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LLOYD BANKS lyrics - The Hunger For More

I'm So Fly

Original and similar lyrics
Yee! Ayo 50, they only do it like us nigga [laughs] Yee! [Chorus] I'm So Fly... An I've got money so that's a good enough reason to buy the things I buy I'm So High... An I'm on point and I can tell that you jealous by the look in your eye When I Ride By... An I don't care, G-Units goin straight to the top this year Nigga Im So Fly... An I've got money so that's a good enough reason to buy the things I buy.... [Verse 1: Lloyd Banks] Banks is fresh out the gutta (gutta) To smooth to stutta (stutta) His cig will melt a riva like 2 scoups of butta (butta) Before I leave the crib I tell my mother I love her Grab the burna cuz she aint concerned cuz he's a earna My bitch lays it out real nice for me to murda Fight, wake up n' fuck like Ike n' Tina Turner It's a privilege to ride with a celeb Cause them girls over three don't got a problem given head Paranoia is on ya that's why your mama is in your bed Fuck a rare chinchilla and bossin mama for ya head And where the block im from niggas be damn near 40 and still tuckin And niggas baby mama is pregnant and still fuckin It's eithier cause their boyfriend is a scrub like brillow Or cuz banks is cooler than the other side of the pillow The chronic is blown For my niggas that got locked up and deported and now they gotta go back home [Chorus] [Verse 2: Lloyd Banks] Don't confuse me with these suckas Cause when I spit you hear more ouus then a skip to my Lou move at the rucka Thank god for given Banks the gift You think that bandana makes you look gangsta but all I see is a handkerchief Nigga there's no one out the click that freeze us Believe that cause I aint scared of shit but jesus Look dawg i dont roam with the poodles Difference is i'm eating in Rome and you eatin roman noodles Ya boys corrupt kid Banks will send a bitch to the store just for a piece of cheesecake like puff did You jokes cant afford these homes Look around I got 40 clones now look down that's 40 stones And that's only in the necklace I'm bony and I'm reckless (vroom) there's Tony in a Lexus Im fresh out the gutta scrap whatcha man thought Im in the hood with more straps than a Jan Sport [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lloyd Banks] When I travel I know Im gonna get stuck Cause they harass us in the airport like im the ones that's blowin shit up I got the patience of a high school teacher And a bright future, why the fuck would I have a bomb on my sneaker Will the goody girls back of us My hearts colder than jack frost is We pack shows and attract bosses Black clothes and my black forces A black rose for a rats coffin Blowin O's in that black coffin Blowin the road and im back flossin No one knows how much that's costin Fuck ass only the green moves me I got a clean Uzi A pair of gloves and a mask from the scream movie So if your plottin on poppin off, sceem smoothly Or get a little red spatter on ya cream coogy My name ring each state So you aint gotta go all the way to LA to get ur mc eight [Chorus]

No Limit Party

(feat. Master P, Mia X) Ungh! (let's get ready to rumble) Where ya from Where ya from (ya heard me) That 3rd Ward. Time to start this fight, you fuckin right Bitch, get off me, buckle up nigga! [Chorus:] Who run this bitch, we run this bitch That bout it shit, we started this shit Cause ain't no party like a No Limit party I'm a No Limit Soldier for life So fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz) Fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz) Cause all hoes suck dick (All niggaz lick lips) [Mia X] Nigga, I bet you gotta bitch on the side But I gotta 9 on mine and it's about that time That I spit the game like it's supposed to be spat Cause niggaz ain't worth shit except for lickin cat And fixin flats, after I done stuck yo shit Cause I'm the wrong ghetto bitch to be fuckin with The roughest bitch, you wouldn't wanna bust them, bitch If I'm the same ho that had your mama huffin, bitch And puffin, bitch, and yes I'm known to suck some quick Cause I done told you once before the ladies run this shit We run this shit, ever since the last true lick And yet ya punks still screamin all hoes suck dick But fuck that shit, cause niggaz love to suck them lips And lick that clit, and pay yo bitch to lay yo bitch To say they hit, ho stuntin ass tricks Uh uh, sweatin tired sayin they quit Is that it Now ain't that fake No stars for your chest, I coulda had a V8 Mia X is known to take a nigga for his keys and Gs Government and cum and then they extra fun Cause all niggaz buy pussy, cry for pussy, lie for pussy Live for pussy, steal for pussy Rap for pussy, kill for pussy Even though they try to stunt They leave they folks stuck out behind a fat, hairy cunt Up front, when a nigga start to trip Ha ha, laugh dead in they face cause they just talkin shit (Do the ladies run this muthafucka, hell, yeah) Do the niggaz run this muthafucka, hell, yeah [Chorus] Bitch get off me (bitch get off me) Bitch get off me (bitch get off me) Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga [Silkk] I'm so gangstafied, stay high till I die Smoke for free, I reply not with me Cause I get cheese, Nothin comes free but this dick and gum I be fresh up outta gum, cause I be to my last one Ya'll niggaz got the game backwards, Buyin dinner then fuck I fucks first, and say fuck dinner Then I hits and cut Because if you want to get paid, be a hooker See this ho, run and borrowin nothin But dope, money, and pussy Now niggaz sell dope to make money to spend on hoes But I, fucks hoes, and make them hoes buy my clothes from head to toe, Converse on my feet You call me young Spanish flyer I took them hoes in heat Now I'm a peep this game, as I see the game unfold Now hoes be tryin to get for the money The whole truck load, but fuck hoes Then I duck, cut, hit em then I slit em I spit game to em, and then I bet you I'ma get em I fucks one hoe two hoe three hoe four And if I get some condoms, I'ma fuck some more Now if you know Silkk, you know that I be plottin Your girlfriend, she be down I catch her on the rebound like I was robbin her [Chorus] So fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes) Fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes) Ain't no party like a No Limit party I'm a No Limit soldier for life So buckle up, nigga, guard your grill, nigga Here go the trigga, duck down, nigga (Blue!) [Master P] Bitch you bout, bout what, suckin dick I ain't gon tell ya partnas that you did me and my homey in You bitches is crazy, tryin to have my baby Sniffin on my riches, ho, suck some daisies I'm spreadin rumors on you hoes like I'm in social clubs What about me, you, yo sista in my bathtub You lookin fine in yo DKNY Versace on yo eyes, bags on yo side Yo bitch don't get rolled, and yo earrings hang side to side Yo rent no Lexus, damn, let's go take a ride Cause if you was a part on a car you'd be a fender Cause underneath all that expensive shit bitch you a pretender If suckin dick was a crime, you'd get 25 to life Oh , Miss Thang, I ain't mad at you for bein with somebody else Why, see I'm from the south, I keep hoes in the chicken coop I got bitches lined up in they birthday suit You want me to cum in your pussy, I'm a cum in your throat And if the rubber pop, then swallow ho Cause all hoes suck dick I ain't Too $hort, but fuck you, bitch [Chorus] So fuck you hoes (fuck them niggaz) Fuck you hoes (fuck them niggaz) Shake that ass, ho (trick that cash, ho) Bounce that azz, bitch (break me off, bitch) [Chorus] So ride the dick, ho (grow a dick, bitch) I say ride this dick, ho (eat this clit, bitch) Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from, where ya from Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from Get em up [if you from Down South] Get em up, get em up, get em up Get em up [if you from the west coast] Get em up, get em up, get em up, Get em up [if you from the east coast] Get em up, boot it up, boot it up Show the gold! [cause niggaz Down South ain't takin no shit] Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from When I say bitch, you say get off me Bitch (get off me) Bitch (get off me) Bitch (get off me) bitch Bitch (get off me) bitch Do the niggaz run this muthafucka Hell, yeah (Do the ladies run this muthafucka) (Hell, yeah) Muthafuckin No Limit party, nigga (Ungh!) nigga

As High As Wu-Tang Get

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
(come on in) [Ol Dirty] *singing* Dinn-dnn-dnn-ta-dnn (come on in) Dinn-dnn-ta-dnn, dinn DNN DAH (come on, come on, come on in) Dnn-da-duh-duh-DAH, you BITCH ASS niggaz! (come on in, come on, come on, come on in) Intro/Chorus: Ol Dirty/Osirus As high as Wu-Tang get Allah allow us pop this shit Just like black shoe fit If you can't wear it, well don't fuck with it! Verse One: The Genius/GZA Yo, too many songs, weak rhymes that's mad long Make it brief Son, half short and twice strong No doubt, it took time searchin, eventually it was prime urgent, for you to examine the rhyme merchant Lace MC's with styles when they rhyme drunk On a label hunt, until twenty thou, out the trunk Eight Diagram sword swinga armored tank force RZA throw in the disc but then change the bank source You can't flow, must be the speech impediment You got lost off the snare off Impeach the President Whether in Amsterdam smokin seven grams of green then you pack, a thousand white teens in tight jeans This Witty Unpredictable shot is critical to analytical analogy, insurance policies why Said he know that sounds define the note Couldn't recognize, blast him the fuck behind the ropes Too many dope niggaz I see starvin Catch a single deal, a possible plea bargain Wu slay regardles to whom or what, five mics five nights Hang him from the balcony, drop twenty-five flights A fugitive bass playin rap czar smoke the cigars, his prints on the strings of his guitar Chorus Verse Two: Method Man/Iron Lung Tical got a hold on ya, doin exactly what the fuck I mariju-wanta, dis nigga nasty Deep in the dirty dungeon, buggin, lovin the ways these rhymes keep comin, at cha splash ya Get your head piece fractured, with killer cuts prone to drops ya, slash ya, rip shit up Got this whole thing Tang mastered, sho nuff An MC too good to be touched, John John bring the phenomenon, I cold crush MC, inferiorities they froze up, ice cold as we move on, saga unfold Captivated by a saga that go untold, like Goldfinger Caught up in a cliffhanger Yo I-N-S another code red, danger, break out the vest Now it's tactical warfare, it's all here Come with your shield and hardware, it be on here Don't ever roam, in the naked city Eight Fingers stories none pretty Bomb em wit the Witty Unpredictable, conditionin be critical Peace to Tang, gettin high on your physical, dis next drink is a toast to your memory When I go how many niggaz gon' remember me Chorus

Pay Her Bills (Cardiack Beats)

ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
Okay Ass in the air keep your face down And ima pat your body this a shake down Redbone, hair long tatted up Love to ride a nigga tell her saddle up Money in my pockets, in the fitted jeans Ciroc and sprite I mix it with a lemon squeeze Jump out the Phantom this was once a dream All this ice around me tryna dodge a breeze I'm cold as hell, nigga aw I mean the slow Got them bitches throwin pussy soon I hit the door They like hello Mr. Hood we been waitin on ya And fuck these lame niggas we been hatin on ya that's cause I'm getting too much money mind ya business You think it's sweet then I'll throw seven to ya kidneys Brand new grill on the mirror, fuck the dentist Never mind them haters, I just want you all to witness Shawty pop that pussy on the headstand Like my women, I come with a girlfriend She won't do the honors then another will See, a baller do whatever for them dollar bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills Fuck it, I just do it to enjoy the thrills Tall heels and your clothes done evaporated Ima call the shots and you just demonstrate it Gon pop that pussy like you know the deal 40 K in ones bitch I'm payin bills Fuck them other niggas they irrelevant That whip I got outside screamin arrogance Walk up in the club middle finger high Swag killin niggas call it suicide Niggas try me they gon wear a suit and tie Make them killas turn you into apple pie Black young nigga with a .38 Sit in that Mercedes, that's expensive taste Hoppin up out that bitch, I got my Rolee on Crack rock diamonds, I'm a rolling stone Fuck you and your friends, what my homies on But first I need you to listen to my favorite song Shawty pop that pussy on the headstand Like my women, I come with a girlfriend She won't do the honors then another will See, a baller do whatever for them dollar bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills She gon buss it open, I'm gon pay her bills Fuck it, I just do it to enjoy the thrill

Never gonna bounce (The Dream)

MYSTIKAL "Mind Of Mystikal"
[Chorus:] Neva gon' bounce, neva, neva gon' bounce (Never.... say never) [3X] Y'all bitches... Get ya' mind right Get'cha, Get'cha mind right [7X] [1st Verse:] I'm tryin' to do my thang like a rap star tryin' to stay clean, ache my hands, and avoid the game but it's hard. Cuz I can ball dope and get paid like a muthafucker gotta be another way to pay T. Tucker, used to roll twenties by the ounce (ounce) My papa got a brand new mag it's called bounce. Crackers wanna label me a nigga man but I'm a bigga man, I said fuck that or do go to trigga man. It's the new somethin' cream goin' round, it started in the saint town and now it move to ghost town. Said tonight was time but where your gat Niggas get WILD when they hear Botty-at, Booty-at. You bitches tryin' to pussy-pop dealin' herb, slung tapes ten dollas a rock. Ya gotta take what you NEED, take what you WANT, slingin' tapes out the CLUB and tapes out the TRUNK. When the trigga man bails soft, take'em to the saint tell him rock another block party. DJ Irv had that shit bumpin', T.T. Tucker had the dance floor jumpin', whole project full of hoes (Come on, go T.T., go T.T., go). But if a nigga jumps stupid i'm blast ya' (Who put this fuckin' thing together) ME, that's ME that's who I told you don't fuck with me. [Chorus] [2nd Verse:] Oooh, see I'm the one that you talkin' bout. Drop a little red tape and a stone in the sword, and my pocket got swoll from insurance. I bought a little more gold and fucked a lotta' more hoes! All them bitches know what's up (How they know, How they know) They heard me on the radio buddah I set up. Where-he-at hittin' dead home if it wasn't bumpin' in your ride it was bumpin' in your headphones. No it ain't gone to my head cuz I ain't gon' let it, damn it feel good gettin' sweated, huh, huh, huh. Uptown, downtown, cross the river, don't matter cuz I'm the nigga, the nigga nigga, the nigga nigga. One brick object (What happened) couldn't keep my muthafuckin' ass out that project. Shit, that's when it happened (What up) 5-0 busted in there was a raid and I was captured. [1st Bridge:] Alright, all you niggas on the floor right now, DOWN! Get out the way! Ay man, why you fuckin' wit' me I'm the fuckin' boss, I put this shit together, I tol' you that [punch], shut the fuck up, I don't give a fuck who you are get your ass down on the floor! [Chorus] [2nd Bridge:] Man calm down, calm down. Yo T.T. don't trip (For Real), cuz when them laws let you loose boy we gon' handle this, see you gonna get your shot at limelight, but in the meantime in between time keep your mind right. (But man they said that I was wanted) For What (Narcotics, Homicide, shoplifting warrant, so much shit I can't finish.) This call concludes this minute. [dial tone] (Hello, Hello BITCH, you gon' hang up on ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Alright [21X] [Chorus] Shake that ass, never gonna....

Growin' Up In The Hood

Compton's Most Wanted "Straight Checkn'em"
Get ready for the apocolypse. Because a nigga know he can't stop this. And fool had to figure when my tongue is the trigger. Now a piece in my mouth is releasing buckshots. No escaping because perpetrators get smoothed popped. So raise the fuck up cause the Eiht is gonna hit you with another gangsta lick but not a rap about a bitch or a hoe or a hoe with no kinda guts. Who gives a fuck what your saying so get these nuts. Geah. It's the nigga that you can not bite, no. Thick like steel, you cant kill the Compton Cyco. Here to woof a little shit about your punk ass. Get the cash, make a 100 yard fucking dash. But I aint through, gonna take your ass up. St. Ides brew as I wait for you in the cut. I guess I'm starting to see your tired of me. It's tough, nigga say Eiht is enough. Damn, watch the Eiht go very deeply. I dont think that your fucked up style could taunt thee. I'll fuck that ass, take your cash. And this nigga keeps on sticking till you just can't last. Geah, I need the money so fuck the dumb shit. And the hell with being legit, so watch out for the hit. You can't juice this, it would be useless to try this. Down your man like a can of St. Ides. And right then I start to kick. And better hope the Eiht don't get too sick. Cause if I cough, I wont stop, I'll keep bussing. I'll just pause and take a spoon of Robotusin. And take this shoe in a size ten in a half. Put it in your ass cause your making me laugh. Geah, and I deal with bustas like a duster. Nigga say Eiht is enough-ah. Mmm, one more for the fucking road. 8 seconds to get out before I explode. Boom and that spells doom for your crew G. Niggas can't fade the Eiht and the Mike T. Bitches can't fade us neither. Always learn to get burned by a heater. Mutherfuckers need to come to they senses. Fuck with the Eiht and suffer the concequences. Saps always do the mutherfucking bragging. Fools couldn't light my blunt with a dragon. And to the bitches that got no clout. Bring a shovel so the Eiht can dig you out. Geah, I'll put a hurting to you punk suckers. You can't gank me fool, unh uh fucker. Its the nigga from the free wheel prison. Compton Compton nigga, thats how I'm living. And if you fuck with that I'll call your bluff. But don't forget mutherfucker, Eiht is enough. Geah, back for the mutherfucking nine deuce. Putting my foot in your ass just a little bit. And you know I can't quit, so fade this shit. Fool..

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