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Madball lyrics - Hold It Down

D.i.f.f.m. (Fuck You)

Original and similar lyrics
(spoken) this next song goes out to all the kids for keeping it real by turning their backs on hardcore bands who make any money. fuck that man. hardcore isn't about money, its a way of life. sure i live with my mom right now, but i'd live on the streets if i had to. and i know in my heart, that one day, i'm gonna graduate from college, get a real job, and forget all about hardcore. but until then i'm gonna talk as much shit as i can. diy! (sung) D.I.F.M.M. fuck you! D.I.F.M.M. fuck you! D.I.F.M.M. fuck you! D.I.F.M.M. fuck you!

Definition Of A Fuck Nigga

[Intro - Lil Debbie:] All y'all bum ass bitches always talking about you need a real one Why you gon' pick up your man at the bus stop Take him to Denny's like it's a five-star restaurant and shit You feel me? Hell naw I ain't fucking with no bum asses You not finna hop in my whip and smoke my shit for free I got this A1 loud Straight from Oakland motherfucking California You feel me? [?] All you basic ass bitches need to get you a real one [Verse 1 - Trinidad James:] Check it Remember what I told you, bitch I'm the man Got a [?] but I really want a pam [?] lil nigga, like my bitches foxy Don't be scared lil nigga, cause the way she poppin' Every night I party but we keep it on the low She wanna look good, puttin' powder on her nose She wanna have fun puttin' powder in her nose My homeboy the plug man he got it for the low She brought her boyfriend, hope she leave him at the door Cause' we don't really like him and hope a nigga know And if you bring the beef we put his ass in the stove My nigga don't trip she wanna get chose [Hook - Trinidad James:] Girl fuck your boyfriend, I know you ain't happy I know you need a real nigga and I can make it happen Girl fuck your boyfriend, I know you ain't happy I know you need a real nigga and I can make it happen [Verse 2 - Lil Debbie:] She said that he be trickin' all his motherfuckin' dough [?] Shoppin' and I'm poppin' everything up in the store it's go Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada Throw the coochie at him made it happen like viola I know the game so we never try to play me Don't trip got em whipped, AP I'm a boss and you treat me like a queen Got it taste it in make it turn em into a fiend, yah mean? Pussy always got the flights [?] And I work the pussy right got em [?] I ain't with the sucky shit thinkin' you gon' fuck a bitch better find another bitch Cause I'm on some other like make money, make money, make money, make money, make money money You ain't talkin that I ain't talkin back Ass fat got them finnin for the pussy cat [Hook] [Verse 3 - Trinidad James:] She said that he bitchin', hell yeah he be bitchin' She said that he be flexin', hell yeah he be flexin' And everytime he call [?] man that be stressin' Send em to the voicemail, nigga leave a message She don't pick the phone up, nigga get to textin' Real life fuck nigga by the definition Call him form the block nigga you a pussy When you walk by man know that we be lookin' And if she give it up you better know that we be fuckin' [?] pussy boy you better gon' follow it When she gets some good dick nigga she gon' swallow it Make her take her drawers off throw em to the floor We ain't make the bedroom, I fucked her on the stove I don't like your girlfriend, I don't want your ho You be in the DM's, I'll be in her throat [Hook] [Verse 4 - Problem:] I ain't your nigga I swear We brand new he ain't [?], you did Always complanin' about his baby mamas Still ain't learned his lesson, fuck it pussy no [?] Runnin' around [?] fucking pussy no [?] No car, no crib, new J's he gotta [?] You sure you wanna do then you gotta go Come deal with a winner, he ain't gotta know

Keep It Real

Jamal "Last Chance No Breaks"
Hook: Cause long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal (x4) Shook Ones pt. 2 Mobb Deep Verse 1: Take it to another level of mic murdering I'm dippin' off the bom bom zee it seems to me lifes slipped Yeah it's kind of hard not trippin' on these phoney MC's I'm a resort to gun grippin' blastin' killin' niggas Jamal is the real raw dog bill a nigga So many motherfuckers rappin' yappin' about scrappin' Marley use to strappin' bust in caps And dust 'em al off nigga break north Fuck these bitch ass niggas cause they all soft Fakin' moves over hoes Switch they dress code and mode And now they wanna impore, up in the game But I'm a blow they ass out the frame And do it for my niggas fuck the money and the fame Hook Verse 2: Marley G drop the sickedest rhymes are the wickedest Beat to the many motherfuckers that can get with this Peep how I demolish, abuse fools that run up on me I'm gettin' busy by my lonely For the 9 nickle I'm a get ill like sickle Cell anemia when I be gettin' technicle On the M.I.C. I represent and kill shit Fuck the stressin' I only spit real shit And niggas best to recognize no time for bullshittin' Keep your eyes on the prize So what I'm after is long term like satin Everlastin' weed and it's all guarenteed For me to wreck shop on behalf of my people As long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal Hook

What The Game Made Me

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money) Yeah [Intro/Chorus: Jay-Z] I'm what the game made me Not what the fame made me No amount of money can change me I'm what you lames can't be Live nigga what Live as fuck [repeat 2X] [Verse One: Jay-Z] Check, live from the 7-1-8 Either respect the flow or learn your lesson from your weight I'm wishin arthritis on all writers who, Knock My Hustle How can y'all understand the struggle It's hard to live, when you got greedy niggaz in the mix Knowin I outclass three-E niggaz in the six So I outblast til it's empty clips And I outlast niggaz, survival of the fit One life, I gotta make sure it's done right Cause them yet to have a conversation bout reincarnation Ball out, until I fall out Stick thick chicks, try to tear they wall out Hard to think about your future with, nothin to gain Hard to concentrate on school with stomach pain Life's harsh, I know y'all runnin from 'caine but it'll only catch you and track you down With no deal, who you gonna rap to now Start your own record company, that's profound Live niggaz gonna rumble when you back from the war Jive niggaz gonna crumble and fall [Chorus] [Verse Two: Memphis Bleek] Aiyyo whether in the Pinto, or rollin in the six I come through cocky, holdin my dick I never switch shit, cause that's some bitch shit I get the Bisquick take it to the district cause I could never get rich, and switch my style I just cop a little hurt, to the mercantile I'm tryin to get it though, rhymin with this six digit flow Gettin fly is the minimal, holdin somethin is the principal Respect this young nigga that's, holdin the torch Preachin shit like the crack game, don't take shorts Throw it down it's a bet, nigga roll hard til you got somethin icey, round your neck In this concrete jungle get rich or remain humble Never speak the biz, at worst I might mumble Niggaz test it I spit guns, angrily Til all that remains is me [Chorus (by Memphis Bleek instead of Jay-Z)] [Verse Three: Sauce Money] I went from no dough to show dough to money to blow From umm, hoe I don't know, to get deez Never, 'Excuse me miss,' bitch please, never try to provoke Same disrespectful cat I was when I was broke Ain't nuttin changed baby but the different faces I stop or maybe some of the places I shop Now that I run through tracks like cleets with a Air for some of the hottest beats, still catch me eatin at Pete's Fuck the foul cat who screamed out and threatened my life It's all good, here I come kid, dead to the hood til I'm in the dirt, foul cats like termites come out of the woodworks, if they think you stack paper Dead niggaz react later while the cancer spread Teach a team how to scheme before they answer lead You know me, I used to shoot hoops in the park, ain't nothin changed except now I push Coupe's in the dark [Chorus (Sauce Money instead of Jay-Z)]

Hunnid Stax

AB-SOUL "These Days..."
[Intro - Ab-Soul:] (Money is the anthem...) People treat you real nice when you got fifty dollar drawers on (Get money, fuck bitches) I'm tryin' man (Fuck bitches, get money, get money) [Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:] Who gettin' that dough? Who gettin' that cake? Who gettin' that bread? Put a ticket on your head if you can't relate Who gettin' that fetti? Who gettin' that cheese? You know I gotta eat, you know I gotta eat Who gettin' that paper? Who gettin' that guap? Who smokin' that top shelf? Who gettin' top off top? Ain't nothing more important than the mula Who gettin' them commas, makin' mamas do kama sutra Best act like you know, I'm gettin' them checks, I'm spendin' them checks THC through TSA on my back, don't get checked Who gettin' them Benjamins? Spendin' them with executives Business man, understand, I'm on fuckin' tour, you on the 10-6, I'm reelin' in Currency, won't pass the weed but I'll pass the bitch My stock risin', you cock ridin', I'm splittin' clits where the money clip Who gettin' that money, money? Real mothafuckin' money, money That’s all I do dawg, got cashed out Got fucked up, then I passed out [Hook - Mac Miller:] Woke up early, kissed this bad bitch Rolled me up a blunt, then I took a piss Can't remember what I did last night I'm just tryin' to spend a hunnid stax everyday of my life Money is the anthem Black girls in the bedroom, white girls in the bathroom Fuck what I did last night I'm just tryin' to spend a hunnid stax everyday of my life [Verse 2 - Schoolboy Q:] Who gettin' that dough? Who gettin' that bread? Get money I pledge, what you mean you broke bitch, open them legs Now let a nigga be, I think I'm gonna skeet You know I love cheese, you know I love cheese I'm high as a scraper, I'm smokin' that guap Who leave guns on the top shelf? Who keep Glocks on Glocks? Ain't nothing more important than a hoover Who hoppin' out cars, unloadin' that pop, pop, yawk, yawk, move ya' Fi-Fig- Figueroa, gotta a .45 right here up in my coat You can have my ho but don't hit my dope I'm burnin' up like a parliament I'm 216, I'm suspendin' rent You a bad bitch, come fuck me Yeah you heard it right, I said fuck me Put that on Crip, even ignorance is bliss I love foreign tits and her clitoris Beat the pussy down like my nemesis Make the pussy drip like I slit her wrist, but Who gettin' that money, money? Real mothafuckin' money, money That’s all I do dawg, got cashed out Bought a new bitch and a new house like [Hook - Mac Miller] [Outro:] So before we go out, what’s your address? [Outro 2 - Puff Daddy:] What? It ain't no more to it! Soulo eatin' now! Tell 'em Puff said so

The Money

JME "Integrity>"
[Intro - Jme:] You know when you've gone way past the negotiation stage? [Verse 1 - Jme:] I cannot make money and still make sense Fuck your pounds, fuck your pence Fuck your dollars, fuck your cents Fuck your euros, you fucking spenks Just cause you're paying me Ps You can't change the bullshit Jme sees Any funny stuff, it's weighing in season Take him straight to A&E, please I perform and you have to pay Equal service at the end of the day But I know what you think, you thought Cause you've got the Ps, the ball's in your court But it ain't, man will pop that ball with a shank Don't ring me, I'll block that call and blank you for days I've got Ps in the bank anyway I could never be a tramp, I bathe [Hook:] I don't want the money anymore I don't want the money anymore Changed my mind, I'll have to withdraw I don't want the money anymore I don't want the money anymore [Verse 2 - Wiley:] When Jme speaks, I know what Jme means A few bundlings going on in the scene It might look like I'm living my dreams But you should see how they control an MC I understand you're gonna pay me But you don't pay me for what made me Make the underground hate me? Then I've gotta spray bars and make em rate me (I don't want the money anymore) That's the zone where it might take me If I'm on a deal and I feel chained up Then bro, I've gotta break free When you spray bars for a living Everybody wanna know who you're seeing lately I know A&Rs who made certain artists But they never made me [Hook] [Verse 3 - Jme:] You know, you get to that turning point though Didn't speak but you had a burning point though Was gonna turn up but you turned down though Never thought that you would ever turn down dough Money don't make you, you make money ABBA told me that money is funny Jessie J told me it's not about the price tag Sam Smith ain't got money on his mind, fam Biggie told me more money, more problems But I know less money don't solve them So I make a few hits, then try to make a bit And I don't let anybody tell me shit I've got a sick flow and I know what I'm worth I'm not a thick soul just roaming in the earth You will get rickrolled if you try bring your purse Have to pay for the team like Kane said But we don't respect the ting [Hook]

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