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LIONEL RICHIE lyrics - Can't Slow Down

My Love

Original and similar lyrics
I've been through so many changes in my life woman It's a wonder I ain't lost my mind And I ain't never said how much I need you sugar But I sho' need you by my side ( Chorus ) My love, just thinking about you baby Just blows my mind My love, just thinking about you baby Just blows my mind all the time Life with me I know for sure it ain't be easy But you stayed with me anyway And even though you ain't gonna lose too much by leaving I'm so glad you stayed ( Repeat chorus ) You've been my friend and you've been my lover, oh lord Hoeny you're everything I need You've made my love so strong now I know where I belong Oh girl you'll never have to worry Oh baby any more, any more ( Repeat chorus )

Blue Skies

On days of gray When doubt clouds my view It's so hard to see past my fears My strength seems to fade And it's all I can do To hold on, 'til the light reappears Still, I believe though some rain's bound to fall That you're here next to me And you're over it all (Chorus) Lord, the sky's still blue For my hope is in you You're my joy You're the dream that's still alive Like the wind at my back And the sun on my face You are life You're grace You are blue skies You're my blue skies When nights are long Seems the dark has no end Still we walk on in light of the truth For waiting beyond Where the morning begins Is the dawn, and you're mercy anew Oh, to believe we're alive in you're love There is so much to see If we keep looking up (Repeat Chorus) You fill the heavens with hope and a higher love A picture, a promise for life Repeat chorus

She Made Me Love You More

she was all lips and eyes touching me now you say you realise you can't trust me you're mad,you're hurt baby,I don't blame you I can't resist a flirt even when I am to don't be upset baby,please don't fret chorus: she made me love you more I forgot her the minute she walked out the door you wanna know what she did to me she made me love you more she made me love you more she was all hips and thighs lusting me I'll make no alibis,honestly deep in my heart you're the only one you say you've thorn apart by what I have done I learned a lot believe it or not chorus she was fake where you are real I learned a lot about the way I feel don't wanna lose you over something like this baby forgive me chorus 3x

You To Me Are Everything

The Real Thing
VERSE 1-ohhhhhh, I will take the stars out of the sky 4 u, stop the rain from fallin, if u ask me 2. I'll do anything 4 u, your wish is my command, I could move a mountain, when your hand is in my hand. Ohhhhh, words cannot express how much u mean to me, there must be some other way 2 make u see. If it takes my heart and soul, you know i'll pay the price. Everything that I possess I glady sacrafice. CHORUS - Ohhh, u 2 me r everything, the sweetest song that i could sing, oh baby, oh baby. 2 u i guess i'm just a crowd, who picks u up each time your down, ohh baby. oh baby. BRIDGE - You give me just a taste of love, to build my hopes up high, u know you got the power girl, to keep me holding on. So now u got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me. oh baby, oh baby. VERSE 2 - Emmmm, though u close 2 me, we seem so far apart, maybe given time time, you'll have a change of heart. If it takes forever girl, than i'm prepared to wait. The day you give your love 2 me, won't be a day 2 late. REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS UNTIL FADED

That's The Way I Feel About You

GERALD LEVERT "Love Consequences"
You know life is funny When you look at it everbody wants love and everybodys afraid of love I'm a firm believer that if you get anything out of love you got to put up witht he tugs and strive yeah you almost push our love a little bit too far we forgot to remember how bless we are And that girl over there telling you what she sees you don't have to worry she ain't gonna get next to me you told me to think it over and I thought it over and over and over over and over you see 'cause Chorus That's the way I feel about you That's the way I feel about you That's the way I feel about you That's the way I feel about you I know you've been hurt so have many of us too that's a sacrifice life is gonna put you though trust in me like I trust in you sometimes I look at you baby And wonder if God sent you here don't take my love as a sign of weakness check into the situation it gets a litttle deeper told me to think it over and I thought it over Chorus Please, please, please answer to love if it ever come knocking at your door 'cause what's out there knocking baby the world don't get enough of I know you've been hurt so many have many of us too That's a sacrifice that life is gonna put you through don't take my love as a sign of a weakness check into the situation it gets a little deeper and deeper you told me to think it over and I thought it over you think it over baby Chorus Fade

24-7 (Remix)

Kevon Edmonds
[AZ] Yeah, it's like It's like we locked in now Kevon, its AZ baby Twenty four 1 - [Kevon] I think about you all the time 24-7 babe The love I have inside for you Is more than any words can say Thanking God on bended knee We'll always be together babe You and me, 24-7 Anything you need babe Pick you off your feet yeah We'll always be together babe You and me 24-7 Baby it's no mystery You're bringing out the best in me And though I've been in love before I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure I never thought that give and take Mentality was right for me You made me open up and see That it's for real And there's no other place I'd rather be Repeat 1 When I'm in my nine to five I smile went across my lips when I Daydream about the night before I count the minutes till I'm in your arms once more My friends they don't understand, no In me they see a brand new man I give you props and tell them that My shorty's bout it She personifies the love she gives Repeat 1 Oh how I've waited for this moment in my life It's you that I adore Baby with you I am secure My life is in your hands And now I understand What it is, what it is What it is to be in love again [AZ] You can get it done like you Fun like you Twenty-four more reflect the sun like you Flawless with your sleep walk, sweet and gorgeous You know you all this, not only one for me to ball with Used to hustle for the cause so we both need one But I was strapped in, stressed and emotionally done And open me young, no sleep smoke in my lung Chosen path but the Aftermath showed me some Now it's properly, palm dropping trees White sand at the v's and shopping sprees Here for you, holla and it's there for you Prayers for you, bust off in the air for you Pretty young thing, hair back, oil machine Canary box like thirty g's spent in one bank 24-7, it's all love all heaven All thug divine four, nine, three, eleven, come on Repeat 1 till end

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