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M I L C lyrics

One Foot On The Floor

Original and similar lyrics
---------------------- Straight from the grindstone, He steps up to the bar. Where the burdens spawned At work and home, Will slip away so far. The happy hour solution Sets the mind at ease. One hand tips the bottle - The other holds the keys. And he has one more for the road. One more for the road. New York's Finest flashing, Have saved us twice before. But a clever lawyer's closing, Brings him back for more. He jokes about the system, And how he cut the deal. But the deck is stacked against us As he climbs behind the wheel. He has one foot on the floor, One in the grave. One foot on the floor, one in the grave. Drink has dulled the senses' Reactionary need. Blood shot eyes burn heavy, As the driver picks up speed. MIrage - familiar driveway, Mistaken for his own. Will the excuse of a liquid backbone, Let him live with what he's done. And it's one foot on the floor One in the grave. And the kids in the yard Where the kids are meant to play, Nowhere to run when the car Came through the gate. One foot on the floor, One in the grave.

Snakes Among Us

Bane "Give Blood"
your garbage it is growing and your weapons and rebellions were charged on daddy抯 card to all your baffled looks we didn抰 choose to do this the hard way but we scream our lungs and we raise our glasses to all the girls, and all the boys with the first five minutes of a war always at their sides (and like the man said? i fall asleep with pen in hand there抯 something you should know and all your guts and all your goals came in the shiny promo package knew how this would end before you bled for the beginning strike a pose so when you get off your happy little bus with your happy little smiles with your happy little instruments that never go out of tune we will be fucking up and missing words following you in a van that we had to beg to start and of course we抮e fucking angry and of course we抮e tired and ugly it抯 not all a sunny Sunday (and like the man said? you can take a road that takes you to the stars i can take a road that will see me through

Empty 3.0

Information Society "Don't Be Afraid"
Crawl across the floor If it feels like something you know Curl up in a ball If it feels like home Sleep as much as you can If you can't sleep then lay there Pick at yourself Until you feel pure Something's pulling you to the floor Like a longtime friend Someone's banging your head on the wall As a means to an end Empty Filling up with sick Like water in your lungs Sucking yellow fog around your head This must be the end of you But you know this will never stop You can't hear anything anymore Just the hammer in your chest Walk on through the growing noise Of your inescapable path Walk willingly into the dark Nothing can touch you now Once you were a child The world was darker then Fear was in the hall But you won't think about that now Just some warmth and a home And an end to the task Your doors are standing wide open But it's too late for you now And although it's not quite the time Although we've just begun to leave We will tarry not to say we were wrong to leave behind a silent reproach And when our eyes are searching out And our hearts are beating strong We'll have a reason not to grieve With holly leaves and scanning skies And if the colors fade into night And the storms our heads enclose And our souls are set against one another If the seas receive us not And the skies mock our lowliness Then we shall still love one another For we are two, together For we are two, together

The Unquiet Grave

JOAN BAEZ "Joan Baez / 5"
Cold blows the wind to my true love, And gently drops the rain. I've never had but one true love, And in green-wood he lies slain. I'll do as much for my true love, As any young girl may, I'll sit and mourn all on his grave, For twelve months and a day. And when twelve months and a day was passed, The ghost did rise and speak, "Why sittest thou all on my grave And will no let me sleep?" "Go fetch me water from the desert, And blood from out the stone, Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast That young man never has known." "How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart, Where we were want to walk, The fairest flower that e'er I saw Has withered to a stalk." "A stalk has withered and dead, sweetheart, The flower will never return, And since I've lost my own true love, What can I do but yearn." "When will we meet again, sweetheart, When will we meet again?" "When the autumn leaves that fall from the trees Are green and spring up again."

Catacomb Kids

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
I was a dark, dumb student No hooky rookie day trippin' on visions of chickens that look like R. Crumb drew 'em They grew 'em in a royal dirt of Suffolk county's flooring with the blood of an alcoholic clergyman in his forearms Long Island was porn stars and puppies pushin' sniffles Fit into the aforementioned or slipped through the pinholes 'Zook slipped through the pinholes Crispy the godsender who thunk over a quarter plunk to local Mortal Kom vender Both the formal squad censor Look down Either side across the marsh before it was "Awesome cars!" My calling card Calvary cooking an '85 Dodge Ares Gas for Huntington and back, barely Equipped with Super-Soakers full of piss and an uncanny knack for constantly upsetting pigs by doing stupid shit The kid ... his ring king dummies to King Kullen, where he hollered "Fuck the world" from a parking lot in the suburbs (What's this?) A couple spray cans and a little litter but they'd look at us like swindlers with them Ricky Kasso jitters So fuck 'em, a glutton sunk into the alley for props But things will still go bump when them halogens pop Believe I'll be there when it happens The shakin' of the plates off the mantle The snakin' of the flames off the candle The lady of the lake off the answers Admitting the mistakes to their deplaning cadavers Now it's "Rest in Peace" Will Peterson whose heater sung disturbingly to further re-evaluate your beast of burden's urgency Damn, doggy Good times, thanks I wrote your name in wet cement by the corporate banks. (What's this?) I'm an activator Made a fire, made a wheel, made a snack for later Catacomb kids cuddle up fantastic labor When the towns be freak sleep Trap the traitor He will ask for papers (What's this?) Say I'm an activator Made a roof, made a weapon, made a flag per acre By the snotty little nuzzle of a latch-key neighbor When the folk push aggie over some dap with ʻgators He will catch the vapors Couple Playboy mudflaps and hell on his heels Beautifully echoed in the pace at which he shoveled his meals Like not a farmer among us had a harvest survive the winter So dinner split a lima bean and triplets, pick a winner Took a couple summers pukin' pills behind the dumpster As the largest pez dispenser on record recouped his numbers One shoe in the soupy gutter One shoe in the velvet heaven? Where the mermaids Harlem Shakin' by a lake of melted weapons (What's this?) You could dance purty with the hooligan nation Who will be patiently awaiting zoo-keeper facelift? Extra The days of yore painted similar uber-ape shit We've merely updated the ancient 8-bit Yeah I'm dumber than a cow on a roof in a flood Who's not as dumb as the watered-down beef from the burgers that jumped I'm dumber than a Taz on a beach chair with a martini Who's not as dumb as the tat wit the same scenery Sparky nails pig stigmata for all good sport Garbage pail kids unite at the mall food court They chase cheese fries with Binaca They had shut the school down early There were bombs inside the lockers No concept of the problem We responded like a snow day It was clobber shit to flotsam 'Till the cops said it was okay Okay Show the squadrons back into their boxes like his Breakfast Club of hotheads show no progress to the doctors And I walk into the office, coughin' awfully at their often Flood a parking meter fever, knucle up for Love and Rockets It was rain of the razor laser Day of the cloudy howdy Flight of the shelter melter You can bow without me Knock 'em out the box, Ace

The Curious Sound

JAMIE T "Kings & Queens"
Falling through the floor again and never coming back hear a scream and shout again nothing come around he starts a fleeing your you say your checking out Run away together, for whatever, for however, before weather we saw news the kid got shot down Well its worse or its for better New York City severed tethers that were strong enough to hold us up in our home town Hit the ground as the siren sounds The news reporter said there were 10 shells there found She said that if you hold them to your ear out loud You'll hear it was the police who went shot him down Sour Troubadour said she never coming back The sound of shells hits the floor gone ever more He crawling on the road again you say your checking out Your running down the road again away from the fallout Ouuuut Sour Troubadour said she never coming back The sound of shells hits the floor gone ever more You calling on the road again you say your checking out You running down the road again away from the fallout

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