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MADONNA lyrics - Bedtime Stories

Back In Business

Original and similar lyrics
I'm gonna show you that good guys don't always win I'm gonna show you the brighter side of living in sin. So when you're six feet under, you won't wonder why Just 'cause you got a halo don't mean that you can fly. If you thought it was over, you're way off track You made a blunder, and... Chorus: You put me back, back in business, This ain't no hit or miss, I'm gonna get my way. 'Cause you put me back, back in business, You're my first witness, and I'm here to stay. I'm gonna show you good guys always finish last Speaking of virtue, being nice is a thing of the past. When I want something done, I'll say it with a gun Just 'cause you're an angel don't mean you're having fun. I just wanted to thank you for what you lack Hope they don't hang you, 'cause... (chorus) A tisket, a tasket, you've lost your yellow basket. (Spoken:) You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I just wanted to thank you for what you lack Hope they don't hang you, 'cause... (chorus) He's back in business now Give me a hand and I'll take a bow. He's back in business now Bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah. He's coming back in style Give me an inch and I'll take a mile. He's back and why oh why Bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah. (repeat)

It's All Good

TOBY KEITH "Unleashed"
Mother earth has changed since I was a child The east is a beast and the west is really wild And the headlines say that the end looks grim And the future don't look so bright You can't even open your mailbox, you can't take a plane And everybody's lookin' for somebody to blame I think I'm gonna let the president Save this ol' world tonight I'll light us a fire And she'll turn off the news We'll open a cold one and shake these blues Chorus: It's all good It's alright I'm gonna sit here with my baby all night And let the troubles of this world Roll on by us like they should It's all cool It's OK We've got everything going our way Can't complain if we're alright It's all good I'm just a regular Joe, with a beautiful girl Just getting by in a day-to-day world We ain't got a lot, but we don't need anything Covered in kisses, surrounded by love Showered with blessings from up above When you're sittin' on top of the world, man we got everything We live out here in the country Where the workin' class do We've got our health and our happiness too Chorus No can't complain 'cause we're alright And it's all good

A Good Day To Run

DARRYL WORLEY "Hard Rain Don't Last"
A Good Day To Run (Darryl Worley/Bobby Tomberlin) I'm tired of working every day for a dollar About to choke on my own blue collar This ain't gonna last Misled by the grand illusion I've come to this conclusion I can't make a move too fast It was written in the sky today By the morning sun it sure looks like a good day to run Chorus: Wide open down a two-lane highway It's about time that some things went my way Throwing troubles out to the wind and I'm praying that they never catch up again I'm gonna say my worrying days are done And this looks like a good day to run My baby's been working as a cashier She didn't get a vacation this past year Now it won't be long We don't need no destination Just a tank of gas and a good clear station Playing our favorite song There're some places that we ain't been Some things we ain't done And it sure looks like a good day to run Chorus

Cypress Tree

So you found yourself a killer The one with blue eyes I guess the bloodstains on the blanket don't lie Well I guess I saw it comin' Like a boy I just kept runnin' But through this crime I have survived Chorus: They're gonna hang you from the cypress tree The crowd gonna cheer when they see you swing Yeah they're gonna hang you from the cypress tree Tell me now do you believe? Glory Hallelujah I raise my glass up to you And I bow my head with utmost respect But I think it's only fair to warn you That there's a storm that's coming up on you And like the wind and the rain My words are direct Chorus It's a funny word 'friends' You get beginnings and you got ends I guess I'll see you when we're ashes again

When The Sand Runs Out

RASCAL FLATTS "Feels Like Today"
I spent the morning at an old friends grave flowers and amazing grace he was a good man he spent his whole life spinning his wheels never knowing how the real thing feels he never took a chance or took the time to dance as I stood there thinking as I said good-bye today's the first day of the rest of my life Chorus: i'm gonna stop looking back and start moving on learn how to face my fears love with all of my heart make my mark I want to leave something here go out on ledge without any net that's what i'm gonna be about yea i want to be running when the sand runs out Cause people do it everyday promise themselves they're gonna change i've been there but i'm changing from the inside out that was then this is now i'm a new man yeah i'm a brand new man and when they carve my stone they'll write these words Here lives a man who lived life for all that it's worth Repeat chorus Bridge And as the cold wind blows across the graveyard i think i hear the voice of my old friend wisper in my ear Repeat Chorus I wanna be runnin when the sand runs out Ooo yes i do

Feelin' So Good (Bad Boy Remix)

Damn, you look good Rap by P. Diddy When I opened up my eyes today Felt the sun shining on my face It became so clear to me that everything is goin my way I feel like there's no limit to what I can see Got rid of fears that were holding me My endless possibilities Has the whole world opened up for me That's why I'm feeling... Chorus I'm feeling so good I knew that I would Been taking care of myself Like I should Cause not one thing Can bring me down Nothing in this world gonna turn me around... Now that day is turning into night And everything is still going right there's no way you can stop me this time Or break this spirit of mine Like the stars above I'm gonna shine Anything I want will be mine Tonight I'm gonna have a good time Call a few friends of mine cause I'm loving life and tonight's for feeling... Chorus x2 Rap By G. Dep Chorus x2 Party on tonight Everything is feeling right DJ

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