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LIZ PHAIR lyrics - Exile In Guyville


Original and similar lyrics
Rifle in hand and two in the bush Three count delay, I may need a little push Take out the garbage on Tuesday nights Seems like the small things are the only things I'll fight Seems like the small things are the only things I'll fight Gunshy, gunshy, gunshy, gunshy See-monkeys, do-monkeys Story of my life Send three bucks to a comic book Get a house, car and wife Send three bucks to a comic book Get a house, car and wife (wife) Gunshy, gunshy, gunshy, gunshy Gunshy, gunshy, gunshy, gunshy

The Phonecall

JON LAJOIE "You Want Some Of This?"
[dialing] [Bob (Jon):] Can't believe this. [B:] I'm gonna kill this motherfucker. [sigh] [Jake (the other guy):] Hallo [B:] Hello, Jake [J:] Uh, hi there Bob. How is it going? [B:] Well, I'm just fun-fucking-tastic, Jake. How are you? [J:] Oh, you know. Can't complain. [B:] That's just fucking great. Hey. I just spoke with my neighbour who lives across the street, and he told me that you came by my house today. While I was at work. [J:] Oh, uh. Yeah, yeah, I just popped in there for a few minutes. [B:] A few minutes? My neighbour says it was more like three hours. So what could've you been possible doing alone in my house, with my wife, for three hours? [J:] Oh, no, no, no. Look I— [B:] 'Cause you see, a guy like me can get suspicious. [J:] Listen, uh. I can explain everything. I, I— [B:] Oh, I want you to explain. [J:] It's not what you think, um. [B:] Well, please, enlighten me Jake, 'cause I'm really fucking curious to know what you were doing. [J:] Look, it's nothing. It's stupid, really. I, I went over to your house, around one o'clock ([B:] huh), and I fucked your wife and then I left. [B:] Really... [J:] Really, I swear. I went over, I fucked her for a while, and after we both came, I just went home. [B:] Is my name Forest Gump, Jake? [J:] Um, what? [B:] Answer the fucking question! Is my name Forest Gump?! [J:] Oh, well, no. [B:] So why are you treating me like I'm a fucking retard. You expect me to believe that you were in my house for three hours and all you did was fuck my wife?! [J:] I came over, she, she blew me there for a while ([B:] aha) I came, so we had to wait for a while. Then we had sex in the kitchen, for a while, then we had sex in the living room... [B:] You're fucking lying to me, and I really don't like it Jake. You were in my house for three hours! [J:] No, no. It's not like that. You see, we had sex a few times, and then she wanted more. She said she was really wet and feeling dirty and she wants more than one cock inside of her ([B:] Hm). So we called your brother to see if he wanted to come over and get in on the action, and, and he said 'Yes!', so we waited around for about an hour. That's, that's why it took so long. [B:] Hmm. My brother? ([J:] Uhm) You and my brother double-teamed my wife? [J:] Oh, yeah, yeah. We gave it to her boy. In every hole. [B:] Aha. See, that's funny. 'Cause my brother's in Miami this week. I find it hard to believe that my brother flew all the way to Miami here, to double-team my wife with you. [J:] Oh, well, uhh... [B:] And you know what the funny thing is? The facet in my kitchen has been leaking for three months now. And suddenly today, of all days, it decided to stop leaking. [J:] Uh, oh, oh. [B:] I'm gonna give you one last chance to answer this question. And if you lie, I guarantee you, you're gonna regret it. What where you doing in my house today?! [J:] I'm, I'm sorry. Your wife called me, and I didn't, I didn't. [B:] ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION! [J:] Your wife wanted me to fix the facet, 'cause she couldn't stand the dripping noise anymore. I didn't want to do it, but she begged me! [B:] And what did YOU do?! [J:] I fixed it. I fixed the facet. I'm sorry! [B:] You motherfucking, cocksucking piece of shit, you fucking fix my facet, you backstabbing FUCK!, I'm gonna fix your face, you hear me?! [J: (crying)] I— [B:] I'm gonna fix your fucking...

Piece Of Shit

West Buurbs "EZ Listening"
like i told you before, you can't be a don cause you don't got a job, and your name is juan and just two weeks ago, you became an ex-con, and got fucked in the ass by lyle mouton. and you walked in your house, and all your furniture was gone, and you're beggin com ed to turn your power back on now you're scratchin your head, don't understand what went wrong looked out the window and you see a burning cross on your lawn. looked in your wallet, didn't even have a quarter, looked in your pants, and your dick was getting shorter, saw your wife givin me head on your video recorder then you went to burger king, and they wouldn't take your order. someone came from behind, said get on ya knees tried to drive away, but you couldn't find your keys just for 5 dollars, stickin dicks in your mouth walked home to find a note that you're evicted from your house i don't claim to be a genius but i'm not that dumb but it's not a secret that i can't stand bums, never tryin to get a job, always beggin for my loot. always standing outside in a santa clause suit. or a paralyzed veteran of the veitnam war. then the cops come and he walks to another fuckin store. with a crack pipe he goes to get another fuckin hit. here's a gun for your troubles you fuckin peice of shit! i'm not a supremecist, i'm not in the clan, i just think you should die if you come from japan cause they got small dicks and they got small hands and they talk so fast that i can't understand and there's 8 billion of them living on 100 feet of land if they left it up to me, all the chinks would be banned then we ship then on a plane, to the middle of iran, let them die of thirst and rot and decompose in the sand i'm sorry if i'm rude, i don't mean to snap but i think we should open more concentration camps i don't care if the jews want to live on my land, but they're buying everything and it's getting out of hand. send a rocket full of C4 to jeruselum. then I blow up holly wood, and all the sports stadiums . we can have a k9 unit sniff the jews at the border, or just build a gas chamber on every major corner. AIDS was put on the planet to kill all the fags and if it doesn't then you know I will send them all to kansas city or wherever they please, let them fuck eachother till they all catch a disease shove a cork in thier dicks so they can't take a piss, and crucify the faggots who catch syphillis, then we put them in the middle of a faggot bon fire. and we clip off their nutz with a pair of rusty pliers I don't like to judge, and I'm not prejudiced, but I can't go to Texas cause I cant stand hicks, always drivin pickup trucks and eatin toothpicks. and right across the border you can see all the spics. jumpin in the river with a back pack of food, fitting 20 family members in a fuckin intertube. it's always fun to drive by the river and park, and watch their stupid asses get eaten by a shark.


JUST JACK "Overtones"
Picture this 2.30 on the hottest night in June He awakes for no reason and checks his watch by the moon And his mouth feels as dry as his eyes as he struggles to rise And stops to contemplate his wife’s thighs as he does up his flies He finds his slippers where he left them under the chair behind the 2 cups and an old copy of marie claire He switches the on the coffee machine that of course works like a dream catches sight of his reflection in the silver surface sheen And It’s a face he knows well although it should look less abused With all these moisturisers and the skin products he’s used As he moves through the kitchen, his homage to brushed steel Across the new pine flooring that’s plastic but looks real Past the plasma with the widescreen and the cinema surround sound And he stops on his favourite spot by the window and looks down On the orange lit street at the edge of the private car park Where his Audi TT is waiting safely in the dark Keeping it all inside of you Something will have to give And if you could you’ll take it back But you lose your way in the way you live Now he can hear wind chimes tinkling out on the balcony And his phone beeping out a text message in the same key He checks it and it’s Jill who used to be his secretary Before they started an affair and things began to get really scary Now his wife Mary is getting weary of his lies Like she’s read the whole sordid story in his eyes It doesn’t help that Jill’s now saying that she’s 2 weeks late His mental state is really starting to deteriorate He never knew how he got so out of his depth Or why he’s broken more than all these promises kept And it’s been ages since he slept Properly, his sleeps now broken by these dreams of extra-marital activity Trying to recapture the rapture that he used to get from his material possessions And endless retail therapy sessions Shoulda listened to what his dad said before he died The best things in life are the ones you can’t buy son Keeping it all inside of you Something will have to give Wish you could buy a ticket back But you lose your way in the way you live He used to feel so safe up here in his shrine to Ikea Away from the shouts and the louts and the girls with the over-painted pouts And the queers and the dykes and the kids in their box-fresh Nikes Delivering rocks to the house across the street on rusty mountain bikes Aah aah Aah aah aaahh He used to feel so safe up here in his shrine to Ikea Away from the shouts and the louts and the girls with the over-painted pouts And the queers and the dykes and the kids in their box-fresh Nikes Delivering rocks to the house across the street on rusty mountain bikes Aah aah Aah aah aaah

Crewed Up

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
[Verse 1 - Stage One] They call me Bad Lieutenant when my eyes are squinted Child of the 70s and the 80s was in it Lost the first homeboy in the 9-0 and liable To get the gun buckin at 5-0, I'm tribal I'm from a place where the *niggas* are jelly And pretend to be your friend and put one your belly And you can keep on yelling, the cops won't come You want beef, we got burgers and then some We from the era when we learned on our own Runnin wild in the streets with both parents at home Kind of hard to find a young un alone - caused we was crewed up Taggin on the walls taught wars and getting chewed up [Verse 2 - St. Paul Slim] Now I don't know about y'all, but I'm bout to make a small fortune By taking small things and blowing em out of proportion Using sarcasm as my second language Look mom I'm famous, I mean I'm flagrant You say you write your best rhymes when you high I say I write my best rhymes cause I'm fly This is why I'm cold, I'm Minnesota nice If you want my CD I will give you special price Haha, take Trummond's advice St. Paul Slim the best homie, none of its hype So please lil asshole, keep your mouth closed 'Fore your momma be like "Look at my son, he out cold" [Verse 3 - Muja Messiah] You could tell I'm focused by the look in my eye You could see I'm dirty by how clean my kicks is You know I tell the truth, I got no reason to lie Hey, like I tell my chicks "You ain't got a lotta kick it" All I'm trynna do is get a piece of the pie And turn these bricks into a legit business Now run along and go home to your wives And leave me and Slug here to play with these bitches You know I spit the sickest sickness since syphilis Mixed with malaria, fuck it, the more the merrier B-Boy, D-Boy, yep I'm in your area Muja Messiah uh huh, hello America [Verse 4 - YZ] Yo, yo, y'all wack, yo what the fuck is new? I'm back wit Atmos and the crew To do this you need style, I thought you knew It's not a diss, yo it's just my point of view Maybe if I turn sideways, y'all *niggas* will Throw lyrics my way instead of the highway Now getting ran over by cars and Land Rovers We starred, you sub par, maybe send your man over Pardon, you gon' step to this Spit phat, not anorexic shit Come stacked boy, it ain't no need to go there I knock rappers out, y'all scratch and pull hair [Verse 5 - Brother Ali] I hustle hard for the love of god My life has been the biggest struggle for the bloody start I knuckle up and throw the hands of my thug at heart So when the shit hit the fan I don't come apart, I breathe and shrug it off Atmosphere - the Big Brother's big brothers Catch is here to turn king to wrist cutters Just trust it ain't no regular shit That's a polite asshole and a sensitive pimp You would think it was a party, not a Cadillac Church mosque, have a knack Dr. Dre Training Day rappers don't know how to act Remove em all from my sight like a cataract Poof! It's a magic act [Verse 6 - Toki Wright] Walk over beats like DMC, three stripes Leaver be three strikes, visa need three swipes DVDs, jeans clean, cuts brush dandruff Mobile phones, suited loan, courted blown pampers Chilling at the party in B-Boy stance And they looking at me funny, why? Cause they can't dance So I'm cutting up and shutting up, I'm buttercup but just enough To lean on top of this metropolis with binoculars Walk like a pimp, think like a Macintosh Battle scars, also trynna figure out your avatar Leave the cameras on, told ya partner that he can't perform Brought a torch to burn the building, he think I'ma hand it to him [Verse 7 - Blueprint] Yeah, yeah, I solemnly swear To fight the good fight as long as I'm here But sometimes the good fight don't seem fair Cause all the best soldiers we had ain't here They gone now, we all on our own now And most of those left ain't got no style You give em an inch they try to take a whole mile Too overconfident to keep a low profile Pump your brakes, stay in your lane A bunch of fakes chasing fame I'll punch your face and take your chain Sit your 5 dollar ass down before I make change [Verse 8 - Slug] Break these chips down, count your business Ain't nothing free, it's a James Brown Christmas So god bless the underground now and give it To the sound of the drums while none of us outlive it I treat Hip Hop like a sport Stay on my game, put my time on the court While you complain and get high some more Might explain why your team can't find support Now catch me in the back wit a whisky Chattin up a missy like I'm attractive and witty I have to dip to do my raps and get busy Why don't you come see me when I'm back in your city?

3 Things

There are three things I do when my life falls apart Number one I cry my eyes out and dry up my heart Not until I do this will my new life start So that’s the first thing that I do when my life falls apart. Oh, the second thing I do is I close both of my eyes And say my thank-yous to each and every moment of my life. I go where I know the love is and let it fill me up inside Gathering new strength from sorrow, I’m glad to be alive. Things are looking up I know above the clouds the sun is shining Things are looking up Love is still the answer I'm relying On Three little things Things are looking up The third thing that I do now when my world caves in, is I pause, I take a breath, and bow and I let that chapter end. I design my future bright not by where my life has been. And I try, try, try, try, try again. Yes I try, try, try, try, try again. Things are looking up I know beyond the dark the sun is rising Things are looking up And I know above the clouds the sun is shining Things are looking Love is still the answer I'm relying On Three little things Three little things

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