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MADONNA lyrics - Madonna


Original and similar lyrics
(Spoken:) I know you've been waiting, yeah I've been watching you, yeah I know you wanna get up, yeah Come on Chorus: Everybody, come on, dance and sing Everybody, get up and do your thing Everybody, come on, dance and sing Everybody, get up and do your thing Let the music take control Find a groove and let yourself go When the room begins to sway You know what I'm trying to say Come on, take a chance Get up and start the dance Let the D.J. shake you Let the music take you (chorus) Let your body take a ride Feel the beat and step inside Music makes the world go 'round You can turn your troubles upside down Gonna have to change your mind Gonna leave your troubles behind Your body gets the notion When your feet can make the motion (chorus, repeat) Dance and sing, get up and do your thing (repeat 3 times) (Spoken:) I know you've been waiting, yeah, yeah I see you sitting there, I've been watching you Across the room, yeah, yeah I've been watching you, I see you sitting there by yourself Yeah, yeah Come on, come on, come on (chorus) Let the music take control Find a groove and let yourself go When the room begins to sway You know what I'm trying to say (chorus, repeat and fade) [Dance and sing, get up and do your thing] (in background)

Queen Of The Night

Chorus: i've got the stuff that you want i've got the thing that you need I got more than enough To make you drop to your knees Cuz I'm the queen of the night Queen of the night oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah Don't make no difference If I'm wrong or I'm right I've got the feeling And I'm willing tonight But I ain't nobody's angel What can I say? Well I'm just that way Repeat Chorus Just say say it again You got a problem with the way that I am They say I'm trouble And I don't give a damn But when I bad I know I'm better I just wanna get loose And turn it up for you baby yeah Repeat Chorus Just say say it again (Guitar Solo) Repeat Chorus (2X)

Touch You

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
(Intro) Oh what's up everybody this is Rick James Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life 'Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light 'Bout to touch you just right [Piakhan] Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy Building a future, yo, for my baby boy (uh huh) I moved form the hood yet the shit still in me And your opinion is nothing to me I have plenty like bein' out of prison With a roof over my dome And possessing the gift such as sparking the microphone Accumulate the provolone makin' it happen with Talib A Nattian cat we got em' snappin' Roberta Flackin' the track and Killin' em softly with out flossin' But yet the shine is glossy and the run the lyrical train through your brain shit Strategy pain, I'm on some Clubber Lane shit With the iron, ain't no use in you trying I ain't lyin' Through your ears mesmerize em' It's about time we started risin' Once again replace bullets with words, try to make it fun again (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] if the put my life on the screen then its got to Be the IMAX I live large stroke your mind, till you reach climax Terrorist hijack on Hi Tek fly tracks front don't try that My niggas got my back, you gotta relax, ease back What's that all about with the feedback All up in my mouth we don't need that, the asphault is the place to be at Where the people fire burn so bright you can see that believe that It ain't light music (no) We make the right music (true) Keep it tight music (yes) Affirmin' life music (come on) (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] It's like girls got the bass all up in they hips My favorite part on the face is the shape of the lips Yeah I wanna touch you there (right there) Your mind is my concubine, when I deliver shivers up your spine Like the bread and wine, my brains embedded with rhymes That's ahead of they time, I rock the better design You cats ain't got the touch You all suck, like getting head from a dime I run up in em and, clutch em' if they tremblin' It's a rush like adrenaline, at a point break the joint shake When you play this (yeah), your crew is haters when they come Through with the newest/latest (like that) Reflection Eternal Shine light bright like the day till the sky turn purple And the moon arrive, reflection through the night That touch you just right (Bridge) [Talib Kweli] With the rhythm, the rhythm, God bless the rhythm It's the rhythm, rhythm; yes ya'll the rhythm Shorty on the dance floor giving me rhythm Hi Tek make ya'll nod ya'll neck to the rhythm And (Chorus) w/ minor variations (x2) [Talib Kweli] Uh yeah yeah yeah Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (x2) Clap your hands everybody (x4)

Too Much Room (Featuring Mystical)

feat. Mystikal [Mystikal] Ow, good God (I'm down at the club, y'all, yeah) Boogie down baby (Move ya) Shake what ya mama made I see by how you movin' You could take it, take it, take it Hips don't lie, her booty be talkin' Grip your thighs We ain't gon' let no big fat woman come pump us We gon' get so bodacious and rambunctious Get down baby, don't let nothin' hold ya back Daddy movin' in, I'm 'bout to close the jam [Gerald] I'm on fire When you're moving that thing at me Got me burnin' I need your body up close to me My emotions Got me feelin' real freakily Don't be nervous I'm gonna whoop ya like it's s'pose to be, baby 1 - Do you wanna party baby Shakin' what yo' mama gave ya Just wanna dance, I wanna dance Don't cha be ashamed to back that thing up It's too much room (It's scandalous) Too much, too much room babe, babe 2 - There's too much room up in here Put your hand a little closer babe So you can feel me shake it Yeah, yeah, come on babe Baby, but you can handle it, it's scandalous There's too much room up in here Put your hand a little closer babe So you can feel me shake it Yeah, yeah, come on babe Baby, but you can handle it, it's scandalous You give me a fever Cuz I'm runnin' like a rent-it sign Ain't no reason We can't do it to new styles Can't you feel me And you know that it's gettin' hard To control it Baby girl, I'mma have to call the cops Come on, babe Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 2 Here we go, here we go now [Mystikal] Talk to me, Hello, what's that? A duet with Mystikal and Gerald? Hell yeah, yeah, you right fo' sure (Damn right) Get on the flo', Electra Records About as fire as a bottle with a jar of peppers Bad motha fuckin' baboon Cuz baby if I can't reach it There's too much damn room Repeat 1 Repeat 2 [Gerald] Uh oh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah Sing it again Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, oh well, well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Back that thing up on the bed And move it, I can take a big bed shakin' My temperature's risin' and I feel your thighs bending Don't deny, I can take it It's too much room, all this room Tellin' me not to be all over you babe It's too much room, all this room Tellin' me not to do all the things I wanna do baby Yeah, get a little closer baby Don't cha be ashamed


JIMMY FALLON "The Bathroom Wall"
Spoken: But I realized that you could sing, you could sing any 80's song over You Can't Touch This . Uh, listen: * You Can't Touch This playing in backround* Don't turn around, oh, uh oh Der Kommissar's in town, oh oh oh I heard you on the wireless back in '52 Oh-a oh, what did you tell them Video killed the radio star I wanna rock right now I'm Rob Base and I came to get down I'm not internationally know But I'm known to rock a microphone, because You can dance if you want to You can leave your friends behind 'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Then they're no friends of mine, safety! Take on me, take on me Take me on, take on me I'll be gone, take...Hammertime Oh, I, I just died in your arms tonight Must have been something ya said I ware my sunglasses at night So i can, so I can I always feel like, sombody's watching me Together for ever and ever to part Together for ever What Have i, What have i, what have i done to deserve this? Poor old Johnny Ray Sounded so sad upon the radio And a sid and sad and thunder C'mon Eileen, too-loo rah-yeah C'mon Eileen, too-loo rah-yeah Too-rah too-rah loo-rah Oh, Eileen C'mon Eileen too-loo rah-yeah C'mon Eileen too-loo rah-yeah Too-rah too-rah loo-rah And sing it again I said, too-rah loo-rah too-rah loo-rah yeah

Square Dance With Me

People!! It feels so good to be back! Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the new and improved, you know who Verse 1 Never been the type to bend or budge, the wrong button to push, no friend of Bush I'm the centerpiece, you're a Maltese. I'm a pitbull off his leash, all this peace talk can cease All these people I had to leave in limbo, I'm back now, I've come to release this info I'll be brief and let me just keep shit simple, Can-a-bitch don't want no beef with Slim? Noooo! Not even on my radar, So won't you please jump off my dick, Lay off and stay off! And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos, from séance to séance, aw-a-aw-sh-a-aw Chorus (X2) C'mon now, Let's all get on down, Let's do-si-do now, We gon' have a good ol' time Don't be scared, Cuz there ain't nothin' to worry 'bout, Let your hair down, and square dance with me! Cause you can't handle the track, Yeah get on back, The boogie monster of rap, Yeah the man's back, With a plan to ambush this bush administration, Mush the sentence facing, Push this generation of kids To stand and fight for the right To say something you might not like This white hot light That i'm under, no wonder I look so sunburned Oh no I won't leave no stone unturned Oh no I won't leave, won't go nowhere do-si-do oh-yo-ho hello there Oh yeah don't think i won't go there Go to Beirut and do a show there Yeah you laugh till' yo muthafuckin azz gets drafted When you're in bandcamp thinking the crap can't happen Till you fuck around get a anthrax napkin Inside a package wrapped in saran wrap wrapping Open the plastic and then you stand back gasping Fucking assassins are jacking amtracks crashing All this terror america demands action Next thing you know you got uncle sam's ass asking To join the army or what you'll do for the navy You're just a baby getting recruited at 18 You're on a plane now eating their food and their baked beans I'm 28 they go' take you fore they take me Crazy insane or insane crazy When I say Hussien you say shady My views ain't changed to lend humane weight But rained two days late The date's today hang me Chorus x2 fuck everybody who likes this song becuz i gotta go wit my girl in a thong. SUCK IT! Chorus (X2) Outro Dr. Dre, wants to square dance with me Nasty Nas, wants to square dance with me X to the Z, wants to square dance with me Busta Rhymes, wants to square dance with me Can-a-bitch, won't square dance with me Fan-a-bitch, won't square dance with me Canada-bis, don't want no parts of me Dirty Dozen, wants to square dance with you Yee-Haw!!!

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