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LIONEL RICHIE lyrics - Dancing On The Ceiling

Se La

Original and similar lyrics
You know sometimes I sit and wonder Just how this world would be If we had all the people laughing And everybody living in harmony We'd have to say sela sela Talking to the people sela, sela There would be no more living in desperation And no more hatred and deceit Tell me, can you imagine All the children playing And everyone dancing in the street We say sela, sela Talking to yourself sela, sela You play it for the people Yeah, for the people It's time for everyone To come together I know it's hard But this dream must come to light on Because tonight should be One big celebration I'm talking to you now Only we can make things right We say sela, sela, sela, sela baby Talk about, sing about, talk about sela Talk about sela Oh the children Tell me about the children We've got to help them now to survive Well, one world One heart is our salvation Let us keep the dream alive We say sela, sela, sela I know sela, I know sela, sela, sela ...  

If I Could Talk To God

ALICE PEACOCK "Love Remains"
If I could talk to God - I’d have a million questions If we could sit down face to face I’d inquire how He likes to spend his days And if he has any regrets about this world he made Everywhere I look, children hungry, people hurting Is it working Does it really have to be this way I think he might say Hey, it’s really very simple Follow my example, People, it’s not so hard living the right way Learn to love each other, your sister and your brother If I could talk to God, I wonder if that’s what he’d say If I could talk to God – I’d look him in the eye and Ask him about my destiny Shouldn’t I spend my time on grander things And does it even make a difference anyway In a world full of confusion Am I part of the solution And will it take a revolution for the world to change I think he might say Children you’re not there for a long long time Is it so hard, to just play nice

Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious...

AGAINST ME! "Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose"
We're all presidents, we're all congressmen, We're all cops in waiting, We're the workers of the world, There is the elite and the dispossessed, And it's only about survival, Who has the skill to play the game for all it's worth, And reach an obscure kind of perfection, Let's try and keep as much emotion out of this as possible, Let's try not to remember any names, We'll do it for a country, for a people, for a moral vision, United, we'll make them remember our history, Or how we'd like to be told, How we'd like to be told... And we rock, Because it's us against them. We found our own reasons to sing, And it's so much less confusing when lines are drawn like that, When people are either consumers or revolutionaries, Enemies or friends hanging on the fringes Of the cogs in the system, It's just about knowing where everyone stands. All of a sudden, People start talking 'bout guns, Talking like they're going to war, 'Cause they found something to die for, Start taking back what they stole- sure beats every other option, But does it make a difference how we get it? Well do you really fucking get it? No, no, no, no, No, no, no, no....

Beast Mode

[Song 1] [Verse 1:] Look, Imma tell you bout my life Imma tell you about my life What's wrong in it, what's right That long linen I tried to fight but then I died I resurrect through the night Came alright in a flight, you jokers are flying with me You landed right on my kite You jokers are sippin' sprite, man throw that off People say I'm hard as Hennessy and you soda soft Man I'm talking to my enemies and I'm sorta saw But I treat my music like it's a craft, you imported yours Man I treat my MSFTS like the Lakers - the court is ours Look a nine year old in the face and say you're in charge It's our time to shine little homie - the floor is ours We're the neanderthals lets get rid of these dinosaurs Man the time is ours, we just got a couple hours Get rid of these towers and lets grow us a couple flowers, they won't allow us But our powers are bigger than what we fathom If they told us back then then they know that we would've had em What we don't know is that it was Eve and then it was Adam And they gon hate me for that but I'm flying high as Aladdin And I told you, moving crazy I don't have a pattern Imma go buy me a house on a moon that's orbiting Saturn I live it, yeah I live it, beat you man I already did it I already did it Check it [Verse 2:] Tell these jokers first off, you the worst off cause you got on my bad side Man that's how I felt the first time I saw my dad crying Got on my phone, I had to go call my rabbi man I mean my pastor Oh wait I mean my best friend Homie your nothing less than me when I'm manifesting These crazy verses, I didn't write them I guessed them Other rappers I bless them, I do not beat them I rest them Take a look at my family damn we look like the X-men Oh no no no don't address them Can't you see how they dress them They probably surrounded by models and a bunch of them yes men I'm surrounded by no-men oh no man it's a omen Holden I thought you told em I rode this beat like it's stolen It is, but bro it's golden I had to give em the coldest The flows that I can indulge in before they life is unfolding In front of them, all this time don't kick it none of them Imma stay on the moon you just say when the sun'll come and I'm done I ain't saying I'm number one But I'm a winner a subtle one H-H-how ya like me now? [Verse 3:] Look at me I'm fresh to death I like your neck decapitated And your girl fascinated, ugh and I'm glad you hate it Aggravated, aggravated, aggravated Man I'm mad I made it, now they comparing me to these lames Man these drama sell art don't compare me these stains Man I'm just a consciousness don't compare me with brains I'm a G and that G only gon stand for Genius People are scared when they round you, simple, they never seen this And I'm out Don't be scared to call me the cleanest cause I'm back And I'm taking the spot for freshest and meanest sup with that? Man you jokers didn't believe us till I rapped And I started to speak like Jesus's fetus Lemme introduce you to rap You jokers are bleeding on my Adidas Running faster than cheetahs, I'm sorry you couldn't beat us New school have patience, don't worry we'll be your leaders That's that, lemme introduce you to rap, holy crap R-A-P, rhythm and poetry hit these jokers with the symbol so they gon know it's me It's only G [Song 2] [Verse 1:] Slum slum, don't give the public any food little crumb crumb Deep under the ground military say I'm dumb dumb But you probably dumber, machines guns in backs of the hummers Bullet proof well that should cover the summer (nevermind) It's the truth so bro I'm skipping the stutters I'm sick with my brothers That flouride get you like them fresh clothes fit you Words never see the lights until them rappers spit you and I'm out Just like your night light is Surfing tidal waves up in my dreams like I was Tidus Talking bout the clothes or the flows they the tightest Spirit of a master, head of a ibis Mathematics is precise it's like I went to school in Greece MSFTS Republic, mystery is on the fleece We just the reckless kids who like to skate up in the streets Till our parents call and say that they've been talking to police Now we out, like I'm the priest The precinct is watching me sink like I'm a thief Jumping off a tree and use a leaf as a parachute I freakin' drown these jokers if they ever get embarrassed You stab 'em with the sabertooth I'm breathing like I'm Vader's suit Jaden goes say hey to Zeus it don't fit me like Ace's shoes But I'm acing Dr. Seuss lyrics when the masons lose My mom says that I should take my shoes But I need excuses for the week, so I escape my school You freakin' kids mistaking fake for cool At night I'm watching but end of day I take my steak to school You think I'm weird but fake you skating too The rumors says I'm chilling with your girl don't make me make it true Take your fate and make it blue Take a drake and fly it to the place where they ain't chasing you Paparazzi on me rocking Roxy homie got a box of socks And don't be mad because I'm boxing OGs Charge me like a mophie, you jokers lowkey And bring the bass in, measure everything like I'm a mason The paper chasing is over, this kids amazing I'm sorry this kids amazing We tattle tell with Mason We got a church but we treat it like it's a base and water to put your face in Shoes to do the lacing, corruption when you walk Corrupt you when you talk, what you up to in the dark? It's like, R2-D2 see thru Machu Picchu You can't know this, I should eat you I'm your shifu cut the crap I don't like seafood We could hit the Staples Center bro I don't like people No I don't like people, I'm too selfish and nervous But people say Jay you're the coolest you can't tell on the surface But they listen to the music you can't tell that it's worthless You can't tell that I'm nervous well here's a lift of the curtains It go uh-uh-oh, uh-uh-uh-uh-oh [Song 3] [Verse 1:] You should try to fit your feet in these 9 and a half shoes At 7 learned a lesson, it's only that cash rules Maybe it'd be different if we ain't have bad schools We'd have less people with snapbacks and tattoos The furthest from bad dudes, they've just been corrupted People say I sound like Q-Tip, keep you on the up tip Saying "Jaden, why you tripping, why you change the subject?" But my randomness is what you jokers fall in love with But check it The school system is seriously just a system And anyone under 18 just falls in line as a victim Like take 'em, look at our youthful and see the pain that's inflicted It's like they rented the building, I'm trying to get them evicted They're trying to get us addicted, it's wicked like we gon' stick with this The internet exists you idiot, man, we figured this Human consciousness shifting plates of the continents I never thought that I'd have an army as strong as this and rah [Verse 2:] Futuristic 'ish, revolutionary Man, the truth is buried, don't get it, the truth is scary Screw these corporations, I'm making the core proration With no fluoride in the water to support the nation Man, I'm sick of this So I divorce the nation Then drop the wickedest album hear it across the nation Man, I promise I'd never cross the nation But the boy's a man, I guess I lost my patience [Break:] This is my Michelangelo This is that fly-fly This is for Hov and Jay Brown But I'm out for now, homie, ta-ta [x2] [Verse 3:] Hopefully all you jokers can be as dope as me Once you grow up and go and live your life how it's supposed to be I'm not gon' drop it, I'm in a rocket, I'm in the cockpit Holden brought his own Glock and cocked it, it's in his pocket Man, he shot it while losing pressure, screw these investors I can do it better, screw you and your Louie sweater In 20 years, I'll be a veteran, you better let him in Because I'm ballin' like a letterman- Jacket, let it settle in (Jaden, you are sick!) Screw your medicine Poison me and Imma end up dead again I'm talking to the kids that are enlightened, the Indigo I'm talking about the kid sighing staring out of the window instead of Nintendo You are not alone Man, I'm here for you If I found out that you passed I would probably shed a tear for you MSFTS, we cheer for you, your true extended crew I'd pay for all our sins and I'd even take a speel for you I'm done

Makeshift Aircraft

JASON REEVES "Makeshift Aircraft"
Gravity is just another downward force Pulling everything but me today I can see the people smile Deep inside they really Know they're feeling great, mmm Flood is coming Put the children all into the boat And float them far away, mhmm They won't miss their mommies And they never really knew Their daddies anyways Yeah Cuz this mean world Ate itself alive And spits it's bones The water Causing the rising of the tide The plane is falling So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again And do it right It's nothing but the sound of laughing Nothing but the sound of gentle breeze Mmm The boats are scattered all through the horizon And I only thing I see is peace today I'm sitting on a lazy boric rider That sad when old blind boys play I'm just flying in my makeshift aircraft Watching all the maddens fade away Yeah yeah Cuz this mean world Ate itself alive And spits it's bones To the water Causing the rising of the tide The plane is falling The scientists Trying to make guilds But know that they'll lie But it was time for me to fly So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again Do it right Time would run out of clocks And the doors will be unlocked And the air will echo with this sound The world will get along And there will be no more problems And I'll put my feet back on dry ground Gravity is just another downward force Allowing no one but me to fly So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again I think they're gonna start it again And do it right

Nolan Ryan

[Intro:] I don't mean to be greedy or steal your moment But sometimes I just got to rap circles around motherfuckers It's Hoodie Baby! [Verse 1:] Okay I don't really mean to be superficial Don't wanna talk about the women and the money I got But getting beautiful women is not the issue 'Cause the women only coming when the money is hot I'd rather be living my dreams than be living a lie Homie everywhere you going you be killing the vibe It's like you walk in the room and the people get quiet We ain't talking 'bout you we just wanna be private My shit's fly like a personal jet, I'm earning respect from every single person I met You always looking in the mirror, you should learn to reflect You old news, all we rap about it is current events So if you started having doubts about your relevance Change your name to my name for the hell of it So you can reap the benefits of being fucking jealous I'm the only one in the damn room like an elephant Haha, everyone else is quiet You understand? Let's go [Verse 2:] Tell me I'm fire, I'm better than that Say I'm a liar, I never been that Homie keep trying Your wallet is on a permanent diet, it's never been fat That shit is science My shit apply every to motherfucker out there who try You should retire Blame it on Tommy, and cry to your mommy, you never been fly Rappers pretending it's all black and white But I ain't got time for that clean shit Oh, you'd rather be James Dean? I'd rather be me bitch I'm just being honest You don't usually wear those big ass glasses The Internet's forever [Verse 3:] I'm talking this and that, this and that Identical twins, homie, that's a sister act You like riff and raff, but that's piss and trash I'm at the top of the game like aristocrats Got a vision and I'm gonna finish it Watch all these haters go beg for their innocence You talking shit there will be no forgiveness Writing in permanent ink on the Internet Swallow your words never assume People keep talking 'cause that's what they do As long as they talking 'bout me and not talking 'bout you Let's let the talking resume Let's just assume you jealous of me, though No necesito amigos, I'm all on my own like a free throw 'Bout to make white girl money with burritos (Shouts to Chipotle, shouts to Chipotle) [Verse 4:] Shit's so hot that you got to rewind it New York City's finest on the diamond I'm Nolan Ryan when I wind up You strike out, and I'm making hits without even trying There's no denying, I'm making noise like a siren Every hungry motherfucker want a little piece Fall back homie when I kill it on the beat Got a shorty in the west and wifey in the east Bitches just visit me after my shows All of their clothes go invisibly, just like a cloak Homie you're talking that wizardry Best rapper out there, I mean that shit literally (Let me finish) [Outro:] You got Costco raps, I'm a commodity These people buy my songs, wear my clothes Come to shows, go online, and follow me That's first team, bitch Hoodie

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