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Lynch Mob lyrics - Lynch Mob

No Good

Original and similar lyrics
Got a nasty disposition,always lookin' for a thrill been attacked with every bar stool,and never paid my bill sellin' drugs inside the school yard,in every nightmare that you dream I'm always in and out of trouble,I'm the fear inside the scream (Pre chorus) Don't second guess me baby,hang out with me I'll make your head head spin round take my advice and listen,cos I'm lyin' and cheatin' and beggin' and screamin' so look out! (Chorus) No good,will ever come from lovin' me,no good,I'll never treat you right,no good,forget about your worries baby,hold on and get ready to ride. I'm in the evil in the bible,go to church but never pray I'm a sister with a habit,I'm a preacher never saved I'll stay out late and come home early,gonna rain on your parade I'm the finger on your trigger,better watch what you say (Pre chorus) (Chorus) Solo Ooooohhhh yeah Filthy reputation,I'm the tears your gonna cry got a glove box full of warrants,I'll abuse you 'til you die (Chorus) (Fade out solo)

Hard Rain Don't Last

DARRYL WORLEY "Hard Rain Don't Last"
Hard Rain Don't Last (Darryl Worley/Rob Crosby) Girl tonight it's pouring down on us It's been building for so long Yeah, it's dark I know but don't let go And don't say our love is gone Chorus: If we hold on till the morning I know this storm is bound to pass That ol' sun is gonna shine again tomorrow Hard rain don't last Girl we tore it up, made a mess of it Left the pieces on the floor But if we forgive and get through this We'll be stronger than before Chorus Everything's gonna seem brighter when the sky clears We'll still be loving each other after these tears Chorus

Where Were You?

BONNIE TYLER "Bitterblue"
Oh baby - I was always around To pick you up when you were falling down Now baby - when you were crying the blues Wasn't I the one that you came crying to ? In all the years gone by You've never seen me cry I never let you see the other side of me Chorus: Where were you When I needed somebody to lean on? Yeah where were you When I needed a shoulder to cry on? I always held you close when you were feeling weak Guess I was walking down a one-way street I was a fool to think that you'd be There for me Where were you? Oh baby - when you needed a friend I stuck beside you then through thick and thin Now baby - when no one cared at all Wasn't I the one that you would always call I gave away my heart, I knew just where I stood Till I reached out for you 'cause I thought I could (chorus) Now even more than what I'm going through The cut that hurts the most is your attitiude You're pretty good at taking what you need You've got a lot to learn about loyalty Believe me baby...There were times You drove me crazy...I was so blind Where were you? I never let you down when you wee full of fear Saved you from drowning in a sea of tears Why baby when then weren't you ever there for me?... (chorus)

Ain't No Good Life

LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Street Survivors"
(Steve Gaines) Ain't no good life Not the one that I lead 'Cause the more I fight the sadness, yeah It only seems the more that I grieve Well I look back on the good times As some lost part of me I wanna know, tell me why is it so Well just because I don't pray Lord, that don't mean I ain't forgiven Just 'cause I'm alive That don't mean I'm makin' a livin' I'm gonna get myself together I'm gonna try a dyin' attempt Talkin' about the good times slippin' by Yeah I tell ya I don't even know where last month went Well I can't make no money baby Well 'cause my money's already spent And I know where it went I said it went on that damn rent Well I don't mean change, baby I mean foldin' money Well I want lovin', said I don't need a buddy I don't need nobody, now Ain't exactly my idea Its sort of old, borrowed and blue Just tryin' to say Don't try that straight life buddy Oh you'll find it kind of hard on you Women, don't try to cook nothin' up, ooh Brother you know you'll only wind up in your own stew Just don't let nobody tell you, oh what you oughta do

It Won't Be Long

[Chorus] Uh, yeah I said it won’t be long (no) ‘fore we out here baby Gotta get you up out here baby Said it won’t be long ‘fore we out here baby We up out here baby [J. Cole Verse 1] I say a prayer and look up in the sky Thank God even though a n-gga headed to this tired day job Will my eyes stay wide Still I know I’m gonna blow This is music for my n-ggas cause I know you want more Cause that old sh-t fake and this new sh-t real J Cole not Jay witness that Blueprint feel Hey Cole is you crazy thats some big boots to fill Yeah straight out the Ville and the shoes fit well Same heaven same hell Same n-ggas get killed Knew every detail still never would tell Scared of the repercussion Scared of them people bussin Bullets be hittin’ n-gga’s you swear they could be percussion N-ggas be holding triggers before they could read instructions Oh God, never did our fathers teach us nothing No law, but became a man on my own Showed my momma I could stand on my own [Chorus] Uh, yeah I said it won’t be long (no) ‘fore we out here baby Gotta get you up out here baby Said it won’t be long ‘fore we out here baby We up out here baby [J. Cole Verse 2] Dear mama, your son hurting Living in this cold World where n-ggas shun virgins And praise hoes As days go by shawty 19 years old No clothes for her baby yet she stay so fly Tell me why mamma do you cry Is it cause you know my teacher be feeding me lies Is it cause you know that Preacher is greedy inside Cause racism is alive I see the disguise Mamma I know it hurts It hurts me to watch you go to work barely hanging on Some rich man getting richer while you slaving for him So whats the options for him A young n-gga from the hood without a pops at home Surrounded by no good And soon no good becomes so good quick A little drug money got him feeling so hood rich Killing your hood with the same sh-t Ronald Reagon filled up your hood with And it’s still in your hood sh-t I’m feeling no good mamma I’m sick of my soul Is there a better life for us I just sit and I hope I just hope and I pray It’ll change one day I’ll make a change one way And mamma I can fly you out this cold World This cold life, it’s all wrong There’s no right Its hard to see the good when there’s no light Just grrab onto me, trust me hold tight! [Chorus] Uh, yeah I said it won’t be long (no) ‘fore we out here baby Gotta get you up out here baby Said it won’t be long ‘fore we out here baby We up out here baby

Breaking The Chains

Sit there thinkin' In your room You feel the pressure You're goin' crazy too The walls around you Closin' in You need a change Claustophobic Feelin' scared You need somebody But no one seems to care A one way ticket A change of pace You've had enough Can't take no more (Chorus 1) Breaking the chains around you Nobody else can bind you Take a good look around you Now you're breaking the chains Got this letter Came today From my baby Who left me yesterday Said she loves me She'll come back She wants to try I won't let her She'll be upset I know it's better Than somethin' I'll regret She's been dishonest And insincere I lost my mind Twenty times a year (Chorus 2) Breaking the chains around me Nobody else can bind me Take a good look around me Now I'm breaking the chains (Solo) Woke up today I'm alone I look around But baby you were gone But I don't mind And I don't worry I will survive I'm alone Now that you're gone Don't need nobody To hold or tie me down I broke the chains So let me be I've gotta be free (Repeat Chorus 2) (Repeat Chorus 2)

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