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Falling Asleep

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Stressed out hurting like a monday blacked out all the words I couldn't say too much is never enough for you situation might sort out easily but frustration gets the best of me Deal the hand there's nothing left to lose nothing seems to go my way gonna drive my car off the edge of this dead-end highway Yeah, so as you're falling asleep I hope you got what you need there's nothing left that you can say lying there, you're a lie to me messed up sweet angel leaves a bad taste fed up cause you always try to save face every star I wish upon falls on me.

Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks, And Cannibal Girls

WHITE ZOMBIE "Soul Crusher"
How black the devil Never seen the face of god Sweet Mr. Jesus Infected on my skin Demons around you I'm crawling on the floor Sheep for another Another taste of life It's alive, yeah everybody It's alive, who will stop me Dead barks around you Crawl in a river black I He's falling on the way, Out with another A falling wall of sound Say that you love it, Don't make me turn it down [chorus] Born to kill, Black, blue and bloody fingers Hong Kong head gonna face this wheel Now tell me smooth, I'll tell the pussycats And ultra- pain, I'll blow it all away [chorus]


[Intro: Estelle] Some men were born to be heroes Bet everything comin' up with zeroes Some think they God - but you know how that goes Que sera sera [Kardinal Offishall] (Yeah, uh huh, Jake you stupid for this one son, y'know) Aiyyo, actions speak louder than words My middle finger speaks louder than yours I'm in the hood, feet poundin' the curb Jealous of nothin' - mine is bigger than yours Standin' still, y'all runnin' with herbs I stole the soul motherfucker, I ain't bringin' it back Whack niggaz like Jamsport, holdin' me back And I don't care if you're friends with Jay Or Dre, or Kay Slay, you're still garbage Learn to parlay, before you look this way I'm heinous with mine, Kardinal made this I don't pay to get on any playlist Niggaz in the street was waitin' for someone to say this I ain't suckin' dick for y'all DJ's to play this (let 'em know) My records spin like rims on an Avis Look at me wrong, and say what's up to Sammy Davis I'm heavy nigga, the biggest libra couldn't weigh this Before you kiss your TV, you should kiss my whole anus [Hook: Estelle] Some men were born to be heroes Bet everything comin' up with zeroes Some think they God - but you know how that goes Que sera sera Some men still drivin' in the highway Do you - just do it out of my way At all costs I'm doin' it the fly way So I never say que sera sera [Kardinal Offishall] I got the most superior mainframe in the game Flows like a fifty-paper, ain't a damn thing changed On the mic I'm deranged, off the mic I'm just crazy Spit-shine my letter combos - that's what pays me In other words it's the nouns and the verbs That buys the X5's and the cribs on the lakesides I run this shit, I don't take sides What you see is what you get - most of these rappers are in disguise With no persona, so they diss guys You want to lose your profession? I suggest you test this guy The best buy in any Best Buy I'll straight burn the place down like a throwback Left Eye Ahead of the class - nobody ever left I I'm so right, I can't even open my left eye You're dead wrong, tryin' to correct I I'm like the dead in one way: no choice but to respect I, yeah! [Hook: Estelle] [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, everything I do is strong when I rap I don't bust no verses, I talk in thunder claps Give black hands daps, and X marks the map Dot city on my chest, show the world where I'm at Lift you higher than a three hundred dollar weed pack And a G4 smuggled in my jacket in the back Yeah, some question my heart and dedication Why? I'm into the pulse like a palpitation Some man dem dat I know hold down the +Big Macs+ And they come and watch you air the beef out (Blak, blak) That ain't me though, I'm regal like a pharaoh and them Leave the squabbles to the kids, I bring dollars by the pen, y'know [Hook x2: Estelle] [Kardinal Offishall] It's Estelle, let 'em know! Black Jays!

Stressed Out

Your hair looks like it's falling out left in the comb it won't come off your head hangs low your legs get weak leftovers on the tabletop and I'm so stressed out yeah you lift your arms over your head and run your fingers through what's left you eye's tear up your stomach burns your upside down start to invert and I'm so stressed out yeah invert so yo keep on living but everything still falls apart keep bing who your being and it keeps on fallng out save yourself I'm on my last nerve save your self put on your best swerve save yourself I'm on my last nerve save yourself self-served save yourself save yourself

January On Lake Street

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Verse 1:] The doors open My left foot sitting on the driveway You lookin’ at me sideways You tryna predict what I might say But my mind ain’t here now, I’m thinking ‘bout the highway Gone with the gust Sing songs for the bombs that fall in the dusk We all want a little too much Tryna clutch anything close enough to touch And if I had the means I would never be the mascot of y’ll team Y’ll judging trials I’m shoveling miles Wanna go home and try to grow a couple of smiles So I shift to the capital N It happened before and it’ll happen again Roll backwards into the street Now talk amongst yourselves but try to keep it on beat I got at least ten minutes to live You not a thief just simulative There’s no need to be a difficult finish You can see you ain’t the only one considering getting it in Claim that you ain’t afraid to die Then why are you afraid to fly? You better face the heights Get your bravery stripes or get your name denied Cause you was waiting for a safer ride God bless I set up the bricks Step through the mess didn't wreck the kicks Dreamt that I lept off the edge of the ciff Came back said the bodies up in heaven were thick Changing lanes and re-arranging life I ain’t tryna chase a trail of tail-lights Manage pain to get the placement right Stand up straight when you say goodnight [Verse 2:] And each broken glass shows a different view I deal the truth y’ll pick and choose This ain’t a game for you to win or lose But I, never been in your shoes But I, never make supper with suckers It ain’t nothing if it ain’t about hunger You think you cuttin’ the lumber And I would love to be a fly on the cupboard Whenever that bubble ruptures And even when we save the day We never do it believing that we don’t make mistakes You don’t need to recognize my face I’m trying to fly through time and space Too late to erase me With the windows down, January on Lake Street Poppa got a brand new can of paint Put your hands in the air like you work at the bank

When I Was Dead

Robyn Hitchcock
When I was dead I wore a strong perfume When I was dead I never left the room And I saw the aapples hanging like moments in the orchard But falling into action, the moment soon is over-no returns When I was dead I wasn't interested in sex I didn't even care what happened next I was free as a penny whistle, and silent as the glove I wasn't me to speak of, just a thousand ancient feelings That vanished into nothing-and love When I was dead somebody took my hand I couldn't see his face I took his hand And the Devil asked me to supper-he said, Careful with the spoons! And God said, Oh, ignore him! I've got all your albums. I said, Yes, but who's got all the tunes? When I was dead ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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