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MACK 10 lyrics - Recipe

#1 Crew In The Area

Original and similar lyrics
[Mack 10] Hoo-Bangers (WASSUP!!!) Y'all ready? (FO' SHO'!!!!) Well let's do this shit I'ma start this bitch off, and y'all run it, check it, uhh On your marks, get set, go for what you know It's the #1 crew in your area, doe for doe I keep it thuggish with my dicky's on sag I buy my '57 Rag until my '98 Jag And just roll all over the town on 20 inch wheels and just, brag all about the mils I made on mic skills I slang and do my thang keepin niggas on amp It's Mack 10 kickin shit from the Hoo-Bangin camp [K-Mac] Haha (nigga) I just, wake up and ball y'all (Whattup K-Mac?) Comrade criminals and y'know we fades em all (That's right) I'm hittin six on the teatley And I'm ridin on you busters cos that's how it gotta be (It got to be) Niggas please, Cadillacs on Deez (on Deez) and in the middle of the winter, it's still 89 degrees (That's right) We's die hard, pullin job nigga's hall cards Best to check our records cos we's smack ???? ???? (That's right) [Techniec] I kill a nigga ten times, leave em on concrete (Whattup Techniec?) Tight shit make ya say Damn, Tech got bomb heat (Hahaha) First nigga that speak like I don't believe you first nigga who face touch ass fore before his knees do (God DAMN!) Nigga, I ain't tryin to please you, know that I'm no joke, black, you can quote that, I wrote that I hold Mac's with 2-1's plus the deuce-5's at my side so I got two guns (That's right) Chorus: It don't stop til the casket drop Quick to handle them thangs, Hoo-Bang's the gang On the corner with the shrap tryin to regulate cheese Y'know we represent them straight B's and C's [MC Eiht] G'yeah (Wassup? Whattup Eiht?) Ready to go to war, I take you to war Hoo-Bangin as I buck thru your passenger door (BUCK BUCK) Bust, grab your bitch and tell her hit the floor (Hit the deck, bitch) Give it a fuck, blood pour, what we came here for (That's right) Til I die, why camoflage? I'm in a Dodge (Wassup nigga?) Your homies can't see me, I'm greedy, call me Idi Speedy, the fire spits, kicks like the Last Dragon Connects the clock wit the Glocks, g'yeah [CJ Mac] I'm a motherfuckin Westside gangbang, low ride nigga (Yeah) A 600 Benz ride, Cristal sipper (Nigga) You don't wanna fuck with me, you're high, nigga (What?) Fuck with this here, you disappear, listen to me clear 6-double 0 bang, ace double O gang Run up in banks and run trancs, what's my fuckin name? (What's my name?) CJ L-A-Richwold, right here for the scrap Less risk for the roller, killin niggas over [WC] So-so bangin, steady and packin on chrome, up under the *?could?* Swingin packages from SC to Inglewood Runnin up on ya, puttin em on ya wit these knuckle hammers, mayn It's the shadiest ridah loc, quick to let the barrel claim Dub-C, one of the last niggas you wanna get wit, with these things I'm 'quipped with Bitch, I'm a couple of sandwiches away from a picnic Clippin nothin but hoggs, I'm from the seaside of the walls What's connectin with these doggs? Nigga, ballin til we fall [Boo Kapone] ???? knees and C's, slangin CD's overseas, the Vietnamese and Japanese (Uhh) Ya get got, your ass'll get shot Have you on your hands and knees like you was makin sulac What's the plot? Nigga, from here to Reno Boo Kapone got three cases up in Chino (Nigga) I smash, I blast for the cash, I smoke hash I ripped your ass in half, don't niggas do the math? (Niggas) Chorus [Binky] Y'ALL DON'T WANNA GET DOWN! Fuck y'all fools YA BEST LAYDOWN! Get clowned when we spray your whole town The Jock Coon aka Binky Mac, nigga! Porsche or gat? Put you flat then I ditch my strap (Throw it away) What's the haps, mayn? Jockin a whole crap game Mack 10 put a nigga on in, so now I Hoo-Bang (get yours, nigga) New Jordans with my usual P hat B-Mac, if I ever go broke I'm grabbin my ski mask [Thump] Nigga, I'm a baller, Inglewood dweller, ho seller Schemin for the pussy four times, do your duty Bustle up in this and tatted up Live and die for the West, but ain't had enough It's a Hoo-Bang thang, they say a Nigga, where ya homey be? like (Don't slow your roll) Too late I'm banged out I'm livin crucial, do this here on major *?zera?* I live for violence and motherfuckers feel the terror [Tha Roadawgs] RISE UP when you other fools is fallin The Dawgs is who you gon' call, we on the ball like Spalding Trick, it's the infamous Macs from the I Hit the switch, in the Lac, and go from low-to-high Drive by, yeah G loves swamp rat and thug dumpin bumpin, see me from Roadawgs, always into somethin like NWA, Hoo-Bangin, the R-E-C-I-P-E, yeah We fades em all, like Jamal It's Westside Connect gangbang or ball? (Nigga) Just ask the lil' homey Do Dirty We get drunk and start beatin fools up at the pool party Chorus (x2) [Mack 10] Yeah, gettin ours, Westside Connect OGz Hoo-Bang for the cheese, nigga You know about this crew Try to see it or L-I-G it, nigga, wuz happenin?

Tell 'em

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
Intro: You abou to come through right. (Yeah don't stress it.) You about to come through. (I got this check this out man.) You ain't gonna front on me (I ain't gonna front on niggas man.) Make sure man I'm tellin' you right now. (Check this out. What I'm about to do right now.) You gonna kick it word up. Ha Erick Sermon: Personal ggats I gots about 11, without weapons I swing more bats than K7 Plus, I'm soup like Campbell without heaven Some rappers pack great big guns like Frank Drebbin In this century I uphold the crown, for bringin' Flavor In Ya Ear Plus I'm Gettin' Down, I manuver techniques for species of all kinds The third, yours and mine, introduction is in full effect I come with the mothership and some other shit Yeah all the way live like a concert The most respected brother, puttin' in some work Hook: Yeah if you got a crew you better tell em. E kicks rhymes from the cerebellum. Don't slip or you won't be around next year Well heres a little something that needs to be heard. - Slick Rick Rosalyn: Check the poetry in motion, from this bom bazi smokin' Bitch that get you open, it's mess if you tangle with my tresses Cause I posses gifts that's wickeder than Hexas That explode on the scene be all means, I be flushing MC's like queens And none of y'all can see me, got more boom bom than Manzini Your style is strickly primi, and I stomp with the big dogs Off the wall with a crew that rough enough to Rush Limbaugh We stay, strapped, part of Packed Pistol Posse I represent through mind soul and body In any form I'm doin' work over beat breaks Now even cheap skates is peepin' my tape release date Word born, I'm comin' in like a swarm Then I'm gone before you can ring the alarm Hook Keith Murray: A-yo catch this word bubonic plaque, in your head back chest arms and legs When I'm coming through grab your cranium for ultimatum Punk I faze them subterranium, my subliminals mix with criminal chemicals Got more milk than sylabals then alphabet cereal Place your bet and your whole entourage will get wet That's a promise cause the squad don't make threats I'm a, graceful poet with some distic ballistics, above and beyond all that other bullshit Linguistics will bless a anticeptive, nerve wreckin', conceptive or consistant contestant My deviant delieverance be leavin' MC's in the state of malmet depressive (word up) Damaging your medulla, cerebrum and cerebellum, you got a crew you better tell em

Death Wish

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
Death wish, death wish, death wish, death wish Death wish, death wish, death wish [Jadakiss] AH-HAHHHH! Yeah, yo, they must got a death wish Cause they was on the (Road to the Riches) back in the day, but they got off on the exit Real disrespect shit - whenever a nigga try to fuck up your investment, it's hard to digest it These young niggaz don't wanna get punched in they faces So they keep the burner on 'em, and catch a bunch of cases These old niggaz still think they livin in the 80's And shorties that they knew since they were babies turned crazy The bitches still holla At anybody lookin like they gettin a couple dollars Could fuck, suck and swallow Ain't nobody winnin, but everybody can't lose The dirt's still there, funeral home ain't move Goin in, comin out gang affiliated You'd rather go back before bein humiliated A black cloud over the hood, you can't escape it Dust smokin niggaz walkin 'round in the (Matrix) Loyalty is thin, the tension is thick Look at a broke nigga's face, when you mention a brick Stick-up kids come around, when they sense that you rich Candles and lizzle get lit when you get hit with the fifth Niggaz that used to hoop dream is now sellin the piff And they still rattin but you can't tell if you stiff Especially when the tec spit Fuck around get your head, and your neck hit, lookin for a death wish What? [Chorus: Jadakiss] Talkin out your mouth, all reckless To a nigga that you know, that'll let it off, that's a death wish When your heart stops, and your body gets breathless And help don't come in enough time, that's a death wish When you see the blood and realize that your chest is hit And don't know where it came from, that's a death wish When you know a nigga, whole styles on some next shit And you violate 'em, mm-MWAH, that's a death wish [Lil Wayne] Young Money! Ahh, I be on that way left shit Better get right or get left shit Better hit right or get left hit Even if you threw the best pitch Yes bitch it's Weezy-F bitch, I'm the best bitch Motherfuck yo' guest list, I be like, let's just kill him and get breakfast, neck slit Next shit expect this, every time you check this I'm exit, I mean, excited to be yo' death wish Bitch I wear this G shit on my heart, not my necklace And I keep the Heckler for the heck-less And I'm from the Mecca of the Reckless with a record-breakin death list The reckless and neglecters think election won't affect us I'm high above you, above law, above ever rich Niggaz snitchin, put niggaz in a can like a beverage Damn! I pop at your head, fuck up your memories I put a bullet in Nina head and let her reminisce Yeah, if you don't remember shit you gon' remember this I'll knock them niggaz down this year, I'm on my timber shit Big lion growl at you niggaz on that Simba shit I'll be on that "Fuck yo' clique, I'll kill every member" shit Cold as December shit, bang in any weather shit And they could buy yo' bag with body parts sold separate Yeah, that's a bet bitch like Russian Roulette bitch Weezy be the genie in a bottle, here's your death wish [Chorus]

I'm So Paid

AKON "Freedom"
[Intro] Rubbing' on that Italian leather Dem' Konvict jeans on! Ay yo Weezy! You Ready? Yeah! [Chorus:] I get it in 'til sunrise Doing 90 in a 65 Windows rolled down screaming Ah!!! Hey-ey-ey... I'm so paid Number one hustler get money Why do you wanna count my money? I'm a hustler don't need them! One of them you all see! I'm so paid [Verse 1] I see police on the crooked I Doing a 100 on the Interstate 95 My shawty leanin' blasting that Do or Die Pushin' that motherfuckin' wood cause we certified Got a system that ll beat and knock your wall off Got a pump under my seat, the sawed-off Got a bunch of goons, hoping they never call off I'm a sniper sitting on the roof already saw you all It ain't too much to put a strain on me That's the reason why I had to put the blame on me I rather have them dollar bills rain on me Then let them haters come and make the name of me That's why... [Chorus] [Verse 2] I am the boss it only takes one call For a driver to hit you up and drop you off that's all Guess what I won't be taking that fall Homie I got cake that's what I'm paying them for (aha!) Ain't that funny? 'cause niggas want war but ain't got money 'cause I've seen them all talking 'til they start gunning Quicker than Usain Bolt the fastest thing running Yeah! Akon! Weezy! Block oil holdin' down Jersey Divine making sure we gettin' it up front My little brother Boo got that vision bake it! [Chorus] [Lil Wayne Verse 3] Oh-oh, Big money Weezy White wife beater with the sig underneath it How do I feel bitch I feel undefeated Snap my fingers disappear from the precinct Yea! I'm ballin' we ball out Thoughts of before until the ball bounce I send some niggas with guns to you all house Only to find out you live in a doll house Damn! But I thought you was tough don't We carry choppers on our necks Call it cut throat We, bury powers on the set that they come from We, know magic turn Weed smoke to gun smoke We, bomb first when we ride You, in a hearse when you ride Ay-yay I put my shoes on baby And I'm holding down Young Mula baby! That's why... [Chorus]

HipHop Knowledge

KRS-ONE "The Sneak Attack"
You know.. life is funny.. If you don't repeat the actions of your own success you won't be successful You gotta know your own formula, your own ingredients What made you, YOU.. 1987 I was at the Latin Quarters Listenin to Afrika Bambaata give the order The call of the order was to avoid the slaughter He said, Record companies ain't got nuttin for ya! Without a lawyer, he taught The Infinity Lessons In how hip-hop could be a, many a blessing And that was great, so in 1988 there was no debate, we had to end the hate The name of the game was Stop the Violence and unity, knowledge, and self-reliance We - started talkin bout Martin and Malcolm Had these ghetto kids goin, Huh, what about him 1989, Professor Griff speaks his mind but his freedom of speech is declined 1990 came with the West coast East coast, West coast, who is the best coast Lookin back now, of COURSE it was bogus The whole argument was where we lost focus We got hopeless; not with the lyrics and music but with hip-hop, and how we used it Or abused it, you know how the crew get You like it cause you choose it 1991, we opened our eyes with Human Education Against Lies, we tried to talk about the state of humanity But all these others rappers got mad at me They called me Captain Human , another message was sent Self Destruction don't pay the {fuckin} rent Remember that Nobody wanted conscious rap It was like - where these ballers at Where can they call us at All was wack Hip-Hop culture was fallin flat and that was that So in 1992, I found my crew They said, Yo Kris, what you wanna do I said, Damn - why they wanna get with me If I bust they {shit} I'm contradictory. If I play the bitch role, they take my shoe. Tell me what the {fuck} am I supposed to do So I did it, don't stop get it get it get it All of a sudden these critics they wanna spit it Kay Are Ess One is con-tra-dic-to-ry Just cause I wouldn't let these rappers get with me {Fuck} that, {fuck} you and {fuck} your pen If a rapper wanna diss, yo I'd do it again But I'm makin these ends, and I got my friends And I really don't wanna have to sit in the pen So I go back to the philosopher 1993 hip-hop is uhh.. wack Go back, check the facts 1994, Return of the Boom Bap It wasn't all about the loot It was all about Harry Allen Rhythm Cultural Institute Blowin up, 1995 Conscious rap is still alive But nobody wanna play it, nobody wanna say it Nobody okayed it, they'd all rather hate it 1996 it really don't stop We put together somethin called the Temple of Hip-Hop Not just DJin, breakin, graf and lyrics But how hip-hop affects the spirit Step Into a World, that's what I did 1997 I was raisin my kid or kids, but I, had to go Cause New York DJ's changed the flows to clothes and hoes, but that wasn't me I'll be damned if I dance for the MTV So in 1998 I began to debate Should I go now, or should I really wait '99, I moved to L.A. you see and took a gig with the WB Started studyin philosophy full-time To have a full heart, full body, full mind But you know what the problem is or was DJ's don't raise our kids, cuz they so caught up in the cash and jewels How they gonna really see a hip-hop school How they gonna really see a hip-hop temple They don't even wanna play my instrumentals, but big up Dr. Dre, Snoop, Xzibit Especially Xzibit, he was there in a minute Mic Conception, all of them, said Yo you need help I should call them When I was in L.A., I held the crown Bloods, Crips, they held me down I could never forget Mad Lion, killer pride with the gat in the lap in the low-ride Oh I can't forget, Icy Ice, Lucky Lou Julio G, that was the crew Davey D, Ingrid, David Connor The list goes on and on, let me tell ya FredWreck, and my man Protest Much respect, no less To my spiritual and mental defenders Big up to L.A., temple members But in 2000, I seen how I wanted to live I wasn't no executive So I picked up the mic and I quit my job Said to Simone I gotta get with God She said, Don't worry bout these dollars and quarters. Record companies ain't got nuttin for ya. Damn, she took me back to Bam! Took me back to who I am! Brought me back to the New York land! Now I overstand!.. {interviewer} Now KRS-One, now you've been quoted as saying that rap is something we do, hip-hop is something you live. {KRS} Yes! {interviewer} Explain that to us please. {KRS-One} Well, well, today hip-hop, we are advocating that hip-hop is not, just a music, it is an attitude, it is an awareness, it is a way to view the world. So rap music, is something we do, but HIP-HOP, is something we live. And we look at hip-hop, in it's 9 elements; which is breaking, emceeing, graffiti art, deejaying, beatboxing, street fashion, street language, street knowledge, and street entrepenurialism - trade and business. And uhh, that's where y'know that's the hip-hop that that that we're about. We come from the uhh the root of, of Kool DJ Herc, who originated hip-hop in the early 70's and then Afrika Bambaata and Zulu Nation (mmhmm) who instigated something called The Infinity Lessons and added conciousness to hip-hop, and then Grandmaster Flash with the invention of the mixer, on to Run-D.M.C. and then myself. And uhh, we created the Stop the Violence movement, you may recall a song, Self Destruction and and and so on. All of this, goes to uhh uhh, the idea of LIVING this culture out and taking responsibility for how it looks and and acts in society.

Devil In My Room

[Novel:] Last night I heard a voice say I've been gettin in my own way I think I'm fallin off the deep end So I haven't been sleepin Last night I heard a voice in my head He said it's an emergency Said he had some words for me [Joe Budden:] Uhh, uhh He said "Fuck the world!" Or maybe he said it in jest I told him that I already did multiple times Truthfully I wasn't never impressed But, to contradict that'll matter again To the point where nothin matters again More money, more problems, more cases, more lawyers involved The more fame just means more paranoia involved I done made friends, lost friends, same hour Tried to use my troops as a means to gain power Uhh, same tricks, same cowards Why I be like FUCK any nigga that ain't ours Never slippin, never threatened I think they forgettin for a second non-fiction ain't a weapon Thoughts could be hypnotic, nah, just neurotic Called oft psychotic, floored by off logic But I got this [Chorus - Joe Budden:] Last night I saw the devil sittin in my room And we greeted with a smile; said that he'd been there for a while Last night I heard the devil talkin in my head He said it's an emergency, he said he had some words for me He said [Joe Budden:] He said He said one day your friends gon' be your demise Said a few of 'em is me in disguise Deceit in his eyes, said I like the teachin me wise But the leeches I don't need in my life, please be advised Real coy, listenin, still annoyed Said these hoes fill a void, all hoes, you still a boy Said you searchin, you don't know what to do You thinkin you fuckin them when really they fuckin you Look, said they see you on feats Said you give the love to the ones that need it the least But wait, you can't put me on trial for my errors I learned, trial and error, the how I couldn't tell ya You talkin to the realest, nah, just a realist Nah, you just a nigga don't recognize what the real is Thoughts could be hypnotic, thoughts get out of pocket You'll be powerless, get lost, you try to stop it I got this [Chorus] [Crooked I:] He said, "What you doin this music for? I got news for ya If you don't sell your soul to me then you just gon' ruin your future bruh" See I just cracked open this Goose And I mixed that elixir with juice then I was introduced to Lucifer In a dark room, his tongue sharp as a harpoon We started discussin things He told me about his minions and his underlings Told me that he was Gepetto of the ghetto, had snake niggaz on his puppet strings Taught him betrayal, and other schemes He ain't new to this, he true to this Said he been doin this since Jesus was crossed for thirty pieces of silver And he sealed the deal with a Judas kiss When Ceasar was stabbed in the back He was the one who placed the knife in Brutus fist Now he got his hands in our music biz Told me to ignore the war and the poor Aim my music more towards the whores and drug lords And the fans are pourin through the doors Sell out my tours, get awards galore I told him I just wanted to be the modern-day Marvin Gaye He said "You might wanna re-think that, cause I know where your father stay I'll possess him to pick up the chrome Pop you in your dome for tryin to tell the people (What's Going On) " He said "That's where you're goin wrong It's more demons than angels in this biz, you on your own Wanna hit the big screen, switch your sixteens Get some slim jeans, forget your big dreams or make your wrist gleam Get your big cream, hope you're listening" I just had to switch to his team, uh, it was tempting The contract was in blood He said "I know you sick of traffickin drugs Sign it!" Nah, I got this [Chorus] [Novel:] No no no no no nooo Ohhhh, ohhhhh last night I heard Said no no no no nooo I think I'm fallin off the deep end So I haven't been sleepin Last night I heard He said it's an emergency Said he had some... No nooooo no no no no Yeah yeah Last night I heard a voice say I think I'm gettin in my own way I think I'm fallin off the deep end So I haven't been sleepin Last night I thought I heard a voice in my head He said it's an emergency Said he had some words for me I think the weed's startin to fuck with a nigga, ohh I think the weed's startin to fuck with a nigga, no I think the weed smoke's fuckin with a nigga, ohh I think the weed start fuckin with a nigga, yeah I think the weed's startin to fuck with a nigga I think the weed is fuckin with a nigga I think this last weed's fuckin with a nigga This weed smoke's fuckin with a nigga

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