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M People lyrics - Elegant Slumming

Moving On Up

Original and similar lyrics
You've done me wrong, Your time is up You took a sip (just a sip) from the Devil's cup You broke my heart, there's no way back Move right outta here baby Go and pack your bags Just who do you think you are? Stop acting like some kind of star Just who do you think you are? Take it like a man baby If that's what you are CHORUS: 'Cause I'm moving on up You're moving on out Movin' on up Nothing can stop me Moving on up You're moving on out Time to break free Nothing can stop me, Yeah They brag a man has walked in space, But you can't even find my place Mm...there ain't nothing (not a thing) You can do 'Cause I've had enough of me Baby being part of you Just who do you think you are? This time you've gone too far Just who do you think you are? Take it like a man baby If that's what you are Repeat chorus


There's a thousand words that I could say, to make you come home, yeah seems so long ago you walked away left me alone And I remeber what you said to me, you were acting so strange And maybe I was too blind to see that you needed a change was it something I said to make you turn away to make you walk out and leave me cold If I could just find a way to make it so that you were right here, right now I've been sitting here can't get you off my mind I'm trying my best to be a man and be strong I drove myself insane, wishing I could touch your face But the truth remains, you're Gone Now I don't wanna make excuses, baby Won't change the fact that you're gone But if there's something that I could do, won't you please let me know Time is passing so slowly now, guess that's my life without you And maybe I could change my everyday, but baby I don't want to So I'll just hang around and find some things to do To take my mind off missing you And I know in my heart, you can't say that you don't love me too Please say you do, yeah CHORUS - Repeat What will I do if I can't be with you Tell me where will I turn to, baby who will I be Now that we are apart, am I still in your heart? Baby why don't you see that I need you here with me? CHORUS - Repeat


You broke my heart When you walked away You tell me you made a mistake So you're back to bother me You think that you're just what I need Well baby let me tell you that you're wrong (chorus) Baby don't you treat me this way I'm sick and tired of you And everything that you say And everything you do Get out of my face Because you're crazy I need a lover who treats me right Not one who's cold as ice Had your chance, but now it's gone Baby it's time to move on You think that I still want you but you're wrong (chorus x 2) Don't come back I don't wannasee you Don't come back cause I don't need you Must be mad to think I believe you now Don't come back cause I don't need you Don't come back I don't wanna see you now (chorus x 2) Get off my back get off my back get off my back (x 2)

You To Me Are Everything

The Real Thing
VERSE 1-ohhhhhh, I will take the stars out of the sky 4 u, stop the rain from fallin, if u ask me 2. I'll do anything 4 u, your wish is my command, I could move a mountain, when your hand is in my hand. Ohhhhh, words cannot express how much u mean to me, there must be some other way 2 make u see. If it takes my heart and soul, you know i'll pay the price. Everything that I possess I glady sacrafice. CHORUS - Ohhh, u 2 me r everything, the sweetest song that i could sing, oh baby, oh baby. 2 u i guess i'm just a crowd, who picks u up each time your down, ohh baby. oh baby. BRIDGE - You give me just a taste of love, to build my hopes up high, u know you got the power girl, to keep me holding on. So now u got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me. oh baby, oh baby. VERSE 2 - Emmmm, though u close 2 me, we seem so far apart, maybe given time time, you'll have a change of heart. If it takes forever girl, than i'm prepared to wait. The day you give your love 2 me, won't be a day 2 late. REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS UNTIL FADED

Let Me Know

Jake "Jake"
(Let me know what I should say to you) Oh yeah-- (Let me know what I'm supposed to do) Tell me what to do, oh--- (Let me know what I should say to you) VERSE ONE: Baby, I've been waiting so long And I can see what's going on I've gotta tell you how I feel This time it's got to be for real 'Cause I'm feeling so peculiar When I see somebody else with you And you know my head is turning And it's time for me to make that move CHORUS: So baby, let me know what I should say to you Just tell me what it is that I'm supposed to do 'Cause I'm falling apart on my own Without you every day (So tell me what to do) VERSE TWO: Baby, when I close my eyes I picture you inside my mind I think about you all the time Girl, why don't you just give me a sign 'Cause I never understood it Baby, why you made me wait so long And I've got to get to know you 'Cause the feeling's getting oh-so-strong (repeat chorus) Oh--- Whoa--- (repeat chorus x2) So tell me what to do, oh--- (Let me know what I should say to you) Oh yeah--- (Let me know what I'm supposed to do) Tell me what to do, oh--- (Let me know what I should say to you) Baby, let me know what I should say to you

Don't Want To Lose

Jake "Jake"
VERSE ONE: I used to live out here, my life and limb together I used to hang my head, and dream to make it better If you could understand what's happening to me Then I wouldn't need myself To tell me it's not the same, oh no no--- CHORUS: I don't want to lose, no baby I don't want to find myself all by myself again I don't want to lose your love, no--- I don't want to find out that there's nothing left to win VERSE TWO: Sometimes I feel like nothing's sinking in I look around and have to ask you where I've been Sometimes I think maybe it's time to take a chance But I know you and I Can reach the other side, oh yeah--- (repeat chorus) 'instrument break' (repeat chorus) If you see me on my own again somtime now, baby Don't pass me by, oh yeah--- (repeat chorus x2)

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