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Maestro Fresh Wes lyrics - Symphony In Effect

I'm Showin' You

Original and similar lyrics
I'm showin' you Simply clean CHORUS Between a rock and a roll, yibby yibby you X4 [Maestro Fresh Wes] Dope hit after hit, bust lip after lip Bitch lick after lick, no tricks or horror flicks No review to see through preview to tease you You can't leave, you're trapped I seized you Caught in the rapture capture Round house in the mouth, your speach I will fracture Just I got juice, lyricist on the loose What's this the recruits, regroup I'm an arch hero rhymes from a barrel Bust ass like glass to Elle Fitzgerald Gazed, amazed, you crazed Fully fazed and engraved, and I go on for days I'm showin' you *echoed* I'm showin' you *echoed* Moses lead the people 'cause he was choosen I'm like a sequel, 'cause I'm showin' you The choreographer of this move, conductor of the dope state groove Strapping always rapping like shoes I'm tapping On the walls I'm slapping Licking always ticking like my Rolex kicking Stages to stages, I'm sticking MCs because on record they nice But when you see them in real life they ain't worth the price Because you bored right out of your skull, you rate zero 'Cause your hero is dull I'll make it easy for you to get into me I rock the concert hall just like a symphony That's how it is I was born ready Just like the bee Maestro stay steady I'm showin' you *echoed* I'm showin' you *echoed* Break it down CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] I don't do needles and I never do coke But I'm a LSD freak, my lyrics are so dope Tell the folk, my vote no joke and you know it I'm more than just a rapper, I'm a poet T-O critics are hard to please I've witnessed the death of many MCs Just like birch, I down from the sky But not me, years ago I made MC cry But nowadays nobody wants to battle me They just saddle me, sit back and straddle me Ask me for forgiveness, I ain't forgetting it Y'all wrote my rhythmn and now you're bowlegging it I'm a professional, you're just a novice Girls love me state to state province to province Me and my homeboys they just jockin' us We got variety, hell not monotonous These are the rhymes you wish you was owning But '89 is mine 'cause I'm showin' you *echoed* Aries the Ram, I am hot damn I say man, check my fans in the stands while I slam Sometime I'm Aquarian or Sagitarian Libra me cool, but Gemini vegetarian Super dope step beyond, a Capricorn Too many angles, damn I'm like a pentagon Devil to death, I'm in depth Multi-dimensional, more complex than a test Everynight I rehearse each verse is diverse If I fuck up you will curse But if you bite it out first, I was the first All my reords you thirst You jabba jaws on my dreaws since the day of my birth And I'm showin' you *echoed* 'Cause you need to be shown See you blew it you blown, and let my knowledge be known That way there won't be an apocolypse A rapper gel and jocking this Clocking and you're talking, all I see is a flock of lips Blabbering, slabbering, what are you saying? You're spraying, delaying, stop playing You got to adapt your own style of rap Break away from the pack before you're trapped I put a lash to your back to rap I'm like Zorro The capital M-A-E-S-T-R-O Fresh W-E-S Hell yes, the monologue I manifest is blessed Are you impressed? Yes, then forget the rest Then climb aboard the Fresh express 'Cause I'm showin' you *echoed*

Second Sermon

Extra Prolific
Chorus When you hoes is lonely in the night All you need is the one who can make it right Just get back and page me I will find a way Baby girl its me time Lets do it like the dogs by the street sign Combine with the beast that's bout the shiekin' Sweet is the wine I sip off your thigh Reeking the smell of the cream that just slipped in your eye Peeking at you fannie Swing back and forth in your panties Smoke a tenny, pop the remy Its another Annie Heartbreak, if your smart take of your tennies Throw on them red heels tender Remember me not being sober I hit the curb when I pulled over You was cool cause I was riding that toyoter Since I'm the kind who macking for sex I hit the pedal then came back in the lex Why did it take all that For you to fall flat, on your face While my balls slap the pace Of your cushor Japanese or African sisters Laughin' at bustas Because you back with the hustler Chorus x2 You said your man went to jail Wanna give me that tail His ATU at nine Time will reveal I showed up with my sex motor over your quota Little ginny in my glass of soda its over I'm givin' all my sex Your man called collect To give y'all respect I withdraw the bed Hung up ensured him that the pussy's untouched But you keep telling me in person how you love it so much And probably Keep the lights on just to see my body A hobby is what we call it But can't live without it I'm noddin' fast asleep In the nasty sheets Pass my glass of tea So the wrath in me, can blossom Everynight a different way to toss'em is awesome Takin' flicks of all the naked shit you see the boss is Tellin you to tell your man that your girlfriend took'em So he can smile when he lookin' Chorus x2

Raw (Remix)

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live the Kane"
lt;Here it comes... gt; lt;Documentary sample: Since the far-off days when man first heard a scratchy noise On a cylindrical drum accompanied by staccato human tones, It has been his aim to add breadth and depth, to give realism, And spaciousness, and, even where it applies, to convey actual movement gt; Intro: I start to go, my rhymes'll flow So, get up and dance cause Kane said so If you were lounging around it's time to get up Pardon my expression, but I'mma tear shit up I appear right here, and scare and dare, a mere musketeer That would dare to compare, I do declare Getting busy is where it's at But what you're saying, you wouldn't get a point for that Cause you're a featherweight, and your rhymes you carry light But I drop bass just like Barry White So how could you think that you pose a threat You say you're rocking, how many shows you get All your vocals go local on the M-I-C Mines go a great distance, like AT amp;T I'm now new to this, I'm true to this, nothing you can do to this Fuck around with Kane and come out black and blue for this So, yo, go for what you know Attempt to debate so I can humiliate We can go rhyme for rhyme, word for word, verse for verse Get you a nurse, too late, get you a hearse To take you to your burial ground Because the Big Daddy Kane always throws down Correct, I get respect, I'm out to collect Cash money, cause I get raw lt;Break gt; Everybody get up! (x4) Kane: boy do I hate a... I'm coming! (x5) Here I am, R-A-W A terrorist, here to bring trouble to Phony MC's, I move on and seize I just conquer and stomp another rapper with ease Cause I'm at my apex and others are below Nothing but a milliliter, I'm a kilo Second to none, making MC's run So don't try to step to me, cause I ain't the one I relieve rappers just like Tylenol And they know it, so I don't see why you all Try to front, perpetrating a stunt When you know that I'll smoke you up like a blunt I'm genuine like Gucci, raw like sushi To stage a rage is what rap did to me To make me want to create chaos and mayhem Cold rock a party until the A.M. I'll make a muscle, grab the mic and hustle While you stand dazed and amazed, I bust a Little rhyme with authority, superiority And captivate the whole crowd's majority The rhymes I use definitely amuse Better than Dynasty, or Hill Street Blues I'm sure to score adored for more without a flaw Cause I get raw lt;Break gt; Everybody get up! (x5) With speech like a reverend, rappers start severing And in my lifetime, believe I've never been Beaten, or eaten and just tooken out You know, come to think about it, I keep MC's looking out And real nervous when I'm at your service Give me that title, boy, you don't deserve this I work like a slave to become a master And when I say a rhyme, you that it has to Be perfectly fitted, cause I'm committed The entertainer and trainer and Kane'll get with it I go and flow and grow to let you know I damage ya I'm not an amateur but a pro- -fessional unquestionable without doubt superb So full of action, my name should be a verb My voice will float on every note When I clear my throat, that's all she wrote! The minute that the Kane starts to go on Believe it's gonna be smooth sailing so on As I put other rappers out of their misery Get them in a battle and make them all history Ruling and schooling MC's that I'm dueling Watch them all take a fall as I sit back cooling On my throne, with a bronze microphone Hmm, God bless the child that can't hold his own Cause I get raw lt;Break gt; Ain't it good to you (x3) Documentary: here's an experiment to begin with... Twenty-four sev chilling, killing like a villain The meaning of raw is Ready And Willing To do whatever is clever, take a loss, never And the rhymes I bust, coming off is a must And I come off hard with rhymes that are odd I rip the microphone and leave it scarred Never smoking or hitting or taking a sniff Only crushing MC's that be trying to riff I get strong and titanic, do work like a mechanic Make MC's panic, they all get frantic And skeptic, like a girl on a contraceptive As I rock but hey, what you expected I'll get raw for you just like a warrior Rapping like a samurai and I'll be damned if I Ever let a Fisher-Price MC hang Their rhymes are toy, nothing but yin-yang So if we battle on the microphone Bring your own casket and tombstone And I'ma preach your funeral Tell me who in the world could ever come with more I get raw

Mortal Combat

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
The kiss of death on a rap pick Then you get a slap quick, so guard it with Chapstick In other words, protect and hold your own It only takes one punch to get head flown Fists of fury, suckers get buried Cause the Kane got more spice than curry I am the flavor down on paper And nothing could save ya, from catchin the vapors Rhymes that'll sting your face like a quick jab And I'm rubbin em in just like Vicks say I'm captivatin, dominatin, innovatin, illustratin, fascinatin Motivatin, elevatin, terminatin, mutilatin Rhymes they're worth their weight in gold, bold, never sold to a bidder That claim to glitter, you're so bitter like kitty litter As for damage, don't tell me what another do Cause I quote that I'm R-A-W So make room, cause fighters are doomed Try to consume, and make your own tune A grave from a casket, a tisket a tasket You're rhymes out of basket, boy you get your ass kicked For frontin like you hittin hard when your arms are too short, to box with God So don't even touch cause I come with too much Address and bless any mic that I clutch And for a rapper to challenge my freestyle He must be senile, and that's why meanwhile back at the ranch... There goes the asiatic chosen one that's expandin with a new branch So many slept on the nonchalant act Now wake up sucker this is mortal combat you say daddy I don't want none... -- gt; Kool Moe Dee (repeat 4X) I seize and freeze MC's with these degrees Put me to my knees, or at ease, chillllld please I break it down, to bring on the next act Rappers are so full of shit, they need Ex-Lax So stop griffin, your mind is driftin Prepare yourself cause I get swift and captivate the crowd but you can't understand At times I gotta say to myself, God damn! As I get hot, and still be gettin warmer And I don't have beef with no other performer Keep to myself never bother another But if a rapper tries to diss I crush the motherfucker! Frontin MC's that be tryin to rip need to save it, and don't even play with me when I react like a volcano eruptin I step to you and say, Now what's up then every word'll be just like surgery Cuttin you open so rush to emergency Or even bow to your knees and below Or get played like a game of Nintendo J-O-K-E-S ain't my style I ain't a child that's why I don't smile I combine a line designed to find behind the mind so devine the other rappers resign As I go on, from night to morn Beginning to end, from Knowledge, to Born Whenever rappers are lookin for static Looks like a job for King Asiatic An-y, send-me, competitors Then again, it might just be better to just slow down you don't wanna throwdown I get busy, get you dizzy like a merry-go-round Feel the wrath of a Big Daddy duel rhyme And competition, prepare for wartime Be alert for where I drop the bomb at As I destroy you with mortal combat you say daddy I don't want none... -- gt; Kool Moe Dee (repeat 4X) I roll so bold with soul control the whole patrol of folders molders towin black gold So let it be said, let it be read Cause I lead ahead, of others who rhymes are old as Pro-Keds Tryin to diss the Big Daddy repetoire Moi You steady screamin out a antique segment wrote As I just play em like a pregant roach and STOMP EM For tryin the forbidden Your rhymes ain't hittin, boy you won't be gettin none of, or in front of, cause every one of my adversaries, lack, you little son of o-bit-uary column, and read your name If you ever try to step to the Big Daddy Kane So any claimin or aimin to be champion against me Psssh, can't be one I rank supreme and it's a rapper's dream to scheme and fiend for my technique but redeem Cause there's only room for one teacher Wise words from a wise man'll reach ya I teach freedom, justice, and equality Peace to the brothers and sisters and follow me Plenty poisoned minds of the people are ours Slaves, from mental death in power That's the reason before I drop this bomb I say peace to the Nation of Islam ( Make you say (6X) daddy I don't want none... ) -- gt; Kool Moe Dee ( Make you say, say, da-daddy I don't want none... ) ( Make, ma-ma-make, make you say daddy I don't want none... ) ( Make you say (6X) daddy I don't want none... )

Hit Squad Heist

EPMD "Business as Usual"
[Featuring Redman] (Chorus) Hardcore to make the brothers act fools (4x) (PMD) When I turn a party out all hands is in the air Some say it's chill New York throw chairs The punk funk sound to make a sane man flip Girls rush the stage faggots cold dip Low to avoid the caps and blows By the gangbanners at the B boy shows Wit the cops trying to control the crowd But they can't systems crank So What'cha Saying 's pumping loud Blows are thrown, heads are flown like Pan Am Brothers licking off like the son of Sam and The bass continues to thump Some brothers hit the parking lot to go pop trunks Hoes are slapped, jewels are snatched Brothers are caught in the cross fire without no caps And on my way out, I heard a sucker scream and shout Niggas, Niggas , yea, cold turn the party out Chorus (E Double) Rap combat squares sat and I attack Any crab MC that's down wit the wack And I wreck and if I can not snap a neck Throw a knock, I'll blow and look for a tech I'm terror, new edition to rap era I can't be beat, I'm too sweet plus clever I'm smart, yes, I'm a so called genius I'm equip wit the thinking cap they call ?(Keenison)? Yo, wit that, I can break fool Especially when the posse is thick and got tools Make me feel good 'cause they got steel No blasters or cap guns son, the real deal K-A, microphone wrecker E-D The O, the U, the B, the L to the E Rocking on, word is born, so abandon ship My name is Erick Sermon now want some and I'll flip I'm far from a chump, I'm harcore like Brooklyn Mess wit me and get your manhood token Chorus (Redman) I got it going on, ?(sister muck)?, next to flex You bet I drop heavy, so girls grab your coatex I catch fits when I blitz a rhyme grit And my lip gets to the point so rip some more fly shit Redman ready to rock ruff rhymes Renegade rapper, rip when it's rhyme time Punk push a pin in ?(pilt)? so when I ?(pit)? Pack pistol posse flow some more pro shit Fe Fi Fo Fum funky to floor a Fuck a freak, words before play Quickly, quiet is kept, never quack On a Q-Tip, I quote, I throw rhymes like a quarterback A monster, murder muthafuckas like Manson A madmen who mutilize men with 9mm Bullets ?(brobab)? brother back to back I slam Bread and butter, break beast to Bam Bam Jump off the Jim before I jack my johnson I jam like Janet, chew MC's like Swanson Get a stamp dummy, I'm digging a dungeon Can you dig that I dig deep to destroy dum dums Yes, I yam what I yam when I jam, bro My afro's in the house, yo, yo, yo Known as I live large, life will be luxury Ladies in Lamborginies, love is like (lut) to me Nasty nigga, competition is none From Newark, New Jersey, knot hairs like Mike Nunn Shit, rap is still when I'm stroking Smoke wit shotguns but the sign said no smoking Cool it kiddo, I control from sea to sea Cut like Chuckie, plus style it top D Super mad lover, cool from the new schoo; Hold your breath, while I walk holding my jewels Chorus

The Session (The Longest Posse Cut In History)

[Black Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign Objects family tree This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the Foreign Objects in effect It's like dat, now dig [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Trotter, a.k.a. [BT/Tariq Trotter] Well um, Black Thought from The Roots y'all [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Simmons, a.k.a. [AJ/Joseph Simmons] A.J. Shine, The Dollar Sign, funky bid'ness [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Pitts, a.k.a. [LA/Micah Pitts] Lord Akil, social misfit [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Greene, a.k.a. [MM/Tony Greene] Straight from Sector 6 it's Mr. Manifest [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Ms. Thompson, a.k.a. [SNM/Terresa Thompson] Shorty... pussy (Oooooh!) [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Cee, a.k.a. [Myself ? ? ?] Myself, me Myself and I [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Dorsey, a.k.a. [PP/Jamal Dorsey] Pazi Plant, The Soul Plant [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Armstead, a.k.a. [Bo/Conway Armstead] Bo-watt, The Rhythmic Priest [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Basset, a.k.a. [MB/Malik Basset] Malik Blizzunt, Foreign Objects [?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Thompson, a.k.a. [B?/Ahmir Thompson] BROther ?uestion, from Square Roots y'all (yeah, ha-hah) [BROther ?uestion] And we the Foreign Objects (yeah, yeah) And it's like this.. Now get loose, get loose, Malik B get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Malik Blunt] Yes, I will address and press about my microphone me-ssiah, am the best siah? Yes-I am most quick to go because I'm equipped to flow a script I will just slay and disobey, I will display banana clips that slaughter with the words and the herds of the verbs I gots the urge to splurge, like a Bosnian Serb A-drift I means a-draft I means I riff I means I raff Rap's ca-tas-trophe, don't want no brass tro-phy So okey-dokey folks, most provoke me ? so hold your ? was willin, cause I'm strollin with the quotes Like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, or Edgar Allan Poe But since I'm a ne-gro, I flows like Maya Ange-lou No banja-lo was played, I means banjo betrayed so the guitar, had to take the bitch off, and slay You might think I'm a rookie or an amateur, but put me on a panel or a channel I'll dismantle like the vandal-er I meants to say the scandalous, vandalous, handle this like my man Emilio, what y'all should really know You couldn't get the picture, if you was in an orchard or fortress, (so you niggaz better forfeit) [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, ? get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [? ? ?] Picture this as I get rugged with the scrpiture Evacuatin scenes, spreadin thoughts like a drifter I exit through my state of greater elevation, unifying grains through the force of the imagination, you dig what I'm saying? But I see your mind's playing tricks You thought you got the channel but you couldn't get a fix upon my mental -- I keep it complicated Explosion of the spirit cause I opened up my soul and created So now you dig the flavor, you're tasting what I gave ya Seeping through the cellar cause I be the freak of nature With, the images that I hold in my head I be the kid from the Fifth, so y'all holding what I've said I've said, I be the omnipresent factor from the void Fatter is the flow, so my styling is employed I'm ragged, pants worn bagged, and umm the ghetto be my home so I shouts to the slum Come, the misfit's got a tale, take you on a mad trip The thoughts unveil I'm too deep, you sinks down, I creeps round, the lowest of the levels, the positive raps that kill devils The abstracts, right and exact, knapsack's on the back Rip poetical flows upon the track My thoughts escape onto a tape, you'll play it back and listen, I brought to your mind what's missing [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, Pazi Plant get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Pazi Plant] I'm hip to release ill units, I displays major soul The ? out, so soul stays rhythmatic to the static when it plays, levels from the bass They chase but they'll never catch my patt-er-ns Soul surrounds this Plant like the rings upon Sa-tur-n Yo, I'm fatter than many, came to kick away any job Umm, cat, conniver if it's abstract I'm liable take portion cause I'll fly that head ? Dig the jazz that's closets from the Paz be-low bugged Groovy like the nickel bag of love, slidin through the groovy fuzz, Plants is the buzz Mad abornmal, is my flow, much confusion, enhanced in My scenario's too advanced'n, for duplication If it's violation, soul power, will shower ya defenses now you're falling, and crawling Cause your styles are infantile not poetically correct to test I'm laughin at ya, lyrical stature, cause my status be that is the coolest kid to do a bid on fakers with the grammar that be blamma, back in eighty-three I was the Grand Fruit Jammer, but now I gets down and wreck shit with the Foreign Objects.. Yeah that's right, the Foreign Objects [BROther ?uestion] Ahhh yeah, now two check, two check Now check it out, now check it out Get loose, get loose, Myself ? ? ? get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Myself ? ? ?] Kinda like, ? catch, of the day is mad wreck I raise heck, no raise hell, you plays back, your tape's ill Show me just exactly what it is you want, I give you what we got We got flow, we got soul, we get off, a lot So lock up, your doors, cause I'm Busting Loose like Richard Pryor, setting stuff on fire We got funky, rhymes Stuff you had swinging, like a monkey, I'm always hanging 'round, living off of Vine as in West Philly, 56th Street The kids be getting jay'd on the corner Swing my hat to the back, Kangol, no maybe 5 Soul Not no bootleg treat, you get from 52nd Street, word up Word to life, word is bond, word to God I'm like the bean he's like a bean I guess the stage is like a pod, ain't with no metamorphosistically I kiss a licorice and any miss I wish to kiss or else I diss like this So I step to the left, drop the mic, catch my breath then, watch the Foreign Object catch wreck, uhh [BROther ?uestion] Get loose, get loose, Shorty get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Shorty No Mas] Can I kicks it? I kicks it for the others so I kick it for you I gotta nag a dog and note to Billy - I gets down Sound's got a lot I got my own I'm throwin passes Asses are grabbed, when I swing with The Roots Suits, I got none, but throwin off that accoutrements ever since I winced at the thought of a dress Yes you might be wantin to consider me a tomboy Boy get it right, I'm still strictly lovin men Send me your love, don't ever think I don't need it Shit I got problems, can you help me out? Shout a little louder if you're sure that you hear me Fear me not, I'm just another average girl Curls in my head, and yeah I think I look good Should I be the one, to break the bad news? Snooze when I'm tired, not when I'm hype, your type Yo I just came off! [BROther ?uestion] Get loose, get loose, Manifest get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Mr. Manifest] Introducing lyrics for the year of ninety-three The black brainchild is about to kick the groovy speak out the head, provided for the hardrocks Here to resurrect the ghetto beats for the blocks You can dig the styles cause the styles are for the digging A fat sack of soul, that's how the Sector roll Never making fake material, why should I? The mind is so equipped to rip, so why would I give you less than that, you in fact, this is where it's at cause lyrics I've provided is about to swing the bat and shake up the levels from New York to Montego It's all about the lyrics, it's not about the ego Quick to make a jam and slam sound like the pro that I am It's profound, like the kids from the underground Every single lyric is prepared, in the hunt for the metro with scoops of fat loops and funky lingo Level's being felt, all over in the fifty states Breaking more beats than my moms breaks the china plates Transmitting, hitting areas we freak with funk when we come to planet Earth, with a trunk of fat, soul Alert doing work on the everyday Here to bring the swing like my man Donny Hathaway Just, follow the dotted line, and do what we do Because you gotta get a grip, if you want your shit [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, Lord Akil get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Lord Akil] Umm, from the Southern side of Philly yet of The Roots there comes me, who? The janky little brother of Mr. Bruce A jazz kickin kid who flows, like the river Jordan Not fond of Honda scooters, but I'll take an Accord and zoom right through your borough, because I'm crazy thorough No offspring running 'round but no my penile is not sterile Collects the crazy papes from, selling crazy tapes, umm Big heads be gettin swollen, I crush em just like grapes The level that I'm zoning, the one that's on the third Eatin buds or mad grass that gets you HIGHER than a bird Kinks, be in the head, cause I leave the curls to Jheri Got mad souls out the ass with shit, fat like William Perry A poor black kid with rhythm, a eye for jazzy beats Straight from the underground, found new life on the South Streets We ? off the jams that will uplift the people's souls Cause the Objects that are Foreign, the kids with baggy clothes are the cats that I'm coolin with, when we be together Two and two equals four but Foreign Objects be forever So, just let me flow as I reach up to the next plateau And then you'll give me my respect Uhh, cause I'm a Foreign Object [BROther ?uestion] Now get loose, get loose, A.J. Shine get loose And just rock heart-beat showin you got the juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [A.J. Shine] First off, I'm burstin off shots of gab and gettin lifted by the gift, I start to jab The rhymes that I grab send schools to the slab As I write scores, the funky orator's gone on some next ish lookin for the next fish with a wish that used to be a duck but now you're stuck dumbstruck Trying to hang but you can't swim I think you're fucked You traded in your blues for boom, tap shoes I do shows and change all opposing views I get down, I go up as I blow up cause I got this O.M.B. rhyme you can't defuse Yeahhh, here to rock all of you rockers When I carry the ball, I stay be-hind my blockers I move swift, I needs no lift I don't have to riff because I shift the gift and now my name is Joseph Simmons, but I'm not Run With the mic in my hand, I've only just begun to hold mine, I'ma goldmine plus a ton The way I shine, I be the rising sun, huh! How many times must I have to say this I never miss yo when I display? From styles I paint the funky picture I portray and before I hit the court I made it my forte cause I got this, you can come and get this, cause my method is the most and I boast so you can bet this is like the best of the rest of the flock And now you're walkin down the hallways of the Always Jock Abbreviated A.J. here for the day Bustin rhymes in your face while I'm fadin away It's like that y'all, and ya don't stop The funky Bid on the root with the hip-hop [Black Thought] Now.. get loose, get loose, ?uestion get loose And, rock heart-beat showin YOU got juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [BROther ?uestion] It's me the BROther ?uestion on the M-I-C to flow To bust a fat rat-a-tat rhyme one mo' gen' I'm flexin with my mental verbalistic chocolate Sucker know you're listenin so please get off of it A score and two years ago began the ?uestion's mission South of 52nd Street, on ? and anybody wanna diss the sure shot body rock fresh flowin dude, we can take it to the stage Sucker, Foreign Objects coming soon From the rat cave to a room with a view My brother's B.G., and my band is Josh U And the stank whole rhythmic funk, plus my nuc' You can comprehend the verbal letters that I send Ahh, ooooh, ahhhh, like Boyz II Men I don't have a Benz-y shoes are walkin like Jimmy Make em say, 'Yo ?uestion's demi,' make em squeal like ? Man, yo, I jams on every gram Move out the way, I gets on, rockin round the clock In school I used to doodle, nowadays I use my noodle And I'll be rockin planets, and soon I'm livin fatter I'm a levelheaded son who knows where I came from Umm, lights, camera... ?uestion [? ? ?] Get loose, get loose, Black Thought get loose And just rock heartbeat showin you got the juice And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN) Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!! [Black Thought] Well umm, yik-yik yak-yak, chi-chi-chi-ka-SPLACK Thoughts that I stutter and brother that I left back behind Lines of swine I'm qualified for groovy stew achoo I caught the boogie like the flu and God Bless the Black Cardiac cerebral abstract cathedral The mental is the temple and the central sees you tryin to flam! Man I catch a lift like Bob Mar-ley, and par-lay On airy clouds I drop, bombs like a Sau-di, Arabian Flocks I rocks like Fabian It's the nipple sex upon the grits that call me baby and run a finger, through the knaps of the rap, singer that pull a scat, from the stack, that I keep in the shack of my soul, bring the bowl I got the flat out good That's why I'm dug by the hippies plus the pimps and hoods in the slum, could I umm, come, should I umm, come Yes I does, and gets down said I wasn't know that I was but they gel, that's why they blow up cause they didn't give spect to the erector of the Foreign Object, I collect, to preserve Plus develop and envelop in The Roots of rhyme Yo that's the end of the line, I got mine, and I'm out [Brother ?uestion] A-ha! Ahh, suki suki now It's the Brother ?uestion and now you know how it is when the Foreign Objects get wreck Like that, yeah, ha ha ha And we out y'all, and we out y'all And we out y'all, and we out y'all And we out y'all...

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