the Waterfront Weirdos It's so damn hard to believe 'till it looks you straight in the eye Shake the hands of losers lost on Broadway who remember a nostalgic time and believe that- Up in an ivory tower it's hard to see, hard to feel, hard to be homeless and one of the outcast-Waterfront Weirdos.

Law Of Physics

Lootpack "Soundpieces: Da Antidote!"
featuring Oh No Medaphoar [Wild Child] '98 keep it real son cuz I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child will rock at will son Keep them speakers boomin' body movin' Wild Child has proven Causin' mad paranoia like them kids Nice 'N' Smooth and When I flip flop wreck shop we be hip hop When you see me drop Always in that shape you callin' tip top Coolin effect I'm full in droolin over Madlib beats, Yo, guess who's pullin' plugs on thugs who's greedy, With their Wheaties, spraying rhymes like graffiti, Formally known as the CDP Assassins DJ Romes is in effect and yo his ass is in Charge of the plastic Keep it real son, I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child will rock at will son Got to keep it real son cuz I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child rocks at will [Medaphoar] Watch ya front and back when M-E-D terror attacks With that rhyme that's known to bring the Terrordome so freeze back On the microphone I'm quick to get with you then I'm twisting you back When you enter my zone, realize where you're at In full combat, come prepared or ya better beware Cuz over here we bring the real, it's like a style don't care I'll bust my rhyme into ya area, takin' over your spot And got it locked for the simple fact the rhyme don't stop It's worldwide when I'm riding on the crews who step to CDP Assassins, plus the Lootpack the crew We got the verbal mentality with them rhymes so ya listen If you feel I hurt ya feelings, then ya wack so I'm dissin' All you weak MC's that fakin' there's no justice or peace My rhymes will get into the middle of ya mind like smokin weed, that leaves Niggas in the state of only shows us what ya made of So put ya money down cuz lyrically I'm out to break ya [Madlib] Hey yo it's Madlib the bad kid, back from outer space Still on that pure order MC master race But what comes after my rhyme styles irregular Modules predict antecdotes for underground hits But if you can't catch it today... It's probably too late, cuz we about to detonate the 388 Relate the beat conductor, constructor, water loop to add pressure For every measure, you'll need my anesthesia from catchin' amnesia You'll end up with a seizure, From steppin' not knowing the crate diggas is blowin' The spot, towin' this lot, empty cuz I got CDP Assassins plus the Pack, perfect combination Free improvisation, while I leave the next healthy wack MC Sick as a doctor's emergency patient [Oh No] Yo I'll be chillin', realize Oh be straight known to be that villian Ya that tall nigga to get up in that ass like pennecilin Bust the skills I kick the savage verbal lines that blind your crew Line 'em up and watch 'em fall, I be jukin' cuz you all can't ball Relavent impossible mission, lot of y'all dissin' Elements unstoppable dishin', lot of y'all kissin' My ass, you know the flavor when I step upon the scene Yo I'll leave your birds in rage like menstruation Seein' nothin' but blood when I step out the station Got your vocal fluctuating worldwide Be DVD set locate when I demonstrate up in a battle You end up in a suicide line, I'm beyond your mind You gotta recline and chill cuz I been past that bottom line Got Lootpack and the Assassins on the side Classic upon plastic when I break emcees down just like vlastic Cuz they speak the real but when the real comes, they still dumb Actin' like they know the half so verbally you gots ta jack 'em (What's your name?), Oh No, my niggas know the rebel hero When I come through wild to that level zero...

Higher Level

Maestro Fresh Wes "Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!"
[Maestro Fresh Wes] Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name You never see me pointing to the next male Never seen me judge my cuz, I'd rthter show love 'Cause poverty's got a grudge and the grudge won't budge But nigga's gotta do what a nigga's gotta do What's nigga gotta do to make dough and watch the zeros grow I'm working hard, I make a beat I make a rhyme Trying to make a dime, black man change your state of mind PEACE! to PE, BDP and X-Clan when I give a pound It's never with my left hand Styles are living long, you know my word is bond 'Cause my rhymes are cock strong Like the fruit of Islam, word to God yo Times is hard yo I'm just a regular brother coming straight out of Scarborough Fresh Wes'll never perpetrate and be a gun man That shit'll be funny like Aaron Hall catching a suntan I just be myself, maintain my health Concetrate on my wealth, 'cause you know I go for delf G-O-D's the only one who dictates And before I plant seeds you know I got to get my shit straihgt Concrete jungle's could trample A little nigga without a father figure, or an example to follow Young minds are getting swallowed by the devil We got to help the youth, elevate to a higher level CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind I ain't blind, I know the time No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind I ain't blind, I know the time [Maestro Fresh Wes] Check it I made a record hitting hard like a wall I say without togetherness we got nothing at all Progess will stall, the blackman will fall And if you don't believe me, check the Final Call I'm getting bolder 'cause I'm getting older Some say I told ya, I known he had a chip on his shoulder Nah, I love my people like a passion Give me the opportunity, I write about unity The community will prosper, or should I say grow When brothers and sisters know the right way to go I make beats and I'm all about peace Refuge is what I seek from anxiety and grief My mind stays focused, my vision stays clear I concentrate on my career, successs is near when I say my prayers I take a deep breath, I'm tired of being oppressed I always try my best, Fresh Wes won't stress I'm sharper than a shank, rhyme's heavy like a tank I want to put my money in a blackman's bank Point blank, I even met Queen Elizabeth (You didn't bow did you Maestro?) Money don't be ridiculous That's some silly shit, you know she ain't significant I only got to bow to Allah the magnificant Through bass and treble, I never back peddle Side step the devil and move to a higher level We be living in darkness X3

Onetwothree (1995)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Chorus x2: sample] "One two three Let me you, if you ready for me, lord" [Verse 1] It's the infinite connect Respect what you see as if you praise Donald Chief And understand my plan is to prosper till deceased And let my bank account increase until it over flows In pathfinder jeeps, organized and blunt patrol And never indulge in petty shit that's irrelevant Thousand dollar shopping sprees just for the hell of it Drinkin' daquiri's in the back of caravans And finally got the chance to live my lifestyle advanced And keep my mind clear of poisonous stunts and beams Be deep meditations, now I see where pagans dream And do time, around and get mine So I relax while you stress, try to follow the rest Never the less, I finesse, teach moves like it's my last speech My thoughts on the future, cause it don't equal the past Niggaz steady plotin', your every move we be watching There's no room for error, once you slip, your forgotten A never hasbeen, in a world of frame and fronters Who had to learn the hard way, how disease can take you under [Chorus] [Verse 2] Mall master be coming at you, that nigga that curse alot Shit, I even reverse a rock, I be feedin' ya purse with glocks Rushin' against your garment, daily Hailey Comet, a bomber Punk, you wanna fuck wit funk, have you breathing out ya armpit My guns that weighs the joint, don't even hand a malla' nina Have niggaz tits and too-toos, and on point like ballerinas You can bring ya best to west, found dressed in some rugged shit You blind, ridin' on my dick, don't know who you fuckin' with (From Crooklyn to west side Phil, we keep it real) So if you squeal on the reasons, for these heavens squeezin', the steel Slow subliminal criminals strangle triggers that's identical Mangle bitches that's fly, die with my dick inside ya genitals (Sendin' you through shit you never thought of The don who bust the sawed off So recogize, I squeeze and then ya life lost) [Chorus] [Verse 3] My raw essence is forever present But my team be chasing dreams of cream and digits in the seven The heavens, see my body is soul and ever presence My verbal tecture will bless you with scientific lessons On another plane, it's hard to maintain Cuz my membrane, causes strain within my inner frame The pain, from my people that be involuntary You in this game for this love, dunn, or monetary Forever keepin' the spirit, so like Elijah My verbal fire, will resurrect you like the great Messiah Desire, is like the law of the siren song Arm Leg Leg Arm, my word is bond, so I move on And stay strong like Egyptian Kings Rockin' diamond rings and things that it bring I spread the science, to all the planets, I'm hard as granite You need the knowledge of God, dunn, to understand it [Chorus]

Same Cry

JIN "The Rest Is History"
We May Look Different But We See The Same Sky We may see different But we cry the same cry To wake up daily, And sleep better nights, Thats what we all wish for to seek a better life, right? It's unfortunate, when tragedys strike, But the truth is reality bites, June 4th 89, a day residents fear Now known as The Massacre At Tiananmen Square The day I turned seven they were mourning and grieving Thousands of innocents die for what they believed in Come with nothing but heart and a point to prove Stood infront of tanks and refused to move What Would You Do? Run or stand still whens your lifes on the line To test a mans will Seeking change and they found but in death Strangers yet they were my blood and flesh This happened in China, But you ain't gotta be asian to relate To the struggle, pain and hard aches [Chorus:] You'll never know, You'll never get it, There is no choice, We can't forget it We look up We see the same sky We look up We cry the very same cry See, I'm a grown man It hurts when I turn on the news And see thats going on in my homeland This SARS epidemic, could've been lives Could've stand for Should Asians Really Survive They'll try anything to break your family apart Politics could break down the manliest heart Can the child within my heart rise above If theres a billion of us I shouldn't have to look for love Overpopulation, but damn just to meet the needs Its illegal to have more than one seed How can you dictate birth regardless the women And the parents they make the hardest decisions Sons keep their family names so thats not an option Imagine having to put your daughter up for adoption And even though its beyond your control Keep your head up heres a sond for your soul [Chorus] If you don't know where you came from You can't get the way your trying to go Theres ain't denying so, its true I got some big shoes to fill But If I don't lead the movement, then who will Stuck between a rock and a hard place Thinking about the refugees that went to see god's place 16,000 miles across the ocean tides Some died, some got lucky and survived I wouldn't call it luck, they reached their destination Modern day slavery without the plantation Them sneakers on your feet cost $100 a pop My peoples making 15 cents a day in sweatshops To make them kicks, so you can look good. Think we open restaurants cause we cook good? Hell No, we ain't got no choice I gotta speak up, without me my people have no voice [Chorus x2]


You are subtle as a window pane Standing in my view But I will wait for it to rain So that I can see you You call me up at night When there's no light passing through And you think that I don't understand But I do We don't say everything that we could So that we can say later Oh, you misunderstood I hold my cards up Close to my chest I say what I have to And I hold back the rest 'Cause someone you don't know Is someone you don't know Get a firm grip, girl Before you let go For every hand extended Another lies in wait Keep your eye on that one Anticipate Dress down get out there Pick a fight with the police We will get it all on film For the new release Seems like everyone's an actor Or they're an actor's best friend I wonder what was wrong to begin with That they should all have to pretend We lost sight of everything When we have to keep checking our backs I think we should all just smile Come clean and relax If there's anything I've learned All these years on my own It's how to find my own way there And how to find my own way back home

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