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Lizzy Borden lyrics - Deal With The Devil

(This Ain't) The Summer Of Love

Original and similar lyrics
Rod Of Iron Lizzy Borden Time is not yours Soon you will find Back from behind He's close behind your every move I'm not afraid Following the blind Leading us to hell Staying for all time It's on my head Savior Yours is dead Yours is dead Yours is dead The beginning of the end The destruction of the sin The darkness shades to light Screaming out the cries Of the fire burning inside The king of kings Shall rule, with the rod of iron With the rod of iron Forever he will burn Into the lake of fire Taking with him sorcerers And liars False profit And the beast will die Together forever, and ever, and ever The king of kings shall rule With the rod of iron With the rod of iron Never have the power to be free Never show your mark for us to see Never again be fooled by your disguise Screaming out the cries Of the fire burning inside The king of kings shall rule with the rod of iron With the rod of iron Never have the power to be free Never hear your hypnotizing lies

Soul On Fire

There's a flame that leads your souls astray No ones safe from its tender touch of pain And every day it's looking for new slaves to celebrate the beauty of the grave We are like the living dead Sacrificing all we have For a frozen heart and soul on fire We are like the living dead Craving for deliverence For a frozen heart and soul on fire And again we're falling for disgrace And hate will shelter us from the rain Well we are enslaved by the sacred heart of shame and gently raped by the light of day We are like the... addicted to our devine despair, the venom of the cross we bear, the guilt will follow us to death We are like the...

To Eve The Art Of Witchcraft

CRADLE OF FILTH "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh"
Crawl in awful stealth to me Forever a voyeur I've been Nocturnal Goddess of the Moon So she comes, unseen Thus (Uzza and Azel) speak The burning seed, is thrust in Eve and yearning keeps me, captive of desire Make me as a flower that grows forever in your throne that I might pollinate the world with darkness as your own Embrace me in spellbinding eyes the fire of life that never dies tear deeper through my paper wounds and never leave inside Love shall consume and bathe the Lady whom I worship and ride thereon She will greet me as a serpent in her dark, secret Eden and I will always want for her witchcraft is Desire... (Desire...) My soul is poisoned from within... I crawl with languid guilt to thee forever flushed in sin Lamia, latria I give my soul is poisoned from within Wisdom breeds, fecundity and her cunt she feeds, to fulfill her desire To Eve I cum... Sevenfold my passion wrought To ransack Eden, and to taste the whore I cling beyond her sabled court She is a gateway, to that darkness lost (Now dream...) I am the gentle stream that trickles through the summer glades of ever green peace Therefore we will drink my sleep and dream I am the bleeding sky, the snatching wind of war blowing through the savage garden My crown is fire, the erotic sinews of lust like strings to be pulled, and cut I will make my puppets dance The men will bow down before me to take my flesh as lucid thoughts of dark, unbridled lust I am all these things and more Thus I await you, nemesis of restraint The code of life, and the bride of evil itself Oh, the fevered need for Her when greed and lust are sharpened in that one desire the all-consuming fire Reveal to me your mysteries, Witch the tree is plundered but I have the seed to be sown in thee 'Mon sortilege a ete le pouvoir qui diovent avoir les ames fortes sur les espirits faibles'

He Is

Aaron Jeoffrey "Aaron Jeoffrey"
In Genesis, He's the breath of life. In Exodus, the passover lamb. In Leviticus, He's our high priest. Numbers, fire by night. Deuteronomy, He's Moses voice. In Joshua, He is salvation's choice. Judges, lawgiver. In Ruth, the kinsmen redeemer. 1st and 2nd Samuel, our trusted prophet. In Kings and Chronicles, He's sovereign. Ezra, a true and faithful scribe. In Nehemiah, He's the rebuilder of broken walls and lives. In Esther He is Mordecai's courage. In Job the timeless redeemer. In Psalms He is our morning song. In Proverbs, wisdom's cry. Ecclesiastes the time and season. In the Song of Solomon, He is the lover's dream. He is, He is, He Is. In Isaiah, He's the prince of peace. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. In Lamentations, the cry for Israel. Ezekiel, He's the call from sin. In Daniel, the stranger in the fire. In Hosea, He is forever faithful. In Joel, He is the Spirit's power. In Amos, the arms that carry us. In Obadiah, He's the Lord our Savior. In Jonah, He's the great missionary. In Micah, the promise of peace. In Nahum, He is our strength and our shield. In Habakkuk and Zephaniah, He's the leading for revival. In Haggai, He restores the lost heritage. In Zechariah, our fountain. In Malachi, He's the Son of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings. He is, He is, He is. In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, He is God, man, Messiah. In the book of Acts, He is the fire from Heaven. In Romans, He's the Grace of God. In Corinthians, the power of love. In Galatians, He is freedom from the curse of sin. Ephesians, our glorious treasure. Philippians, the servant's heart. In Colossians, He's the Godhead Trinity. Thessalonians, our coming King. In Timothy, Titus, Philemon, He's our mediator and our faithful pastor. In Hebrews, the everlasting covenant. In James, the one who heals the sick. In 1st and 2nd Peter, He's our shepherd. In John and in Jude, He's the lover coming for His bride. In the Revelation, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is, He is, He is. The Prince of Peace, the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, the great I AM. He's the Alpha and Omega, our God and our Savior. He is Jesus Christ the Lord. and when time is no more. He is, He is.

Don't Stop

RUN DMC "Back From Hell"
[Run] As I proceed indeed to take the lead with speed All the suckers'll back off and fall But this is the hype I like and the type of mic You wanna fight Just gimme a call I'm going to breeze.. [D.M.C.] .. past the other MC's And D's rhymes'll flow like water The wind, the rain, the hurricane, it's all the same With rhymes in order [Run] And yo my name is Run, and yeah I'm all that Slap back the KING of the daddy mack's But that ain't the news I choose to tell I gotta use the cruise that bruises well For the grime you slime, you try to diss mine I put your head to bed, cause it's bedtime I knock out your teeth beneath your gums Now you're mumblin - you bum! (Turn out the lights Run!) Picture punks playin me close when I'm hard as hell, and that's all labelled SUCKERS Waitin for the King of Swing to bring 'Beats to the Rhyme,' and yeah I'm runnin things Now that's the name of the phrase, so don't be amazed at the ways my rhyme displays You gotta make the best of what you got to get to the top in hip-hop, you gotta diggy diggy don't STOP! [musical interlude] [D.M.C.] The artist, hittin hardest, smartest Professor, compressor, impressor to the lesser low-life of the mic I come CORRECT! (You surely right) The atmosphere is clear when I appear Here to wax and tax an MC for mere pennies And if any, wanna get with D I crash and bash and smash his ass for free Black man! Originating creating a beat I educate and straight from off the streets HARD, like a man was born to be It just just happened in rap I was born to be KING, yeah me the king of the rock So let's rock the spot and diggy don't STOP! [musical interlude] [DMC] Funky lyrics that you hear [both] AS WE RELEASE THE MASTERPIECE THE MUSIC WILL CEASE [Run] and I'll put up the peace sign [D.M.C.] And I roll with soul and reach my goal, the story is told D's bold, and suckers'll fold [Run] And I'm Run my son the fun has just begun and some are slum, and make em sell til crumbles crumb they hum, those fools will come And none have never done Run, Jay! [D.M.C.] D.M.C. the king is me and I be the voice of black community So be the unity inside of me, and we will all agree about this - don't STOP! [music to fade]

Five Fingers

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
[Verse 1:] Take take, the medicine tastes great Gotta keep in the city I'm way baked Waiting for the meteor shading at twelve begin paint The origin of a deeper leader will take place Two coke bottles adorn the rope toddler Rebel of refrigerator Give him a Nilla wafer No role model, provoke him to shift focus Cus he noticed that a cookie tastes better when it's stolen Kids got the darnedest crooks All? get from an honest person Bought enough fireworks from the bullies to blow up a small barn Which he kept in the box in the yard And the bark is far from a klepto-anthem But a klepto-tangent Prefaced the grand canvass Dance to the dirt Stand up, celebrate the natural need to own what ain't earned See it rolls off the tongue Like a smoke ring rolls off a lung til it's done Ready set kept it He thefted a post-it Later applied the motives to a moment of some grown shit "Hey, you with the sharpie and BM!" Did you foreplay the gm Or you carpe the diem Warplay the porn game Wanna get the sure way Well the freedom will correlate with the sword play and heathens Trickery I'm back, talk Fresh outta high school On the prickly catwalk Of the modern bright slide rule Every last number in it's history Got it's own little hustle to nuzzle up with the victory, Thanks Bathe in a bottle of your finest Huckleberry sift through the piss looking for diamonds For that hell appears to that in your climate Get your money from the richest Seek your pussy from the flyest [Chorus:] Slow and low, Do or die calm Suicide king and a tuck of the palm Slow and low, do or die, stuck Two to five cans in the trunk of the truck And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you [x4] Capture the flag [Verse 2:] One by one like little confused penguins Larceny's yes when fools used weapons Like a bitter little burgular jaded up at the buckets He's dumb enough to pull up in public in the fuckin thing Nope gotta configure the five fingers Sorta hop wire vehicular skill is applicable If an eye's on the prize and the itch ain't flushed I hope the fruits of your labor relieve the initial rush Like, step over the abysmal cusp Matchmakers trying to make the mixed signals fucked And make you read the mud, maybe make the stigma's crushed Like "he will learn to walk after he lifts the drums" And this is certified milk by the department of skullduggery Shoplift quicker than ya shutter speed Click! Missed, dip dumb colory In another muddy river water til the rudder bleeds Skip around the money Peel the color me bunny killer Hovering where the mother feed Gutter greed king Let a crumby motherfucker breed fuck with me It goes knock knock, rummy at an abrupt speed The seed's all growns up, playing grown people games Evil lames grown encompass the whole paper chase Grip, better get the master plan So when the workers of a secret graph expands, Yes a pig is a cop, I got a villian for flock, so when I rake in the bacon I hope the kiddies will watch I hope the flipping of the system will be heavily clocked Cus opportunity's fickle If they we're trickling Stop! Capture the flag Drag that crass little bastard flap through the hazmat glass Laugh when he asks for it back Scratch that Welcome to the magic and a basket of cash [Chorus:] Slow and low, do or die, calm Suicide king and a tuck of the palm Slow and low, do or die, stuck Two to five cans in the trunk of the truck And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you [x4] Capture the flag

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