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Longpigs lyrics - Sun Is Often Out


Original and similar lyrics
Crawled out of the park to eat her to a Stairwell would I fall to please her Just to tear this out of my belly forever Cause I'm still hooked to the light forever I can do it if your there I could screw it when your there Bless them with the arrogant brandos Leave your heart stisched in a hundred pieces If it's not wet then you shouldon't be doing it She's no ***** she's far too rich And I can do it when she's there And It's only when your there All these amazing frustrations Such a perfect celebration Hardly needs to be said Oh these amazing sensations Are as perfect as ************* Hardly need to be sad All these are nailed as frustration Such a perfect celebration Hardly needs to be soiled You wash yourself You wash yourself And I wash yourself You wash yourself End up in a young hair Curled round with a finger I can't excuse this It's all ******* But I can do if I'm there I can screw it when she's here I can rule the world six times over With my head burned out And my body on hold I can do it if your there And it's only when she's there Oh these amazing frustrations Such a perfect celebration Hardly need to be sad All these are made in frustrations Such a perfect penetration Hardly need to be sad Oh these amazing sensations Such a virgin celebration Never needs to be soiled But you wash yourself You wash yourself I wash myself You wash yourself The whole world joins the french foreign legion Get a new suit for the man who discovered Elvis Was so fat when he died and ascend to heaven I live here in my watered down disney baby With yen million attic clad genius Abort me cause I have to compete And maybe one man will eventually **** on mars Save us I can do it when she's there I can do it when she's there And it's only when she's there Yes it's only when she's there You can screw it when she's there You can screw it when she's there All these amazing frustrations Such a perfect celebration Hardly needs to be said Oh these amazing frastrstion Just as perfect as ************* Hardly need to be sad Oh these are made in frustastion Your a virgin celebration Hardly bleeds to be dead All these amazing sensations Just a perfect celebration Only need to be bed All these amazing sensations Such a perfect celebration Hardly needs to be said


Junkie XL
Mix it with mine, with yours if the othordox ways crime ingnorance tricks the men sting again like porcupine skin complexion won't give direction hail to mulatto italiano farrago anything with a twist yo for the night flows hot like sirocco mix with all for the ritual. Win skin like Marlon Brando in the last tango now I'm single in the disco club schizo when the disk spins loud colloyuial go. Juices up loosen up let the lust overflows my cup pop. Mix it with mine, blend it with yours. Seeking a true force melange. Never mind check the signs intertwine, cool: melange. Ascetic aspects get no contact amatory looks for hot sex, screaming from your voice box, larynx o yeah! Steppin' to a girl that basically is way out of your league out of reach, but the peach makes lips glisten, blushin' your cheeks, hold the courage and the guts aided by Millerquads or Buds alcohol creates the stud to strut in perfect duds so much for phase one, it takes one line to flake out son as you glance top - bottom, butt gives the shakes on shoot the gift for swift quick linguistic let libido uplift, arrange the melody on the Freud theraphy tip figure you have potential, she wetting lips. It was a test, now your perfect match cos' the fire is lit. Background unknown but the sex drives the prone get the conversation on, and dig out ones skulls to bone.

Miss Perfect

you take the breath from me, Make my life heavenly, i can't believe the way the good lord is blessin me One in a million mother of my children,Me without you like car without engine You listen to my dreams that i vision Respect that i smoke Mary Jane its like my religion The pigeons;somtimes make you worry But i can see you know my vision aint blurry The innocence;still strong like a feminsce I reminisce on the first time we ever kissed In the devilish world you're my only angel, Cancel concerts and stay with you and watch cable kiss your navel, candle lights on the table never cared if i was financially stable Twelve years; to me it feels like twelve minutes, My love for you sees no limits chorus Where would i be without you? I know i wouldn't be rapping into sound proof I know i wouldn't be pushing a Benz I'd probably be getting transferred to different pens or chilling with dead friends or still in the weed house making fives and tens Miss Perfect, God-given, when i was lost you made my life worth living They said nothing on this Earth is perfect I don't believe it, you never cheated,perfect record undefeated i needed a miracle to save my life, when i was hustling and grinding late at night i paid the priceand listened to you bitch at me You start bringing up the past that's history Never again will i jepardize, That's a promise i memorize, real love never dies its paradise no matter where we at The movies, the club, six flags or super track i was a drop out, no education whatsoever, But you stuck with me through all kinds of fucked up weather Hoping days would get better like i said they would, They said 'stand by your man',and there you stood i was seventeen now i'm twenty-nine and i pray you'll be mine till the end of time chorus Yo Ike' Whats the deal 'Los? I know you feeling the song,baby Man fo' sho,my nigga,i got some fo' dis Go on,wreck it,homie Man i'm at that point of my life I lost my kids to my wife And i be thinking with shife When i be up in the night So i be taking a ride And i be aching inside And i be wanting to die Cause i be wondering why But now i know it's too late And all i've got is my fate And i be thinking real deep About my kids when they sleep And where the hell i went wrong And how the hell to stay strong Cause now my babies they gone And all i got is this song Try to make it alright But not for them for ike And if i had one night Then i can treasure the light I know i'm doing alright With just my kids and my wife One night alone with no fights With Kim just hugging me tight Miss Perfect Chorus Chorus

Sean Wigginz

Heltah Skeltah "Magnum Force"
featuring Supreme [Rock] Yo word up man Word up man it's a lot of niggaz out there Niggaz pullin gats and all that shit I know we Magnum Force and all of that We run with O.G.C.'s n shit We'll FUCK your ass up too word up Bummy Jab Mr. Perfect equals Perfect Jab Word is bond This whole shit's played like Jordache and Sassoon Sue me it's time that y'all ass out like baboons or me with no drawers on, the way my pants droop, BANG to your equilibrium, you're physically dismantled [Supreme] Batten down the hatches, I mastered this flow I crafted Beyond sight, comin out fights with no scratches to let tactics, knock the world off it's axis Supreme mean the lastest level, you can't pass this [Rock] We'll tell them hold this, heat-seekin fist'll never miss on impact, set to knock SHIT out the devilish punk who step to this, my ring got ice you can have some for your glass jaw, bloody mary's ain't that bad son Jab's a one man riot starter, tell your dad to come When I get to snuffin BWOY you'll wish you had a gun Havin fun yet? Mr. Perfect's the one who says who get hurt next, suplexin all of you ? [Supreme] You got nowhere to run ta, I'ma hunter like a Fonzo Smoke you like fonta, leave you in Mourning like Alonzo Comin for your head honcho, he in my range, ain't nuttin changed Duke If you can't stand the rain you better wear a poncho Run through your crew pronto, crush you like nachoes Yeah you act macho but you still run from the cops Duke Supreme is not your, ordinary type of guy When I get hyper, I burn that ass like all types of lye [Rock] Alright alright alright, maybe I'm not the best, but I'm one of em See these wack cats, think they nice, we make fun of em [Supreme] Cause we runnin em, back to they blocks for reinforcement I stay flossin, you bring your crew I bring the four-fifths [Rock] Known to Jab, cause I move like a rook straight at cha and drop mad niggaz with one punch, usually that one Left to right my shit is marvelous like Marvin Hagler Stagger a devil sayin, Go the FUCK back to Africa [Supreme] It's the Per-fect Jab (Jab) at last (last) I break dudes in half (half) Get splashed on your staff, if you don't know the math (Call em Perfect) I bring shit they can't fathom, sent to hurt shit it ain't worth it, Bummy Jab sent to dab em Since the days of Adam, befo' Eve flipped the script It was predicted, for me to bring some shit like this (That boy bad, that boy bad!) But now we out to bring em back terror, I'm bout cheddar (Hah!) They call me Mr. Perfect cause I'm, simply without error (Per-fect-o) You couldn't weather my endeavor, I'm too clever Don't ever bring it to my square queer you know better And if you creep up (what?) prepare to meet the grim reaper Appearin in your nightmares, fuckin your sleep up [Rock] Oh, oh, oh, B.T.J.'s call me Balboa, swan call me Rock-ola Hold the fort down, reach out and punch somethin like a Motorola Own a pager, bonus how I call the paper, you make all the dough but anyway I slay a boa anyday, you know what? I may just take you over, my wager's to get your face or your nose bloodied, what? The R-O-to, C-K ya show ya greater, don't fuck around burn caps like my name like was Coca-Cola Wait up hold up! Don't make a, nigga roll up take your shines, leave ya swoll up or with a taste of somethin smacked out your mouth, so ah, slow up I hate ya Do your dirty M.P. now stands for Make'em Pay brah [Supreme] I'm rude, abuse dudes that come late on they dues Bring bad news like a baby in they terrible two's You did what to who? Youse Estoria like the Waldorf Niggaz get hauled off, suplexin magnums like I'm goin off [Rock] You fuckin cornballs, we comin from another angle completely My theory is, can't none of y'all faggot niggaz beat me Get snuffed so stupid you may curse your dad, it's his fault He shoulda warned you bout the Perfect Jab Motherfuckers! Word up nigga, we'll knock you straight the fuck out All y'all niggaz, all y'all niggaz who act like y'all want it Y'all gonna get it nigga, word up Hah, this is the Perfect Jab Fuck with this boy you better curse your dad Hah, this is the Perfect Jab Step to this boy you better curse your dad Don't be fuckin with this here, Perfect Jab You better curse your dad Worst luck you ever had Times that times four, Triple that like R's And we form a Square and whoop your monkey-ass from here to there Word is Bon Jovi, heh We will fuck you up, word up M.F.C. (for life!!) FOR LIFE!! * various talk fades into skit *

Perfect Love...Gone Wrong

STING "Brand New Day"
I've had a question that's been preying on my mind for some time I won't be wagging my tail for one good reason It has to be a crime This doghouse never was the place for me, Runner up and second best just ain't my pedigree I was so happy, just the two of us Until this alpha male Turned up in the January sale He won't love you Like I love you, It won't be long now before that puppy goes astray And what I like about this guy the most.......... He'd be my favourite lamppost Devil take the hindmost Je sais que c'est dur, mais ilfaut se faire ar changement, tu vois J'ai négligé le primordial pendant trop longtemps crois moi… Je suis consciente, je vois bien que tu souffres, mais çà s'attenuera Car c'est d'un homme plus d'un chien don't j'ai besoin pres de moi Cesse donc de grogner, mon choix est fait c'est comme çà N'en fait pas trop, ton attitude risque de t'éloigner de moi Faut que tu comprennes, puisque tu dis m'aimer tant que çà Desormais nous sommes trois, lui toi et moi It's a shaggy kind of story Would I tell you if I thought it was a lie But when the cat's away the mouse will play, I wouldn't dish around here There's something fishy round here I howl all night and I sleep all day It takes more than biscuit baby to chase these blues away I've got a long enough leash I could almost hang myself It's a dogs life loving you baby But you love someone else Now he's moved by basket I'd like to put him in a casket I'll wear my best collar to his funeral Ta mauvaise foi, j'aimerais bien que çà s'arrête Me separer de toi, aujourd'hui çà trotte dans ma tête Moi non, j'en peux plus, tu n'est q'un chien, c'est trop bête La situation m'avait ppourtant l'air d'être des pius nette C'est clair, que je l'aime c'est un fait, ton égoïsme m'inquiète Après toutes ces soirées passées seuis en tête à tête Chaque chose a une fin, et c'est la fin de la fête Pour toi, car bientôt il n'y aura plus que lui et moi, lui et moi. To have found this perfect life And a perfect love so strong Well there can't be nothing worse Than a perfect love gone wrong You said I wasn't just your Christmas toy I'd always be your boy I'd be your faithful companion And I would follow you through every thick and thin Don't need nobody else And we don't need him


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
Yeah Yeah NASA let's try this Ah Park your bets, sharks or jets These bark mark targets where the barnacles nest They burrow deep under the carnivores flesh without a trace, Carnival games, like try to shoot the star out of a space Come double fist them awkward gats lockbox your passin' Spoon up the ballooning for high noon saloony antics Walk off with a thumbs up and a stuffed Bullwinkle trinket Pull twinkle out them awestruck baby sockets for a day (yeah, that's the ticket) Yeah, that's the pipe dream that hater 101 bitch picks Living guilt trips for the fan-based family picnics Whose handshake carry with it Y'all inspire me, it's an honor to meet you Now its randomly fantasy beef stew, thats panicky preschool That's peak re-signed Pikachu when he's pokin' Pinocchi beezer Where Big Brother watch me, holler back Wally Cleaver Knobby-kneed geezer whose brittle paddleboat sank Wishing he could restitch the images when the kinescope cranked - He couldn't. You can't. I'm more than two lambs with a Mongoloid loyalty clause And a done-did-got-busy ambiance That's Laserface, Megalasaur, Scissor-tongue, Liftedly, Money Murs Ramble, Printmatic, Hanger, Blockhead and Ravipops And the fam only begins with the last two bars he dropped After chrome fangs I'll rewrite Heavy Metal Parking Lot That's why these grapevines can pop shit to me all day, I only kick these fucking doors down and make sure the crew OK, like Food on the plate, pat on the back, kicks on the palette I rock the bells without clown shoes, fried dough, tickets or mallets While the bearded ladies won goldfish from the ping-pong toss challenge Who light girls and misconstrued the lucky fuckloaders for talent It's sad really... ok, I'm over it - Smolder over composure models like Smoke over soldier nostrils 3-D bifocal goggle broke over catwalkers There must have been something up in that Long Island tap water Thru the mute wind storm the hoover and his frisky sissy poodle pack Oozing that hollow oodle-mac act Ace threw back in junior rap - Isn't it strange how it's a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason you liked em's cuz their shit wasn't recycled? Caught pigeonhole Aesop like he ain't hurtin', thats no burden Need attention? Better dress them diversions like stripping nurses Kid the cult is thick and media's the sacrificial virgin, Perching little man behind curtain opinions - this is perfect I'm just like y'all, living low-pro to paycheck When the landlord hollers they hid the dro in the tape deck Rocket radio, every success smidgen he harnessed Parks with wrist and sick wit it clickin' in perfect working ratio What risk he added dodge blame game for sneaky plots With elevated rung placement derived from deep rooted jealousy issues They cued a raging bull and every due is paid in full With that I'll forget all you motherfucks that fail to pull Why? well, what's really good? Not a catcher peddled backwards for a hacker's filthy looks Hodge-podge phenomenon, muppets available in rubber stamp form Hogwash Harry clamp norm Wear the space cape baker, order up Herbert's pacemaker and vacate personal space in relation to face breaker Built an Einstein-Rosen bridge to ideate with Lincoln Logs and bobby pins Probably when Ozzy's friends slept on the poppy stems Horseback 60 mph, one hand rollin tobacky badly But it burns that cavalry of concerned worms for Mayor But you'll find validity in a penny - Right, and I got a clear flick of the Loch Ness sucking off Yeti With a kneejerk response to his budgetary woes Use hooky out the institute since huckleberry molds Styled after the Hermann Rorschach margin mark Starvin' art smash see the slashed martyr hark Trapped in the lap for garter belt This is sick flash Definitive Jux baby We like, 'love it or leave it out your hollerbox now' Cripple a kitten if a kitten is a culprit You're spillin insignificant frijoles

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