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M People lyrics - Northern Soul

Tumbling Down

Original and similar lyrics
I wake up in the morning, I think I want to drink a cup filled with water from the kitchen sink. Well the dog that we both love and raised from a pup... And I tried to hide the pain, oh lord, every time I pick him up. And all because I need you more my whole world is falling down. Oh-hoa, the tears in my eyes burn, we built this world within. Turned my back on you when you had so much love to give. Oh, this home is just a house, oh, a place to lay my head. Oh, the roof must have a leak, oh lord, 'cos it's raining in my bed. And all because I need you more my whole world is falling down. Oh yeah, falling all around. I never knew that you would leave me even though you've been mistreated. Oh, won't you know your love is needed now. My whole world is falling down. Since the day you've gone, I can't get no sleep. Even a part-time job, my love, is mighty hard to keep. Well, I miss the evening meal that you used to cook and all my clothes are hanging off. You should see the way I look. And all because I love you more my whole world is falling down. Oh is falling all around. Said is falling all around, yeah.


Aceyalone "All Balls Don't Bounce"
this is not a love ballad but it is a slow song (?) tell you 'bout this girl i know well this girl i used to know her name's makeba makeba sweet makeba makeba makeba yo how you doin' baby it's been a long time haven't seen you in a couple of years and the last i heard you lost your mind well how you been who you been with how's it been goin' still into hip hop are you still flowin' oh yeah that's cool we should kick back maybe have a session i remember you tellin' me you had to get away couldn't stay another day in the life of L.A. in the city that's peace yo where you been China Africa Greece least you coulda dropped me a letter or a phone call let me know you was all right your friends and your family and they kept tellin' me makeba disappeared in the night now i know that you had big dreams makeba but i had big dreams too and all this time you were searchin' makeba did any your dreams come true i remember i used to be down for you and you was down for me i had your back and you had my back makeba i wanted you to be my g makeba yo you know i got another girl after that right she kinda looked like you too a little bit sweet makeba yo why don't you just come to the crib you know we could listen to some music talk about things ooh i see you're not a young girl anymore and you're all grown up and you been around the world wanna see what life's gonna offer you it's your young world and it's all for you you probably got a man in every country that wants you like i wanted you but you didn't want that remember how we used to make love makeba 'member how you loved it when i hit it from the back makeba i had love for you i had wanted you i had needed you i remember comin' to your house seven in the morning ready for school but we didn't even go it was right back to my house where we kissed liked kids and we jumped in the bed and you know i loved makin' love to my makeba she was like my queen of Sheba i remember how we used to smoke chiba oh you don't smoke no more well that's cool well everybody gotta stop sometime i remember one time when you hid my stash and saved my ass from the one time i remember some fools tried to jump me and you jumped up before anybody did we used to say if and when we get married we'll have kid after kid after kid after kid after kid after kid after kid after kid after kid damn that's a lot of kids makeba sweet makeba i had love for you i had wanted you i had needed you how i loved makin' love to my makeba well remember how the whole crew used to hang tough well everybody's doin' they thang and stuff and everybody's still actin' like they know and a few more people ain't w/us no mo' oh me i'm just chillin' makin' my music livin' and buildin' tryin' to make a million out this little ol' dime and this nickel and lickin' lickle shots for the prophets we forgot but other than that i'm glad you back on deck i expect to see you in the near future if you wanna just sit and chat talk about the good old days good old times what was in style what's goin' on now cause it has been a while makeba honey girlfriend left in a whirlwind put a brother in a tailspin just twirlin' had a few laughs and kicks but me and my clique don't be trippin' no tricks i still got a piece of me to give you you still got a piece of you to give me you listenin' but you don't hear me we can pick up right where we left at but i gotta be me and you gotta accept that i just wanna be homies cause i ain't got love like Monie cause soon as you got close you got ghost and you tried to leave Acey 'lone-y so hook up w/me if you can cool but you know i know what you get loose to and if you play your cards right get your shit tight then we might be down like we used to makeba

100% Texan

Well I love the sound of a rain on a tin roof on a hot summer night love to hear those hound dogs a-barkin Howlin at the full moon light Love to see those fireflies a buzzin Lighting up the southern sky Yeah I'm a hell bent 100% Texan til I die Well I've crossed that old state line more than a time or two And if you see me leavin you best be believing I'll be back before the week is through If I stay gone too long no tellin what I'll do I might a-highjack a plane I might jump a freight train to get back home it's true chorus Well now I don't mind going to Oklahoma ain't never met an Okie that I didn't like I dont mind New York city Those yankees talk funny but they're alright I don't mind going to wessiana Their red hot cajun cooking suits me fine If I had my way I'd be home today on my front porch drinking moonshine Chorus X3 yeah now I'm a hell bent 100% Texan til I die

Head Over Heels

**THE CORRECT NAME OF THE SONG IS FALLING *** Sometimes In the morning When I wake up I shed a tear I'm hoping, come the nightime,you'll open The door and re-apper I can promise to share, All my dreams I will dare You set my heart racing when you get next to me Still I don't think you care Should I wait for your love Or am I waiting in vain Somebody help me cause I'm falling head over Heals in love again You you your the one For your love I think I will do anything Yeah you yeah yeah you you Your the one For your love I think that I will do anything I miss you I wanna kiss you The sweet scent of roses Is in your hair See sometimes When I get lonley I still feel you beside me When your not there I can promise to share all my dreams I will dare (repeat rest of chorus)

I Wish You Well

I wish you well Couldn't you tell After all these years I wish you well And life in a world That you're dreaming of I wish you well I wish you love, oh I wish myself All of the above What made me think That I could survive All the wear and tear? It's not my thing To stand here and pose For some William Tell I wish you well I wish you love, oh I wish myself All of the above If there was a better time I could not find it It's mine not yours And yours not mine And we couldn't hide it Don't take me on A ride with you It's a roller coaster The only time I look at you Is on a rock and roll poster I wish you well Where are you now? Couldn't you see through The sweat and tears? I took my bow While you confirmed All my saddest fears I wish you well I wish you love, oh I wish myself The world I dream of I wish you well I wish you love, oh I wish myself All of the above All of the above All of the above All of the above


Die Happy "Beautiful Morning"
Love – a fairytale in my old book of fantasy trust – but better control before you want to believe warmth – you're totally hot or out there in the cold wrong is what I was thinking Say, that I am your girl and that you love me only time, is rushing away and you‘re still not here with me cool, I should be when you say that you don't like my hair why, am I even with you, why d' I stay? OUR LOVE IS HISTORY CAUSE YOU DON'T CARE FOR ME I'M LEAVING, THIS IS GOODBYE, GOODBYE yeah YOU'RE NEVER BY MY SIDE I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE THIS IS THE END, CAN'T YOU SEE IT Say, that all is ok and that you are still my man time, is slipping away and you are not here again cold, is your face when you're talking about our life why? ”Are you my lover... ...or is it more???” I should have known that it was wrong to think that love is everlasting “I should have never been together with you!” You were mine and I thought I could be anytime alone you were mine and I thought this is love But it's now that the story is dead I will never be sad you were playing with me Love is all that I wanted and it's all that I feel, I am losing you padapapa - I'm free, yeah all the time why didn't you ever say you prefer the other way you're not like the other guys around

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