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Mac Mall lyrics

Don't Move

Original and similar lyrics
featuring JT Tha Bigga Figga *(JT)* Figga nometry. *(Mac Mall)* Yea yea yea yea. It's yo folks Mac Mall ??? Always keep my shit mayne. Ya know?! We through here. Yea yea! Where it's at nigga? Verse 1 *(Mac Mall)* I'm a cut throat nigga I told her gone off that Nitro go mani on yo block makin ??? sleep wit the lights on Mr. Vicious down to do wrong wit a pack of savage niggas that'll come an get ya outta ya jones damn them squares ain't safe got him for the briefcase a big face and I was bare faced I know ya hate the taste of my name in yo mouth you know what I'm bout quick to test yo d-boy clout an leave ya laid out busta I never liked ya keep a thousand yards stiff when I'm mashin by, ya pussy posse ain't gon' appear like if I hopped out, told ya to run yo shit playa we both know that the moss will leave yo ass dead I run the hood like a jungle king of the beast head hunters after me, I make 'em all bleed fuck the rollas man, they betta not run up on my plot cuz I won't dump until I drop my semi on cops blowin my top lettin loose like a nut should all the stoppers bag me up that's how ya bring the funk so when ya see me comin, folks ya betta watch ya shit I start to mobbin in this BITCH! MUTHA FUCKA! Chorus *(Mac Mall)* You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. My bottle will make ya body shake sucka. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. Or today is gon' be your last day. (Wha?) (Wha?) (Wha?) Verse 2 *(JT Tha Bigga Figga)* As I rumble through the clothes in yo dresser hopin I catch ya wit a bundle of bread cut him up an get him for his vest an his pistol an his sacks stuff my pockets out the back an I'm off to the track 4-5 an a vest an I'm all in black an i got me a gat cuz you know an I know that war field that broke niggas provoke niggas an dumb niggas gon' go there but oh well it's all official, comin to get ya niggas wit dope sells an if you wonder we gon' split ya niggas wit mo mail this Cali livin' ain't no jokin paper chasin on my hustle to the day I go broke satisfied wit my riches never that I keep it goin wit my cut him all in the back of a bucket we blowin test the nuts of these ridas man it's on, on sight got my pistol in my pocket an I'm ready to strike we foldin 'em up like blankets tuck 'em away like Ben Franklin's on a day-to-day basis, different places an leave 'em stankin. Don't Move nigga. Chorus *(JT Tha Bigga Figga)* 2x You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. My bottle will make ya body shake sucka. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. Or today is gon' be your last day. *(JT talking)* Figga-nometry! The young Mac Meez. 5-Tre-5, GLP, ya understand me? Get Low, Young Black Brotha (YBB) colabortation. 9-9. Doin' it live. Movie and soundtrack beware of those nigga. JT Tha Bigga Figga an Mac Mall puttin it down, sewin up this independent Bay Area nigga. Takin it world wide. Ya understand me boi?! Uh. Yea, yea, yea! *(Chorus)* You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. You know I want it nigga I know you got it nigga when you see me pull out my heat, juss come up out it nigga. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. My bottle will make ya body shake sucka. Don't flinch. Don't Move. Don't break. Or today is gon' be your last day.

Bring Back That G Shit

KURUPT "Smoke Boogie: Space Oddessey"
(feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg) [Snoop Dogg] Ride, ride Rough, ride on, ride on Roll on, roll on What!, what!, what! Ride on, ride on, roll on Nigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what! Ride on [Kurupt] This is the game you wanna spit to a nigga Let a nigga know it's all right, cascades And G'z stompin' on niggas like parades Escapades and charades played When the stampede stopped And it continuously Young Gotti Seen so many bodies Drop fours hop classics and drastic measures Principle's a pleasure and penal endeavours Whatever the case, whatever case, it's caught on a chase When a chase, it began in the facial of race Me and Fred, he make beats, I make rhymes And Snoop, he controls and calculates In pervious moves, the Pound Pentagon Wit a pistols, I holla where the gangstas' at Daz poppin' his coller, nigga sweet and sour Pop Chucks and collers, rolllin' through the streets in my '84 Impala [Snoop Dogg] Holla, holla, if you wanna We gon' run it from the co'na, it's the killa Califo'nia Ya see, I do it to ya 'Cause I know it screw ya, ya try up do us But you can't 'cause you lovin' this beat Uh, uh... we dump, dump to make you pump, pump We comin' wit the heat to make ya trunk bump Freddy said he had a whole a gritty down to go steady And stick up Eddie for his fedy and bring it all back to daddy I want bread, cheese now put it on the patty Knick Knack style, kick back and flip files In the verge, on now listen now honey child Bow Wow, do ya now, how ya like it doggystyle Smile and grinnin', sippin' on some gin'n Roll wit a cap and ya all strapped in Once ya back in, it's straight mackin' I keep it crackin' [Hook - 4x] This is how we all get down Bring back that 'G' shit fo' me! [Snoop Dogg] I know I slept you, kept ya, fin'na fetch ya Snatch ya back too, slapped you and rapped too The vacuum sat 'chu and rat packed you, act two Now what must i do, to get you back To the way is used to see, D-P-G-C'ology I'm not talkin' 'bout chemistry or biology This 'G''ology, you feelin' me Niggas be killin' me and willin' me Silly he, thinkin' y'all gon' smash on me Blast on me, the audacity I'll take ya back to the ol' skool and let ya cut class wit me Get some ass wit me Then get us somethin' to drink and let you sip out the same glass as me And now you a killa And it was all over weed and a tall can of milla, illa Kill a nigga like a flea Bigg Snoopy D-O double gizzle Way off tha hizzle my nizzle [Goldie Loc] I hit niggas and bitches if you fuck wit my mental 'Cause I'm a killa and stick release ya pop like a pimple If you don't got my money I suggest you run 'Cause the Gold Loc, he do you like a 20 or done Ain't no fun the way I play, nigga I plays fo' keeps No details you've just been sweeped to sweep Locations, directions, not even a trace Bitch I doubt it, if ya body get found like waste In the alley, killa Cali, this Eastsidaz Crips Never slip, set trip, and smoke chronic dip Cuz! [Hook -4x] [Traci Nelson] Snoop Doggy Dogg has to give it to ya Fredwreck got the reefers bumpin' through ya Goldie Loc can put the G and the C Wit Kurupt Young Gotti from the D-P-G [Kokane - Harmonizing] [Daz] Bitch [Fred Durst] Hey!

Mobb 4 Ever

Magic "Sky's the Limit"
[C-Murder] Say Magic bruh, we got the click in here. We goin represent. Get in line in this motherfucker and tear it up ya heard me? We goin mobb forever nigga we goin mobb forever. TRU niggas. Chorus [C-Murder] I'm a mobb with my niggas forever I'm a mobb with my niggas forever [Magic] I hope ya niggas feel me...... [C-Murder] I'm a mobb with my niggas forever I'm a mobb with my niggas forever [Magic] Until you bitches kill me [Magic] Been in this motherfuckin game too long to let any nigga get the best of me Niggas that be testin me never fulfill they destiny Bustin for the fuck of it so run for cover Thuggin from the beginning cause I was destined for hustle Untouchable, a made man Check the piece on my neck and see I'm a paid man A TRU nigga, picture I'm on the winning team Niggas start shiverin soon as No Limit hit the scene So what you scared for, you niggas acting like you don't know I brought my whole fuckin click nigga, what the fuck you came for I'm a ride with ya, or die with ya Fuck it, we came this far, I ain't leavin without ya Mr. Magic ain't changable I rearrange your whole click and make em tameable Cause I'm a soldier, that's why they put me on the front line Mr. Magic, the most nutorious of all times nigga Chorus [New 9] Nigga a motherfuckin rhymes you know they bustin shots I seen it with my own two eyes, never rat to the cops Tied like dreadlocks, uzi's and glocks are what we pack Fuck limited straps, I know they comin they got my back Only bust shots and rhymes with niggas that I fuck with See some run with this click, these busters cant get with And if you just met me then forget me, you can't come get me I ride with niggas and bitches that been with me [Glock] It's a million motherfuckers lovin and hate it when we bust But off your future self and stop when we be up in that blood I shine on my tank be touched, M-O-B and TRU we trust All the side ??? all the ready to get that ass bust I holler why cause I mobb for ever Type of nigga that get's cloud without spittin the dust Interriagtion, naaah, never, I ain't missin a one [KLC] ???? and watch a nigga that I'm hangin with go get em and split em And if a nigga don't forget em leave em bust wide open Leave a spot lookin like the red ocean I ain't bullshittin Head splittin, pass me sound ????, boy written The Prime's sounds can never be bitten, it was written And if you really wanna come and try to make that quest You better have a bulletproof body vest, yes Chorus [Magic] Fiend, it's your turn [Fiend] Fiend get his nuts off, No Limit shottie gettin his bust off Dust off, leave a smoker spinnin my fuck off Gotta dust off the fingerprints, that can cause evidence And never catch me hesitant in the process of presidents I'm a TNT and M-O-B Mr. F-I-E-N to the D B-A double D-S to the T ??? the barrel is chrome Cause your ass ain't makin it home We goin mobb forever [Uzi] I'm a mobb with my niggas no matter the mission Just point a finger at the picture and I'm a get em this issue Father forgive me for my sins, but these are my rhymes And if a nigga fuck with me best believe he's goin die I'm protected by a mobb of crazy motherfuckers Who believe in busting shots to protect one another And if you fuck with one then all fifty goin come Strapped up, vest tight, ready to murder someone [TRU Survivors] Some man in the world got a bullet with my name on it Willing to die for my niggas, I put my brains on it Back to back, we goin out in a gunfight Lord forgive me, If I gotta I'm a die tonight With my thugs, no love pullin them triggers Till I see blood face down in the mud with slugs I'm a mobb [Melchior] I'm a mobb with my niggas for eternity Fuck unity, I hope you motherfuckers feelin me I'm layin my rules with these TRU niggas We totin semi automatic triggers Now step up nigga We bustin slugs until we go Strike up the teflon protectin me death for any nigga wanna see us go [Lil Gotti] I'm a mobb with my TRU niggas forever Bustin through stormy weather with nine milla berrettas Chrome just for the setters Hard times got me taking drastic measures I let ya, bitch I bet ya I wet ya Me and my family we swore we die Then we die together And if we rise then we rise together So we chasing up the bloody cheddar And I'm a ride with my TRU niggas forever [C-Murder] Nigga M-O-B motherfucker, we hard hitters My whole click has been to jail for drug dealin We get rowdy and tear the fuckin club up Cause ain't none of my niggas ever gave a fuck And uh, we goin ride on our my enemies Cause only TRU niggas can be a friend of me And only thug niggas feel my pain I'm down with M-O-B and I'm TRU to the game Real niggas don't talk shit And if you run up wrong boy you might get your wig split I make moves with my tank dawgs No Limit soldier for life and to them haters, fuck all yall Nigga!

Thugg Niggaz

GETO BOYS "Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly"
[ INTRO: Willie D ] Thugg niggaz Ha-ha-ha Callin all thugg niggaz (Callin all thugg niggaz) This shit is for y'all Worldwide Just like Geto Boys (Geto Boooys!) I know y'all niggas gon' feel this shit right here (G.B.!) We're goin through the same thing [ VERSE 1: Willie D ] Weapons bein loaded and cocked, bodies drop Ghetto niggas, they hang on the corner sellin rocks Fuck the cops, they brutalize the poverty-stricken Institutional racism prevalent in prisons Quick decisions are made with precisions of blood-spill Gotta make a mill, got a house on the hill Protect my grill, and avoid gettin killed Now if I land on the concrete with bloody pants Lord please, give your homeboy a second chance Baby need a new pair of shoes, and a college fund My P.O. wanna know how I got a gun I'm in the presence of my enemies like in the bible Will I see heaven if I murder these fuckin rivals? I'm havin nightmares of niggas' final cries If I die today, will I be idolized? I gives a fuck, if you dwell from the East to West As long as you feel the south, nigga, you can bet I got... [ CHORUS: Doracell ] Nothin but that gangsta shit to my thugs Puffin on a gang of shit smokin luv Niggas gangbang and shit, rub-a-dub No matter what you claim and shit, throw it up (2x) [ VERSE 2: Doracell ] Lord, see me, to the last year, my islamic roots Forgive me what I past did, hustlin for loot Pass the casket, lookin at my friend in basket Touch him with my lips, feelin like he blasted I never seen a man cry But my lifestyle is fear, sittin around watchin muthafuckas die The faces of death Who coulda predicted 2Pac would be next? Read ghetto text: if you live by the sword Or speak about it too much, you gon' die by the sword So think about it, do us an injustice, you know time flies Life, I can't trust it, so I stay high Six-time felony, no one can handle me I'm constantly fuckin up my family To the moms a casualty, I got love But this a little gangsta shit, to my thugs [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3: DMG ] I be a muthafuckin thug till the day I die Called in this world to be a rider, so I'm ridin high My blood-shot eyes coincide with my frame of mind Forever mobbin with my niggas from offa both sides It's G.B. family, fuck y'all bitch-mades We in the game to run the whole thang Return and leave from A to Z Bonafied thug in my blood, part of the ghetto Niggas runnin when I'm up in meadow I'm black devil with the shovel when I'm near, nigga Don't fear, nigga, this is war in yo ear, nigga Right here, nigga, real niggas Representin thugs, we all action We body-baggin (body-baggin) and toe-taggin Your reaction is flatline, no pulse Straight killers, thugg niggaz with no heart [ Willie D ] And that's how that shit go, nigga We ain't gon' never stop doin this shit I know them muthafuckas can't stand it When them goddamn geto boys come hot Cause we gotta represent niggas all over the muthafuckin world We got Geto Boys all over the world And that's why we always break shit down To the muthafuckin smallest compound Nigga, you fuck with us You hoes'll get mugged, drugged We ain't havin no muthafuckas down in the fuckin front row Gettin kisses and hugs Nigga, that's how we doin that shit Down South, muthafucka [ VERSE 4 Scarface ] Get em up, nigga, buck-buck, represent yo shit Smokin weed got you fucked up, now you niggas hit Fuck with me, nigga, what's up talkin all that shit Now we face to face, muthafucka, who you with? Ain't nobody got your back now, you in trouble Oh, he know how to act now, huh? We in double Always sickin out and stomp out, nigga gettin nervous And that stutterin in your voice, pal, that's gon' get your service Ain't no muthafuckin game, nigga, disrespect Remember the next time that bullshit gon' get you x-ed Do yo thang, but don't you ever trick Don't you ever switch, if you get caught, then don't you ever snitch If you do, you'se a bitch, full of shit Lots of holes in ya Pop a hole in a hoe nigga [ CHORUS ]

Diary Of A Broke Nigga

JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Jay Rock] Look inside the eyes of a broke nigga, see the stress on his face Look at his heart, ain't no love in the place What's on his mind? Murder, money and mayhem If he don't see a dollar, somebody visiting Satan He grabbed his gat from under the mattress, he cocked it back Then grabbed his gloves and a mask, then threw on his hat Looked in the mirror and said, times is hard So hard that he got gray hair on his balls, pause In the ghetto, you destined to fall That's why it's a must that we ball That's why he on the corner lurking, waiting for a motherfucker to slip Soon as he see the chance, he taking a risk What should you do when this nigga snatch you out of your whip empty out your pockets, then snatch what's on your neck and your wrist? Nothing, cause when the gat in your mouth, so speechless Any false move, then your brain's on the cement It gets gutter when niggas starving Niggas will run inside your house, kill you on target, heartless This is way beyond a cold thriller This the diary of a broke nigga [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar (Giddy)] "Pump, pump" Everybody lay down on the ground Give me whatever you got right now "Pump, pump" Everybody lay down on the floor Give me whatever you got, plus more (When times is hard, and I'm praying for change My funds is low, when I need some change, I'ma...) "Pump, pump" Make sure you hide your goods when I come mister You're dealing with the diary of a broke nigga [Jay Rock] It's been a whole month, he still ain't seen no paper Nigga losing weight every time that he wake up Plus, he tired of asking niggas for favors cause when they get mad, they throw it back in his face That's foul, flagrant, this nigga been slaving in the spot all week, still ain't seen no paper That's fucked up, they say don't bite the hand that feeds you But if that hand don't feed you, where would that leave you? Now that the stress come, can't turn back the hands of time Got him thinking back on what he should have done First thing on his mind now, get a gun Shit, you gotta eat, and you got a son and a daughter, now that's two mouths to feed And that money seem far, like miles to reach But it's right there, but his brain cloudy Life on the wrong road, can't reroute it Caught that nigga, then showed him what that heater do If you don't feed your wolves, your wolves eat you This is way beyond a cold thriller This the diary of a broke nigga [Chorus]

Shot Caller

MC Ren "Ruthless for Life"
[ VERSE 1: MC Ren ] Niggas in the hood lookin at me crazy Tellin niggas like they wanna fuck my old lady Same fuckin shit every day at 8 o'clock Nigga, start my day off raisin off the cock I throw the khakis on, with the t-shirt Never knowin when a nigga might hit the dirt I'm thinkin, how in the fuck can I get high quicker Mix the blunt with some muthafuckin malt liquor These niggas that I love, I don't trust em, but I stay close to em In case I gotta do em We from the same set, but that don't mean shit no mo' I be premeditatin with the .44 (.44) My hoe be tellin a nigga to peel they caps back Cause I know where them niggas hide they shit at Shit be on my mind, return a shot call Broke as fuck, it's about to get hot, y'all [ CHORUS: Big Rocc ] Niggas starvin while you're home with the mills Niggas killin while you're doin dope deals Out flossin, throwin 100 $ bills Time to set yo ass up for the kill Death of a shot caller, who can you trust? It might be your number 1 nigga that bust A cap, he's the next one to take charge Smoke him and his bitch in his backyard [ VERSE 2: MC Ren ] A nigga's sittin on the curb Hear that nigga come bumpin with the suburb Got my niggas on point, same niggas he be fuckin hoes with And rollin up the blunts when he wanna get lit Homie, when that nigga put the mutahfucka in park? That's the signal, little nigga, pump 3 in his heart Don't feel shit, cause it's real shit, he a bitch Niggas in the hood doin bad while he gettin rich Off this shit we be killin niggas fo' Can't make a move less this muthafucka say so Nigga, fuck that, I'm runnin this shit I'ma look him in his eyes when his punk-ass gettin hit But if you miss, nigga, I'ma kill you Cause if he get away, muthafucka, then we all through Fuck 3 shots, nigga, add 2 And handle what the fuck you gotta do Kill the shot caller Man, you know we been smokin niggas for this muthafucka This nigga ain't paid us shit, man (I know, dog) Hold up, hold up, hold up, dog Man, gimme the gat, I - damn Hey nigga, you got my muthafuckin money? Nigga, fuck yo money, nigga No nigga, fuck you ( *shots* ) Oh shit, oh shit... Damn! [ VERSE 3: Tha Chill ] These O.G.'s got me twisted like twizzler Got me heated and hot, and all I'm thinkin is killin ya Peelin ya cap back, like Starter, fool I'm comin to get you niggas off my block, so I pack a full Glock with big slugs, and you know I buck no doubs Cause you know a nigga steelo, how I did them fools a week ago One week passed, I'm hearin you wanna wet us When you see Ren, Rocc, Tha Chill, you're puttin on the jetters What the fuck? These niggas tryin to bust on me? So I'm cockin up the can and ready to make them do some gas And do some flippin, and all that Cause niggas out here shot call, get they ass jacked And that's the main fact, big payback for you punk muthafucks Disrespectin the crew, it's mandatory that I buck Ass down from Comptown, Mr. Shot Caller Gonna be a fast faller if he ain't a fast talker Fast walker, or better yet better be a fast runner Chill on the scope with the cannon, finna gun ya Dumpin 9 to the gut like Nigga, what? This ol' B.G. big baller, fuck the muthafuckin shot caller [ CHORUS ]

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