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MADONNA lyrics - Disc 1

Inside Of Me

Original and similar lyrics
I can't stop thinking of you The things we used to do The secrets we once shared I'll always find them there In my memories But this heartache isn't going anywhere In the public eye I act like I don't care When there's no one watching me I'm crying Chorus: I will always have you, inside of me Even though you're gone Love still carries on Love, inside of me I keep a picture of you Next to my bed at night And when I wake up scared I know I'll find you there Watching over me Bridge: When my world seems to crumble all around And foolish people try to bring me down I just think of your smiling face And I'm flying (chorus) You'll always be inside of my heart Inside of me (bridge) (chorus) I will always have you, inside of me Even though you're gone Love still carries on Love still carries on I will always feel you You'll always be inside of my heart I'll always have you inside of me I will always have you

Count On My Love

KAI "Kai"
Count On My Love Count on the rain It's gonna fall There will be days When you'll wonder if you can keep holding on And as hard as you'll try There will be nights When you'll feel like you're gonna break down and cry Alone and in need If you say a prayer And reach out to me (chorus) I will be here Right by your side Count on my love Everyday of your life I will be here Pulling you through Count on me loving you Count on a dream Falling apart There will be times When you'll feel the whole world is breaking your heart And when you're afraid If you close your eyes and call out my name (chorus) Through all your tears And through all the pain You can count on my love Every step of the way (chorus)

Hold Back The Tears

JANET JACKSON "Dream Street"
So sad, but there's nothin' that I can do Things are so bad, forget every word I've spoken to you Love is when it touches you down inside Why really are you lookin' for somewhere to hide Chorus: You've gotta hold back the tears Soon you will discover maybe there could be someone who cares for you You've gotta hold back the tears Don't have to say never, love will come to those who are prepared Time will never be on your side Listen, could be your only chance to survive This love is waiting to call you home Don't read you'll ever be on your own Repeat Chorus To give it back This is all you're ever gonna be Well, is it all worth while There's so much that I want you to see It could be all worth while

More Than That

I can see that you've been crying You can't hide it with a lie What's the use in you denying That what you have is wrong I heard him promise you forever But forever's come and gone Baby, he would say whatever It takes to keep you blind To the truth between the lines, oh¡­ CHORUS I will love you more than that I won't say the words Then take them back Don't give loneliness a chance Baby listen to me when I say I will love you more than that Baby, you deserve much better What's the use in holding on Don't you see it's now or never ¡®Cause I just can't be friends Baby knowing in the end, that.. CHORUS - repeat There's not a day that passes by I don't wonder why we haven't tried It's not too late to change your mind So take my hand, don't say goodbye CHORUS - repeat Back


Jahn Teigen
Let me tell you now, there is something wrong, I can read it in you face. I can't lie to you I must tell the truth right now. I will listen now, I rely on you. Coz you know I need you so. Don't you be afraid, i wont let you be alone. Coz here we go! CHORUS: Don't you know my love is forever. We can make it work, take it easy. Don't you know that we can be friendly. We can make it work, take it easy now. Don't you worry now, I just need some time. I must rearrange my life. I will wait for you, you're just feeling blue right now! Then i need to say, will you go or stay. I wont gamble with your love. Don't you be afraid, I wont let you be alone! Coz here we go! CHORUS x3

I Do

Jude "430 N. Harper Ave."
I got a letter today An invitation And the writing looked like you Hello how are you and by the way Please RSVP I do I thought of writing sad words of how it used to be But I didn't want to bring you down, no I guess the bells will ring pretty well there without me Don't worry 'bout me baby I'll wear the thorny crown I will play the clown Chorus: If you think that I don't love you, you're just wrong And that don't matter now anyway I couldn't bear to see you up there with a white dress on Here's my vow to you I'll stay away I remember when in a lover's whisper you said No other man would ever share your bed Well we both know that's not been so And I wish I'd never let you go now You found a better man instead I wish you health and wealth and a white house on a hill and I I hope you raise a family Little boy and a little girl, a little more joy in this little old world Well, that'd be enough for me Chorus Time rolls on And dreams they die And I've thrown out the pictures I had of you and I And if you're ever wondering if love can be true Well, think of me and remember darling like I, like I do Ole friendships fade away, love falls apart And you've not spent a single day outside my heart But, there's just one more dream that I have left for you I hope you're smiling when he turns around and says I do. . . I do I do I do I do

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