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LIZ PHAIR lyrics - Whip-Smart

Cinco De Mayo

Original and similar lyrics
Cinco de mayo, blowout, denial It wasn't fun this time, letting you go What if I never, a bullet forever, Held out my hand to you? We wouldn't have known beautiful flow Absolute measure, I ain't no pleasure hound Bus out of control, ploughing the road Out on a bender Just Alice falling down a deepening hole I'd never been to Rome until you smiled You're about as old and piled Used to pray for snow Now I just wonder What spell I was under Thinking you thought of me as something to hold I'd never been to Rome until you smiled You're about as old and piled Cinco de mayo, burn-out Ohio It wasn't me this time letting you go

Beautiful Story

JIN "Say Something" You know I gotta say something Check Here's a tale that must be told, picture this, a 12 year old Maybe 13 but that's the max, definitely no older than that This thing's called rap, had him open in fact, it wasn't enough just ownin' the tracks Learnt every song word for word, thought of himself as the opening act No stage, no microphone, just a bathroom mirror, maybe a comb Blink of an eye and the world of his own, just like that, king on the throne Until one day he simple felt, in need of a way to express himself Pen and a pad, line after line, just him and his rhymes, nobody else Of course he wasn't the illest in sight, in fact he sucked but still he would write Little by little the feelin' was right that eventually he would be killin' the mic After school freestylin' flows, countless ciphers, talent shows World revolved around his craft, his passion and his happy codes Mom and pops had rotten views of Hiphop and would not approve They stood firm, no matter how hard he tried, they could not be moved Still he let his fire burn, hopin' that the tide would turn Until that day his prime concerned, was your respect he tried to earn Maybe that's why at the time, only one thing was on his mind Everyday, every night, mic or no mic, all he wanted to do was just rhyme But who, whoever the heck would listen? Witness a lyrical exhibition Wherever he went, no matter the time, he battled for props and recognition Parkin' lot at the mall, outside of a bathroom stall Didn't matter who, single or a crew, line 'em up and he would battle 'em all Eatin' rappers was all he knew, soon his reputation grew No matter what he was goin' through, step up stage and he feel brand new Still that wasn't enough to fulfil, his thirst and hunger for something more real Whatever the case, continue the chase, can't change your fate, once it is sealed Meanwhile back home sounds the same, folks started and now complain How he doesn't even care that the family business is goin' down the drain Truth is he's aimin' for more than just the fame and stardom Deep down inside he just wants to keep his family from starvin' So even though they hated, it kept him motivated If you have never seen this struggle before how will you recognize when you have made it? Finally graduated, parents were agitated The dream and hope of their son goin' to college has gradually faded He was determined to shine, time on the grind, tryna get signed Looked for a break anywhere he could find, a never endin' ladder for him to climb Knockin' on doors only to meet, so called execs who don't wanna greet All they expect is soap on their feet, he stays anyways, go on a beat That's when they see he's kinda raw, never encountered his kind before Rhyme before, not like any of the artist that they've ever signed before Whatever the case they wouldn't explain, no matter the label, it was the same Walkin' on in, walkin' on out, thank you for comin', we're glad that you came He didn't give up, he just kept strong, knowin' deep down that it wouldn't be long He did his turn, respect he earned, and eventually he would prove them wrong Far from an easy dream, on the right track but evening steam The MC man cause of what he's seen, until he popped up on a TV screen That's when the whole world saw him shine, then the word quickly spread online And it actually blew everyone's mind, guess who Ruff Ryders just signed? Yes sir, time does fly by, barely 10 years in the blink of an eye Fair share of lows, fair share of highs, in the mist of it all he's still the same guy Ain't with the R no more, some say he ain't a star no more He's alive and he's healthy, somebody tell me, what should he feel any sorrow for? Lookin' back, shows no stress, no remorse and no regrets In fact what seems like a lifelong journey is really just his first view steps

The Light (Ginger & Metaphysics)

I want to go to the stars I want to go to the stars I want to go to the morning star She awoke with a start from a dream of stars Let's talk metaphysics she sighed in her BVD's She didn't need comfort, just some verbal intercourse A dance around the intelligence tree Where was the light before it came here? Who held the power to begin the spin? What is in store? What am I here for? Is it love? Is it war? Is there more? There she stands at my mind again The age of poetry had begun Wasn't that a time for the light? Wasn't that a time to shake the foundations? Wasn't that a time for love? Go out and stuff the universe into your eyes Out together on the streets At the barricade in the streets What a scintillating bitch with her eyes on the light “Let's go to hell together” in her eyes Why do we remember the past and not the future? What's inside a black hole? What is the nature of the universe? How does it work? Which way is west in space? Is there sex in heaven? Is it the best? Connect me with my intellect she sighed You can's hide the sexual drive Friction makes sparks Sparks make fire Fire make heat and the heat will endure ‘til the Animal comes with ferocity Not unlike You and me In the throes of poetry A lover's eye can stare and eagle blind A lover's ear can hear the lowest sound A lover's lips taste like a dream I know you like it on top Don't stop Wasn't that a time for the light? Wasn't that a time to shake the foundations? Wasn't that a time for love and danger? Go out and stuff the universe into your eyes The only answer that I have found Above the sky or below the ground Is that there are no answers There never were any answers There will never be any answers And as Gertrude Stein said, “That's the answer.” I am not afraid of the future I am not afraid of ideas I am not afraid to shake the foundation Of the wonder years. These are visions of tomorrow These are visions of the strength of ideas Like matter and energy ideas shape the sky Of the future years In my imaginary world there are no hungry children In my world, love is true In my world teachers get paid more than baseball players in my world, there is you but In the real world people get hungry In the real world people need love In the real world people need light and hope and ideas and food And love and a soothing human touch. Just like they're Standing in the presence of God Standing in the halls of imagination Every boy a lion, every girl a tiger It just takes a moment to step through the fire Adventure beckons from above The age of poetry begins again, with love Isn't this a time for the light Isn't this a time to shake the foundation Isn't this a time for love and danger Go out and stuff the universe into your Isn't this a time for the light Isn't this a time to shake the foundation I know you like it on top, don't stop Isn't this a time for the light I am not afraid of the future

Don't Forget

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Summer #9"
It was still dark when Mark arrived Maybe 6:45 in the morning time In the tenth grade, we was tight friends But neither of us had a driver's license His mom was a flight attendant And she'd leave town with a Cadillac unattended So we used to get tempted, That intense tendency to tend to what we wasn't meant to We would skip out on class and shit To go visit other schools, just tryin to act cool And looking back I have to laugh at it Cause all we did was burn up gas and flunk math fool But still it was super ill, I mean two teenagers in a new Seville With 1987 in the tapedeck That was a part of my life that I'll never forget It went... [Chorus 2X] The soundtrack still runs through my head I gotta keep every single step As old as we get, we don't forget We won't forget We don't forget And you can't tell me nothing about frontin We wasn't even sixteen yet, come on jump in Cruise control until we lose control Max the low end out to let it bruise my soul And god knows I should have been studying So maybe I could grow up and be somebody But I loved the looks that the girls shot at me from the bus stop When we pulled up in that caddy Good thing back then I had bad game Otherwise there probably be a few with my last name Better that my true love was rap Now let it out on reverse, until the bad dub snaps Felt so right, forgot we was wrong Sittin at a stop light, singin along When I look in my rearview now, what would I see If I didn't have the music in my history, now give it to me [Chorus 2X] And we was just a couple of kids It was right around the same time that nobody was beatin the biz Had that, and I know you got soul On a tape that I made, recorded em off a (?) show I was addicted to the radio Make my request, and wait for it Holdin my finger on the pause button, like "now go" I guess that was the original download Rap videos and girls digits A fifteen pack of blank cassettes for Christmas Used to steal mom's change if it's easy to We used to make up names for our graffiti crew Used to talk about makin it big And if we ever got rich, the way we would live Hey Mark, we ain't there yet but If you can hear my voice then turn your stereo up, like what... [Chorus 2X]

Who's Booty

EPMD "Unfinished Business"
[Erick Sermon] Yo, at a hip-hop club was a girl I met She was hot you can bet, her body dripped with sweat I kicked it to her, and her name was Kim She said let's jet because she was ready for the Jim Browski I doubt thee E would front so like a real stunt, I rolled the Blunt She was ready, I could see in her face She said let's jet we went back to her place It was fat, she had a dope crib She offered food, like some barbucue ribs I said No thank you not now honey How about some drink, yes some Gin Rummy After that, come here and sit down We put on tender Roni by Mister Bobbi Brown We waste no time, it was time to do it Put on some James Brown so we can get into it No kinky stuff, like ropes or handcuffs But when you love me please don't be ruff I said listen, I'LL BE GENTLE, I'LL BE VERY GENTLE WHEN I'M LOVING YOOOOUUU, WHEN I'M LOVING YOOOOUUU. ...So I dipped, I abandoned ship threw in the anchor like on the boat tip That's what I get for trying to be a lover But never judge a book, by the damm cover I'm not dissing, but I don't like fishing And next time, I want to know who I'm kissing You can call me gay or a tutti-frutti But I won't touch it until I know who's Booty [Parrish Smith] Well I was maxin one day just minding my own Talking to E-Double on my car cellular phone When I seen this fly girl clocking her looks were temptating The look in her eye was the look of infatuation So I put my car in park, turned my system down I said Excuse me, are you new in town She said it's funny you asked I just got here today I said Yo, you need a lift because I'm going that way She said My mother always told me not to ride with strangers If I did, than my life would be in danger I said Yeah that's true, but I'm not you're everyday swinger To tell you the truth, I'm a well known singer Plus I was cold coolin 40 dawn in lap Wings on my fingers from my fisherman hat. She got in and said Yo I never done this before I had to play my cards right to get my foot in the door. She got and she said You a medical doctor? I said close but no cigar, I'm the microphone doctor Who performs open surgery, on MC's that are willing Except to try same them, I try to kill them She said Ooh that sounds exciting, please tell me more You mean how we heinz and clock the G's or more. We got to her house and her moms wasn't home As we went to the room I sparked up the homegrown I was with it, felling nice from Old E Ready to get busy, and wax a cold booty. We got to her it was time to max Pulled out the Jimhat and strapped the Bozak I hit the lights, and next was the sack We started doing it, it was hard to produce Because the booty was cold kickin like They Call Me Bruce I had to cover my nose, not to ruin the mood Because I know I wasn't fishing but I smelled seafood Smelled like shrimp or lobster, or tuna of the sea And it wasn't worth catching the A-the I-the D-to the S-oh yes The S is for safe sex And as I glanced at the door, you that move was next But she pulled me close, and said Let's get loose And out of nowhere I yelled Baby did you do... She said no P, cause I'm not a swinger I couldn't buy that as I smelled my forefinger I was playing myself plus my style was crampped I grabbed my keys and coat, and MD broke camp And as I walked to the door, the girl got moody I looked her eye to eye and said.. WHO'S BOOTY

Street Poetry

There’s an infestation in my mind’s imagination I hope they choke on smoke Because I’m smoking them out the basement This is not rap, this is not hip hop Just another attempt to make the voices stop Rapping to prove nothing Just writing to say something Cause I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t rushing to say nothing This doesn’t mean I lost my dream It’s just right now I’ve got a really crazy mind to clean Know what I mean? No I didn’t understand a thing you said If I didn’t know better I’d guess you’re all already dead Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch Saying stuff like you only live once Yeah once you got one time to figure it out One time to twist and one time to shout One time to think and I say we start now Because death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit

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