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Madball lyrics - Hold It Down


Original and similar lyrics
my memories of better days still stand in my way because no matter what i say i still play your game. the frustration of wanting things that you cant see. and its hurting you but its killing me, its feeding my disbelief. and i take back all that ive done. i cant take back, whats done is done. ive seen the pain in your face, the pain in your eyes. its no surprise to me, i see what ive done wrong. no sense in holdin on, now standin side by side, i hope i tried. i realize its the end of our time, the end of our lives together. now theres no words left for me to say cuz i know that things wont change. and theres nothin left to rearrange, all thats left is the memory. i cant take back all that ive done. and theres nothin left for me to say because whats done is done

Tower Of Babylon

Once before, we built a spire Climbed and climbed, ever higher King Gods brought us down Left our envy on the ground Mentallity, confuse me Take away my name Show us just what babble Is another game we play Spread your wings, learn how to fly Learn how to live, and when to die Can't you see, the future's now We try to fly, but don't know how Oh my God, what you've begun You've left our earth, work undone Dreams are but our prayers You see, there's nothing left but heresy Oh my God, what have you done You left us in a cruel world With all the pain and sufferince I have tried to make it better since God gaved us life and soul Some of us tried to take it all I have taken what i need So i can plant again the seed Chorus Build a tower into the sky Dream a way to God Reach until you learn to fly Leave no path unthrod Build a tower of babylon Build a tower for me Strive and toil, work and die Raise your dreams then flee When silenced pain Remains and stays When fear walks tall And conquers all Can we end this flood? Waters wash is cleaning This sweap of death and pain Why am i left? Why do i remain? Things you oughta see Solutions that i can't find Things you live to see Places where i can hide Chorus


ARI HEST "Someone To Tell"
Why must it always be stop and go? Where in this life can I find constant flow? Inconsistency on a larger scale Impersistence forcing me to bail out Look left look right look left again before you take a giant step All this side to side takes me out of my groove makes me feel inept I toe the straight line for one short time Forget about regrets and doubts that Make me stop on a dime I'm a fool for distraction Can't keep cool throughout my action Once in a while I find satisfaction I have too much care beyond my reach And too much love that I can't preach What I really need is consistency Everywhere that I go I don't want to be Cause I keep telling me "You're missing out, gotta move, gotta break on free" A modern-day busybacksoon Kind of figures cause I was born in June The month of moody, happy feet The people that no one would like to meet Of wandering no-clues, but why should I have to choose? [Chorus] What if what I need is just to believe Day in day out I find I'm searching for the key My head and heart are too stubborn to agree Where it begins must lie within me I've been so busy finding my way I'm not content with the roles I've been playing But something occurred to me just the other day I am who I am come what may

Left No Evidence

HOWARD JONES "Working In The Backroom"
Out of Time and no one noticed Rubbing up a different way Out of step but still in focus things to say Kicking out the social pressure Holding on to what you feel Being you was never easy Sliding off the the Ferris wheel Small was beautiful to you Things are on a micro scale Turned your back on power and glory Yours was such a personal tale Dancing to a different step now Choose you're beats along the way Nothing arrives at you're house packaged No glittery wrap to throw away Cutting different shapes and sizes Bringing tomorrow into today No one noticed you as you snuck in the sideline and talked in a quiet way No bullshit no theatrics no pretence and left no evidence You left no evidence You left no evidence

The Reach

AER "The Reach"
Alright enough fucking around I don't got the time to sit down Gotta keep pushing and reaching for the clouds The top is gonna deliver the rock infused the rap and the hip hop Styling of new music that'll suck you in to the sitcom of our life Episode in South Carolina imploding my mind With the types and the thoughts of the southern women I get lost in it Withering away the cold weather today, ya see me? Fraternity brothers are giving us one color green In the form of weed, I'll smoke while they're chasing diplomacy I'm gonna get the money you owe to me, solo in the fleet Photoshoot in the sea, tides pull back on the water We'll wonder the sidewalks of a broken city I can't honestly believe where I've come and where I'm gonna be after two more weeks fuckin with the reach [Chorus:] Yeah get it with the movement Come and join us for the ride [x2] I been spendin' time blowin' out all these ghosts And with no lies you can knock on my door Fresh Aer keeps you livin the moment Singin' bout the want for the greater love Rollin' one back to the left side Rollin' one back right side Rollin' one back to the left side Rollin' one back right side

Too Late

The young boy has turned into a man and he's growing stronger he's battled through things he thought he could go on no longer father stood by his side wanting nothing more than just be his dad but pride only answers to one call he only condemns him and if the boy only knew the father's pain the nights that he stayed up late wondered why doesn't he see the future is so bleak so bleak father's retired now he's left with tv and rest the weight of the world and what did he do wrong has gone to his chest he had such a good life the family he loved were all by his side to his son he whispered goddamn this pride so fuck i'm all by myself now you've gone away you've left me all by myself with that fucked up thing you said if i could forgive myself you knew the way now i'm all by myself and i'm sorry but if you only knew your son's pain how bad that he wanted you to say you're doing just fine you turned out to be one good guy but it's too late

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