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MADONNA lyrics - Erotica


Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: Words, they cut like a knife Cut into my life I don't want to hear your words They always attack Please take them all back If they're yours I don't want anymore You think you're so smart You try to manipulate me You try to humiliate with your words You think you're so chic You write me beautiful letters You think you're so much better than me Bridge: But your actions speak louder than words And they're only words, unless they're true Your actions speak louder than promises You're inclined to make and inclined to break (chorus) You think you're so shrewd You try to bring me low You try to gain control with your words (bridge) (chorus) BRIDGE 2: Friends they tried to warn me about you He has good manners, he's so romantic But he'll only make you blue How can I explain to them How could they know I'm in love with your words Your words You think you're so sly I caught you at your game You will not bring me shame with your words (bridge) (chorus) INTERMEDIATE: Too much blinding light Your touch, I've grown tired of your words Words, words SPOKEN: A linguistic form that can meaningfully be spoken in isolation Conversation, expression, a promise, a sigh In short, a lie A message from heaven, a signal from hell I give you my word I'll never tell Language that is used in anger Personal feelings signaling danger A brief remark, an utterance, information Don't mince words, don't be evasive Speak your mind, be persuasive A pledge, a commitment, communication, words

All That To Me

ONE VOICE "Just The Beginning"
It only took one look at your face In seconds I know you are the one I'd be with night and day Only one moment To know you'll be all that matters to me It only took one look from your eyes They sparkled just like the stars above You brighten up my life In just one minute You captured my heart exclusively Forever you and me Bridge: As sure as the bird Fly over the mountain And sure as the fish That live in the deep blue sea I just gotta tell you That you're all of that to me Chorus: Like roses blooming in the springtime Like walkin in the summer rain Like goin infront of a fire place When winter comes back again Like a sound of the waves in the ocean Washin up on a beach I just wanna tell you That you're all of that to me It only took one touch of your lips When kissing you took my breath away To you my love I give In a blink of time I had no one at all Now your all that matters to me *Repeat bridge* *Repeat Chorus 2x* You mean so much to me... I just wanna tell you That you're all of that to me (3x)

Mercy Said No

Clay Crosse
I was just a child when I felt the Savoir leading I was drawn to what I could not understand And for the couase of Christ, I have spent my days believing That what He'd have me be is who I am As I've come see the weaker side of me I've realized his grace is what I need When sin demanded justice for my soul (CHORUS) Mercy said no I'm not gonna let you go I'm not gonna let you slip away You don't have to be afraid Mercy said no Sin will never take control Life and death stood face to face Darkness tried to steal my heart away Thank you Jesus Mercy said For God so loved the world that He sent His Son to save us From the cross He built a bridge to set us free Oh but deep within our hearts there is still a war that rages And makes His sacrifice so hard to see As midnight fell on crucifixion day The light of hope seemed oh so far away And as evil tried to stop redemptions'flow (CHORUS) BRIDGE And now when heaven looks at me It's through the blood of Jesus Reminding me of one day long ago (CHORUS)

Love One Another Right

Clay Crosse
Regie Hamm, Steve Siler and Bob Farrell We do a pretty good job of throwing sticks and stones But everyone's got a closet full of skeleton bones No need to tear each other down 'Cause we're all standing here on common ground Chorus: If we could love one another We could bring Heaven down out of the sky If we could love one another We could bring hate to its knees tonight Wouldn't every future be bright If we could love one another Love one another right We find it easy enough loving the latest trends Take something that's dead and make it our closet friend Imagine what this world could be If we worked as hard at loving you and me Repeat chorus Bridge: Don't let your anger get the best of you When you're provoked you simply refuse Don't waste your time with retribution Why not try making a contribution Reach down a hand to the tired and weak Lift up a soul with the words you speak Shake it up with a revolution - and set the world on fire

Wrapping Paper

Graham Parker "Struck by Lightning"
Intro E / Emaj7 / Amaj7 / B / E E 022100 Emaj7 021100 Amaj7 002120 Asus2 002200 B 004440 E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2 I've broken your glass, called someone a dirty name E Asus2 B Made a nuisance of myself in front of friends E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2 I've dug my own grave, please don't let me lie in it E A B E Instead let's bury everything that caused us pain CHORUS E Emaj7 A Asus2 Speak to me now, speak to me darling E Emaj7 A Asus2 You're not a princess I'm not Prince Charming E Emaj7 A Asus2 Speak with your tongue, use body language E Asus2 B E and pull your skin like wrapping paper round my heart Sometimes I feel the kick has gone, it gets mundane So I team up with the devil and make hell But I'll hang on in as long as I know I've got you As long as I know love's a cure that makes me well (CHORUS, Instrumental verse) We move around, drag ourselves from town to town Wrap up lots of gifts and toys and China tea But they don't feel nothin', they're just inanimate They just go in suitcases and fly away CHORUS (last line x3), Repeat Intro

Even Santa Fel In Love

He brushes back his silver hair and checks to see if she is standing there. After years of traveling round with the raindeer hooves above the ground, Never made the mrs runaway. Remembering the night they met. Figure skating she played hard to get. In his red suit he sled past. Who can resist that charming laugh. He said he could teach her how to fly. Chorus: even santa fell in love everybody needs someone to come home to after the longest day even santa fell in love and she's the only one he wants to come back to when the toys are put away Bridge: even on christmas day she sees his eyes are all a glow anticipating children laughing in the snow and with just his christmas touch under mistletoe before the rush mrs kringle feels the tingle in the heart. Chorus Bridge chorus hooo... Bridge (2x)

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