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Maestro lyrics - Built To Last

Stick To Your Vision

Original and similar lyrics
Maestro Yo, brothers ain't seen what I seen in this game son Been in this game a long, long, long time Still strivin' though Yo, ninety nine It's the visine baby, it's the visine Yo I build with Israelites, Rastafarians, God bodies F-o-y, sony, Muslims, T.O. to Brooklyn Many nights in Bedsty, blazin' trees out in Cali With brothers from frat, sippin' henny, mad friendly Got Toronto's rap title to Maracitles Met Quincy Jones in eighty nine, that's my idol Chicks from every nationality, showin' hospitality Grabbin' me, showin' mad love in the club Listen, check my rendition Performed for royalty and politicians Even done shows with the greatest emcees of all time I was the one who used to say (eighty nine is mine) I've seen alot of valleys, I've seen alot of peaks I've seen the bitter with the sweet, victory and defeat Sometimes I fell, but a voice kept saying Son, stick to your vision, peep the composition [Chorus] (these eyes) seen alot of shame in the game (these eyes) seen alot of pain with the fame (these eyes) seen alot of highs and lows, but that's just the way life goes (these eyes) seen my name written in lights (these eyes) I seen alot of things in my life (these eyes) seen alot of highs and lows, but that's just the way life goes I grab the microphone, like the priest does a roseary Johova be shinin' when clouds are over me So I recelect, remember Kid Capri On BLS played my joint when I heard protect ya neck Back in ninety two, but let's go back to eighty eight Flemington, Don Mills and Negleton Makin' beats with S and gellin' them Remember when you labels wasn't feelin' me Next year changed the scenery, gave birth to your energy Toa, Ice-T and Public Enemy Much gave me love, you niggas had to envy me Couldn't stand to see a brother shine Player haters always workin' overtime I seen alot of valleys, I seen alot of peaks I seen the bitter with the sweet, victory and defeat Sometimes I fell, but a voice kept sayin' Son, stick to your vision, peep the composition [Chorus] Yo, people used to say Wes, wake up, stop dreamin' Your fantasize, fuck the rappin', it won't happen I paid my dues, brothers seen me sacrafice Another song in the key of life Mr. Maes' got the iller track, I did a three sixty Seen God starin' in the mirror, black I figured that if I stayed focus, when situations seemed hopeless I'm elevatin', breakin' the spell of satan I want my lyrics written out like esco To show the rap world how the industry slept So when I'm gone, the parable will carry on Young cats can sitback, puff tron, cool out, and sing along I seen alot of valleys, I seen alot of peaks I seen the bitter with the sweet, victory and defeat Sometimes I fell, but a voice kept sayin' Son, stick to your vision, stick to your vision I seen alot of valleys, I seen alot of peaks I seen the bitter with the sweet, victory and defeat Sometimes I fell, but a voice kept sayin' Son, stick to your vision, out [Chorus]

Remember His Name

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Zaakir] Yo whats up ak [Akil] Who is this [Zaakir] Its me zaak--ir [Akil] Hello what (Hello) I can't hear (I GOT IT! HANG UP!) Yo speak louder I can't hear [Zaakir] (Yo Ak) Yo It's me Zaakir! I was sittin at the television feelin' disturbed Hey yo, I just got the word, off Tigram and 83rd Some cat that got clapped, (gangster rapper) Perhaps, But I was lookin at the face of one particular cat Now I done seen him before, (Can you remember where at) Well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat Or at a party and shit, or drive through of a quickie split But the fellas her ran wit, they no longer ex-- (yo, dude peep this) [Akil] Yo I know dude, I been knowin him all my life Ever since I was young I used to see him shootin' dice On occasion i would see him once or twice With all types, many different walks of life He tried to keep in touch, but i knew what was up Every time he came around and showed his face I ducked In the mid-eighties, the nigga went crazy He had alot of ladies selling they babies, the nigga was shady But he had alot of friends that he would visit on the weekends Thrill seekin, influenced by his teachings My daddy knew him, yo, he met him at a hotel My homeboy Johnny, kicked it with him in a jail cell Alot of people met him with a female Doing real well, connected with the drug sales The rich and the poor, for better or worse The last and the first, walked the earth, but can't avoid his turf And it hurts my brain, he's drivin me insane It's a shame I can't remember his name I think 2na know dude, Soup, i aint tryin ta be dude But my wife just cooked, im bout to grab up some food [Zaakir] Aiight peace, 2na said he probably runnin the streets I'm about to give these young brothas a beep [ring ring] [2na] Yo! asalaam ulakum [Zaakir] Yo, ulakum asalaam [2na] Heyyo, what's up on 83rd man [Zaakir] Man, the fuedin is on Hey, the reason why i called, that was the cat from my building You seen him [2na] Yeah we met that brother out in Pasadena, Remember seven, on Marengo No my mistake, we were right between fair oaks and lake Tryin to take us a lunch break [Marc7even] And cop us a sess sack! [2na] But had to drive right past the place where they rest at [7even] We drove in a hactchback [2na] Corolla, these cats pack pistolas, the cadillac they drove [7even] It was brown and black [2na] Patrollin the hood, lookin for trouble Saw us purchasin trees Lurkin with speed, pulled the strap, and was hurtin to squeeze [7even] You jerk and you bleed [2na] Threw it in reverse and we fleed [7even] Or should we say fled [2na] They wanted to make us more than play dead, flashin his heat [7even] Two cars are movin fast on the street [2na] That's when I peeped, that dude was in his back passanger seat (yo that shit was deep) Still I can't remember his name.. *this suckas gonna get us killed* *now come on man I feel like cuttin loose* *violence* *you behave yourself* [Zaakir] Oh man, where have I seen this brother before, man *well it was either at the liquor store or laundry mat* Seem like everybody I know know dude, but can't nobody remember his damn name man *I been knowin him all my life* the same with everybody from ShawnyMac, YawYaw, my brother Mohamad Its like you cant *cant avoid his turf* Oh, hey, you know what, now I know who homie is man, his name is *De-De- Death*

Under The Supreme

Martyrs of the cross, bear the flames of hate The madness in their eyes is blind to their obsession The judgments they bestow... in God's name Abolish the impious, conquering their fate Driven by beliefs they enforce upon the weak to justify the life... they've destroyed. For control of the soil, sacred grounds of faith Soaking in the blood, the blood of their redemption Longing for deliverance... from sin Apostles of perversion, the suffering they induce Thrive upon the carnage, take pleasure in their pain They offer no atonement... for they're his chosen Take the weak... Make them see Our blessed ways... Died for God Sickening... Benevolence Twisted... Conviction On the shores of Armageddon, the defeated bow their heads Silent are their prayers, silent are the heavens Their somber eyes have seen the coming of the beast. Behold the loss of life and the triumphs of death The fall of man and God, a penance for devotion Feel the fury of his everlasting retribution

My Old Man

I got a picture of him, barefoot in the mud. Behind his grandpa's plow an' two great mules. When he turned ten years old, on May 8, '53. He grew up fearin' God in Washburn, Tennessee. The closest thing he had to a Dad was his Uncle Bob. An' he could only dream of things like little league baseball. An' that little boy, with big blue eyes and calloused hands, Huh, became my old man. Well she was a Kentucky girl, born on Valentine's Day. The fourth child of five to my Grandma, Eula May. So shy and beautiful with sunset hair and emerald eyes. Her Daddy spent his life workin' in the coal mines. Now in my eyes, all my life, my Daddy's been a Saint. But even Saints need Angels to show them the way. And over thirty-seven years ago, he asked for Margaret Lynn's hand. And that Angel married my old man. And there were times I tried to buck, the truthful things they said. But now I'm glad that, more than once, they rattled my stubborn head. 'Cause my folks are just like mountains, I looked at from afar. But now the closer I get to them, the bigger they are. The time seems to fly anymore, and the holidays are so far apart. There's no way a 'phone call could express what's in my heart. So this is just a song to say how greatful I am. For Mamma and my old man. For Mamma and Dad.

Eyes Closed

[Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground [Kanye West - Verse 1] I sold my soul to the devil that's a crappy deal Least it came with a few toys like a happy meal This game you could never win Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again Get away from me misery Get away from me loneliness Get away from me fake bitches, I can’t take the phoniness Get away from me wack tracks I can only make only hits I’m an only child lost in the World Where did the lonely kids go when the bell ring its Feeling like hell rings Bringing me back down Checking my background Its ironic whats happening Imagine if I didn’t have the ends I wouldn't have so many imaginary friends I’m spaced out Dog, I be on that Moon talk Wonder if God ask Mike how to moon walk I swear to momma wish me and my father talk more I stopped visiting around the time I was a sophomore I guess everything I hate about me I see in him And we ain’t finna change, so we’ll never agree again till then I’ll be pouring out my soul Just a few things I see with my eyes closed [Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground [Kanye West - Verse 2] I sold my soul to the devil, I know its a crappy deal, at least it came with a few toys, like a Happy Meal, I’m spaced out dog, I be on that moontalk, I wonder if God asked Mike how to Moonwalk? You know the entertainment Angels Adriana for Giselle, lets exchange Angels photoshoot at my crib, lets exchange angles rockin nothin but them Tom Benz bangles, I’m so anxious I’m gettin anxiety begging one of these fuckin fashion houses to hire me, they say I’ve been an asshole, I said if you acquire me, I can be a quiet me, call it verbal dieting give me your herbal chai tea I’ll be calm as Tai Chi with a bad white bitch like Ice-T I’m not right dog, I’m slightly off, I’m Paranoid Like bonin’ Raw dog and wakin up with a slight cough yea, that’ll make ya dick quite soft plus my neck hurt too lemme take all this ice off never meant to hurt you, I should’ve had nights off but it cost too much to live and I never took the price off [Chorus] And I can see it with my eyes closed, now feeling like my life froze I’m about to hit the ground

Hate In Yo Eyes

MACK 10 "Bang Or Ball"
You can hear it bumpin through the door It's a party jumpin on the floor And from the way it sound it ain't no doubt (whassup?) That the West coast is in yo' mouth [Mack 10] Yea, yea It's all gravy, petty cash never fades me So po' me a shot of 'gnac and purple haze me I'm a hustler, gettin cash like crazy Hard grindin pays me, work ethic is never lazy Block hugger, the hood raised me And she, won't be happy 'til she lays me No, you never seem to amaze me So the cheap shot you took at me never even grazed me My name sparkin like a street king Cause I mixed, the Hoo-Bang thing with the 'Bling Bling' A whole lot of haters out there it seem But I flip 'em all off and keep doin my thing I'm a boss about, when I Inglewood swing Rocked out from my ear down to my pinkie ring Now ding ding - let the bell ring And if it's drama you want, then it's drama I bring, sing [Chorus] Meanwhile I be indeed and I can still see the hate in yo' eyes, hate in yo' eyes Cause I'm livin like a G you intrigued and I can still see the hate in yo' eyes, hate in yo' eyes Never trippin cause it ain't nuttin to me but I can still see the hate in yo' eyes, hate in yo' eyes Hah, hah, hah - I can see the hate in yo' eyes, hate in yo' eyes [Mack 10] Look - you local cats is just small potatoes No names, cause this addressed to ALL the haters From the 'Wood, there is NONE greater Mack the headliner and y'all are spectators Remember 'Foe Life?' I put the 'Wood in it And looked out for you when your own hood didn't And plus you forgot who was payin your bills Introduced you to the game and gave you a deal For me good livin, y'all independently rhymin You got the hustle game backwards, you nickle and dimin Oh hip-hop classics? I make 'em AND got 'em And yo' group, ain't been heard of past the Bottoms I can't go to my turf, and mingle with my G's I got one word to say about that one - what? Please Chickenhawks, y'all ain't worth a feather in my wing And all this hatin just let me know I'm doin my thing, sing [Chorus] [Interlude: repeat 2X] Hoo-Bang, Hoo-Ride All day, all night Throw dubs, up high Westside, foe life [Mack 10] Now tell me, is it the deuce-ones on the Bentley? The lowriders, the mansions, is that why you resent me? Smile in my face, and act so friendly Walk away with hate and a heart full of envy Say bruh, what part of the game is that? You got ways like a dame and how LAME is that? Actin like a groupie around famous cats And it's strange, you don't have no shame in that I got your card playboy, but I ain't trippin You know me, I just roll with the punches and keep it pimpin Get dough by bunches, donatin and tippin Let it ride on the Harley, and six-fo' dippin Stay real about my scrill if you know what I mean I'm like a leprechaun, I want nuttin BUT green Avoid the haters, and for the party scene Copped a rock from the D-R to make the head ring, sing [Chorus] - repeat 2X [Mack 10] Mack one-oh, Hoo-Bangin' foe life! And it don't quit Take a picture trick; yeah, take a picture trick, yea It might make ya RICH.. Wessssyde ri-ders, BAY-BAY!! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

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