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MADONNA lyrics - Madonna

Physical Attraction

Original and similar lyrics
You say that you need my love And you're wantin' my body, I don't mind Baby all I've got is time And I'm waiting to make you mine You say you wanna stay the night But you'll leave me tomorrow, I don't care All of your moves are right We can take it anywhere, this Chorus: Physical attraction It's a chemical reaction Physical attraction Chemical reaction Trying hard to get away But I can't seem to fight the way I feel Even though you're not for real Your touch is driving me Crazy and when you smile It's just makin' me want you more and more Baby won't you stay a while It could be such a fantasy (chorus) Maybe we were meant to be together Even though we never met before We got to move before the sun is rising And you'll be walking slowly out the door (chorus)

Same Old Blues

ERIC CLAPTON "Behind The Sun"
(by Eric Clapton) I'm sorry baby, but I can't afford to stay. Your good, kind treatment will worry me someday. I love you baby, but I'm gonna have to say goodbye. Woman, I got to move, I really got to fly. Same thing every morning, Tell me what's it all about. I get those same old blues every night. I miss you already, baby, more than words can say. Seems like I've been gone twenty-four hours, more like a million days. I love you baby, you know I woudn't tell you no lies. If you don't believe I love you, look at the tears standing in my eyes. Chorus Here I am back home, baby, I'm back home to stay. I love you babe, never more will I go away. I won't hurt you no more, baby, ain't gonna tell you no more lies. No more running 'round, no more phony alibis. Chorus Chorus Chorus

You Gotta Believe

Mmmm, Mmmm oh, you must believe, you must believe Hey yeah (Chorus) You gotta believe Gotta believe, gotta believe in me You gotta believe in me (gotta believe me) That I won't never hurt you (repeat) (Vs.1) I told you once before That I love you And I need you But let me tell you once again You were my closest friend I'll never leave you So hold me tight All through the night Caress me with your tender care Anytime or anywhere (Big Bub Faith Evans) Anytime, anywhere I will go with you anywhere (Please won't you trust me babe) Won't you trust in me baby Stay with me (stay, death do us part) Till death do us part You'll always be (oh, oh) right in my heart Won't you please stay with me Baby please believe in me (please believe in me) (Chorus) (repeat) (K-ci) Mary, Mary, I hear you loud and clear Why don't you believe in me Tell me why you don't see That you can put your trust in me And let me lead the way Please baby take my hand I don't need another man But if you wanna hold on tight You can not be afraid (Chorus) (Faith Evans) Take Me boy by the hand (take me) Let me make you understand (Make you understand) That I can never let you down Baby just believe in me (repeat) Please believe (Chorus) Yeah, yeah You gotta believe Whoa, oh yeah

Do You Always (Have To Be Alone)

E-Type "Made In Sweden"
Ahhhhhh aiiiahhhh I wake to the sound of a far away thunder wondering why this secret in your heart why don't you let me share your thoughts something strange is going on maybe something you've gone through so often sadness in your eyes I don't know what to do, I don't know what to... Chorus: Do you always have to be alone just by yourself, just you alone why don't you let me in Do you have always have to go away so far away, so far away why can't you stay In a place of refuge where no one's allowed somewhere up north where no helping hands will reach you in your silent desert land as captain of a peaceful phantom ship in a proud and senseless soul how am I supposed to help you i don't know what to do, I don't know what to... Chorus: Do you always have to be alone just by yourself, just you alone why don't you let me in Do you always have to go away so far away, so far away why can't you stay ( x3 ) How am I supposed to help you When you're in your desert land How am I supposed to help you I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do Ohhhh Aaaa ohhhh Aaaaaa Do you always have to go away? Baby can't you stay... Do you always have to be alone Do you always have to go away Do you always have to go away? Baby can't you stay... Why can't you stay? Chorus (x2) Aaaaaaaaa aiaiaiaaaai Why can't you stay?

Dark Horse

AMANDA MARSHALL "Amanda Marshall"
Indian summer Abilene You were new in town I was nineteen And sparks flew They called us crazy Behind our backs Romantic fools We just let them laugh Because we knew It may be a long shot We may be lonely down the line But love knows no reason And I won't let them make up my mind Chorus My money's riding on this dark horse, baby My heart is sayin' it's the lucky one And it's true color's gonna shine through someday If we let this Let this dark horse run Stars are brighter In a desert sky No need to wonder Or justify Where this will lead I wear your locket Our picture's inside Inscription says, The joy's in the ride And I believe Something so sacred Is something worth this kind of fight Cause love knows no patience You can't please everyone all the time Chorus So rare So sweet Together baby We can be free Chorus repeat Written By: D. McTaggert, D. Tyson, A. Marshall

Gimme Your's

AZ "Doe Or Die"
New yor undercover baby, whole lot of things done changed It's alot of people puttin black eyes in the game, know what I mean I had my glocked cocked, but took a fall now I'm off my feet I gotta eat, so its back to these fuckin streets And I will grow cause I'm an old timer I bring the drama to any nigga, his baby or his fuckin mama I gotta look like Tevin Campbell But still I gamble, hustle and scramble Cause money is muscle in this damn zoo And in order to make it You gotta take it Be the boom blast boom spin Don't break but don't fake it That's why there's no guilt for these trife niggas blood I spilt Took what they built, flippin their drug game on tilt Cause in New York, dealin drugs is a sport You either sell, smoke it shoot up or snort Anyway your caught And since I'm in it, now I'm in it to win it Skies sets the limit Ain't no being some motherfucker's lieutenant Shit, from this point that's how I feel, I wanna fly Yeah, its either doe or die Chorus: (Repeat 2X) It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes, the weed smoke makes me wonder How I keep from going under And other hoods I hang with Mix slang in they language Love, kickin that gang shit Sellin on the same strip Hustlin hard, no matter how much we hated So dedicated, even our dreams are drug related Shit, puff bananas Not even the cops can stand us Cause of the way we vanish, everytime they come to can us 25 we get the money live Fuck all that funny jive The streets is our only source to survive And when corny teeny boppers think about tryin to stop us I rather put your head, through the propella of a helicopter Cause all my peeps be playin for keeps Straight out the litter, so bitter These bandits don't even need sweets Bringin the ruckus, like some mad motherfuckers Move at night like truckers When suckers see us, they duck us Shit, only the real can relate to the hungry man I try It's either doe or die Chorus And ever since I was a tarface Baby, watchin Scarface I dreamed of guns and tons of coke in a car chase A fat connect with a kingpin Colombian Plus props for crooked cops, payin him tops not to run me in Keepin my toaster in a shoulder holster Havin hoes playin me closer Sex on a silk sofa Livin the life of the rich and trife Rugged but sharp like a kitchen knife Without stress from some bitchin wife What a life That's why I be on what I be on Always ready a war for Score a shoulder put me on And until then, I won't sealin what I'm feelin It was inside that I cried, but now its spillin I'm goin all out Until I fallout So much of a menace, when I finish Bilkin New York, I'll have to call out On the run, cause I know feds will try and knock me And railroad my soul to a hell hole if they got me But not me I'm goin out fightin until I fry From hot lead no lie Like I said its either doe or die Chorus Realizin the realism of life and actuality Fuck whose the baddest Through personal status, through pimps or salary Chorus If not why not Either your in it, or your in the way Baby Pa New yields, no quills I want it all

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