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Get You Alone

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook: Maejor Ali] Sex on my mind thinkin' 'bout when I get you alone You already know it's goin' down when I get you alone You know what I came here to do when I get you alone I'ma give it al to you when I get you, when I get you alone [Verse 1: Maejor Ali] You know it, you know you in trouble, when I get you alone Thinking 'bout the places I touch you, when I get you alone And we can turn the cellphones off baby, when I get you alone Cause everything you need is right here, right here, right here baby [Bridge: Maejor Ali] Cause I'm tryna see what's up with tonight And I love the way your body looks up underneath these lights So don't say it's wrong, it feels right Cause I'm looking at your apple and I wanna take a bite [Hook] [Verse 2: Maejor Ali] Tonight I need some entertainment, when I get you alone Take all them clothes off let's get naked, when I get you alone Baby let me kiss you somewhere sacred, when I get you alone Cause I got what you need and it's right here, right here, right here, right here baby [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 3: Jeremih] Say the hottest topic ain't about your body babe, that's the truth Pull up in a Rover and all these people tellin' me, that's the crew If I had you to myself then God damn baby that's a coup Know you need some peace of mind, them legs up to the ceiling that's the deuce (of peace) Any time of day you got me, gotta keep it straight up, no juice I got a cabbana up in Cancun We can fuck from R. Kelly to Lil Boosie With yo' bad ass I'm a fat kid for that fat ass Cake Love it how you make a nigga wait Girl your body got me far from sober Whenever we get alone, it's over Yeah, it's over Only if, if I get you alone Promise it be alright, when I get you alone Yeah I know you keep plans and I know you got friends For once can we get this alone Promise it be alright, alone

Toss It Up

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
(feat. K-Ci, JoJo) [Tupac] The money behind the dreams My right hand, my other Capo in this big motherfuckin war we got My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row Snoop motherfuckin Dogg, Tha Doggfather And who he comin through right now, Makaveli the Don Feel this, Killuminati (Toss it up!) Lord have mercy, father help us all Since you supllied yo' phone number, I can't help but call Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin, kickin back Got you curious for Thug Passion, now picture that Tongue kissin, hand full of hair, look in my eyes Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room Sweatin up the sheets, it's the Thug in me I mean no disrespectin when I tongue kiss your neck I go a long way to get you wet, what you expect Late night, hit the highway, drop the top I pull over, gettin busy in the parking lot And don't you love it how I lick your, hips and glide Kiss you soft on your stomach, push my love inside Got ya lost in a love zone, stuck in the lust I got the bedroom shakin back-breakin when we're tossin it up [K-Ci, JoJo] In this baby, I like the way it's goin down When all that is around, slip slide ride Givin me love nice like Female I like, what I wanna give all night You and me alone everybody's gone toss it up Baby let's, get it on! I like the way you please me, babe The sexy way you tease me, sugar The way you move your body It really drives me crazy Your body hypnotizing, your smell is so exciting So baby come on home with me, I like the way you give it to me! [Chorus: K-Ci, JoJo] I like the way you give it to me -- let me see you toss it up [repeat 4X w/ variations] Play on, play on, play on, play on, play onnnn! [repeat 4X w/ variations] [K-Ci, JoJo] Ohhh, it's K-Ci baby, mmm that want you lady Ohhh, don't act so shady, baby your taste as fine as gravy The way you move that thang, you make me wanna sang Girl you make my bells rang, make them go ting-a-ling! Now the man, I'm here again Don't worry to ever end It's feeling too good Gimme some more, oh lady lady Your body the kind I like-ah Big booty to the lung delight-ah Bag it up yo, let me in there Toss it up for me!! [Chorus 1/2] [Tupac] Do you want me what's your phone number, I get around Cali Love to my true Thugs, picture me now Still down for that Death Row sound, searchin for paydays No longer Dre Day, arrivederci Blown and forgotten, rotten for plottin Child's Play Check your sexuality, as fruity as this Alize Quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move Cross Death Row, now who you gon' run to Lookin for suckers cause you similar Pretendin to be hard, oh my God, check your temperature Screamin Compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard Brothers pissed cause you switched and escaped to the burbs Mob on to this new era, cause we Untouchable Still can't believe that you got 'Pac rushin you Up in you, bless the real, all the rest get killed Who can you trust, only time reveals -- toss it up! [Chorus w/ variations] [Tupac] Play on playa, play on How can some non-players do a song about Compton and then wanna do a player song How can non-players do it (We not little kids, we not playin) Tellin lies, who Puffy, I read your little interview buddy, c'mon You still ain't touchin us, all that peace talk I don't care if you kiss my ass from here to across the street boy It's on Toss it up, we took you on, and we took y'all beat You know we beat you down, and we took y'all beat Cause you wasn't rockin it right Tired of suckers rockin it, toss it up, is how we did it Yeah, toss it up now!

Read Your Mind

AVANT "Private Room"
Listen, I've been waiting to tell you this You are more than a man could ever want WAIT A MINUTE JUST LET ME Listen Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, BUM BUM BUM Yeah yeah... yeah... yeeeah Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, BUM BUM BUM Yeah I stepped in the club in your hood, I slowly turned left and there you stood You and your friends talking But when I eyes connect I knew then It was just like two ways on beam I'm your king, be my queen And what do you want to do tonight My truck is parked out front, so lets ride [Chorus:] I can read your mind baby And I know what your thinking But its alright (with me baby), it's alright (with me) baby I can read your mind babe I know what you're thinking Girl I'm off in your head So let's get in bed And do what your mind said So baby take a ride with me And I'll fulfill all your fantasies And when the rain starts pouring down Then all the love that's lost will be found I'll make your mind lose control Over your body, thats my goal So baby just come and down here Just let the gravity pull you near [Chorus x2] [HOOK: (X2)] I know you wanna rub I know you wanna touch I know you wanna feel So baby keep it real I know you wanna see I know you wanna be In my b-e-d Grinding slowly [breathing] [CHORUS x2] [Breakdown:] I wanna LOVE baby I wanna feel you (IF YOU COME, IF YOU COME) I WANNA LOVE baby I wanna feel you (I WANNA FEEL YOU) Come on and go with me I want you to stay with me [x2]

I Wanna Know

JOE "My Name Is Joe"
Yeah, oh yeah Alright, oh, oh, oh It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, hmm Everytime you come around me I get weak, oh yeah Nobody ever made me feel this way, oh You kiss my lips and then you take my breath away So I wanna know [1] - I wanna know what turns you on So I can be all that and more I'd like to know what makes you cry So I can be the one who always makes you smile Girl he never understood what you were worth, hmm no And he never took the time to make it work (You deserve more loving, girl) Baby I'm the type of man to show concern, yes I do, oh Anyway that I can please you let me learn So I wanna know [Repeat 1] [2] - Tell me what I gotta do to please you Baby anything you say I'll do Cause I only wanna make you happy From the bottom of my heart, it's true [Repeat 2] I wish that I could take a journey through your mind, alright And find emotions that you always try to hide babe, oh I do believe that there's a love you wanna share, oh, oh I'll take good care of you lady, have no fear, oh So I wanna know [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2 (2x)] [Repeat 1 till end]

For Love

JOE "Bridges"
Can't keep my eyes off you No No Can't keep my mind off us No No You said you are feeling exclusive And you said that you are finally ready to live [Bridge:] So lets take a sip to the good life And say to hell with the bad times So keep our eyes on this mountain It's gonna be a hell for a climb [Chorus:] Let's make a toast for love Let's pour our love for love Hands in the air like we just don't care Its a celebration lets do it right now for love If we were a story what would be told If you were a statement you would be bold Like we are competing in the games And we gone for the gold Ain't no need for a pitch cause baby am soul Eeeeh Yeah [Bridge] [Chorus] Like an eagle sailing across the sky Baby our love will fly (Over anything) (And everything) That stands in our way baby (That stands in our way) Just stay with me Together we are invincible [Bridge] [Chorus]


[Intro:] I-I-I-I'm alri-I-I-ight Tonight I-I-I'm alri-I-I-ight babe I I I [Verse 1: Azealia Banks] More breeze in your hair, huh? It's the one that your blick took her chance on Damn should've have shacked breeze with the champion Looking for my nigga my feast is the phantom Phantom this is that young bitch Lil Keke I needed a plumb with the cheeky Chill with some fillers from end the shikies I'm a get 'em get 'em so come hit the repeat [Chorus: x2] Baby about it Baby you know Can I turn you out here? Can I turn you on? Tell me now what is your fantasea Can I hear about it? Tell me what you need [Verse 2: Shystie] Hey yo mister come whisper Hey what's your sign, tell me what else is you into? We can make your ex girl real real pissed Take it off your wishlist, can you feel-feel this I'm the type of girl yo mama warned ya about Stop fucking with your head, blow your brains all out Tell me what you like, me a real bad gyal Give it to you good, make your head turn mad now Not vanilla we're cinnamon sticks they'll be killing bitches I'm on my liquorice shit 'til the niggas diggie it stiff Like Agamartis, riga-rigamortis tipi tipi on his lips We could take flights to the West Indes Check her dipping out the sea with a mermaid please Sip of liquor, bit of rum right under the trees Tell this London girl, what's your fantaseas, boy? [Bridge 1:] Everybody got though I've been bad you know I-I I'm trying to give that cat toy a kit-kat I can't fight all night Al-Alright [Chorus:] Baby about it Baby you know Can I turn you out here? Can I turn you on? Tell me now what is your fantasea Can I hear about it? Tell me what you need [Bridge 2:] I'm a search you I'm going out of mind I'm a lady that's eating my pride But do you know mine all the night I ain't even gon' be the light Boy atleast stay on my mind Can I wet you up? Baby you know Am I sexual enough? Can I wet you up all night? I ain't even gon' even lie I don't wanna play with your time-time Tonight Alright Alright Alright, tonight, ahaaa [Chorus: x2] Baby about it Baby you know Can I turn you out here Can I turn you on Tell me now what is your fantasea Can I hear about it Tell me what you love

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