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Mactatus lyrics - The Complex Bewitchment

Iron Handed

Original and similar lyrics
I am the Strong, I am the Powerful A shall be Reverenced among men As I Possess the Earth The unfit shall Flee before me, The Iron Handed I am the Mighty minded And I ride the Whirlwinds Serve and Suffer Challenge the Wisdom The Soul of Envy I hold I feed my Rage and live on Greed The Awareness of the Flesh drives me I take Pride in the Brilliance of Covet I breed the Death of Thousands Wander a Bloody Path You are bewildered by the Stench of Fools Penitent Fools Longing for the Prince Of Slaves I will become Death Destroyer of the World

Left Hand Path

Entombed "Left Hand Path"
ENTOMBED Left Hand Path I am my own God Master slave and I will be beyond the grave No one will take my soul away I carry my own will and make my day I am my own God See the truth beyond Through endless lies thy kingdom come Glorified wisdom illumination tool Self deceit it's the golden rule Live your life you're gonna die your own death There's no one above that's gonna take your breath I dip my forefinger in the watery blood Of your impotent redeemer And write over his thorn torn brow The true Prince of Evil What man's created Man can destroy Bring to light That day of joy

Give Me Blood Or Give Me Death

Diabolos Rising
The human herd has served me well, Giving me thought, desires, dreams, My dearest beings serve me once more, Just kill yourselves and feed me more. Look at your pathetic world, You bless the weak and curse the strong, (and) you're begging me for drops of hope, you ease your pain and heal your soul. I give birth, and I give death. I give pleasure, and dark pain. Genocide, I'll now give thee, I am a God, I'll always be. So suffer now, you worthless worm. Inspire my dreams, With seas of blood. I'm your Buddha and Allah. I'm Jehova and Christ. I am Lucifer and Satan. I am your demon-god. Devour my truths, and do my deed. Do the biding, of the chaos breed.

Masters Of War

AMON AMARTH "The Crusher"
STRIKE! Fast and hard, show no mercy for these men The vermin of Christ, prophets of lies and their disciples Seek them out, hunt them down Break their spirits, crush their hearts Not even death will set them free from this pain CHARGE! Ride them down as they flee from our steel Draw their blood, make them suffer Before they die by war-field sacrifice Wipe them out! Burn their homes and fields Feed the wolves with their offspring, annihilate them all! Masters of War, torment every soul Rape every whore that carries the cross FIRE! Burn them all, burn them alive Send their souls to Deathqueen's hall To the land of cold burning flames Send them to the land of famine and despair Eternally they will starve and freeze

Destroyer Of The Universe

AMON AMARTH "Surtur Rising"
I rise up from muspelheim My fury is sublime The sword I bring burns violently With wild and lethal flames I march against the asagods To bring the end of time I am pure and endless pain And Surtur is my name See me rise, the mighty Surt Destroyer of the universe Bringer of flames and endless hurt Scorcher of men and earth [Solo: Södenberg] Swordless frej with horn in hand Rises to his final stand He doesn't stand a single chance I'll split his living corpse in half And yet he stabbed me in the eye He drove the horn in deep The overwhelming, raging pain Is driving me insane The waves of flames that I've unleashed will eat us all alive The rage that burns within my heart Is uncontrolled and wild And now everything shall die! Massive waves consume us all, the ocean is released Our dying world quakes underneath And sinks into the sea And now nothing will survive! Extinction waits for everyone For gods and men alike When all are gone of the old world A new one will arise [Solo: Södenberg] See me rise, the mighty Surt Destroyer of the universe Bringer of flames and endless hurt Scorcher of men and earth See me die, the mighty Surt Destroyer of the universe Drowning in waves that floods the earth The beginning, of a new rebirth

So I Will Burn (Alone)

Drain S.T.H. "Horror wrestling"
I've seen your greed, feed upon me So you think that you're drained by the monster you've created Isn't this what you long ago chose to be your fate? Can you see my eyes? Can you see me? I am alone. Won't you see how I burn So I will burn, I've stared at the sun Seeing behind every configuration only death The awareness in every second one last breath How can you live if this is all it will be? I am alone. Won't you see how I burn See if you can understand why I am Understand Why I am Understand Why I am

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