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Mactatus lyrics - Suicide

The Whisperers

Original and similar lyrics
stalked by the benefactors are brute bestial figures in mind the whisperer dispersing uncertainy a savage provoked by mankindpenetration of virginity as verses spoken we would like to se obliteration exercicised on humanity cursing the spine of existence the ultimate tool of conspiracy take pride in afflickting suffering a possession of medieval cause distortersof cerebal carnageassassinate with sacrificcial intent corrupted sanity lack of vision dehumanizing the means altenating the prey sowing the seed of condemnation urigin the victim to self inflicted demise facing the selection of vanity vanity created by corruption the whisperes dispersing uncertainty a savage provoked by mankind the ultimate tool of conspiracy assigned by a mind deceit

Chuck Person

[Sample: Sin City] And when I find out who did it, it won't be quick and quiet like it was with you. It'll be loud and nasty. My kind of kill. And when his eyes go dead the hell I send him to will seem like heaven after what I've done to him. [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yo Time on my hands Running fast like Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hit the Jackie Rob Cop the Hershey Spark the bark for the ride back to the Galaxy Back, back, down, forward, kick That's a fatality For Liu Kang, turn to a dragon then a raven Ain't no professor that can fuck with this verbatim Your style is prenatal I got the hand that rock the cradle Fully auto mac under the table Jewish platters, kreplach soups and sable If you ain't stable, don't hang around cause I enable Drug use, dick sucks from a fiend Rib eye steaks that still on a bone Me and my team shine Like hologram fishscale right off the Greek coast Toast to greats with bubbles Three states, three cases, no traces I'm the ace to shovels So sick, muthafucka cover face with muzzles (Yeah!) Flushing, Queens, twenty seven years strong Where you think you're gonna run to when the tears gone And reality set just like the sun do Ain't trying to have my babies raised up in the slum, true! [Sample: Sin City] C'mon, you son of a bitch. Damn, he's slick. [Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren] No love for snitch niggas trying to serenade the precinct Singing about granulated onions that ain't used for seasoning My mind is off, this life gave me a different type of reasoning I'm so New York that I could rep it from a different region Slay heffers, Ottomanelli's got 'em in telly's We eat good, Turkish cuisine, Ottoman belly's We sit in whips and our whips sit on Pirelli's While we're getting dick sucks, my whole team is Akinyele's Put in their mouth, let 'em give 'em second chances I'm known for finger banging bitches giving table dances Open my flip book, see me posted in the sickest stances Glorious garments, you could get some style by taking glances Red snapper, taken apart, put back together Plated on some bok choy, fine fish platters forever (Yo!) Same routine, another day, a new endeavor I usually rock a power piece under a Polo leather [Verse 3: Shaz Illyork] I write left, think right, need the box tight Mind blowing dome cause I always eat the box right Make believers out of haters, haters out of homies Bring my fam to the top so I ain't lonely I'm with the team, cuisine like we celebrating Contemplate the takeover when we delegating Get it shaking like a dancer at Perfections Catch us in a European coupe, it's never rented, kid Been getting it, circle full of amateurs See great rappers smoking seeded up cannabis Fucking embarrassment, we cooler than a Vick's rub You the type to trick it all night at a strip club I'm the type to bag a stripper out front Take her back, line a twenty up and get my shit sucked (Yeah!) That's what you do when you flyer than Goldblum Purple label loafers, paying homage to the old school [Verse 4: AG Da Coroner] I'm from Brooklyn, the reason why I walk with a bop Same reason I don't fuck with the cops My borough is thorough, if any nigga try to tell me it's not I'll leave his face bloodied up, all covered in knots We break bread at the table with made niggas and sip wine And graduate from little niggas, now we living big time I'm in a state of mind like Nas in his prime That real New York talk, home of gritty and grime Check it, I got the cleanup, Bronsonelli's batting leadoff Your mother's mouth is the place where I drop my seeds off Hop in the Lamborghini, middle finger speed off D's are getting P'd off, they're present, drop the weed off I'm like a cross between Stoudemire and Carmelo Half these New York whack rappers are soft as Jell-O Since a little nigga, always been a fly fellow Went from dark brown skin into a high yellow


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Slug] Hence forth, step within my psychoanalysis callouses upon my mind make me strain for my lines out I ripped it, squeeeeezed the brain: it made some liquid drained it in a cup and then I sipped it Atmosphere! The mic let me clutch it thoughts take flight so fit the Slug in your pipe and take a puff kid fuck it! I heat it like a tea pot - steam hot upon the roof: shoot a marble with the verbal slingshot take aim, here I came, I'm the same Back in '86, I'da tag my name upon your window pane stained the mind: a deep shade of residue voices within the head make choices multiple multiply Spawn, Slug a little buzz and Atmosphere the scuds, cuz here come the judge blasted; so past the kid a mic so we can paint this image of the gifted-anxious, to flip the language it's the noun meltdown from the outer-shell now smell the burning flesh fresh from the hell-bound and come on down here, this mind path, I'm half- mathematic Atmospheric staff with the rhyme craft comin to capture, your after-laughter while I'm hangin from this rafter, I have to rip this rapture cuz the cramps in my stomach, dismantle when I tamper wit your amplify, you damn-you die... Why try? The sky presents an eternally unfolding spectacle: One moment puffs of cumulous clouds get across it and next a billowing thunderhead perhaps 10 miles high looms over the horizon probing the structure of the sky... Why try? [Slug] Cause I can read an emcee from front to back from the cover to the classified - I've pacified my mind with my rhyme skills - I climb hills and leap, foolish twitch with a single bound sending tingles down your spine, designed to swing a pound this ax_handle_tripled inch_spike_protruding from the tip of my mic distrubuting fuckin headshots shots to your head, now your're knee-deep, you need sleep as you trutch thru the sludge and the slugs and the bird shit we swarm with the bees and diseases and even if your deejay was Jesus, you could never fuck with these kids I've swarmed with the bees and diseases and even if your deejay was Jesus, you could never fuck with these kids [Spawn] Yea muthafucka! you know who you fuckin with you know what kind ass whooping comes with this your whole crew could get some of this, your wack ass fuck kids is what the subject is roughnecks live, for only a second then they give oblivion's, what you've stepped in your reps token, should have been lookin I'm sick of you bitch-ass crews when: you tried take what's not your but 'cha couldn't take mine, your fake rhymes - spit them you shouldn't what will it be now? another victory ayo who will it be now? it's Spawn that emcee complete, a true champ - stamped that on my essence amped shootin presence, fattenin each fuckin sentence when its time, then it's time to go that's what I know, be rippin mics at every show we flow but who's got my back though? [Slug] Stress, Beyond, ANT, the Slug [Spawn] so you bests be on your way before there's trouble...

Mental Stamina

Jeru the Damaja "Sun Rises In The East"
*Premier cuts and scratches Jeru saying My Mind Spray for four bars* I annihilate, as I articulate Words of power, your ryhmes are unconfounding so death's your fate Ostentatious genius, of rappin Is mentally clappin to take hip-hop back, thats what's happenin Proficiency and ingenuity Plus more styles, than a Shaolin mon-es-tary In poetry my formula's deadly Bring your hypest man in your army another casual-ty Slow like demise I crept on those that slept Droppin my ryhme science like I'm Imhotep Application of mind over matter Made fools scatter, rhymes fatter, minds splatter Your girl bend over and over and over MC's try to touch the Damaja but you just can't win Excellent with the word play, you lay Face down, when my, mind spray *Premier does his thing again like only Primo can* Thunder on your Dome with no help from Mad Max Lyrics like hype tattooes go over the dope tracks We booby-traps, all our inventions We know the intentions of MC kleptomaniacs Rap brainiacs have cardiacs soon after the attack When it comes to ryhmin I slam harder than Shaq Accomplish the bio-feedback, more complex than an almanac Keep you up like an afrodesiac Idealist not an opportunist Don't molest no shorty still in all, I'm dangerous Mentally you can't talk to me, hear me, or see me You're not equipped From, street blocks to cell blocks my vo-cals rock Do more work than a crackhead with a, toolbox Jeru never touch-er, mic-ra-phone wrecker If your honey's a Queen I'll sex her More important, the mind strikes like the nine strikes a priest by May You reach for your uzay, when my mind spray *Primo flexes that razor sharp turntable wizardry* J-E, Rrrah-U it's a horror to you Lyrical kung-fu so do your kung-fu if you know kung-fu Dirty, down low profile Shoot up jams without the aid of lead projectiles Style's ridiculous, techniques infamous Take more heads than Santa Claus at Christmas Science misfits, meet the rath of my wit Immediately following, they go into a conniption fit Reach into my bag of darkness and spark this like an arsonist Blow up like a terrorist I'm not a sexist dont have the power to be a racist I'm a scientist, and an activist Complex yeah simple like Mixelplics Unlike the silly devil, I don't come with tricks/Trix So out there to all you MC's return to the righteous way Or meet death face to face when my, mind spray *Primo wrecks it like a 12 car collision*

All In The Mind

ERICK SERMON "No Pressure"
[Erick Sermon] Oh.. yeahhuhh! Def Squad Chorus: Erick Sermon It's all in the mind.. (Pump pump, lickin shots!) *7X* (Pump pump, lickin shots) [Erick Sermon] Aiyyo it's the master rap maniac, comin fat like dat That's my habitat, with the funk track From the Boondocks, when I rocks my styles out the docks Who who? I hear someone knockin at my door It must be Soup, a black human bein I think it's about time for y'all to see him [Soup] Sometimes I get blindsided with the flow, I never know They yell HOE, assumin the motions of a cool flow Notions of a cool, it's the S, Ohhhhhh Never come test, noooooooo, cause even the best'll have to go out with the rest, Nestea and a bag of sess for me Ackninckulous, I kill the weeds in my chest [Erick Sermon] Back on the rebound, it's the magnificents funkdullah Old schooler, more sole/soul than Dr. Scholl-ah Freakin wicked so it sticks in your dome On the chrome microphone so I take it home Don't neglect, just respect, the mic check Don't forget, I still snap necks and come correct I leave the microphone burnin (burnin) Green Eyed Bandit, my ? full name is Erick Sermon [Soup] Erick Sermon, sermon with the preaching I'm fuckin up people's heads without speaking, without speaking Clearly, loudly, niggaz crowd around the speaker to hear me freak the, note like Tamika But sweeter, sixty phoneta, sneaker if you peep the, jams and you reap the fields with the roots and uh, my name is Soup, and uh I flow like orange juice or Tropicana, and uh Chorus [Erick Sermon] Breaker breaker, shh, I hear some static Stop and get my automatic, the rusty one from the attic And shoot, or be killed, and if I ill I might cause a bloodspill so I have to chill and get totally disgusting on the microphone Whyyyyyyyyy, because it's onnnnn (it's on, IT'S ON) It's on (IT'S ON, IT'S ON, IT'S ON, IT'S ON!!) [Soup] The industry is a trick, and everyone is on the dick A cheap trick, just like ? like ? I peep it, everyone, wants me to sound like a ?, I'm dyin, before I get up from behind It's crushin up the rush of the rhyme in my mind Drink and trust - blind, think and trust - my, nine Because, nine lives nine triggers Fine rhymes equal the nine figures Yeah the cold cash, I hold a bold stash Yeah pockets next to my nineteen year old ass Yeah, God bless the child with his own God bless the roots and outsiders who zone Motherfuckers caps, get bucked in the dome Lick a shot, in his mad packed crazy chrome Chorus (+ Soup shouting over) [Soup] Like that, but it's all words Words can kill more pens, than guns, and friends and foes, God knows, I chose the pros that rose, still froze-n, chose-n, YOU S-O-U and the P, E, R-I-C-K Erick Sermon, kickin a rhyme this way Yeah! It's all in, your mind It's all in, my mind It's all in, my mind..

Criminology (Freestyle)

It’s like this yo, and we don’t stop! Jay-Z Check it I get deep and dark like ditches But when I rap I come off like that without the glitches Never crossed the black cat with the riches I’m leaving Stevie sayin’ no Wonder you’re superstitious! Beef, I’m with it, simple, ya’ll can all get it Ya’ll don’t all get it Don’t nobody of mind for this matter Can gather the data until ya mind don’t matter! I bubble like lather, hustle like the lead-off batter? Cause all that matters is the money, ‘till it ain’t funny! You feel me? When the beast screams kill me Don’t jerk me boy, I rip it silly! I’ll let you rise of course, but if you don’t fall off on your own Emcee’s I cut off at the knees like shorts It gets worst! If you don’t care for my sick thoughts like a nurse! With no known remedy, I’m leaving boys and men on bended knee till the end of the road I lie low, forget this record shit, with one sale… Check it out! The nerve of these herbs Ya’ll know which swerve from the curb in the LAX The best observe I’m splashing, splurging, dashing that’s my word ya know Champagne glass is crashing, can’t ration Used to having a whole lot, so dough, I blow a lot Had a buck fifty while you were still taking skibby to school Ran with one of them cats that hides Tiffany’s for them jewels Back when Duke was jumping out of cabs in Krush Groove I was scheming and plotting mostly Dreaming alive, but look what it got me! Four cars and four hundred shots later You know what I mean!

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