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Madball lyrics - Set It Off

It's Time

Original and similar lyrics
The time has come for all to hear Madball's back so just beware The time has come to Set it all straight Speaking the truth because I got a lot of hate To all who got beef Get ready to fight The battle begun We'll show you who's right We're takin' over and We're letting you know The crew is runnin' the show It's time, time to Set the record straight Speaking the truth Cause I got a lot of hate In my mind you can't see What's going on We're taking over and Now you're time has come Time has come, I'm on the attack Ball of destruction is bringin' it back Hardcore lives through me The time has come for all to see To all who got beef Get ready to fight The battle begun we'll Show you who's right Takin' over and we're Letting you know The crew is runnin' the show

Knock Yourself Out

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
Uh-huh, you know where I'm takin this I'm takin it right there - they leave me no choice AOWWWWW!! Uh, uh, oh [Verse One] She said she was a model for a year and a half And if she took her pins out, then her hair would drop down to her calf I knew her man, he was just up North and would've got left up North, but he was the chef up North Anyway I'm K-I-double All I do is get dough, spit flows, try to stay out of trouble If you ready we could move, just lose your man or hit the dance floor, I'll show you how to do my dance Or I might let you play in the garden Or sit up in that white thing and listen to the greatest of Marvin The estate got six locations Take so long to get to the front once I missed probation And I hate to brag I know ya man really wouldn't like the Beretta but he'd hate the Mag And yeah here go a blank check, rock yourself out But in the mean time girl - knock yourself out [Chorus] Oh you modelin momma (knock yourself out) Wanna let ya hair down (knock yourself out) Oh you ready to move (knock yourself out) Whatchu wanna sit in the Coupe (knock yourself out) Wanna keep on dancin (knock yourself out) Wanna run in my mansion (knock yourself out) Sit in V.I.P. (knock yourself out) Bitch you just wanna be seen (knock yourself out) [Verse Two] Now you can knock yourself out like you boxin yourself Or you can get real freaky start poppin yourself And my watch got so many rocks, when you look at the time it's sorta like you watchin yourself, uhh Front if you want, I puff a few blunts and take a cruise in a Porsche wit the trunk in the front She had the Jocko B'sure sandals, told her hop in The coupe blew her mind when she couldn't find the door handles Attitude very high maintence; check this out ma I'm runnin out of my patience Don't sleep wit me Then don't speak wit me And neva talk bad bout niggaz that eat wit me [Chorus] [Verse Three] Aiyyo, honey know I'm waitin to leave Keep dancin, cause I like how that ass shake in them capris I'm like Big wit the murder mamis up in Belize but I'll still fuck a chickenhead like Lil' Cease I don't care if they model, bet they all gon' chill First nigga to cook base on a Foreman grill And you might win some, but you just lost one Kiss +Miseducates+ 'em like Lauryn Hill [Chorus - (Fades)]

Not Just Another Groove

RUN DMC "Back From Hell"
[Jay] One two, one two, and I say I go by the name of Jam Master Jay And the Hollis Crew, we here to stay believe that [D.M.C.] Hey, as we let the music play Pay attention and listen as I mention a recital of mic to speeches From the book of the 40 Ounces of the most powerful words ever spoken [Run] Topsy-turvy, they try to serve me Disturb me, curve me, boy they never heard me Slammin, jammin, I be bammin Makin takin breakin and rammin Run got a beef with those that cold think that Sun and the moon and soon you will drink that wine for the rhyme that I'm, not a stink brat Run havin fun my son, just where the ink's at Up on the top I pop and drop, you feel So low you go for Joe you know, what the deal I might just strike tonight, and make you say (Run ran the place with bass and bust boo-tay) Go check the clock I rock your jock so hard Make you feel the deal is I'm top card Come in my face and bass and I might just And it's not n-n-not, n-n-not JUST ANOTHER GROOVE Not just another.. [Jay] Ah yeah, one two one two Jam Master Jay Hollis Crew here to stay, AUGGHH! Afros, 40 Ounce Crew in effect, word up Bout to break ya neck with another groove Kick it D [D.M.C.] Check out the lyric, hear it, cheer it, fear it So loud and clear that you can't come near it Words are heard, I never speak the weak You pissed me off, now I'm takin a leak I kill at will, thrill, top bill I'm makin a mill, and damn I'm still makin history on the M-I-C And for the young ladies, a nigga like D'll be waxin taxin no relaxin breakin backs and bustin raps and I'll be strapped in my Cadillac, and you know that for a fact I'm strapped with rap but yo, I'm also record breakin never flakin wide awake and titles I'm takin and I'll be makin ladies groove cause I prove I can soothe when they OOOOOH, this one's called - NOT JUST ANOTHER GROOVE Not just another.. Not just another.. (Not just another one, not just another one) [Jay] Deliverin, I'll deliver and give ya whatcha been waitin (one two three) for/four This, is the gift of the gab that I had when I came out the lab The masterpiece was released Let's cease the beef and all those misbeliefs that we can't do our thing on a positive tip I'm tryin to tell ya It's been a long time -- we need a change Time for things to be rearranged Time to get our act together Whoever's clever or better - never let another brother or sister get dissed cause they missed the knowledge and wisdom and damn I wish ya get with the Stop the Violence move Won'tcha hear me say peace, and it's not just another groove [D.M.C.] Yeah Jay I just wanna say whassup to the brothers and sisters out there (Yeah.. it's not just another groove) [ad libs to the end of 'Stop the Violence' + more]

Strange Transmissions

NORAH JONES "New York City"
I believe, you say Don't think, we'll stay Drawn through the ebb Lost in the flow Beneath my breath, I confess My world, loveless The devil held the proof for me to know I could only fight for the longest while But with the truth out baby I belong to you I stoop, to find My place, entwined I took it to the bottom one more time I could only fight for the longest while But with the truth out baby I belong to you I could trip and I want you to know Every time I think that I think I should go I receive strange transmissions

I Hate The Way I Love You

JOE NICHOLS "The Early Years"
You got me walkin' up on air And I'm afraid of heights You fill my days w/ thoughts of you That rock my sleep at night I see another side of me When you come into view I hate the way I love you But I do I hate the way I miss you Everytime you're not around And the way you got me thinkin' It's time to settle down I tried to fight the feeling But this time there's no use I hate the way I love you But I do I always used to pride myself I never lost control When I felt I was in too deep I'd pack my heart and go Now I've found the pieces At the thought of losing you I hate the way I love you But I do I hate the way I miss you Everytime you're not around And the way you got me thinkin' It's time to settle downI tried to fight the feeling But this time there's no use I hate the way I love you But I do I tried to fight the feeling But this time there's no use I hate the way I love you But I do Oh I hate the way I love you But I do

Buddy Guy

Uhh, yeah Yeah, yeah Bronsolinio, yeah Aiyyo Stoned on the stoop, got the box pumpin' Billy Joel I'm Mickey Mantle while you motherfuckers semi-pro Neck to colon how a slice from the machete go Shoot your gun and throw confetti cause I'm ready ho! Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm a stand-up Call me the teacher, wanna talk just put your hands up We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef or chicken Two seater shiftin' with the smooth Cedar Strippin' My facial hair is light red just like a ball of fire Golden sound, blow the town, 'lo attire Brown haze leather swampy like the Everglades I'll switch a style so that I'm ready when the era change First pressed virgin oil from the Greek Border Spit the shit that have me laid up with the sheik's daughter Three quarter on the Bally jacket to the knee Lights flashin' when I'm rappin', tappin' tree That smoke lingers son it shine through the curtain Cracked pepper motherfucker I'm a grinder for certain So never in your life come with scared business here Fuck around never found bitch, disappear Time after time I'm a winner Seasoned in the barrel, harvest in the winter Far from a beginner, keep an extra cartridge in the denim Twisted off of Manischewitz, Harlem in a rental The hash candidate, kindly gorgeous 360 is the ways and the caesar's huggin' knotty flosses Never stop until we hoppin out of grimey Porsches One night shorty needin' over 9 abortions I'm the whole shit, one you wanna roll with When in canoe waving the ganja like a glow stick Number one, numero uno with the flow shit Your style is tired and limp just like an old dick Bitch Roman sculptures, all of my students hold a diploma Straight to the back, garage door, behold the Lotus Finest tuna right out the sea straight off the boat this Hurricane rap spit tap low, rock a toga Bronsonelli chef de cuisine I flex the two seam Inject the vein with marijuana I'm a true fiend Up-to-the-minute, all the weapons we invented That's hidden inside the rented, the window tinted ten the percentage Sacrificin' the lamb for the nutrition "Criminology 101" hard cover, newest edition Nuclear fission is heavy weighty top the division Lots of provisions collosal status stoppin' collisions Too beaucoup, fresher than a lake trout Barbecue the venison, pair it with a great stout Peace I'm out kid, a motherfucker pace out Every time I take that motherfuckin' weapon from my waist out

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