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Mad At Gravity lyrics

This Collision

Original and similar lyrics
Just move along There's nothing to see here Just flashing lights that simmer In pools that catch their crimson As the spectacle unfolds On tiptoes, bells, and whispers This collision's reality Is made to match mine Just move along The party is over All these frantic nights alone Surrounded by throbbing hopefuls No future promise No photos allowed Nothing safe behind the shroud As the spectacle unfolds On tiptoes, horns, and whistles This collision's reality Is made to match mine Is made to match mine Now I'll cross the plane That stands in between The safe and the sane And your army As the spectacle unfolds On tiptoes, glass, and fragments This collision's reality Is made to match mine Is made to match mine Is made to match mine

The World Is Mine

KEVIN FEDERLINE "Playing With Fire"
I'm a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook Everything belong to me, every cranny and nook Every rock, every bird, every animal in it This respect it ain't, I get cannibal wit it You thought Peter Pan, with life stories and fairy tales I walked through the concrete jungle wit just a scale A pound of weed, no seed, sippin on OE Back in '93 when the world didn't quite know me I traveled the seven seas, behind the scenes Before the pop queen, limousines and magazines Before the brain, Ben Franklins with no change Took a picture of the globe and hung it up in a frame Since dat day in '93, I been on my grind Since dat day in '93, the world been mine Gimme a straight shot of patron without no lime And some California kush just to ease my mind [Chorus: x2] I'll be damned if I ever gave a fuck what yall think On top, never get ranked how yall rank From where I'm from, to the Carribean seas The World Is Mine, everything belong to me Create my own style, I ain't never been a bad guy Tell the media I'm really not a bad guy They try to make me a victim of my own plot Cuz people love to see ya dead when you on top They talk shit, "Kev sucks, why don't he retire?" You fucks set a fuel to my fire I make music America can feel Don't get it twisted, Popozao was from Brazil I'm a boss and you fuckas ain't half that Fat wrap, got tha black gat in his backpack So I'm not playing, and I'm not spraying One snap of the finger, the floor is where you laying The world is mine, and everything in it Young Jeezy told me that, so Ima go and get it It's all a big game, watch me post pivot And state no opinion, unless your'e told to give it [Chorus x2]

Heart Of The Way

Ens Cogitans
My Death is in earnest. It's the logical end (of mine). I must go to the mysterious Land. The Absolute now may be slaked. The Past crumbling away. My time has come, I have to pay. The play goes on, I lost Thee. (I am no longer me). Now I wash off grease-paint. Curtain crushed my ethereal dreams. My physical Ego lies in state. All to nothing. So be it! Levin took me to the World Fine. Mentality built my bower in the mountains. The lined body of mine died. Grains of Mind cleared from membranes. Who we are? Where are we from? Fourth Race. Do we know our History Before Christ was crucified on the Cross? Wreck you own. Step into Eternal Space. Human beings won themselves. Great Sorrow (rising over the Universe). Uncanny wainds ensnaring your will. You have no shape, you have no words. Around your essence is absolute nil. You're on the threshold of the Unknown. Solos: The Unfleshed Element, Stone Rill Deep inside I feel my sadness gnawing me. I've got the affright. I'm roaming through this boundless sea. I've got the aim, but I don't see a hint of course. I'm the errant one. I am between worlds and I'm cursed. Chorus Of The Damned. I'll tell you more than truth. I'll tell you what I feel. I'll tell you my innermost dream. You better close your eyes, You better close your ears, And give yourself up to stream. I see the sunset on mead. The incarnadine Day-star bid farewell to me. The last shafts of light are buried in the creek. Invisible steeds I can feel. Their blindness hinders them to see. No water. Nourishment is weeds. VOICE OF EVIL UNKNOWN: Odour of Guilt Return your home Be a King Know 'bout all. SPLIT INDIVIDUAL: The terrestrial stretch of mine has elapsed Now I free from the Hive! I'm not sorry for what I've done. I decided die! And my ephemeral human life ends. My Nous obtained by space into Space. It's soulful level, which everyone will reach. The only way to realize human futility. Epilogue. Music by M. Mathoney. Here I take you, Queen of Death, (King of Gloom) To my wedded wife (man), to have and held At bed and at board for fairer, for fouler For better, for worse, in sickness and in health Till new life us do part And thereto I plight thee my throth In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!


Junkie XL
Mix it with mine, with yours if the othordox ways crime ingnorance tricks the men sting again like porcupine skin complexion won't give direction hail to mulatto italiano farrago anything with a twist yo for the night flows hot like sirocco mix with all for the ritual. Win skin like Marlon Brando in the last tango now I'm single in the disco club schizo when the disk spins loud colloyuial go. Juices up loosen up let the lust overflows my cup pop. Mix it with mine, blend it with yours. Seeking a true force melange. Never mind check the signs intertwine, cool: melange. Ascetic aspects get no contact amatory looks for hot sex, screaming from your voice box, larynx o yeah! Steppin' to a girl that basically is way out of your league out of reach, but the peach makes lips glisten, blushin' your cheeks, hold the courage and the guts aided by Millerquads or Buds alcohol creates the stud to strut in perfect duds so much for phase one, it takes one line to flake out son as you glance top - bottom, butt gives the shakes on shoot the gift for swift quick linguistic let libido uplift, arrange the melody on the Freud theraphy tip figure you have potential, she wetting lips. It was a test, now your perfect match cos' the fire is lit. Background unknown but the sex drives the prone get the conversation on, and dig out ones skulls to bone.

Lost Woman Song

ANI DIFRANCO "Ani Difranco"
I opened a bank account when I was nine years old I closed it when I was eighteen I gave them every penny that I'd saved and they gave my blood and my urine a number now I'm sitting in this waiting room playing with the toys and I am here to exercise my freedom of choice I passed their handheld signs went through their picket lines they gathered when they saw me coming they shouted when they saw me cross I said why don't you go home just leave me alone I'm just another woman lost you are like fish in the water who don't know that they are wet as far as I can tell the world isn't perfect yet his bored eyes were obscene on his denim thighs a magazine I wish he'd never come here with me in fact I wish he'd never come near me I wish his shoulder wasn't touching mine I am growing older waiting in this line some of lifes best lessons are learned at the worst times under the fierce flourescent she offered her hand for me to hold she offered stability and calm and I was crushing her palm through the pinch pull wincing my smile unconvincing on that sterile battlefield that sees only casualties never heros my heart hit absolute zero Lucille, your voice still sounds in me mine was a relatively easy tragedy now the profile of our country looks a little less hard nosed but that picket line persisted and that clinic's since been closed they keep pounding their fists on reality hoping it will break but I don't think there's a one of us leads a life free of mistakes


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
Yea... Joey... It's that on top muzik! Yea, wait a minute! [Verse 1:] Yo, I left the jumpsuit on a park bench Slept there, smellin like the park stench Freezin, covered with a dark trench That room, more like the Kryptonite to my Clark Kent Tired of all the IQ tests, and all the arguments Nurses light the candles with the calm scents I ain't been calm since, they actin like I ain't got any common sense Too much time spent for a godsend So I left on my own reconnaissance, handful of Klonopins Lookin for a car jack vict', preferably dark tints Seems you got to eat to get even and my odds slim They say I'm a animal, cannibal, hannibal Lookin at my past I see how that's understandable So you god damn right I'm unmanageable Everything I'm lookin at is a fuckin intangible Got me thinking that I'm really a skits Maybe that room didn't really exist, cause I left, but... [Hook:] These walls still closing, and the room starts spinnin And the ceiling starts falling and the devil starts grinnin The floor starts droppin and my eyes get heavy Then ears start bleeding from the lies niggas fed me Then the door slams shut and my legs try to run But my feet won't move then my body gets numb And I ain't on pills, I can't explain how I feel Will somebody tell me this ain't real?! Realestate [Verse 2:] My reality is reality They reality is all perception In my reality that's an infection My reality don't want no part of that detection So I pick it up and move it to another section They reality you would think is full of perfection Correction, they reality is all deception In reality only few will make that connection But if you like me you know not to take that direction If reality is dead, I'm the resurrection Nominate myself so let's skip over the election They'll say I'm the wrong selection Don't meet they expectance But I ain't lookin for motherfuckin acceptance Fuck y'all expect shit, the mud on ya white glove Reality is full of rules, I'm full of objections They reality is a big misconception So I left just to lose my recollection! But still... Realestate [Hook] [Verse 3:] Yo, they say money makes the world go 'round But it really doesn't Did I think I was in a room, when I really wasn't? I thought I was on the move, wasn't really budging But you ain't never wore my shoes, who you really judging Some people are so judgmental, I'll allow that You can judge anything but my mental He don't know what I been thru From results of the pencil, cuts from being resentful Don't cover much of the stencil When I couldn't walk, they ain't have a crutch to lend dude So I say what I feel, fuck if I offend you! Some fail, maybe some of succeeded Some need to be wanted, some wanna be needed I scream and yell; They don't hear my call And it seems much as I fell, don't know where I fall Not at all, I'm just actin out fate But ain't much change since I escaped... All I know is! [Hook]

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