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LUCKY BOYS CONFUSION lyrics - Throwing The Game

23 - God Only Knows

Original and similar lyrics
Shut his eyes at 23, god only knows Doctors say it's a mystery, god only knows It's not your place to be questioning, god only knows Why I am so shaken Cross that bridge when the time comesÂ… it's in my face Cross that bridge when the time comesÂ… it's in my face and if that's the case Bury me into the ground Don't make a scene, no, don't make a sound These roads are separated, we've thrown out yesterday But don't let tomorrow throw this all away Will his feet again embrace the street, god only knows Will this infection turn and retreat, god only knows It's not your place to be questioning, god only knows Why I am so broken Seedlings brainwashed, deprived Notions that they've all contrived Feel this, yeah, I'm still alive But I'm barely holding off


Life, the meaning of death, unknown destiny how much time is left. Living out the end never knowing when. The plug will be pulled and you find the end. Doomed, to uncertaintly, uncontrolled force controls reality. Erosion of our lives, constant ticking. The clock ticks as our hearts beating. Grievance, anguish and pain, losses come cold, bitterness remains. Fragile lives dropping like drips of rain. Staring blankly into death's eyes again. Innocence, dumbfounded faith. Hope will bring nothing, darkness always waits. Gripping as you wake, life's fragility, providence. Of mortal lives we're leading unknown, unseen, unscathed. The fragile lives we thought we once knew, to be, our own. Controlled by our inner selves drained, in time, or taken. The fear we never realized set, in place, and time life's mortality. Controverting it's domain, permanence for whom it's slain. Time and space come to a halt, exercised the right of fault. Beyond sleep you will lie, freed from the flesh. Spanning the plain, existence persists? Stand or fall do as you may, an open door will pave the way. The final choice is only yours, fate you'll find behind the door. Unknown to all, our minds to evade. Eternally unanswered the question lays. Mental block bars, repress the fear. The future hid from knowledge certain to appear. Burdened mind, for what we perceive. Forced to live with knowledge of mortality. Will we reach, step over the line. Fall to fate, destiny, question unknown in our time. =

Fatima's Hand

OUTLANDISH "Bread Barrels Of Water"
(feat. Majid) Fatima is 21 And around here - when your 21 u gotta start thinking about getting a man getting a son - getting it done just like her mom when she was 21 but even though Fatima's not ready for it she not gonna say some she feels she gotta do this for the parents cuz they've been on her for the last 5 years a lotta men from motherland came up here hoping she say yeah but she ain't down wants somebody that can make her feel alive chill every time she wanna cry the one in a million type of guy but her mom keeps telling her compromise, this ain't no fairy tale my child do not waste your time u'll regret u didn't say yes to this guy everyday is the same like a battlefield she gets the blame bringing shame on the family name just cuz the streets be babbling like a Bedouin in a dessert storm she lays low from all their songs try to make'em understand but it's like talking to the wall her desire's burning to change her ill state it's strange - for the first time in a long time - she sees the light in the end [Chorus:] she brings the pain within your brain y'all don't really wanna understand her thang boo be really strong enough to maintain thru your bullshit it ain't nothing but pain but she knows in the name of Fatimas hand she don't go wrong in the name of Fatimas hand she will move on hey hoping everything will be alright!!! [Majid:] I see tears in everybody's eyes But I don't understand why Mama standing in the kitchen preparing dinner while she cries as the pain spreads inside cuz something that's going on denial of my first question second time got no respond to lose some one that had always been there She always had my back And she always did care So with these lines right here I wanna explain how much I love u No matter what u do I will forever stay true Until this day Can't nobody tear us apart 10 years is past But u are still living in my heart truly no poetry can explain how much I miss ya No matter where u are U will always be my sister [Chorus...] Con la mano de Fatima sobre su alma encantadora su camino es protegido no importa cual escoga y ella fue escogida para verla y admirarla en sus ojos tiene un algo impecable es su retrato y cada vez que pasa lo duro se ablandese la noche se agrandese lo malo desvanece no la olvidaran, la esperaran al otro lado de esta vida su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara en las memorias hay momentos de pasion afecto y comprension, retratos y recuerdos dando vuelta en las fantasias su aura es alegria lleva la mano de Fatima [Chorus:]

Making Waves

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah I was the cool kid in my crowd of misfits Malcolm in the Middle, couldn't spin the disk quick And now I'm fly like a diskcus, eye on the biscuit Sin City, I couldn't resist it But if you miss it, they be saying you a wise man While we trying to get the green like Iceland I just pull the tags off everything is priceless If you after the cake I'm cool with the icing Out my mind, there ain't time to sit pretty Text say "I'ma meet him in the city" And Johnny got the keys said we in a sick new studio And I'm coming over, it's no Rick Rubio No big movie role, not until whe make it 'Til I'm getting degrees like bacon And you've been on your knees like Meagan Meet your way into the stars Knowing very well, you ain't going far [Hook:] They say "do not go splashing" And I never behave And I don't know my place I'll be making my waves now I know you like it I can tell by your face So come off with the chase But I'll be making my waves now No swine flu, we really sick this time And woman never let us leave, District 9 I grab bag'em, hoped you picked this rhyme As the best thing you heard since Christmas time You missed us right? Well no we're back at it It's getting harder to breathe I'm like an asthmatic You don't gotta ask, I'ma let your ass have it Cause everybody else sounding like they half-assed it I spit acid to burn the mic down And I'm coming for 2000 and right now We ain't seeing what you wrote like white-out Grab the cash register and then scream I'm out Of place, but it's not my face though Cause I don't wanna have to preach like I'm Mase yo All I want, a girl that is tasteful, money by the waistload And celebrate with drinks by the case load [Hook] They trying to keep us down like the undertoe And they tellin' all they friends that we wonderful I'm just trying to keep my head above the water flow Fuck it, we can stagedive, I ain't even learn to float Now the big wigs love us and we know this And they thinkin' we some kids, goldfish I could play that game too, we I go rich You ain't in my zone, why you throwing me the low pitch? But I own this, homerun, broke the bat Y'all some small fries but we welcome fat Young now but the knowledge of an older cat Got a hill to climb, we'll get over that They thought it's a stage, he'll get over that Fuck that thinkin', what up to the doughboys Y'all get Lincoln, I get Franklins And time is ticking This Titanic not sinking [Hook] And I never behave I can tell by your face [2x] Cause I'll be making my waves now

One Day At A Time

2PAC "Resurrection"
One Day At A Time Lyrics [Tupac] Sometimes its hard, to wake up in the morning Mind full of demons I don't wanna hear them anymore Got me heartbroken, find so many babies screamin' Cuz they seein destruction before they see a human bein So they start smoking, we, will never get our day Until we learn to pray, keep our families in shape Cuz they all broken, why do ghetto birds die Before we learn to fly, somebody elses child caught in gun smoke And we, can all make a change So I'm told but I haven't seen a change unfold I'll keep hopin please, if you prefer to breathe Communities in need, of people that will lead Keep your eyes open, I can only say I'll try Until the day I die, I promise to be wise With my heart open, greed brings only misery Away the tragedy, so I stay sucker free Only a few chosen rise, my ghetto queens rise Don't be afraid to try, too many of us die Before they daughter open wise, my brother's speak wise Stay focused on the prize, though everybody dies [Eminem] We can only learn to take, our anger and our hate Control our mental state, settle down and set it straight Maybe we can learn to take a second to pump the brakes Before we set it, regret it later and let it escalate Cuz by then its just too late, there's so much we can take And there's only so much someone can swallow and tolerate To the point that he just breaks, snaps, and its all it takes You think that we was learnin from other rappers mistakes But we ain't, its plain to go against, With every artist comes the image he portrays and the picture that he paints But in the mist of all this anger and this angst Never once did you heard me say I'm a gangster and I aint hear any complaints But I know, that I will always continue to grow As long as I lead, and never follow no one else's shadow There will never be another me, and that I can guarantee That's why the fuck I remain sucker free To this day, the game, will never be the same No matter how much fame and success they attain There will never be another me And no matter what they do, there will never be another you You can search but you'll never find You can try to rewind time, but in your hearts and your minds We will never die, we are forever alive And we continue growin, [2Pac]- one day at a time [Outlawz] Don't get caught in the publicity and caught in the hype Rappers are regular people minus money and life Seachin for fortune and fame and superstardom All the jewlery, all the cars, whos crews the hardest Now the hip-hop police, the villains is watchin And the kids think beef, is they only option Outlawz born filthy, guilty as charged My memories live to die, my Makaveli lives on You think the industry is fun, they no pity with guns And when your money is up, that's when your enemies come So if he died, and came back, would he try to save rap We needing a change, the drama remains I spend my whole life, (yeah) fightin myself That I cant win, so I'm invitin some help And hey now then, I take rights and some lefts I'm still, just like a kid, lookin for stripes on my belt Yeah, that there is a fight in itself So I just pray and hope God, take a like to myself No matter how much I try, stay alive, I'm a die a man Still standin there in love my pride My heart fell for this bitch, we passed that I'm tryin to keep some income comin and collect all my ass cap The rappers in the game ain't changed And I finally realize that we not in the same game The hatin' will never end, so I guess I'll deal with it Them .45's will pop killa's, yes I'm still with it The streets is military, you gotta be a soldier Gotta stay leery, and keep your eyes on the rollers They do what they gotta do to shackle and hold us So we gotta do what we gotta do to keep rollin One way at a time, keep the faith in your mind [Eminem and Outlawz] when we continue growin', [Tupac] One day at a time Damn

Take A Look

LEVEL 42 "Staring At The Sun"
I'm a ragged man with a ragged heart but I wear my soul with pride you can see me on the road see my carrying my home and perhaps it seems that I'm all alone but I'm happy here inside you can keep your fancy dress 'cause to me it don't impress when I look in your face that camera smile looks out of place on you by the look in your eyes I can see you realize so lend yourself to me I'll show you what could be well I've come so far down so many roads I've experienced your pain you know that that's a fact I can see the way you act but I learned to see what was wrong with me and I won't go back again I know I've made mistakes but I also made the break you surround yourself with secrets you are afraid to show to the world you convince yourself there's no other way to go don't you see the smile on my face does it look so out of place so lend yourself to me I'll show you what could be (yes I will) so many ways for you to spend the passing days loving and living or losing and using life is forgiving so use it well feeling revealing or wheeling and dealing life's not for stealing and time will tell take a look at your face take a look at your face you must surely know if man made heaven then man made hell so take a look at yourself what's this secret you can't tell me (when I look in your face I see that smile so out of place on you and by the look in your eyes I can see you realize, oh yeah)

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