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Mactatus lyrics - Provenance Of Cruelty

Sleepless Souls

Original and similar lyrics
[Text by Tony Abrahamsen] [Music by Mactatus] I am the voice Midnight shimmering Why can't you just open your mind I'm tired of listening to the screams Which comes from inside Try to sleep now in solitude you shall awake Sleep as a child all I feel is he's shattering gaze Come with me I'll protect you from the voices within I can't I wish I was close to you I can't bear this pain Adrian please wake me... Screams are shattering your vains Promises only pain shall remain Why do you struggle your fear My gaze shall shatter your stear Why do you petty yourself Why can't you reach out instead Why won't you trust me I am your voice you shall see... There's no sleep tonight Flashing memories fills my mind I fell so close to you Can't you stay with me until eternity Screams shall forever reach your mind Why, cause only one day you shall be mine Creation of souls I make them blind Eternal, soon they shall all be mine...

Suite Sister Mary

QUEENSRYCHE "Operation: Mindcrime"
[Spoken:] [Dr. X:] 'Kill her. That's all you have to do.' [Nikki:] 'Kill Mary?' [Dr. X:] 'She's a risk, and get the priest as well.' 10 P.M., I feel the rain coming down My face feels the wet, my mind the storm Flashing lights as people race to find shelter from the pour Moving silent, through the streets, they're mine, they're mine Midnite, she sings praises in the Hall To saintly faces hallowed be their names she can't recall Sister Mary, virgin Mary, silent with her sin ( [Mary:] 'What are you doing out in the rain?' ) She feels me, I can taste her breath when she speaks ( [Mary:] 'I've been waiting for you. Come in.' ) Mary, Mary just a whore for the underground They made you pay in guilt for your salvation Thought you had them fooled? Now they've sent me for you You know too much for your own good Don't offer me faith, I've got all I need here My faith is growing, growing tight against the seam What we need is trust, to keep us both alive Help us make it through the night [Mary:] I've no more want of any faith Binds my arm and feed my mind The only peace I've ever known I'll close my eyes and you shoot No Mary, listen, you've got to pull your strength from my lips I pray I feed you well Your precious cross is gone, it made me wait so long For what you gave to everyone The priest is cold and dead on his knees he fed From my barrel of death, he turned the Holy water red As he died he said thank you I just watched him bleed [Mary:] I feel the flow, the blessed stain Sweating hands like fire, and flames Burn my thighs, spread in sacrificial rite The hallowed altar burns my flesh once more tonight Mary, sweet lady of pain Always alone Blind you search for the truth I see myself in you, parallel lives Winding at light-speed through time No time to rest yet We've got to stop his game Before madness has the final laugh Too much bloodshed We're being used and fed Like rats in experiments No final outcome here Only pain and fear It's followed us both all our lives There's one thing left to see Will it be him or me? There's one more candle left to light [Mary:] Don't turn your back on my disgrace The blood of Christ can't heal my deep The sins of man are all I taste Can't spit the memory from my mind I can't cry anymore Mary, my lady of pain, always alone Blind you search for the truth I see myself in you, parallel lives Winding at light-speed through time, you're mine


Happy Campers
Help! there's a girl in my bed thought's are runnin through my head somethin' must be said I think she wants to spend the night I don't mind but her boyfriend might somethin' don't feel right I won't sleep tonight i know cause I have no self control she don't mind why should i say no how far will we go will we take things slow will she like me tomorrow maybe its all wrong but I'm feelin fine cause i know tonight you'll be mine live for the moment don't think ahead cause all that really matters tonight is lying in my bed Everyone else has gone to sleep I should be countin sheep tryin hard not to make a peep but her skin brushes against mine sends a shiver down my spine call in sick for work tonight find it very hard to sleep probably had to much to drink I hope my breath don't stink our lips begin to touch I want her so much Yeeaaahhhh

Mrs. Interpret

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Hook:] J'ai faim J'ai soif J'ai besoin de toi de toi [Verse 1:] I could look you in the face for all time And even if I fall blind I'll still see you in my mind You got the grace of a raven It ain't no misbehaving if I tell you that you're the taste that I'm cravin' You can't imagine all the time and dedication Trying to find a way to obtain your validation And sometimes we stayed up untill the sunrise Talking about nothing but that love jive And if we're gonna keep it legit I got a little secret that I need to admit You see, ever since I was a teenage mess I've had a hard time interpreting the opposite sex But I need you, girl, that's my word Now could you please repeat your last few words? Most beautiful voice I've ever heard But you might as well have a mouth full of baby birds [Hook] [Verse 2:] And then she asked me if I caught a singe thing she said I involuntarily nodded my head Honestly I did hear your actual voice But the words blended with the background noise I must've got lost in my mind somehow And now I'm too far behind to try and figure it out The fact is I don't know what you're talking about And I'm distracted by the gymnastics up in your mouth Truthfully it's not you, it's me Cause you're the moon that moves the sea See, I guess there's a limit to my listening And then I get dissmissive and treat it as if it's gibberish And I don't mean to be blunt Cause I know we'll probably talk about this for the rest of the month But my life wouldn't be complete If I didn't get to misread the shit you speak [Hook] [Bridge:] So what you need? Yeah, maybe I never knew how to communicate So what you need? Nah, I never learned how to ice skate So what you need? Go ahead finish your thought, I'll wait So what you need? [Hook]


J Live "Apokalipse"
With or without the mic when my mind gets phonetic The mouth gets kinetically energetic its simple as your alphabetics My words you mark and never mock long as my name has been Jean Jacques I keep you open like your pupils in the dark. Dogs bark at the gate to negate what I create Still I write rhymes regardless of the stop signs In tough times or nice times For shade or for sunshine Throughout time all times have been the right time, to recite mine To mankind Who wants mine, come get mine You best combine minds Before you cross that fine line And say who is so called inclined Press rewind You'll find if you're blind, you can't see How this defines and redefines M U S I C Who I be H I P H O P, you know we As them strangers That some wish they could be or not to be Impossibly As it transcends from hte pen, to the key to the mind You will find an emcee, good enough to envy As long as I'm alive It'll send me to that next shit That some just can't get wit' or F with My almamada tolf you that it don'y quit kid, it don'y start until it all seems to be so easy Chorus: Easy, Emcee is my ambition, The incredible, lyrical and original emcee is my ambition Who in their right minds thinks they can put a stop to hip hop If it don't stop till I stop And I don't stop till it stop Fake emcees that soak props like rag mops must get dropped Risin' to the top of the bottom That's how I got 'em If your hearts glass ceiling is my mind's glass floor Whose style do you suppose Reaches higher plateaus While you kick those sellout flows In hope to sell out shows But get your spots taken easy as the wind blos J remains repin all the heads whole steppin Whose style shall be the illest With or without the weapon With or without a doubt I maintain with just the facts Improving skills with or without the record contracts And yet still If that beez the case my presence was a gift in its own right So I remain strong Long as Hands cap on Snare drums tap on J's word stays bond And cornballs who rap get snapped on Live lyrics will be just that Just phat Just right for all those who feel my flavors tight I'm dedicated to the flow The only way the true lyricist could ever make it seems so easy Chorus As I reserve the right to renovate the Raw Shack with lyrical scaffolds Heads are battled as tracks are travelled You're unraveled Or should I say unrapped in this world where mics get checked and all cornballs get slapped Alright rhymes get rewritten No bullshittin Perfected JL run point and stays on it Mastered styles look back and laugh at first drafts Freestyles make toes wanna paydownponit Do anything but lay down on it Anestesiatics get trapped like rats in attics To craftmatics but then transform like skilled wax to insomniacs with my name in your almanacs infact I let my glory be that never ending story Like those that still inspire since seven albums before me Cause yo From this old school comes a new degree Yet to be mastered till longevity seems to be so easy

Oh My God

JARS OF CLAY "Good Monsters"
Oh my God, look around this place Your fingers reach around the bone You set the break and set the tone Flights of grace, and future falls In present pain All fools say, "Oh my God" Oh my God, Why are we so afraid? We make it worse when we don't bleed There is no cure for our disease Turn a phrase, and rise again Or fake your death and only tell your closest friend Oh my God. Oh my God, can I complain? You take away my firm belief and graft my soul upon your grief Weddings, boats and alibis All drift away, and a mother cries Liars and fools; sons and failures Thieves will always say Lost and found; ailing wanderers Healers always say Whores and angels; men with problems Leavers always say Broken hearted; separated Orphans always say War creators; racial haters Preachers always say Distant fathers; fallen warriors Givers always say Pilgrim saints; lonely widows Users always say Fearful mothers; watchful doubters Saviors always say Sometimes I cannot forgive And these days, mercy cuts so deep If the world was how it should be, maybe I could get some sleep While I lay, I dream we're better, Scales were gone and faces light When we wake, we hate our brother We still move to hurt each other Sometimes I can close my eyes, And all the fear that keeps me silent falls below my heavy breathing, What makes me so badly bent? We all have a chance to murder We all feel the need for wonder We still want to be reminded that the pain is worth the thunder Sometimes when I lose my grip, I wonder what to make of heaven All the times I thought to reach up All the times I had to give Babies underneath their beds Hospitals that cannot treat all the wounds that money causes, All the comforts of cathedrals All the cries of thirsty children - this is our inheritance All the rage of watching mothers - this is our greatest offense Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God

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