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Open House

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Please Come over to 81st street I'm in the apartment above the bar You know you can't miss it, it's across from the subway and the tacky store with the mylar scarves My skin's as pale as outdoors moon my hair's silver like a Tiffany watch I like lots of people around me but don't kiss hello and please don't touch It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me The way to make friends Andy is invite them up for tea Open house, open house I've got a lot of cats, here's my favorite she's lady called Sam I made a paper doll of her, you can have it That's what I did when I had St.Vitus dance It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me Give people little presents so they remember me Open house, open house Someone bring the vegetables someone please bring heat My mother showed up yesterday we need something to eat I think I got a job today they want me to draw shoes The ones I drew were old and used, they told me to draw something new Open house, open house Fly me to the moon fly me to a star But there are no stars in the New York sky they're all on the ground You scared yourself with music, I scared myself with paint I drew 550 different shoes today, it almost made me faint Open house, open house Open house, open house


THE WHO "Tommy"
[Tommy:] Come to my house Be one of the comfortable people. Come to this house We're drinking all night Never sleeping. Milkman come in! And you baker, Little old lady welcome And you shoe maker Come to this house! Into this house. Come to this house Be one of us. Make this your house Be one of us. You can help To collect some more in Young and old people Lets get them all in! Come to this house! Into this house. Ask along that man who's wearing a carnation. Bring every single person from Victoria Station, Go into that hospital and bring nurses and patients, Everybody go home and fetch their relations! Come to this house Be one of the comfortable people. Lovely bright home Drinking all night never sleeping. We need more room Build an extension A colourful palace Spare no expense now Come to this house Be one of us Come into this house Be one of us Come to this house Into this house Welcome

Listen And Learn

Geoff Moore And The Distance "A Friend Like U"
(Verse 1) There is a house Not made of steel or stone There is a house Made of flesh and bone Open to the hurting Open to the lost Welcoming the rich and poor man There is no charge Love has paid the cost (Chorus) Let the doors swing open To the house of faith Every tribe and nation, Every tongue and race Under Jesus' banner, Let us all embrace There can be no labels In the house of faith (Verse 2) In this house There are rooms for the confused In this house There are rooms for the abused Places for the disillusioned That once saw wrong as right Hands to hold the week and fallen As a run toward redemption's light (Repeat Chorus)


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violence Begets Violence"
Ya, ya, yo. Vinnie Paz, people Now everybody, now everybody Now everybody tap on this [?] Know exactly what to say Hey Even when everything is going astray No, no way [?] Just like when pen explode... I leavin' when them plan expose See those... All the people that you have to keep away See trust me then they know... I have been to hell before Befriended the Devil and Skeletor Wish I could visit the fellas more Wish that I could get more bodies through the cellar doors I'm always thinking of others Should probably think of myself more But I don't worry about cells and house cores[?] I'm more into L's than house stores I like wars and whores Cores and shores Liquor and Coors Sex, cigarettes and sycamores Always got one to roll up And one twirled All about guns and girls in this underworld So I got a truckload of guns and gusto But I don't go around shooting ducks and buffalo I like it when the streets are crowded I don't think to be discreet about it Drinkin' blood beats a salad So I gotta put a lot of work in Cause I'm usually thirsty again Before it even leaves the palate. [Chorus] I'm shining out here Jedi Mind grinding out here I'm from Philly where it's filthy Take your diamonds out here Motherfuckers broke eating Top Ramen out here Fuck the police, graph writers is bombing out here Ain't nobody better at this fuckin' rhymin' I swear Any second, any minute, any time of the year I remember when it was nothing but violence out here Now these faggots rappin' like they fucking common out here I'm about to set the mother fuckin' drama out here 45s [?]gebalando? Big lamas out here Everybody think it's sweet 'cause now Obama out here He the third cousin of Bush, he lyin' out here You the lamb I'm the mother fuckin' lion out here Where were y'all when my step father dyin' last year I'm once in a lifetime, Haley's Comet out here God's [?] We Islamic out here [Chorus] Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all could never fuck with us Don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all could never fuck with us Don't really want to fuck with us

Verses From The Abstract

[Q-Tip] I had a dream about my man last night And my man came by the studio And his name is... Busta Rhymes in effect, Shaheed is in effect Phife Did-awg is in effect Check it out and give me my 'spect I'm movin, yes I'm groovin cuz my mouth is on the motor Use the Coast in the mornin to avoid the funky odor Can't help bein funky, I'm the funky Abstract brotha Funky in a sense, but I play the undacova Once had a fettish, fettish for some booty Now I'm gettin funky and my rappin, that's my duty Brothas tend to jock on the style in particular If you got the ego like some brothas, then I'll get with ya But if I don't pursue, then I just don't give a (fuck) My motto in the 90's is be happy makin bucks Girls love the jim, cuz it causes crazy friction When it goes up in and fluctuates the diction I still understand the (uh!) cuz that's what I met her for I'm hooked on the swings, so just call me the music whore Women love the voice, brothas dig the lyrics Quest the people's choice, we thrive it for the spirit If you can't hear it, then get the wax utensils Write my rhymes straight up, don't get with no fancy stensils The rhymes we get is sweet, we stay away from tart Our perfection is at work, perkin up the art If you want to battle, I suggest you check your clock Your demise is comin up and I want your man to watch Be the prime example, I deep instilled the sample Insignificance, here I'll place you on the mantle Born up in Harlem, reside down in Jamaica The girl I used to rock, her moms was a claker Now what does that make her? The evil money taker? The crazy move faker, I used that to break her (Vinia Mojica singing in the background) Phife is in the house, Uncle Mike is in the house Bob Power is in the house, Tim Latham is in the house Wise Men is in the house, Brand Nubs is in the house The J Beez, they in the house and De La, they in the house I must regroup my thoughts and kick the next ones for my people Please don't be deceived by ugly slice of evil The world is kinda cold and the rhythm is my blanket Wrap yourself up in it, if you love it, then you'll thank it Don't move to rebuttal, wave your hand for action The ladies of the '90's want more than satisfaction They want keys and Gs, and all those illy things If you want to, I'll show you, just what the Ab can bring I keep a tight net with my brothas Ken and Kenny If the question is of rhymes, then I'll tell ya, I got plenty The thing that men and women need to do is stick together Progressions can't be made if we're separate forever I hooked this funky beat with the loop and the feature With the funky singin by Miss Vinia Mojica So listen because the Quest is led through the underground My people have been oppressed too long, no more will we be down People tend to riff cuz they don't know the mental People tend to bug cuz their beats are hard but gentle Afro kinda lurks through the body of this youngun' Play like Bobby Byrd on your back and your comin to The house of the jazz, of the funk, of the rhythm All the goods are welcome, but if you're a villain I'll just wait and debate, contemplate your arrival If flexin is your motive, then you don't like survival The Abstract is speakin, the hard beats is reachin The Black and Puerto Ricans Cuz their butt naked, streakin through the ever murky streets Of the urbanized areas Blastin out the speakers is the hip hop hysteria Craig is in the house, Pete Rock is in the house CL is in the house, Ultra Mag is in the house Nice and Smooth is in the house, Big Daddy Kane is in the house Beatnuts is in the house, Special Ed is in the house Yeah (*7X*) This one goes out to my man Thanks alot Ron Carter on the bass Yes my man Ron Carter is on the bass Now check it out Born into the 91 decade You gotta say the Quest is on And goddamn it, yes the Quest is on And we out!

Get Open

RUN DMC "Down With The King"
We get open! [8X] [Run] I seen you hopin and scopin I'm copin as I get you wide open Dyin and lyin while you're cryin and mopin Flippin and rippin money-grippin be gropin The baddest apparatus got the fad as I'm open I never slip or fell, I raise up well I bash you in your bell, you got static in hell And when you seen the fire you got jealous, you jeal' So sucker just retire, you admire my skill I'm never the type of guy to close the door in your face I got you wide open, Run is runnin a race Takin what's mine and what's left is a waste Leavin them behind and all suckers on the chase Got a dope track, comin real dope an' I get legit, we get, I get.. We get open! [14X] We get.. [Jam Master Jay] Word up! I freak the beat up, boom! Now bass up, pick the pace up Jam Master blastin through the plaster cause I has ta Hard rocks like to rock it, you can't stop it Poll in ten years, I'ma walk away a prophet You don't stop, I stop styles in the attic Kick the fat flavor that you can't be mad at what's the matter, more mix in granny's batter Run-D.M.C.'s fatter, so kill the chit-chatter Zigga zigga Jay, jigga jigga pump pump Gettin bigger Babe Pah, figure nigga freak the funk 3 in the Head, ten yards to go Blow up the spot for those that forgot Stay stable as a navel, try an' rhyme rough and able (With the Baldhead Kidz!) Word up, blow up the label Boom boom boom, broke-in, got ya jok-in Me, Run and D, we're gettin open! We get open! [16X] We get.. [D.M.C.] Open the door, let me in so my rhyme, can now begin Forget the hit and all the (shit) that you used to get with, because it's not legit I rewrote the script, I flip the ship I bust a lip, it's time to rip the mic I grip Darryl McDan', use abuse I bruise the crews, I refuse to lose My composure, I will bulldoze ya A froze enclosure, where no one knows ya Who dat - who flew that head, well it's said D put the head to bed and you're dead Moms is cryin, MC's is dyin I'm knockin down jaws with paws, like a lion I wrote the dope quotes, now the punks is scopin I knuckle up and punch and bust his fronts open We get open! [8X] [Jam Master Jay and Onyx] Word up, I'd like to thank G-O-D (man above) Run-D.M.C. in the house (representin no question) Onyx in the house (word up) Cha Skills on the wheels (word up) Word up J-M-J in the house Randy D, get with me We, we get, we, we get, we.. We get open! [32X]

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