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Trouble With Classicists

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The trouble with a classicist he looks at a tree That's all he sees, he paints a tree The trouble with a classicist he looks at the sky He doesn't ask why, he just paints a sky The trouble with an impressionist, he looks at a log And he doesn't know who he is, standing, staring, at this log And surrealist memories are too amorphous and proud While those downtown macho painters are just alcoholic The trouble with impressionist is [x4] The trouble with personalities, they're too wrapped up in style It's too personal, they're in love with their own guile They're like illegal aliens trying to make a buck They're driving gypsy cabs but they're thinking like a truck The trouble with personalities is [x4] I like the druggy downtown kids who spray paint walls and trains I like their lack of training, their primitive technique I think sometimes it hurts you when you stay too long in school I think sometimes it hurts you when you're afraid to be called a fool The trouble with classicists is [x4]

End Of The Line

And now the gravity of trouble was more than I could bear, At times my luck was so bad, I had to fold my hands, Almost lost my soul, rarely I could find my head, Wake up early in the morning, feeling nearly dead. I was never afraid of danger, took trouble on the chin, Mountains I have climbed, that have killed a thousand men, Spent most of my lifetime downtown, sleepin' behind the wheel, Never needed anybody, I was king of the hill. [Chorus:] Oh, when I think about the old days, Lord, it sends chills up and down my spine, Yeah life ain't what it seems, on the boulevard of broken dreams, Guess I opened my eyes in the nick of time, 'Cause it sure felt like the end of the line. No matter how hard I run, I just can't get away I try to do my best, but the devil gets in my way Spent most of my lifetime downtown, sleepin' behind the wheel 'Till it all came down to kill or be killed [Chorus]

Trouble You Cant Fool Me

Cooder Ry
(F. Knight, A. Varnell) Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree Trouble you can't fool me trying to get the ups on me Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree You want to jump on me Work hard for living, wanted just to get paid But, sure'd be stealing for a year and a day Would like to see a little sunshine, just to guide my way Would like to have a little peace of mind That's why I wanna say you better look out ! Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree Look out! Trouble you can't fool me trying to get the ups on me Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree You want to jump on me Trouble taught me a lesson I never never will forget Now, he took my love, she ain't paid it back yet I had to find another just to take her place And I sure do love her, I said we're doing ok So look out! Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree Look out! Trouble you can't fool me trying to get the ups on me Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree You want to jump on me Well, you know, everyday can't be Sunday [That's right!] It's a funny thing, it seem just before daylight is your darkest hour And you know one thing [what's that ?] behind every silver lining, there isn't a dark cloud [And you just ain't got time to go 'round subtracting and adding 'cause you'll just be too late] You know one thing ? [What's that ?] Every time you get around a tree, you better stop and grab a brick [Why ?] Old man trouble... laying and waiting on you That's what I wanna say... Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree Look out! Trouble you can't fool me trying to get the ups on me Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree You want to jump on me Trouble took my money, Cadillac's gone Best suit of clothes, all raised up in the closet, oh Lord But I'm so glad Trouble don't last ...always You can't fool me

Eskimo Blue Day

Snow cuts loose from the frozen Until it joins with the African sea In moving it changes its cold and its name The reason I come and go is the same Animal game for me You call it rain But the human name Doesn't mean shit to a tree If you don't mind heat in your river and Fork tongue talking from me Swim like an eel fantastic snake Take my love when it's free Electric feel with me You call it loud But the human crowd Doesn't mean shit to a tree Change the strings and notes slide Change the bridge and string shift down Shift the notes and bride sings Fire eating people Rising toys of the sun Energy dies without body warm Icicles ruin your gun Water my roots the natural thing Natural spring to the sea Sulphur springs make my body float Like a ship made of logs from a tree Redwoods talk to me Say it plainly The human name Doesn't mean shit to a tree Snow called water going violent Damn the end of the stream Too much cold in one place breaks That's why you might know what I mean Consider how small you are Compared to your scream The human dream Doesn't mean shit to a tree


CYPRESS HILL "Stoned Raiders"
[B-Real] It's been a while now Been around the block many miles Many faces, many places that I found friend's traces Where I spend time, places where my roam Places I can call home Places I can get stoned I just wanna be alone When I'm feelin' in my zone People want to knock me down 'cos they never have their own They won't get the best of me But they try hopelessly Why you wanna fuck wit' me I'm not, what you s'posed to be You could not give a DAMN Coulda just Killed A Man Sawed off in my hand But I had to kill the plan Think I've found my piece of mind Feet planted on the ground I just had to redefine, what I thought to myself It all goes around me and others who would down me Who I don't give a fuck about, Trouble always found me, I know used to welcome it with my arms open wide, Trouble's hand's on the door, but it can't come INSIDE! [Chorus 1 : B Real (repeat 2x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! You want trouble, c'mon, You want trouble You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Sen Dog] Trouble on the line, all the fuckin' time Got me contemplatin' the solution, the fusion my wicked mind Got suckers that hate me but it don't really matter I'm like a gat when I bust, niggas run and scatter Movin' in circles, throwin' elbows and fists You got to be a real nigga in the Cypress Hill pen Like the critics talkin' shit, but I'm not concerned A hundred G's for sixty minutes is the bank I earn I try to put it to you () so you bitches can learn That no-body get tired when it's time to burn With so many phonies out there a lot of you have been fooled In to actually believin' that some shit is cool Take the blinders off and go look for yourself Fuck hearin' about shit from somebody else I'm down for myself, I back up myself Put in all on the line make sure that I'M FELT! [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [B-Real] Nooooo! [scratching interlude] [B-Real] Look, the wall's closin' in and my shoe's wearin' thin Had to be the biggest clown that you couldn't comprehend Some hated on my game, said I wouldn't be the same Called me 'Rock Superstar', 'Insane In The Brain' But I know I haven't changed So I brush you to the side Trouble's knockin' on the door, askin' jus' to come inside 'times I gotta block it out, no-one likes to talk it out Trouble keeps comin' and I can't seem to lock it out Got my hands on the phone, I don't wanna have to talk If you're feelin (), son, then I guess you gotta jump I can see it in your eyes, you don't seem to recognise I wouldn't fall into your trap, for many lives to compromise I'm not fallin' for your shit, you ain't gonna take me there You can talk all you want, but I don't got your () [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [Chorus 2: B-Real {Sen Dog} (Repeat 4x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! {You want trouble right now C'mon You want trouble right now C'mon} [B-Real] You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Repeat 4x]

Looking For Trouble

[Pusha T:] Re-Up Gang Pusha (Looking for trouble, trouble, trouble) But you found it muthafucker Yes All I see is black roses, drug dealer poses shoveling that devil’s angel up they noses never let jail turn my shine into Moses couldn’t cleanse my soul with them civil rights sposes panoramic roof, under glass like a coaster backseat driver, racial slurs at the chauffeur killian loafers, Mikimoto chokes her Photo-op this priceless, frame our wanted posters the audacity, war brings casualty bitch have my son before I face that tragedy ugh, I order hits, she orders mahi R.I.P. Vivian Blake, shout out the shower posse Gone!!! (You seek out problems) (Looking for trouble, trouble, trouble) But you found it motherfucker [Kanye West:] I’m here, it’s the misogyny bad bitches massaging me sometimes we lowered our standards at the colleges so please don’t judge me, ugh, for the following fat bitches swallowing, skinny bitches modeling take of that Givenchy and let’s get raunchy I have your face looking all Captain Cruncy the devil stay testing ’cause when you chase the pussy it’s a sin but if it falls in your lap it’s a blessing soon as I got salad, I spent it all on dressing French, to be exact, that Balmain was impressive had used the main leathers (leathers, leathers, leathers) [Cyhi The Prynce:] Cyhi, Cyhi, Yeah boy, we looking for trouble maybe if we wasn’t black then we wouldn’t have struggled player, all I got is trap niggas and crooks in my huddle they cook and I smuggle got twenty pounds of kush in the duffle so I’m running through them circles, boy I’m looking like Knuckles look at my knuckles, got the hook in ’cause niggas was looking I’ve tooken some whoopings, so trust me, dog I’m good for a scuffle don’t be mad I whooped your ass ’cause I’ve tooken a couple feds asking niggas questions but I wouldn’t rebuttal ‘cause I’m Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m in the hood with the bubble with a tall model broad like I took her from Russell didn’t play the cards I was dealt, I made the dealer re-shuffle Royal Flush, so kiss my royal nuts ain’t nothing silver spooned, I came from the soil, bruh but now I’m eating off of rather yellow gold exquisite ravioli with some happy yellow hoes but don’t get it confused when I rap these mellow flows ‘cause all my Titos got bricks like a yellow road [Big Sean:] GOOD, I do it B.I.G. Sean Don nigga (But you found it mutherfucker) bitch I’m in, that no-smoke sec’ rolling motherfucking ounces marijuana mountains, drinks you’re not pronouncing three chains on, I don’t need no bouncers nothing less than a G stack’s in my trousers (Boy) new double-D’s smashed in her blouses fuck a hotel, my nigga we rent houses (houses) my nigga, we rent houses so many wedding rings lost in them couches I’m just a Westside lover I leave females in my sheets and all my feelings in a rubber this is showtime, showtime, boy I hope you set the DVR stacking money face to face, dish it, look like CPR ‘Ye invited me a seat to sit at the throne so now I’m snapping like yo’ ass just finished a poem does he sound like ‘Ye, Jay, or Drizzy Drake? meanwhile, I’m chilling with all these niggas, counting all this money you ain’t consider yourself lucky to see a legend before the prime a killer before the crime, a BIG before the Dime greet me wit a middle finger when you see me it’s cool, ’cause I can’t see yo’ ass from this side of the TV muthafucker [J. Cole] Hey, Cole World, make way for the chosen one what you now hear is putting fear in all the older ones down played me to downgrade me like they don’t notice son your shoes too big too fill? I can barely squeeze my toes in ‘em fucking hoes while teaching niggas to hold your sons this the rap Moses, scratch that, Mary and Joseph’s son high as fuck with a cold flow and a loaded gun never say I’m better than Hov, but I’m the closest one heard you looking for trouble, what, I’m supposed to run? yo’ bitch invited me inside her, ain’t I supposed to cum? got niggas that’ll blow your tee off, put a hole in one now you outside of heaven’s gate, fronting like you know someone talking hard, but y’all still ain’t push me they say you are what you eat, and I still ain’t pussy fuck it, everybody can get it when you’re this hot, everybody’s a critic but when you’re this high everybody’s a midget all this mean mugging from niggas that mean nothing could it be my position is one that you dreamed of? went from quarter to broke to half past rich with my badass bitch and you don’t want no problems on some math class shit so check the young genius out fuck the World, bust a nut, and let my semen sprout I thought that real shit is what you been fiending ’bout what you been praying for? What you been screaming ’bout? ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming ’bout

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