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Jumped in a gang at age 15 And shot while playing with his brother Who's going to tell his mother Little Jean never reached 18 A bottle of pills found by her bed cuz No one cares that's all she ever said She said to me reality, reality and I knew a girl that had to quit high school And get a job to support her baby Still her parents call her lazy And Tommy's dad gets drunk and mad Takes a bat across his head A perfect picture of a modern family Is that way it should be reality Too fast to live too young to die But it makes me sick when I think why It's too much for me reality

Live And Die

P.O.D. "Brown"
I get up Friday morning and I'm late for school Only 13, but I got a mad pull, it's cool Who needs a job when I can steal and rob Making all that money, but my mom don't think it's funnly Call up the Homies cuz today's the day they gonna make a man of me A gangsta, an O.G. They say I'm young, but I got much heart Feel like a kid inside, I know how to play the part Gotta get jumped in, but man it ain't no thang 5 minutes of pain for the love of a gang Might not be right, but it's all I Know Messed up and joined a gang, gave away my soul [Chorus] Nothing matters to me, except right now Make it through till tomorrow, some way some how You don't understand, but it makes sense to me I won't stop until I rest in peace [2x] I got my first 9-lim, so brothers beware looking to get into some trouble All it takes is a stare without a care, I see some fools that ain't from my set Represent what I claim, then take my respect scared as heck, But I'm down with how you figure, you might be big But my trigga is bigga, Bust five shots as I fall to the floor Within a single second, I become Hardcore I knew this morning, it would be one of those days G' I missed them suckas again, but hit a lady and her baby [Chorus 2x] Get that fool Live by the sword, Die by the sword Innocent life, what they dying for Live by the Gat, die by the gun Who suffers when it's all said and done [2x]

Go 'Head

MYSTIKAL "Tarantula"
(feat. Pharrell Williams (Neptunes)) [Mystikal] I was at the mall, and this girl passed me by so I like her booty she said hey boy That's when I made my move I jammed up and jammed re-over there by the baby shoe I said you got a chiled huh She said yeah he live in Bogaluga out there by my momma Give me yo' number and I hit you when I make it home And after I take a bath I'll catch up wit'chu later on That's exactly what I did We went to the movies got some eatin' back to the crib Being a man you know I'm thinkin' about hittin' somethin' She said this you nice but this the first date you ain't gettin' nothin' That's alright cause I respect your mind It ain't no rush cause I'mma get you next time We ain't got no beef, we ain't got no quarrel You likin' me tonight, but you gone lovin' me tomorrow [Hook: P. Williams] I said go 'head, go 'head and move it baby You've got 'em watchin', go 'head and do it honey You've got 'em comin' now, you've got me watchin' baby So don't you stop it baby, you got me so.. [Mystikal] Must be my baby cause I seen her everyday this week And when we made love you know we went meat to meat I think I'm headed for a Love Jones This one hear supposed to be a jam not a love song Girl you got me humpin' and don't ask me what I'm doin' cause I'm thinkin' 'bout my pumpin' They call her pumpkin' cause she workin' with somethin' I call her bia' cause she carryin' my youngin' I made her Cavalier a Navigator, and put baby momma on a Jaguar bling I for you and me for me She built like a stripper I don't need to cheat And when it's late she's always inside Under the cover behind her cuddled up wit' her And since we met you been the love of my life We ain't married but we call eachother husband and wife [Hook] [Mystikal] We always home and all we do is laugh together Even watchin' T.V. takin' baths together Went through the sunny and the nasty weather My feelin' short so I ain't have to tell ya' And I would never try and use you I care too much to hurt you, and need you too much to lose you We have mo' babies than my cousin' Weebie I'm goin' be yo' King Tut you goin' be my Nefa Teenie Tell me what you say to that I be coming home from work sayin' where my ol' lady at And you come runnin' from the back room And you know how much I love to see you when you wear a cat suit Now give me what I want want I say where them trishes at I took 'em by the mall mall You make me feel like a man, cause you can't get enough Girl you got it you got it bad [Hook 2x] [P. Williams (Mystikal)] I said go 'head, (move it) You've got 'em watchin' You've got 'em comin' now (watch it) So don't you stop it baby (stop it)

Live High

JASON MRAZ "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things"
I try to picture a girl Through a looking glass See her as a carbon atom See her eyes and stare back at them See that girl As her own new world Though a home is on the surface, she is still a universe Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds Are we all here standing naked Taking guesses at the actual date and time Oh my, justifying reasons why Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by Live high Live mighty Live righteously Taking it easy Live high, live mighty Live righteously Try to picture the man To always have an open hand See him as a giving tree See him as matter Matter fact he's not a beast No not the devil either Always a good deed doer And it's laughter that we're making after all The call of the wild is still an ordination why And the order of the primates All our politics are too late Oh my, the congregation in my mind Is this assembly singing gratitude Practicing their loving for you Just take it easy And celebrate the malleable reality Nothing is ever as it seems This life is but a dream

Flower Grown Wild

She was the girl in the very front row Always waitin' after the show She was the queen of the hollywood hills Knew the stars, the bars, the pimps and pills Somebody's climbin' on a greyhound tonight Too much lipstick and her dress real tight Looks like a woman but she ain't quite No, not quite She's somebody's baby She's somebody's mother's child She may look like a lady But she's just a flower grown wild They never knew you by your childhood name But they were drawn to you like moths to a flame Nobody saw the tears in your silk n' lace Or the scarred little kid behind your face Just remember when you hold her tight What you're holding in your arms tonight She's no angel, but that's alright Ya that's alright She's somebody's baby She's somebody's mother's child She may look like a lady But she's just a flower grown wild Just another little pretty thing Another angel with a broken wing Who fell to earth 'neath the hollywood hills Amid the stars and the bars, the pimps and pills Just like the girl on the movie screen She played it up until the very last scene The picture faded and the day was done Went home to nothin but a loaded gun Somebody's climbing on a greyhound tonight A little angel flyin' out of sight Looks like a woman but she ain't quite No, not quite

Let My Niggas Live

[Intro Skit] Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets, mindin my own business.. and BAM!! I'm gon' be shot by some pig who's gonna SWEAR that it was a mistake. I accept that as a part of my destiny! [*Si es mi destino morir en la calle como un perro! Hahaha*] [Raekwon the Chef] Whattup kid That's right.. Yo.. aiyyo.. aiyyo.. [Chorus: Raekwon] Aiyyo let my niggas live We show and prove get paper, catch me in the caper on shrooms yo Let my niggas live We real niggas that's God-body, challenge anything, make major moves Let my niggas live We giants, live off the land lions, post with iron, no pryin rules Let my niggas live; aiyyo let my niggas live Handle your bid and kill no kids [Raekwon the Chef] Millionaire feat, whole family eat; yo, y'all niggas is weak Got a bird beak, chirp chirp speak Kids that's rich that'll, run in your bitch and by the third week Yo mark my word, me and my herb speak That's that fire move like Schwinns yo Invisible pens that write light, leave blends Hit with the JF Kennedy shot Smash with the Acapulco rifle got got Bolt off, but got clocked Legendary here, custom made it, shit bladed, word up Design your alphabet, reps get graded We in get-high saloons, big bag of shrooms, arm's length Home of Allah's ten big rooms So what we up in here, modelin large with rigorous moves Exotic Gods bust my hammer at frauds Call him a live merchant, dressed in all red, that's right y'all Gucci jumper X-5, gettin more head [Chorus] [Nas] I scream at the mirror, curse, askin God, 'Why me' Run in the black church, gun in my hand, y'all try me I'm God-son, son of man, son of Marcus Garvey Rastafari irie, Ha-ile Selassie Police'll try to break us, but the streets raised us It takes more than metal bars, we destined for ours I hear murder plans from dopefiends, with elephant hands Snots in they nostril, the blocks is hostile There's no pots to piss in, glocks is spittin Rocks cookin underground bodies stiffin, cops look at bird shit Drop on the window pane, the oxygen is cocaine It drove lots of men to die with no name I been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who famous Pretty dick, puttin stitches in they anus I'm the animal that Hugh Heffner created The only nigga Sade dated, the most hated, Nas nigga [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] Roughneck reppin the set, bang 'em twice in the neck C.O. flip and jerk the whole yard rec Block vets, pop barettas glocks and tecs You're no threat, gun talk, the language of the project Checkin shorty with the +Black Tail+ stance, leapord pants Yellin fuck her man, makin killings off her lap dance Plus the young guns runnin the slums, funds is major Drugged out, got you huntin for crumbs stuck to the razor Semi-autos roar in the building hall Symptoms of bloodsport, the slugs are still in wall Call it a New York state of mind, gotta take mine In the daytime, the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times So I live by the sword and obey hood laws Make my team click like high heels on wood floors [Chorus]

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