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Maestro Fresh Wes lyrics - Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!

Bring It On (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Maestro Fresh Wes] My poetry is black like Jesus You niggas can't see this, my metaphorical thesis, breezes Past all you niggas with your silly shitty poems You're faker than a hoe with titties filled with silicone (uh huh) Well I'm a glock and you're a slingshot When I'm done you'll want to quit, you want to fling rock Well, I'll be cruising by, you'll never see a smoother guy Niggas getting smoked just like the Buddha tye I'm rocking well like Orson, scortching on the porchin' Of course I'm forced to like my man Shawn Morrison Here's a small portion with no distortion But niggas always on my fucking dick like foreskin They want to swallow my gism (yeah) They must be on a mission (uh huh) I need a circumcision on the mic mechanism Maestro's the true boss, you and your crew lost Before you fuck around you better fuck with Blue Cross I'm leaving dumb niggas homeless, domeless I'm proneless, so don't try to clone this Style or procedure, because I ain't even trained(?) yet I bank a check with attitude like Antoinette I'm still smoking whether I open or close the shoews Like Shabba Ranks, I got trailer loads of hoes (ahh yeah) The mega don, everywhere I get it on I fucked every colour, now they call me Benetton Black and the white, red and the bronze, even a Chinese ying All kinds of skins, man I shine like a diamond ring You feel around I'm the man with the meanest song Not a new jack but I got more dope than Nino Brown 'Cause I'm a striver, a hip hop survivor Me and the microphone is like my nuts and your saliva Yeah, Fresh Wes swinging along, Showbiz is on the remix I'm bringing it on CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yes yes y'all ( yes y'all) I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all) I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all) I'm going to bring it on (bring it on) Yes yes y'all (yes y'all) I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all) I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all) I'm going to bring it on (bring it on) [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yo make way Make a, make a, make a, make away Fresh Wes is going to breaka, breaka, break way From the rags to the riches I'm giving bitches Different Strokes like Todd Bridges Mister Maest, they cast me out, how ya like me now You want to raise your eye brow Then you want to bow, 'cause you're awning my phonics Shines like a comet, more dope than hydroponics (ahh yeah) Guys are on it, girls be on my pubics For two licks, I check my pharmacutics (do this) You want to know who's the newest With the blues like Hill Street, or more news than Huey Lewis Like boy blue blew all day, enough of these curds and whey Well this nigga don't play Do yourself a favour and don't fuck with Wesley And save that 'I gotta have it' shit for Pepsi I break like Gretzky, the mic ain't Wayne's World My rhymes guarenteed to kill a nigga and tame girls (ahh yeah) So don't front, just applause it Like Michael J, said 'put that dibby dibby shit in the closet' With a chimpanzee and a rhino If my dick was alcohol all you kids would be winos (ohh yeah) Because you love my condution I don't mind of you suck it, just ease up on the suciton While you're down there, hum on my left one Make my right one jealous, Fresh Wes is the best one But don't be greedy share the rest with the class Like Gangstarr said, 'just take two pulls then pass' Yeah, Fresh Wes is just swinging along Showbiz in on the remix, I'm bringing it on CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes] You wack MC's is like a case of clamydia It's one big pain in the ass to get rid of ya When I hit the scene I'm more brutal than Rikers Killing motherfuckers like I'm chilling with strikers Time to let a trend setter, smooth like amaretta With a vendetta and a go getter, with a better metaphor Kick, oh flip, when I flow quick they forfeit They so shit (oh yeah) I make the fatter profits with the badder topics I cant' stop it, what I drop is catastrophic Good grief, why you trying to beef geef Is that your face or does your ass got teeth (oooo) Don't try bombing me, harming the economy 'Cause this nigga is a don like Sean Connery I got the bad bitches want to have sex, uh I gas them like Exxon, then I put the next on Everybody knows Mr. Maest raps steady Before stepping to me get an ice pack ready Yeah, I'm getting sick and tired of the fuckery After this jam, all ya niggas will be sucking me Oh yeah, ot goes down like that Word up, Fresh Wes bringing it on Show B-I-Z on the remix As we flow on 1992-93 and beyond Word up as we kick the flavour I'm out

What Does It Do To Your Heart?

BRYAN ADAMS "Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron"
well, maybe you don't need complications but this is a simple situation there's a chance that this could be the one - yeah well you may be wrong or you may be right, but this ain't something you wanna fight let your feelings go, cuz you really need to know what does it do to your heart when she hangs on every word you say and she's casting every single smile away what does it do to your soul when you know that everything she needs is simply bein' around the air you breathe what does it do to your heart oh looking from the outside and i see there's something deep within you can't deny your lives are worlds apart yeah sometimes life can be confusing i tell ya this ain't no illusion let your feelings go, if ya really wanna know


FAT JOE "Jealous One's Envy"
Yeah This joint right here is goin out to everybody gettin money I mean the real CREAM All up and down the East and West coast Check it *echoes* Chorus: repeat 2X Hustlin is the key to success Money is the key to sex The life is gettin cash, drinkin Mo', gettin blessed The games people play The names people slay It's just another ordinary day One's for the cash, two's for every blunt's ash Three's for all the 40 brews goin to cruise the bowel Four's for the drugs, sex, and power I be the top dolla scala, rockin gold collars While you tryin to sip the juice, I'm takin swallows Step into my zone and get blown, internationally known Yeah, in case you haven't heard the rep Have an appetite for beef and get, hand fed led Rapid-fire echoes through your, vicinity Why you messin with this nigga from Trinity For every shell that fell, there's a story to tell But it's a fine line between grapevines and pines Knahmean There's no room for snitches and loud bitches But it's always room for riches and deep ditches That's how it be in this everlasting game Declaring war on cocks, and leavin chumps slain So maintain, and put the frontin to a rest Or today'll be the grand openin of your chest Success, triple beam, knahmean Dolla dolla bill Chorus The streets are full of vengeance, and it's expensive If you don't organize your words right in your sentence Twelve gauge holes take souls and lives are lost Who said an arm and a leg was a high cost to toss Things are done different, in my zip code Hollow tips implode, dum-dums explode Now your crew is screamin like they see demons when I reload You can't comprehend, act like you want it for clarity I'm pushin wigs, handin out jigs like charity You best to get your groove on, or get moved on Or play the hot steppa, and die with your shoes on I collects ass and cash While my crew consumes liquor and hash, and keep the stash Whether, hustlin or dustin we get busy with ours T.S., T.A.T., respect for miles The Bronx is the turf, South is the area Bring ten, bring twenty, the more guns the merrier Nobody's bad as me, no cops nabbin me Front if you dare and I'll change your whole anatomy For real... uh! Chorus (repeat to fade)

The War Iz On

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie:Thug Mentality 1999 Intro We so thuggish-ruggish...The muthafuckin' the war is on. You better suit up and do like Krayzie Bone Cuz the muthafuckin' war is on. Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do, gon' do? Krayzie Say nigga we march, stompin' in the big black boots with my niggas in the fatigue suits/ Ready to shoot, runnin' with the AK-47 Niggas tryin' to survive, they ain't tryin' to go to heaven/ Muthafuckers shootin', they ain't even askin' questions It's these young-ass niggas/ They straight up thugged-out/ They killas that lil' soldier, boy, cuz we livin' in the killin' field Tombstone, soldier/ Rest in peace/ A real warrior/ Niggas been ready for war/ We are the muthafuckers on the streets with the heat, knockin' the hoes off they feet/ Say boy, it's a jungle out there/ Get a couple casualties every year/ The goal is to stay alive/ The mission is to make money/ The enemy; the police/ We gotta bust back at 'em, make some muthafuckin' examples out them assholes/ We're not even concerned/ Strike a match, drop it on the gas, and let the muthafucker burn... Baby burn/ Army's strategic, and I pledge allegiance to the 12-gauge Mossberg/ I'm that nigga, Mr. Sawed-off Leather Face Gotta big gun in your face/ Behind that bush/ And when they roll by nigga, we jump out the bush and make a push/ Bustin' Why they runnin'? Buckin' everything, comin', murda/ Y'all ain't said nothing/ Got a couple of niggas for that, stay strapped from the front to the back/ And the extra clip off in my jacket so when I run out I restack it and pap it some more We ready for war -Refrain- So, what? Nigga, pull your gun, that's exactly how we play, screamin' bloody murder mo all day The buckshots spray daily, all day Snoop Dogg Money makes murders, sex, lies, crimes, fo'-fives, nines, heaters, jackers, killas, cap-pealers, and drug dealers/ Snitches, snakes, bitches, fakes, bad brakes and heartaches/ Give and take, shake and bake/ Boy, I got to stack my plate Bad news; it travels fast, and real mashers always mash/ Give a dog a bone, send him on; he bound to come home with some cash/ Get your shit, stack your chips, tuck your heat, and watch that bitch/ She might be cute, but listen here my nigga That don't mean shit/ Duck and dodge, camouflage, my entourage is way in charge/ Krayzie Bone and Dogg Capone Yeah, you know the war is on/ Break a bitch, shoot a snitch, fuck a trick/ Get your grip, smoke some dank, pass some drink And get off into this gangsta shit/ We havin' bread, breakin bread/ Nigga listen to what I said/ Tuck my heat, keep it close Just in case you think I'm playin/ Layin' fools down, Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs, One love And we bangin' from the streets to the clubs -Refrain- Kurupt Check it out: Gangstas, hoes, I suppose, dip and dash, cock and blast/ Kurupt and Snoop, Krayzie, Daz, Layzie blazin' up the hash/ G'd as fuck, gangsta-fy high as the sky, gangsta for life/ Fuck a bitch, hit a switch, gangstas drop that gangsta shit I'm a G, DPG, DPGC, O.G. DP/ Ride on niggas, blast on niggas, dip and put the smash on niggas Layzie It's a war...There's a war goin' on... When the war pop off, where the fuck you gon' be? In the front or the back? City under attack; every nigga from the 99 Front line, marchin' with a Tech 9/ Nigga, where my thugs at? If you scared, go to church/ Muthafucker, matter of fact While you at it, say a prayer for me/ I'm prepared to heat, heat a nigga in the streets with a gotdamn beat/ My heat close to me Khaki suits and fatigues, nigga dressed to kill/ Nigga, yes, I will put a slug in you/ Nigga, what you wanna do Cuz I'm ready to shoot? And my high-tech boots got me feelin' bulletproof/ I'm a Superman/ Nigga, G.I. Joe/ Like the wind blowin' throu a nigga' area/ More dead enemies I count up the merrier/ And you ain't heard no collaboration scarier I'm a walkin' nightmare, and I'm born to die/ If the war goin' on, whats happenin'? If you disrepectin' my family; it'll be hell to tell the captain/ Fuck all you playa haters and you po-pos/ Fuck all you politicians/ This' war/ Dedication to the criminal nation Let the real thugs even the score -Refrain-

Part Of My Life

Freddie Foxxx "Industry Shakedown"
Intro: samples --Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you-- --Who's the real divine?-- --You like that-- --Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you-- [Verse One] I be all in you like you disrespected space in my lyric zone I'm like a pit, with a leg in his mouth, I bring it home Bumpy ripping everything known, block every blow zone I make you sit your ho ass down, turn off your microphone Cause after me its un-rippable I slap you in your mouth, your drinks'll be unsippable I got miles of styles, you must be out your motherfuckin brain To think I'm not the nicest in the game Disconnected from your mainframe, punched cocked Twirl your nose up Murray the cop, to the beat down you don't stop When Fox and Bumpy keep it hot End the whole beef with just one shot, niggaz I fear not This piece of steel with the screen on top Projects uncut chyna white dope Leave a freeze in a nigga throat I fight for this like the right to vote The poison I spit, they'll never be an antecdote You niggaz thought I put my mic down Cause the industry's scared cause I put my fight down Before I do that, I sell it out the trunk and make a mill Now thats a real rap nigga deal In 99 I'm droppin niggaz like flies Fuck flowin, I'm turning niggaz into Jesse Owens Cock the four pound, keep it going, I'm in your dresser room layin You bitch ass niggaz just start prayin baby Chorus: Rhymin is a part of my life I'ma die with rhymin kids and a rhymin wife I don't let nobody judge me that don't know how to do what I do So if you don't like it then fuck you! *repeat* [Verse One] I watch niggaz get hyped up with one single and get gassed Then fall like a bad pass Niggaz run outta New York, to live in other places Hopin somebody remember old rap faces Fuck that, I'ma five borough thorough MC Where I go, New York goes, keepin New York flows Niggaz be switchin cause they not sure Your style is played out soft shit like Valure In red and black living rooms when the system booms He's a nice little diss to whomever whom Come against me and I give you one of three picks: Get shot, get stuck up, get your ass kicked Bring your whole unit, and I be lyrically gunning em Cause Freddie Foxxx be the illest thing since Run and em I be running through you like a Hummer, you don't want none o' So hot I turn December 25 into summer I scrutinize niggaz and bring em down to size My lyrical body slam will leave you paralized Fuck what you memorize, I take you out of drive And leave you neutralized and black in both your eyes My rise is your demise, shut down your enterprise Fox and Primo, we stay close like thighs Bumpy got nine lives, like a cat With a full gat, keep it underground fuck that! Chorus [Verse Three] For every verse I ever spit, for every mic I ever rip I still got a full clip of unstoppable shit You mean to tell me motherfuckers never knew That I be bustin niggaz in the head with beer bottles like Guru Check the mic one, two make sure its on When I bring it to your headquarters, word is bond Heads up, eyes and ears open I got you hopin That you could catch rec like me You got a better chance at kickin down a tree With no legs, doing a handstand on two eggs Motherfucker, I got lyrical instinct, fuck what you write I'm The Source like magazine, on the cover with the Ruger 16 I ain't scared to diss a MC, but ask him if he scared to diss me I bet he won't disagree, he'll probaly start sayin his throat hurt, his mom's is sick with a bad knee Or start screamin he's about dough He's just a faggot with a whack flow Don't walk up on me talkin freestyles and off the top of the dome I beat you down and send your ass home I'm on my own time, I write my own rhymes You wanna be the nominee? you brave now? I carve my rhyme in your back and bury you face down Just remember nigga: I'm Freddie the Foxxx I break his back and buck em buck em down Chorus

5 Deadly Venomz

2PAC "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z."
(feat. Live Squad, Treach, Apache) (Yeah hehehahaha, we goin platinum nigga! Plaahahatinum.) Yeah, you got the Live Squad in this motherfucker We got my nigga Treach from Naughty by Nature in this motherfucker My nigga Apache up in this motherfucker [Verse One: Tupac] My Mossberg goes boom, gimme room, can I catch it Talkin quick and then I vic just tryin to keep from gettin blasted I had enough I put a hit upon them bastards Boo-yaa! Turned a snitch into a casket Now they after me, prowling for a niggaz bucks Time to see, who's the G, with the bigger nuts Buck buck, big up and livin reckless Niggaz with a death wish step in with a Tec and I'll wet this Yeah this shit is hyper Two to one I'm writing representing and I'm striking like a viper Huh, I got my mind made up, I got my nine Ring the alarm, and strong arm must run Some niggaz need to feel me with a passion I'm old fashioned, run up on me nigga and get blasted With five deadly venomz (Yeah 'Pac, fuck that, still hittin em up with that old deadly shit. Aiyyo Treach where you at Step up and hit they ass up with the wickedness.) [Verse Two: Treach] We come to hit you with a sock full of Brooklyn to the Onyx of your nose, punk is funky like skunk blunts Stunk like funk cunt I come to take you on a war rough and rugged route And if another doubts I blow your fuckin mother out And that's the street scarred style I shout I'm-de-MC-wit-de-nasty-mouf, and kick the bitch out Sue me I pay the lawyer for ya oh boy yeah Plus my style's ten to twenty fuckin pounds more I take you quicker than a picture of a punk ya pickin shit pickin pockets with a razor stoppin Russian rockets Not shoplift, I'm liftin shop Once you sound hot, cause if you ain't a perfect ten my sign is stop! It's twenty mother-crooked-fuckin styles in em Like women I did em I'm in for deadly ready venom [Verse Three: Live Squad] Yeah, as I take a puff I get rough, Big Mad To put it on, can't none come tougher see I'm down with the sound of the Squad hard, boom! Breakin em down, I make em see their doom Coming straight from the dome where I roam it's a job to rob and steal and runnin from the coppers Who hold a, boulder, turn the gun controller Started from a punk now to be a high roller Youngest, reckless, crazy, disaster Mac-11 blaster, and I run faster Than a lot of cops I can't be stopped till my head gets popped A lot of fuckin bodies will drop It's a disaster, I'm coming for the blood splatter I make you scatter, leavin trails of brains and bladders Blowin em out the frame with no shame Game tight, drop a body then get out of sight Count my loot after I shoot, leave my kicks up and it's something I don't wanna do, somethin that I never did I try to get him, I think I hit em, I lit him He's out! A poison, a deadly venom (Yeah Mad, fuck that! You know how we do. KnowhatI'msayin Squad in effect, YG'z in effect. Now you know a nigga like me gotta represent) [Verse Four: Live Squad] Once again, back to rip shit, quick on the flip tip The psycho, represent the real to take the mic flow Deadly, rock a head G, check the melody Niggaz can't touch me when I wreckin G you better flee Cause I'm gifted with a jab and a forty-four Mag So nigga flip or take a trip in a body bag Uhh, boom you slipped up, now you're zipped up Yeah one more statistic, fronted and got ripped up No joke, you be yolk, no matter how it sound We're taking over eight niggaz back to the stomping grounds Line em up single file, dome runnin in em A nigga hit em with the venom, the fourth deadly venom (Nigga, yaknowhatI'msayin Fuck that! I told you, we takin over, yo 'Pac.) [Verse Five: 2Pac] Five deadly venomz verse five be the livest Strugglin and strive, keep a nine in my waistline Take mine, you better bury me, G Punk ass niggaz don't even worry me, see I got a glock that say 'Pac run the block Fuck the cops cause my gauge gets me... PAID As I sit and reminesce about the old days Hugging on my AK, fuck getting played, hey I say niggaz need to get they mind right Until they do I pop a clip and grip my nine tight Now it's on everday could be my last day That's why I blast on they ass as I past let the glass spray First you had a mouth full of fronts Now you're mouth's full of chunks, Pac's out puffin blunts Deadly venomz (Hahaha, yeah pass that shit over here. Apache bout to clean shit up.) [Verse Six: Apache] Throw up your middle finger! Start the track for the maniac Only thing I'm givin out is black donuts and dirty backs Let me tell how you rough I get I pop shit behind your back get in your face and pop the same shit You can't get in because my gate's bigger I'ma snake nigga My act guards me so hard I pull the fuckin trigger I'm a section to clinch your porch is like a pinch Test a rhyme I'll knock your hairline back an inch Fuckin up pooh-butts, cut em like cold cuts Choke em with my boot lace, then leave em hangin like old nuts Clip up and move out, time to get em That's the results of fuckin with the fifth venom in denim (Yeah, yaknowhatI'msayin Five motherfuckin deadly venomz, in effect for ninety-three ninety-four ninety-five all that other shit. We takin this motherfucker over this larger hit. YaknowhatI'msayin Follow us, come along. YaknowhatI'msayin We takin this motherfucker over. TRUST. We out.)

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