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Inside My Head

Original and similar lyrics
smile to yourslelf and fade shooting star with a razor blade what you got is more than i can take you've never touched the ground and you can scream without making a sound your breath is like a flood, and i wanna drown, yah -chorus- cuz in another life i'd never let you down fall for a shooting star and it don't hang around, believe me you're not inside my head you're not inside my head under a sky gone grey your eyes so black that they take my breath away we'll forsake tomorrow for today, yah i don't care about happiness if it makes you feel alright close your eyes and bite your tongue and you'll get through the night -chorus- smile to myself and fade a shooting star with a razor blade what i got is more than you could ever take la di da di la di da di da di da di da di 2x smile to yourself and fade, i said smile to yo'self and fade you're not inside my head, just smile to yourself and fade la di da di la di da di da di da di da di 2x

Hang Your Head

Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross "Whatever You Say, Say Nothing"
There's no sleep inside Their dreams are broke and inspired All the times you try to Scream Houses dark indoors And blinds are pulled and closed Everything that needed Change And there's nothing wise Or twice as good as nice You save it all inside while you Hang your head Hang your head Underneath it all Your smile your smile your smile is flawed And the songs you sing are only Spoken The promise of this child You crossed your palms with silver crowns and the People swore he's only Choken There's no promises No light is ever shed Between the living and dead Hang your head Hang your head There's no promises No light is ever shed Between the living and dead

Dim Star

Gay Dad "Leisure Noise"
don't you ever wonder why you always break the same way fix it up and go again cos nothing ever stays the same swinging for a main attraction gets you where you need to be silver beads slide through your body like to feel them running free I see you inside me dim star so beautiful you don't have to wait shine before you fade dim star stay beautiful you don't have to wait the end is just a breath away moving through the city exit looking to the other side if happiness is easy you can step on through it's open wide burning up inside yourself deep within a frozen smile who's to say your prayers at night really don't remember why (Dim Star cont.) I see you I know you dim star stay beautiful you don't have to wait shine before you fade dim star so beautiful you don't have to wait the end is just a breath away if you're feeling dragged around no one there to make it easy just the sound of screaming people want a piece of you for keeps so give them what they think they need you dark eye for a city skyline latitude is all we need shadow lost in conversation vanity is bleeding me I see you inside me dim star so beautiful you don't have to wait shine before you fade (Dim Star cont.) dim star so beautiful you don't have to wait the end is just a breath away the end is just a breath away for you for me too

Heavy Artillery

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Vinnie Paz:] Ayo I'm quiet calm, write my greatest shit when the light gon' My hand fast like Ramadan when the night dawn I'm the physical of Tsunami, you a slight storm This is a spiritual anomaly, a fight song To guard you now directly in my right palm Nuffin' new about it, keep the ratchet with me lifelong I come thru polar caps melt, ice gon' My mother cryin' to my brother why is his life wrong? Concrete God's school - Allahu Akbar! Crooked D's in front of the crib inside a parked car Gumar-Oz-Dubar inside the shot bar Darts fly inside you and severe you like a shark star If we ain't livin' in hell I'm tellin' you it's hot Ba Masonic manifestation of God is not far In reality the sun is just a star The Earth is just a bowl of shit is where I stop Ba [Hook x2: Samples] "This blood spill fo'real" "Heavy artillery in my facility" "Betta call security, it's bout to be on" "Your whole team is gettin' blown to smithereens" [Jus Allah:] I am cyber, I'm hundred miles of fiber I am the proprietor of fire I do not perspire, I fire as I so desire I'm a stry as a fire, endire I have tried the possible I have gotten lightning in a bottle My logic is not inside a novel I am unconventional, incomprehensible It's intentional, it's in general It's in principle, I'm the sensitize to the cries Blind eye to the mice I'm despised by the skies, likewise I am sand and stone, I stand alone I'm a candle blown, I have hands and bone I'm smart and old, I am dark and cold I have a pawn shop apart; I have a heart of gold I'm a heartless soul, it's my heart for stone Death for all, let the closes star explode [Hook x2: Samples] [Outro: Paz] Brrrrrrrtt... Rrrrrrrttt... Osama Vin Laden The God Jus Allah, Yo Kwestion where you at baby? Frank Sinatra, Enemy of Mankind, whadup cuzo?

You're Not Alone

RICHIE SAMBORA "Undiscovered Soul"
You can be a million miles away I will always love you You can be a thousand thoughts away I'll be thinking of you No matter where you try to hide you're always gonna find me right where I belong been here beside you all along. like some ancient star forever we'll remain. Even if the sky should ever fall from grace if I die or fade away in the end you'll always know you're not alone. You can change your face to someone else still I won't forget you when you're feeling lost inside yourself I will come and get you Now you know the saviour you can find is something you believe in deep inside your heart you might believe in me Like some ancient star forever we'll remain. Even if our love would ever fall from grace if I die or fade away in your life you'll always know. I know you've got your fears and doubts they're weighing on your mind but something's gonna save you you're gonna see the truth inside I'll be right beside you when your world tears you apart on your back just like a shadow no matter where you are. Like some ancient star forever we'll remain Even if the sky should ever fall from grace if I die or fade away in the end you'll always know you're not alone you're not alone.

Star Inside Of Me

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking (Suzy Q)] (A staaaarrr) Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh One two, one two (Is inside of meeeee) One two, one two Uh, uh, uh Nod ya head, if you want clap ya hands to it It's just music, you feel like it dance to it Uh, uh, come on [DJ On Point - talking over Intro (echo)] Name of this record right here is called Star Inside Shout to Dub B on the beat Let's go [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] If you feel like I feel it's all love, what up? Now throw ya motherfuckin fingers in the air, (oh), yeah Mr. On Fact, here to do it like on fact, this ain't about rap If you ain't come to feel good, we gonna do it without you Too low, turn the music louder, yeah Turn the music loud in here You understand that what y'all about to hear Feelin myself, homie what? See I'm a leader, won't show me up Nah, see they won't slow me down, won't slow me up Sky's the limit, 'til I die and I'm in it But that's not the case tonight Pop a case tonight Like whatever you want do, it's okay tonight See 'cause all of that salt we gon' shake tonight Now bring the break aight [Chorus - Suzy Q - w/ ad libs] I'm just tryin to be me 'Cause there's only one me Strip away materials and seriously These things don't make me Nothin can break me I shine because a star is inside of me [Verse 2 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] I write Mood Muzik, know a lot of you ain't used to Jot my life on wax, I'm puttin you through it No lies, it's all truth to it Do the music 'cause it's (inside of me) (okay) Fans wanted the real, I went and gave it to 'em I'm not a street nigga, nah just relate to 'em I just relay through 'em Show the way to 'em, never fake to 'em, that ain't (inside of me) (hold up) Don't be afraid, show the World who you are Go and show the World you a star (you could) Reach to the stars, go ahead show the World that it's ours And then the World'll know that it's (inside of me) 40 acres and a mule to, 40 K's on the Mueller See I'm just thinkin of ways to get my dudes up They use to say we was losers I beg to differ, that ain't me, now [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Break - Suzy Q - talking] Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe (You got it) [Verse 3 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] They say if you don't stand for nothin, you'll fall for anything 'Cause of that there, I see the whole game on the ground Watchin what works, we all chasin a hit Instead of takin a risk, so we changin our sound now Now we all chase jewels, big trucks and income All that and then some, chase whatever trend come (but) At least 'til the trend's done (but) But that don't change within none (yeah) And I'm not sayin to not have a Benz son Rings that shiny, whatever things' timely Those things help to unwind me (but) But naw those things don't help define me Aim at the basics, aim you can make it 'Cause even when the whole game seems tainted I'm a star without the chains and the bracelets 'Cause that fly shit is (inside of me) [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Outro - Suzy Q - singing] A glow is comin from my heart Open yours and find a star (Hey!) ... (Hey!) [DJ On Point - talking over the end of the Outro (echo)] Shout to my nigga NYCEO Can't forget my nigga D.C., Central Station Out in Long Island DJ On Point, Joe Budden, Mood Muzik 3

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