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Machine Saviour lyrics

Jesus Christ

Original and similar lyrics
You are the essence of a life that needs to pray You are the shadow of a man that bleeds away You are the hopes and fears that bind us to return You are the shattered dream that frightens us to burn Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die You are the reason for the wars that plague the land You are the symbol for the cause in which they stand You are the one who sits there watching as they die You are the son of man that listens as they cry Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die Are you are the man who said to turn the other cheek? Are you the one for this appears to be the weak? Are you to lift us from this silent found rebirth? Are you to take us from this stench that fills the earth? Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Leave them behind Jesus Christ - Vengance is mine Jesus Christ - Please, leave them to die Bring them to life Without hate, without pain Without suffering insane Without death, without fire Without lies that feed the liar Without war, without games Without fear to take the blame Without fame, without power Without drugs to heal the coward Without violence, without rape Without sickness, without plagues Without judgement, without crime Without hope, without time Without two, without three Without torture over belief Bring us love Let us see Set us Free

Buddy Boy

I've broke away from a lot of things That I thought would improve my life But the one thing taht im sure of is my love for Jesus Christ Big car, big house, big bank, but still empty insyde I may not be a superstar But there's some things money can't buy A carefree attitude is what I leave the house with everyday Because I know if mountains come They'll be moved from my way I believe in Him with every ounce of faith in me All my chains will break and I will be set free Because He is the one I'm guaranteed to have fun If problems come I will not run No damage will be done (2x) I go on with my life and let Him live through me Try to set good examples so outsiders can see You don't have to find your answwers In the smoke from a toke Cause Jesus Christ my savior is the only way to go I know when I die I'm gonna leave this chunk of dirt And go to a place with streets of gold Like nothing seen on earth You can sit and cry or you can come with me All you have to do is ask of Him and He will set you free


Five Iron Frenzy
Today all the sources would agree that the day of their death was a cold dark day Scuttled ships have blocked the sea and the pallid light of morning melts into an ashy gray And goodbye to everything sayonara everyone they are tired write the eulogy And I saw them as they passed it was like a millstone cast far into the deep blue sea No one understood a word they said hailed them all as kings up upon a pedestal Their names scribbled on a parchment piece would sink like any ship listing fast from ruptured hull The murky sea is black dismal and so deep millstones rocket through the dark into it's icy keep A resting place for broken ships a cemetery for the humble no one's here to make you stumble If Jesus Christ is true then I am mostly lies if Jesus Christ is Love then I have failed to try if Jesus Christ is Life then please just let me die let...this...die...

Jesus Christ

Guthrie Woody
JESUS CHRIST (Woody Guthrie) Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land Hard working man and brave He said to the rich, Give your goods to the poor. So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand His followers true and brave One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot Has laid Jesus Christ in his grave He went to the sick, he went to the poor, And he went to the hungry and the lame; Said that the poor would one day win this world, And so they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. He went to the preacher, he went to the sheriff, Told them all the same; Sell all of your jewelry and give it to the Poor, But they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. When Jesus came to town, the working folks around, Believed what he did say; The bankers and the preachers they nailed him on a cross, And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. Poor working people, they follered him around, Sung and shouted gay; Cops and the soldiers, they nailed him in the air, And they nailed Jesus Christ in his grave. Well the people held their breath when they heard about his death, And everybody wondered why; It was the landlord and the soldiers that he hired. That nailed Jesus Christ in the sky. When the love of the poor shall one day turn to hate. When the patience of the workers gives away Would be better for you rich if you never had been born So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave. This song was written in New York City Of rich men, preachers and slaves Yes, if Jesus was to preach like he preached in Galillee, They would lay Jesus Christ in his grave. sung to Jesse James filename[ JESUSCHR play.exe JESSJAME SF ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===

New Awakening

Mortification "Mortification"
Eradication of disobedience The lake of fire for the dying soul The crucifiction brings true remission Eternal life the eternal goal Christ descended and took the keys Enthroned majestic God's right hand The great comission children of God You eyes on Jesus you of faithful witness Are you willing to learn Rise up people with power Are you ready to burn With fire from on high I won't choose pleasures of sin For a short time I won't betray the sacrifice That Christ made for me No excuse to enter the state of sin I will not turn away Satan's name exposes all he is to be Reprobate with no authority There is only one name by which you may be saved That's the name of Jesus Christ You must realize death is the result of sin Seek God's forgiveness seek it down within [John 9:25] [Luke 10:18] [Hebrews 11:24-26] [Romans 11:14] [Cor 15:21] [I John 1:9 10] [Luke 12:4-5] [Romans 6:22-23] [Romans 6:15-18] [Col 2:13 14 John 14:6] [Zech 3:2] [Eph 1:19-23 Romans 6:23] [Matt 28:16-20 Acts 13:38]

Jesus Christ

Longpigs "Sun Is Often Out"
I've been up here Almost too long It's only fair they should start to raise the fare And I been laughing almost too hard You replaced my heart then I'm left to Stitch it up And it only goes to show you can Live with what you don't know and Every step you're ever gonna take now Only thing I do know Jesus Christ I'm on fire when you smile Jesus Christ I retire It's so easy I don't believe a word Love junkies gone over to the edge and he Been thinking if I could see you now I'd make you say this exists or not at all Would it be too much to ask If there's some one over there Who gets every joke And always in the same place Only thing I can't face Jesus Christ I'm on fire when you smile Jesus Christ I retire You give me such, such hope And I need you more You're all I know Been up here almost too long It's only plain they should start to see the stains And I'm sorry What I said before You raised it up then you had to bleed the cut And it makes an even keel of it All I'm gonna see from it oh it won't go Help me dig my own hole Help me dig my own hole Jesus Christ I'm on fire when you smile Jesus Christ I retire You give me some, some hope Jesus Christ I'm on fire when you smile Jesus Christ I retire

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