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MACHINE HEAD lyrics - Burning Red

Desire To Fire

Original and similar lyrics
We turn desire to fire Electric sparks to the wire Highered the stakes when we bought This monster life Prevail by daring to fail Others content just to sail Hail the future we bring We bring chaos to blocks Like, riots to watts Blow up spots, taking the crown Off the top notch Create the pace That you all will follow Sporadic flow buckles up Like a chemical hate We D-O smoke sensimillo Vodka and C-O-K-E Is the real deal Your flubber, never had to suffer Life's getting hard And it's only getting rougher Save some for me Cant's stop what we're going to be Walk with me , And take this seed A fire for you So dare to fail Will you when my pen hits pad It result in catastrophe Words and verbs come To form your disaster If you want it, you got it Never hit I spot it Now come and watch me rise On the tools, I blew More money than Latrell You tell, I don't know you? Think I know you too well You fell, and stumbled Laughin' as you tumbled I guess you forget About the power we rock Cause ALL HAIL THE Machine Head battery The good, the bad, the ugly Savage in capacity Yeah you been fucked Stuck in a rut Your life has been sucked Your tail has been tucked Save some for me Can't stop what we're going to be Just watch as I demonstrate the reason we dominate Walk with me , And take this seed A fire for you So dare to fail Will you If we stand alone And believe in whole Would you tell me It's all i believe in Yes we stand alone And believe in whole And you tell me It's all I believe in Because we We'll chew, and spit you, out And prey upon the weaker Take what we want Walk with me , And take this seed A fire for you So dare to fail Will you

It Happens Every Day

Dar Williams "Green World"
The first part of every day for me is good I've got the bus stop in my neighborhood And everything's on purpose everywhere they go Hiding in my car and running in the snow Running with the friends they'll know for years I've seen it all from here, from here It happens every day, before they go to school They play until the bus drives up beside my lawn And there's always been a mother who waits 'til they are gone Then she turns away It happens every day Noon comes and turns this campus upside down I watch the students in this college town You would think they're carefree, I have seen their trials Frowning into Shakespeare and practicing their smiles Even underlining Nabokov When I am not in love, in love It happens every day with their journals in cafes Looking up at their reflection on the other wall With every new idea wondering if they've changed at all And then they look away It happens every day Well life is as hard and as easy as they say Walking the steps we've chosen on this day Some will be outrageous, some have rarely shown Some will walk in couples, some will walk alone As I think about the world I see They stare and smile at me, at me It happens every day at the crossing of the street Walking out to see what's new and what is just the same And the only word for love is everybody's name And that will always stay It happens every day And every day will happen without you


ARCH ENEMY "Burning Bridges"
Fly with me on a starlit sky I'll set you free... Yes, it can be A dream unchased is a life at waste Never let them conquer your pride Our love is warm here Like the image of a distant sun This star will always shine And never, ever fade away Fly on... Silverwing Fly with me... Stay free... Silverwing Seeking truths in spirit skies Which one of you will guide me tonight? The milky way tastes sour, Has heaven lost its power? So let us set sail on this sea of dreams The moon gets lost in the morning sun Just let the spinning wheel spin And let your life begin

Time After Time

CHORUS time after time, find i question my life how i went wrong will it ever be right? will i rise? will i fall? stand tall continue asking, but i'm knowing only God knows VERSE ONE growing up in the hood as a hard knock i never knew nothing too much about young my only concern was making my money and running these streets as a thug instead of the birds and bees, i always talk to murderers and G's that coldness inside me, but I ain't trying to hurt nobody temptation is keeping me steadily going under and I wonder, if i could make it through the thunder cause i done caused so much hurt and pain to some that ain't deserve a thang if i could change that, it would all be rearranged but what's done is done and i paid the price and now i'm like, help me lord, to better my life, my life just give me the chance to prove the world that i can be the man that i am and i plan, on keeping it realer, really slow and steady CHORUS VERSE TWO so now i'm headed to the chapel and i'm fin' to try marriage it's goin' down yeah, yeah, but what do ya know? who woulda knew that would make situations worse and my curse, nothing i've tried seems to work and i drop to my knees and I pray, yes I pray and i wonder if i'll ever see a better day (i need a better day) i've seen much in my time and i think it was too much for my eyes the wickedness pulling me closer to failure everytime i think i'm rising, yeah but you live and you learn and try to make better, gotta get control then follow the Lord and who knows where you'll go, for sho' i can see how i've been sinnin' i'm asking the Lord for a little bit of forgiving, giving CHORUS Repeat 'til fade...

Dogs Of War

Apocalypse fills my head, fire and smoke turns the sky blood red, Thermonuclear warhead, chemical warfare, disease widespread. People kneel to the might of a figure head, mother earth lies silent on her death bed Into the fire the blind are led, five billion people will soon be dead. War is no solution to the conflicts that we face The end of our evolution, revolution, resist the hand of fate. Armageddon, the end draws near, reality becomes our biggest fear The future once seemed so free and clear, darkest hour, life disappears. Punishment for greed and lust, mass genocide, holocaust Foretold predictions of the end upon us, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We wage a war which can't be won, Apocalyptic suicide, what have we done? Fire, one day a great fire shall come Rain, a cleansing rain will wash away the scum War, blood thirsty savages we've become Revelation, judgment night and now we're done. I pride myself on my will to survive, I will fight to stay alive We've got the power, destroy or create, Terminate ourselves with our love for hate, Every night I kneel down and pray, There's nothing I can do to make it go away, We march for peace and scream for change But the dogs of war will forever remain.


AARON SHUST "Anything Worth Saying"
Son of a Man, Great I am, King of heaven, son of god, you hold the measure of my days Holy Lamb, spotless Lamb, You are worthy, I am not Before Your throne I stand amazed Every tongue confess and every knee will bow To Jesus Christ the Lord forever, hear our praises now Your name is matchless, Your name is priceless Your name means more than i could know You're so far above me, the way that you love me goes further than any love could go Wonderful Counselor, Root of David, morning star you are the way, the truth, the life lion of the tribe of judah, Mighty god is who you are The only perfect sacrifice In your name you took the blind man and you gave him back his sight In your name you took the dead man and you brought him back to life In your name you took this prisoner and you opened up the doors And I will sing before your throne forever more

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