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Girls' Room

Original and similar lyrics
I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeping in the sky I'm sleeping in the water I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeing in girls' room tonight Here comes Tiffany My best friend, Tiffany Wearing a size too small of sweater Me and Tiffany Dressing up pretty We love to ride We love to canter My best friend Tiffany She is so popular We're going from site to site and pool to pool tonight And we hear Terry say that Tricia's ok But she ought to learn to shave her bikini line better And Tauren was born, like her mother, in a storm And Tracey's been away forever I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeping in the sky I'm sleeping in the water I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeing in girls' room I'm sleeing in girls' room tonight

Nobody Feelin' No Pain

JAKE OWEN "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"
The bartender said ya'll keep it down The party was goin strong By the palm trees down at the tiki bar Right there in the Holidome We'd been sittin there since happy hour Had the day off in Omaha And all those girls came in and they wanted to swim And the clothes they started comin off. [CHORUS] And it was alright alright. We just got carried away Yeah it was alright alright Nobody feelin no pain Well 2 a.m. room 509 We were all still good to go Well damn near blew the speaker out of that alarm clock radio. The hotel security man kept knockin til his knuckles turned red while all those daisy duke country girls they were dancin on the king-sized bed [REPEAT CHORUS] [SPOKEN] Alright I gotta know. How many of ya'll ever been out there in the hotel before When they close that old pool bar down. Now I know ya'll just didn't go on back up to your room and turn on QVC and order out for pizza What you probably did was go down to that old icemaker Down there in the hallway and start fillin up that bathtub in your room with as much ice and as much liquid refreshments as it would possibly hold and pretty soon you got a big ol' party goin on, and you know No whistle, no foul no real harm done. We might've messed up a motel room but we sure 'nough had some fun. [REPEAT CHORUS 2X]

Hungry Daze

DEEP PURPLE "Perfect Strangers"
In a dark and sweaty room in '69, tables turning Dancing girls, silly girls, all kinds of girls and it was loud Tuning up to madness in the back room, candles burning Present the Stinking Hippy and throw the naked thunder to the crowd In the Hungry Daze The long and lonely highway drags along, it's going nowhere Sickness and disease and mad corruption, something's going wrong The mountain's getting cold and lonely, the trees are bare We all came out to Montreaux, but that's another song You've heard it all before In Hungry Daze Along the Mountain Road to do some drinking And now we're mobile again Different girls, laughing girls, forever girls, and it's so loud The crew have lost again, they are beaten men The winning team united, living for the crowd These are the Hungry Daze.

Far Side Of The World

JIMMY BUFFETT "Far Side Of The World"
Ramadan is over, The new moon's shown her face, I'm halfway round the planet, In a most unlikely place. Following my song line Past bamboo shacks and shops Behind a jitney packed like sardines, With bananas piled on top. I ran away from politics, It's too bizarre at home. Away I flew, tuned into Blue 'Maybe Amsterdam or Rome' Awakened by a stewardess, With Spain somewhere below. On the threshold of adventure, God I do love this job so. So while I make my move On the big board game Up and down a Spanish highway, Some things remain the same. Girls meet boys and the boys tease girls I'm heading out this morning, For the Far Side of the World. Oh I believe in song lines Obvious and not I'd ridden them like camels To some most peculiar spots. They run across the oceans Through mountains and saloons And tonight out to the dessert Where I sit atop this dune. I was destined for this vantage point Which is so far from the Sea I've lived it in the pages of Saint-Exupery From Paris to Tunisia Casablanca to Dakar I was riding long before I flew Through the wind and sand and stars. Caravan Ride that hump And Timbuktu's a jillion bumps Sleeping bags and battle flags Are coiled and furled That's the way you travel To the far side of the world! A Sunset framed by lightening bolts Burns a lasting memory And a string of tiny twinkling lights adorn the sausage tree. While the embers from the log fire Flicker, fly, and twirl Then drift off toward the cosmos From the Far Side of the World. Well it's Christmas and my birthday and so to that extent The Masai not the wise men Are circling my tent. I teach them how to play guitar They show me how to dance We have rum from the Caribbean And Burgundy from France. New Year's Eve in Zanzibar With Babu and his boys High up on the rooftop You can relish all the noise. They are dancing on the tables People bouncing like gazelles Two 0-0-1 is ushered in With air raid horns and bells. Time to sing time to dance Living out my second chance. Cobras and sleeping bags are coiled and curled That's the way it happens On the Far Side of the World. Back at home, it's afternoon Six thousand miles away. I will still be there when I get through Attending this soiree There are jobs and chores and questions And plates I need to twirl, But tonight I'll take my chances, On the Far Side of the World. That's the way it happens On the Far Side of the World.

Sandy's Song

And the last thing I'd recall Her body standing on the stove Sandy wiping her grey eyes I was pleased and frightened To see a grownup woman cry She blamed her housemaid for her mind But I think that they all knew it had to happen some time I had rushed home from school To see my favorite show And as it happened, it was deadly cold that day And as I peeled my mittens frozen to my wrists with snow I swore I heard a voice come from the living room And say: "Oh...God Oh...God Oh...well..." And when I peered into that room My little afternoon took sick Sandy hanging from the light Her Levis wrapped around her neck It was a sight to see Old Sandy finally seeing me And though she couldn't speak I had a sinking feeling that she would have said: "Oh, darling....more mascara" She looked so peaceful in the air The lightbulb shining in her hair Her face was free It frightened me She looked happy I guess she found the difference And I thought about the joke Where the man keeps up his rotting wife She had maggots in her mouth I wonder if what she thought right now And then the car drove up And then the car drove up And I remember sleeping And I remember sleeping... And they wrapped her up and drove away And now I have this crazy fantasy... What if Sandy died in front of me?

Stars Shine Quietly

MASON JENNINGS "Birds Flying Away"
Dawn breaks across our little room You're sleeping silently and still I love you and i always will Good morning baby Wake up you sleepy little thing New leaves are blowing on the trees Today i'll do anything you please It's a good day baby Outside the birds begin to sing And soon the traffic and the heat Will wake up our quiet city street And start the day going I'll wrap my arms around you tight And fake like i can't tell you're asleep Come on tell me all about your dreams It's a dream day baby Night falls across our little room You're sleeping silently and still I love you and i always will Goodnight baby I'm gonna marry you one day Till then let's not forget to play Over us, in some old fashioned way Stars shine quietly

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