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LIZ PHAIR lyrics - Exile In Guyville


Original and similar lyrics
I was flying into Chicago at night Watching the lake turn the sky into blue-green smoke The sun was setting to the left of the plane And the cabin was filled with an unearthly glow In 27-D, I was behind the wing Watching landscape roll out like credits on a screen The earth looked like it was lit from within Like a poorly assembled electrical ball As we moved out of the farmlands into the grid The plan of a city was all that you saw And all of these people sitting totally still As the ground raced beneath them, thirty-thousand feet down It took an hour, maybe a day But once I really listened the noise just fell away And I was pretending that I was in a Galaxie 500 video The stewardess came back and checked on my drink In the last strings of sunlight, a Brigitte Bardot As I had on my headphones Along with those eyes that you get When your circumstance is movie-size It took an hour, maybe a day But once I really listened the noise just fell away It took an hour, maybe a day But once I really listened the noise just fell away But once I really listened the noise just fell away


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
It goes welcome the pop off, some pop soft. We bang b-bang b-bang bang out loud. Ready on the left with a face full of death. We slanged out fang mouth bang out now. This is a never dug disco, Zoo York tycoon, memorandum bonanza banter clamp crunk out the fish bowl. Gorgeous how struggling gills wriggle out water, ain't it? Same scape as the walls crawling with paranoia's plaintiffs. The robo-komodo promo Zen patience a-alike to this jittery drooling mess. Bitterly unruly on mud hugger alert, he usher dirt to the kick circus. Deflected labor ethic questions peeled at the field workers. Is it raw? Please... does a priest need a ten-foot pole to baptize little Linus minus the lap ride and tease? Evolution is a leader depleter, seeker needy sheep idol feeder beware, once complete you might not want to be there. Dead straw to gold bar spin fiber. Lost and fond in a smitten kitten's incisors. They Aphrodite all over the burgle of a purple heart compartment. Marched a burgundy carpet alarmed and far to parched to bark it. Lil' Abner. A real firecracker. Grows to throw 'bows with vehicular hijackers. To eavesdrop plots cops hired a wire tapper. That's a whipper snapper trapped beneath my grip on the fire ladder. Took drums over to deril' to once over the line tones. Punch toothy ticks 'til they find homes like three ruby clicks. The roof is on fire where snoopy sits right now. You should have shot yourself in the foot when it was in your mouth. [CHORUS] Thieves in the strobe deep freeze your pose. For the disease that grows underneath your toes holds up a reason y'alls gold never seems to glow. Now we can all breath slow once the fiend's exposed. It goes heave ho. You never got the grit right. Bark fame but you never put the grit down. Hawk styles but you never got the grit right. Put the grit down. Grit right. Get down. This is a never dug disco defamation of dog and pony grappled out chincey, chipping Leo Da Vinci phonies pushing kill of hill bloated. Nobody got you. While biggest brother's watching bigger brother watching big brother watch you. Nothing says circus fun quite like nuclear holocaust over breakfast on the terrace. Hash browns and peril. Old ironsides or good ship lolli-popper, Davy Jones still got a locker, ak, the opera's more than docs and soccer moms. Now before you kick your feet up, I married and divorced mother nature after sweet-talking that old hag out of a pre-nup. This information's neither braggadocio nor secret, just know as of now the world is technically not yours, peanut. It's a day in the life of the carnie dog-faced boy escapist. Living large, watching Springer, smoking beedies wrapped in bacon. At night his get busy disease leakage peaketh. Merk the he say/she say, BK Jesus turn peg legs to Adidas on the down stroke. And they like 'what's up with the name?' I tell'em y'all made Bazooka Tooth I's about to ask the same. But before you curfew the city and shut down every block, I'd like to say I still Aesop the fuck out of the Rock [CHORUS] This is a never dug disco. Spread feelers. Tonka zonk Gepetto bred beezers. Jeepers, gee wilikers, goshes galoshes, Christ, god almighty. They tore his limbs off kilter, still the hostage moshes slightly. Hung off the balcony by the skin off his doctor's psyche. He hopes it holds but knows the locusts kamikaze nightly. He woke, corroded buggy facial, insect chopper biting. He's only bones by the time the ungodly body's sighted. He saw the puddle, full color hideous monster Viking. He used to survey if the vermin dined on others like him. He found the fucks indigenous to him and awfully feisty. He grew old awkward grinch and settled into bonkers nicely. I alert vital spider works to cultivate grit, ship the bulk rate shit. Herbie the love bug drugs pulsate whips. Tie in spite for commoner idiocy and good old-fashioned biblical plague. We move units off your pagan escapade. And it's pits to the peg legged. Megas eclipse cripples so that pimp limp's wheel chair basketball when 15 minutes fizzles. Your flimsy frame marks hip-hop's second most tragic event and will 'til Jam Master Jay's resurrection and second death. [CHORUS]


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st some shit went down [Aesop Rock] Now Benny was a New York City graff kingpin Five Borough fame guaranteed to itch pigskin Raided near the Brooklyn Naval Yards, juxed an undercover When they asked him what he pled he said, "You're fuckin' up my cover!" [Mr. Lif] Okay, Jose is working in the slaughterhouse Said he's living in the hood, but he wants to get his daughter out Slipped off a ledge, and fell into a machine Another dead immigrant, that's the American Dream [Aesop Rock] Miss Molly, helpless, made a penny with a data entry temp gig Overqualified with the rent stick Red brick bash with a texted green screen Like, "I entered my data right into your screen" [Mr. Lif] Jane went insane, she's an anchorwoman Sick of pushing skewed information And abusing the nation Had a few options: Either jump or run Critical ways or waving a gun Time for C-H-A-N-G-E Held a knife to the VP on TV She demanded that the format be expanded Beyond fear, everybody clear, understand it? [Aesop Rock] Billy was a coke fiend [Mr. Lif] Maggie was a cop [Aesop Rock] Like a dope he stole green [Mr. Lif] She patroled the block [Aesop Rock] Banking off his old scheme [Mr. Lif] She recognized his plot [Aesop Rock] He thought he was home free [Mr. Lif] She knew that he was locked [Aesop Rock] Now it's off to the jail in a blue squad car [Mr. Lif] She pocketed the crack before they got far [Aesop Rock] Billy watches Maggy from behind steel bars Like "Where the crack went" [Mr. Lif] "I'ma smoke it tomorrah" [Aesop Rock] They call him Larry Luck Blackjack, big spender He was married once Till he bet her ring finger Seen him leaving Las Vegas With a pick up truck, diamond Forty large, and beautiful wife piece Less than what he came with Itched to get rich found nickels in the couch Hitched back to the casino with in an hour Said "I'm here to make a dollar out of fifteen cents" And was immediately shot to his death over debts [Mr. Lif] As Colin died, his mother cried Then the EMS survived Said that he could be revived but they lied Afterlife realized that water from the skies Washes pain from our eyes so our hopes could rise [Aesop Rock] Now, J.J. punch drunk, acts like a dumb fuck Bum touched girls looking young enough to thumb suck One saw the light, thought it right to rat him out Now gets raped by Aryans in the big house (OUCH!) [Mr. Lif] Ted did 20 years for rolling some weed Though he used to snort coke and dabble with speed Welcome home, homie, here's a blunt with hash You know the rules, bitch, take two and pass Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At exactly 11:35pm on Januray 21st some shit went down [Aesop Rock] I got one Jack or Jill Jill won't, Jack will Jill didn't, then did it Jack fell No cellophane secrets, b I guess I sense two felt bumps in the tar No cell But hell, you jump the bar so well Parted your partners veil and dipped I'm New York harbor Tale of a sail, ripped sorta Stuck on purpose for tha love of birthplace But would have carried you home inside of my teeth anyday Turns out I wasn't cast in the master plan anyway He holds no grudge, holds his tongue, wild Same one she used to hold in both smiles [?] instinctual last shout if it killed me So you can ride up in the sun city guilt-free One year passed, the table is wobbling and your hollerin' back Sippin the fits you skipped when shit cracks They never missed it Not a long haul, bullshit, kids kicked into the same Shoebox with the flicks and lipstick I'll love you forever, cuz you know me better For the record, that one time I would've married you in a second But kill the rekindling dreams and navigate the friendship Or else by the time the stress wears out we'll both be dead and friendless


She looked like she learned to dance from a series of still pictures She's madly excited now, she throws her hands up like a tulip She looks like an illustration of a cocktail party Where cartoon bubbles burst in the air, champagne rolls off her tongue Like a second language And it should have been her biggest night The satellite looks down on her as she begins to cry All over the world at the very same time people sharing the same sorrow As the satellite looks down her darkest hour is somebody's bright tomorrow He pulled on a cigarette, in the crook of his first finger Felt the static electric charge of her perfect hour-glass figure As he undressed her with his eyes her weakness was his talent How could she know as she stepped through the lights, that her dress would become transparent And with his face pressed to the screen, he muttered words he'd never dare to say if she could see him All over the world at the very same time People sharing the same cheap sensation the thrill of watching somebody watching those forbidden things we never mention The satellite looks down right now and forever What it has pulled apart let no man tether his own body to his dream, His dream to someone else Oh no, oh no. She went back to a pitiful compromise He'd go back to his family But for the matter of a thousand miles that separated them entirely In the hot unloving spotlight, with secrets it arouses Now they both know what it's like inside a pornographer's trousers And in a funny way it's anonymous, the satellite it blesses us and makes these dreams come true... All over the world The satellite looks down right now and forever What it has pulled apart let no man tether his own body to his dream, His dream to someone else Oh no, oh no.

Big Noise From Winnetka - Divine Madness Version

BETTE MIDLER "Divine Madness"
[Harlettes:] This is the story of a young girl who was the hippest chick in town. They call her Big Noise from Winettka. Miss Birdie's sure to get around. Big Noise flew in from Winnetka, stole each fellow's heart and then Big Noise flew in from Winnetka, Big Noise flew right out again. Stop! Look! Listen! Here comes the Big Noise! Stop! Look! Listen! Here comes the Big Noise! [Bette:] I am the one they call the Big Noise. I'm looking fine and feeling sharp. I just flew in from Winnetka, don't you know I'm gonna blow this joint apart! I got my high heels! I don't need no wheels! My footwork is an art! You know the joint is jumpin', my heart is pumpin', and this is just the start! Whoa! I was a big noise from Winnetka, I'll be a big noise in your heart! Whooooa! [Harlettes:] Tempting when she's walkin', tempting when she's talkin'! Listen to her squakin'! There she goes 'round again, up and then down again, in and then out, ooooh, bop! 'Hi! Welcome to another foul evening with the Divine Miss M! 'After many a summer dies the swan,' but not when their stuck in a turkey as big as this one! Watch us as we scratch and claw out hour upon the stage in yet another feeble-minded attempt to turn chicken shit in to chicken salad. Make no mistake about it, eggs will be laid tonight! Ain't that right girls Oh, my girls. My three favorite schochkies on the breakfront of life. I'll never forget the first time I found these girls, selling their papayas on 42nd Street. So flushed, so filthy. The astonishing verbal abuse they heaped upon me made me certain we were destined to share the stage someday. Not only are my girls fine singers and dancers, not only are they gorgeous and talented, but they also think I'm god! Ain't that right, girls They function as a greek chorus. These girls don't know shit about Euripides, but they know plenty about Trojans. Ladies and gentlemen, a rousing hand for the semi-classical Harlettes! Laides! Alright girls, sing 'em your siren song, go ahead. Turn them men into pigs. Not the band, you idiots. Those, that bunch right over there in the front row. Not much of a challenge, huh This group is already well on its way to oink oink land. Oops, so sorry. Once again behaving in a manner I had sworn to aschew. Thank you. Once again falling into the vat of vulgarity. Oh tut tut. I did so want to leave my sordid past behind and emerge form this project beathed in a new and ennobling light. I wanted to come out and be the sweet, pure, honest, unadorned person that I really really am. I wanted to show you the good beneath the gaudy, the saint beneath all this paint, the sweet, pure, winsome little soul that lurks beneath this lurid exterior. But fortunately, just as I was about to rush down the path to repectability and righteousness, a wee small voice called out to me in the night and reminded me of the motto by which I've always tried to live my life: F$CK 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!' [From the soundtrack:] 'Hi! 'After many a summer dies the swan,' but not when she's stuck in a turkey the size of this one! Make no mistake about it folks, eggs will be laid tonight! Ain't that right girls Oh, my girls. My three favorite schochkies on the breakfront of life. I'll never forget the first time I found these girls, peddling their papayas on 42nd Street. Not only are my girls fine singers and dancers, not only are they gorgeous and talented, but they also think I'm god!' [Bette:] I am the one they call the bi-i-i-i-g noise! I am a living work of art! I just flew in from Winnetka, daddy-o! I'm gonna blow this joint apart! Everyone has a bit of big noise in his heart. Everyone loves a little sin. Well, I'm gonna be the first girl in the line when the festivities begin! I was a scandle, too hot to handle! They said, 'You'd best depart!' Oh! Exit Big Noise from Winnetka. Enter . . . [Harlettes:] Enter! Enter! Big Noise in his heart!

Tougher Than Leather

RUN DMC "Tougher Than Leather"
[Run-D.M.C.] Unconceivable, unbelievable Grammar like a hammer information receivable Sent by the Lord, here and abroad with words well adored now they can't be ignored! [Run] The force of course that makes Run the boss so get lost because I just toss a punk Make way today and if I may I say I make pay with Jay, so get away OKAY Gainin weight, I ate the whole plate today Never rate the great, I go state to state Just peep and keep but don't sleep or weep Get deep to leap or I'll beep the Jeep Put down the clown, get 'round the town I found the sound that I pound the ground Get paid and laid, not 'jayed or 'fraid so I stayed and made, not a bad debate Got a group to troop, with a shoop de shoop Shoot hoop then scoop, on this loop to loop Goin off and off, not soft of course Just black and back to go back and forth Go to school and cool, and pull Got soul and gold and cold hold a jewel Upset the vet, a vet met a Jet Just let your , and I'll win the bet Got a punch to crunch, cold munch for lunch not Grady or the lady from the Brady Bunch Got cheese in Lee's like he's in jeans Charge Visa freeze, on these with ease No dope to cope, just good to go There's hope to Pope, big nope for no Quite clever and never, we're together forever Run-D.M.C. and we're 'Tougher Than Leather' [D.M.C.] Strong and mighty hard as can be lie press strong as Dee Never frightened I'm writin fightin for what's right Let's keep it in the night I'm creepin with my mic I got to go for broke, and I ain't no joke I won't yoke and choke, 'cept you suckers I smoked Bumrush and crush, leave em in the dust This is a must to rough, Only strong survive, and the weak will die As long as I'm alive I keep my head up high because I'm strong in body, and smart in mind I was born to rhyme, as a gift to mankind No punk or chump, never givin no slack We'll be killin a villain and like chillin, 'Yo black!' I got a , it's me you run from I'm the king I do my things until my Kingdom Come! [guitar solo] [Run] .. cause .. I'm Rough and tough, cold huff and puff Don't bluff the stuff, got enough to rough Go long and on, no longer song Go on and on just for past the dawn Put preach and teach, with a speech to reach all streets and each, with beats for treats Got the King Supreme, may seem the clean with a beat and a ring, no dream machine Not a gang to bang, out to hang with slang talking yang and tang, about everythang Just brothers and others, like fathers and mothers who discovered they love us they think that I've been above us No crime or time, just rhyme and I'm full grown and own, no phone or dime Just cut the stuff, til you get enough cause we're rougher than tougher and rougher tougher than tough! [guitar solo] [Run-D.M.C.] Ah with a voice like thunder, words of wonder over all standin tall and the suckers fall under Posessed with power, cowards will cower Ducks we devour hour hour after hour Three man riot, you can't deny it We're so ill that you can't defy it Gonna live, POSITIVE, forever, AND EVER Run-D.M.C. and we're 'Tougher Than Leather'

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