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Lootpack lyrics - Soundpieces: Da Antidote!

Wanna Test

Original and similar lyrics
featuring God's Gift Intro: Madlib Hah Hahahah... From the dungeons of darkness Comes God's Gift to Hip Hop Representin' with the LP [God's Gift] We'll hit 'em hard and fast in a straight line Concentrating all firepower to their blindside at sunrise Operation sunray UV radiation First breach their outer barriers then continue penetration To their central point crushin' their nucleus Rushing their central brain command Planting a virus that expands Through your whole nervous system shutting down all communications To your ya bodily functions Handicapping your defenses Swiftly attacking your unit, Neutralizing MC's By ripping 'em apart before they even know what hit 'em Style blitz [Wild Child] Jack gets pissed off, wack MC's step up and get lost The rhythmic boss, Jack spits rhymes through my teeth like floss I bust with motivation to uplift MC's with High above controlling stratus clouds, my man God's Gift Come down, assist us, wack MC's must be reminded Get a Lootpack tape, rewind it, for those closed minded To the abstract we kick, we rock all places I found out MC's aren't human cuz they got two faces They be chillin', willin', always time killin' Wack rumor spillin' while Jack be still in charge Asking me if I smoke chronic, niggas it's ironic I'm Wild Child, 80% human, 20% bionic My main occupation is to step up and rock the nation Focus up upon my jam and blow up just like inflation So if you ain't down, don't front, worry about your health Worry about your wack crew and ya wack ass self [Madlib] Hey yo, here comes the Master Don, here to renovate My style hits ya like marble weights so pass the dinner plate But pass up the swine like money ya rhyme lime Madlib done told ya time and time again Find the mental maze, faster ya plaster your instrumental With lyrical disaster till you scream out Who's the master? I flip it up rip it up to raw addict, Crate diggin' for the static when I mad beat shop Impulse down to prestige and Black Jazz 21st Century enja got mad Record labels of the old, ill loop and take 'em out I keep it secret when a nigga tries to peep shit My beat hit like a Roy Jones Jr. skit Your girl starin so now you wanna flip I rip it down to the Loot while ya yell peace While I pull out my piece, yell peace but now leave ya in pieces But at least you escaped this beast Smokin' on a cushin' leaf while ya try to bring grief [God's Gift] Now something's shaking in the palace, can't you feel the Santa Ana Switching currents and building velocity, it got's to be God's Gift and Lootpack, mentally superior master race of lyricists Conductiong verbal experiments With open and imaginitive creativity Fathering styles from infancy to be lyrically Complete, grown and fully developed adults Trained in mastering total blitz coastal, total assaults Also we launch all out war when we tour your area First destroying your local underground spots Rocked your major clubs and plugged into your theatres Advancing as hip hop's vocabulary leaders Hostile take-overs is our main focus As the deadliest of CDP special attack forces Basically, MC's lack division is appalling Third rate styles with the nerve to say they're vocalists Out of focus, often it's the people they run with Coupled with their own wackness, they're futureless! And keep feedin you, and feedin you... - 'Method Man' by Wu-Tang Clan *scratches and various talk to end*

Up And Down

Grand Puba "Understand This"
[Grand Puba] One one Two..two, one two Yeah.. [Verse 1] Right now, Grand Puba 'bout to blow this mic out Got'cha movin like roaches with the lights out Finger-lickin like chicken in a dyke's house Don't stop, get it poppin like Redenbacher Move more feet than Koreans in a nail shop Keep it ghetto like Bodega's after twelve o'clock Shorty shakin like a chick up in the booty spot That's what's up, can't you smell what the Pub-ah cookin Got a girl with a wife on his side and still lookin You know my style is +Always+ like Coca-Cola I flip out like Skytel-Motorola In two-thou, my new Benz is ridin solar And my seed got a V8 in the stroller You know the 4-1-1, see it's time to make the paper pile Ain't no need to act funny style [Hook] Ain't no need to stop (Uh) Puba 'bout to drop (Yeah) Get that ass (What) Out on that floor (Uh-huh) Know we keep it hot (Yeah) Give it all ya got (Uh) Move it up and down like a Chevy 6-4 (Yeah) You know how it's going down Grand Puba is back in town Baby ain't no time to climb Go up and down and up and down [Verse 2] Now you may ask yourself who the hell I be Some consider me, a legend emcee Who never wear platinum or wore less gold I been makin y'all move since I was nineteen years old Listen I've been ballin in this game a long time Been through more counties than the Greyhound line Grand Puba, Brand Nub' affiliate Twelfth birthday I got my first Big Willy pit Mad love for the game ever since I was a youth Used to set up my equipment on the project roof Two turntables, microphone, and some vinyls Now I bounce through town in a smoked out rider Let's get it crackin if ya know how it's goin down Don't stop, get it get it, shake ya body to the ground Grand Puba gettin all up in that skull Shine so hard I make ice look dull [Hook] [Verse 3] Grand Puba still settin new trends (Mm-hmm) Still runnin with the Nubians (Mm-hmm) Still in the Range when I'm not in the Benz (Mm-hmm) You don't know, ya better ask your friends (Mm-hmm) Who wants to be a millionaire Buy a mansion next door to the Beck's in Bel-Air and chip paper like he don't care Buy all the shit that you want and need In the Y2K I'm like the gameshow Greed [Hook] {music to fade}

Deanne The Arsonist

ATREYU "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses"
Deanne The Arsonist Coward! The next time you want to fuck me over, stab me in the front. Can I still see my future in your eyes? Or can I picture myself stone dead in your embrace? And your cruel crimson smile kills me quietly No one could have their moments free from your withering touch. Fuck off! Like you're the only one who has ever cried or been broken by love. Spare me your pity party drunk off your own misfortunes. Wallowing in your blissful melancholy. Can you taste my blood? You knew that this would kill me. But you carried on and on with your selfish shit. Everyone cared about you. Why couldn't you? Instead your greed compelled you to steal other silver linings. Burnt down my world. You killed my hope. Spread out the ash and walked away. How could you just close off your eyes? Turn tail and run! You are the greatest coward! C'mon! Damn right I'm still pissed. Next time I see your face we'll see who has the upper hand. Kiss my fist. Taste the floor. Tired of your games. Fuck off goodbye.

White Christmas

CELINE DION "Dion Chante Plamondon"
La vie est pleine de chants joyeux Le bois craque dans le feu La table est d閖⌦ㄲã¬n garnie Tout est pr阾 pour mes amis Et j'attends l'heure o⌦ã˜n㬸 ils vont venir En 閏outant tous mes souvenirs Life is full of joy songs Wood crackles in the fire The table is already dressed Everything is ready for my friends And I'm waiting the time when they'll arrive Listening to my memories Oh quand j'entend chanter Noé›' J'aime ⌦ㄲã¬n revoir mes joies d'enfant Le sapin scintillant, la neige d'argent Noé›', mon beau Noé›' blanc Oh when I hear singing Christmas I like to see again the joys of my childhood The scintillating fir, the silver snow Christmas, my beautiful Christmas Oh quand j'entends sonner au ciel L'heure o⌦ã˜n㬸 le bon vieillard descend Je revois tes yeux clairs maman Et je songe ⌦ㄲã¬n d'autres Noé›'s blancs Oh when I hear ringing at sky The time when the good old man comes down I see again your clear eyes mother And I think to other white Christmases Oh quand j'entends sonner au ciel L'heure o⌦ã˜n㬸 le bon vieillard descend Je revois tes yeux clairs maman Et je songe ⌦ㄲã¬n d'autres Noé›'s blancs Oh when I hear ringing at sky The time when the good old man comes down I see again your clear eyes mother And I think to other white Christmases


JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
At nighttime all I do is pray and cry homie Cause everytime I call home somebody dying on me And every time I look around somebody lying on me Mr cheney mr ridge steady spyin on me I got one foot in the grave one foot in the gutter One foot on the camera lens one foot on the shutter I'm trying to stop time so I can breathe, man I'm grindin Play record low pause fast forward rewindin The truth is the light, but absolutely blindin And niggas feel the pain on they brain when you remind them About them project wars that we confined in About them six by eight cells we linin Bricks on consignment A nigga lost his iron and club behind the diamond The cops hit him with a club He swung back they hit him with a slug Then the judge hit him with a dub His baby mama threw up The saga continues... I was born to clash with the fake Harassin with jake Lay real low in the grass with the snakes Torment em with the fire when they raise they head And I'm sorta just like elijah cause I raise they dead After the stink and rot for days in the grave that I rose from Deport the dead part of the game then the flows come Flood the industry with three quarters of life I'm takin this world of sa-tan to war with a mic Please god back me as I swing the sword of the christ Wavy hair fiery eyes, Not entirely wise Provoking these devils go to war with they squad After war show em to the after party with god I stroll the blocks with a dope man bop I'm high caliber My team shine supreme we gleam on you amateurs I stay big sportin fedoras Charcoal braid tweed sport coat jeans and diadoras Ya'll niggas ain't really really ready for muhammad because I'm hungry Grimey and grungy I want ya mind fuck the money Don't get me wrong, I want cream and all that But if that's your only objective in rap you all wack I make the untrue niggas head sweat like skull caps Hall back launchin a bolo makin they skull crack Singin them dull raps Like that was hot shit Shit, I was sayin that back in the 80s When niggas was rockin emblems off the back of mercedes On rope chains Back when niggas thought of cookin rocks outta cocaine I was hot then, a little poor nigga spittin the vicious Flavor delicious poetic swift shit I regulate in the ring like P. whitaker One rhyme get rid a ya I won't even consider ya For battle You schools on speed I'm full throttle Used to be in clubs tossing chairs and cracked bottles Ruckus and ra ra, made my rhymes my dekea Livin leyenda, numer un contenda Never let a day slip by without agenda That's just a little due from farrakhan to remember So ke capasa, Representanto for el rasa Niggas wanna step but they legs too short to salsa You got courage I'll blast it out ya Seriously doubt chya Spit til ya blueprint is ripped, then re-route chya Fucker

On The Eve Of War

[Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... yeah... yeah [Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber If it's coming from my jaw, then it's pure anger Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can settle that, let the mic cord hang ya I play homage to the best of them, like Christopher Wallace And bring drama to the rest of 'em, with biscuits from copers I'm with Allah Justice, and we raw gritty Picture how, in a dial, to New York City I brought a four with me, we can capture the ring And now we more merciless than the Statue of Ming And ya'll are more purpose, listen, the pastor is king You gon' die, like a brawl with a gat in the Bing It's a passionate thing, the way we make classics Genuine brill yitz orinate madness Yeah, we all spin on the same axis And this chrome thing here, leave your frame backwards The police always try'nna aim flame at us So I don't mind when the fuckin' brain splatters I don't mind, that we all gon' die soon I return to the silence of God's tomb [Chorus x2: GZA samples] "There's no escapin', once the blade starts scrapin'" "My sword, indeed, make more niggaz bleed" "Wannabe MC's is shakin'" "So swift, naked eye couldn't record the speed" [Interlude: sample] I don't believe what I'm seeing, I don't believe it.. Ladies and gentlemen, at this time We ask you to please rise (you'll never quit No one will ever get it, there's no thing quit) [GZA] Imagine a rhyme in it's prime, from off the baselines Skyscraper verticals, support the hang time Evidence that was left at the scene of the crime Trace back to a few, from out a group of nine Who performed well, regardless to the price of the tickets Off or on stage, whatever, still kick it With the footwork, of Freddie Adu, it's all new Now the rap commisioners, they wanna clone my shoe But the road's narrow, and it's difficult to climb With the heat, the wind and the fallen rocks combined It's hard to stay in line, the course is an obsticle Within each chamber, the force is unstoppable Lyrical swordsman, blades sharp, I cut out your heart M.C.'s want no part, in any type of conflict Because then I respond quick, it gets Vick The problem goes beyond sick [Chorus x2] [Outro: (sample) Vinnie Paz] (Wearin' red trunks with silver trim, fightin' outta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) This is how we do (His game is tight, and there's nothing to do) Pazmanian Devil, Frank Sinatra, Jedi Mind, Wu-Tang What's the deal, baby? GZA/Genius, Stoupe on the track, yeah My man Soop on the boards Those who dare oppose us shall stand knee deep in the blood of their children Is that he who fondles the pleasure of Allah Like him who has made himself reservin' the displeasure from Allah And his abode and how, and it is an evil destination...)

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