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Linton Kwesi Johnson lyrics - Bass Culture

Reggae Sounds

Original and similar lyrics
Shock, black double down-beat bouncin' Rock-wize tumble doun sound music Foot drop, find drum blood story bass his'try is a-movin' is a-hurtin' black story Thunder from a bass drum soundin' Lightnin' from a trumpet and a organ Bass and rythm and trumpet double up Keep up with drums for a deep pound searchin' Ridim of a tropical, electrical storm Cool doun to de base of struggle Flame ridim of historical yearnin' Flame ridim of de time of turnin' Measurin' de time for bombs and for burnin' Slo' drop, make stop, move forward Dig doun to de root of pain Shape it into violence for de people They will know what to do, they will do it


JEREMIH "Late Nights With Jeremih"
[Hook: Jeremih] 24 all the time 7 days on my mind All I think about is (lovely ladies) So here I go on this floor in this club Then its on, Man it ain't nothing but Gotta keep a ten by my side When I cruise down that Lake Shore Drive And the night time comes alive They say you don't know, okay you don't know Well I guess I do, I guess I do,I guess I do [Verse 1: Jeremih] Okay wassup, I'm wassup first I was stuck But now I'm in love cause when I pulled up It was nothing but all (lovely ladies) That's right them red bones with that gino head Thick girls with them rhino legs In their mid twenties I can't believe overseas The L-U-V , puerto rics Japanese, no lebanese uh Well it really don't matter what they be wearing They look up in the mirror and they just keep starring And know they sexy as You can catch 'em in the club play, Rose VIP, belly cold, lots of hoes I mean Yeah that's all I got to I got no eyeballs Chi town, I got you, but all em I stay seeking for ones that be needing more Even more, even yours Sometimes I just need something closer That's probably why I got one over [Hook] [Verse 2: Twista] We're arrived there am I kicking it with Jeremih In the club with a ho there am I Don't know what to do with them I'mma get 'em fucked up cause they all suck Mama need me so fly, I be telling you the truth Swag through the roof Red bottoms loose, show 'em what you do Cause you such a (We do this for the ladies) When I'm sober but especially If I go take a shot of my ciroc I bet you taste like skittles and your body Looking better than the bittles in the bottom of the pot Take a ride in my Aston Martin and not the black jag No need to ask her what she got the bougie for Cause in the Gucci store I bought her black bags 24 hours I be thinking about her How I wanna spend some time I guess I'm making her mine I wanna bump & grind with that (Lovely Ladies) Take a cruise down Michigan While listening to J E R E M I H With my lady sorry if I can't (no) And you know they really have her head gone Cause I know good beauty I don't know if I should pick a fatty Or the one that got a lil booty To the dark, or the light, to the brown I'mma dash fast All of them smart and they pass class Look around the only thing I see is bad ass [Hook] [Verse 3: AK] Hit the city in the maserati Damn she got a beautiful body A pretty red bone, legs long The way you walk, girl you dead gone Now put this number on your iphone Here state in the ride on Sending that beautiful lady to drive on Slide on while flipping thru the Chi see She was 5'3 thicker than a motherfucker Tattoo on her right feet, not likely She probably a pisces Black but a little bit feisty Tear drop on her right cheek for the night creep Hit the button, let the top drop Watch the cops spot,top knock Little for ice spot I got to hurry baby, chop chop I think I love her too much Because I already need a new flock Then I pull up to the club on Dubs Its A line for the (ladies) So many beautiful ladies in the chi Can you imagine them in one club I'm in the middle of the flo' From the back to the front door I'm surrended by all these, all these (lovely ladies) Sometimes I need something closer Drop her ass like a roaster Two leave out , one come over [Hook]

Incarnation Of Evil

Candlemass "Ancient Dreams"
'Edge of time, the dawn of our heaven all is black, the return of the fallen angel amongst us, a devil in disguise the preacher of the wicked establishing his kingdom' A million souls so lost and damned alive but not so well and the devil raised his hand and sent them down to hell Just like your father held your hand he's watching over his creed Damnation and death, they'll burn in flames no matter how they plead To you, coming for your soul Just like a shepherd assembling his floack this one rules hells domain Satanic force, Lucifers power attack, and he will reign To you, coming for your soul Into the night we will go Into the night we will go Out from the night he comes saviour but black 'won't you come, come and join us?' You had better! There's no time to beg for mercy the devil says no. no You'll be his faithful servant this time, on earth Black is the devil, Antichrist the Tempter damned your birth Listen to the wicked, sell your soul forever hell awaits Into the night we will go


GANG STARR "Daily Operation"
You can't tell me life was meant to be like this a black man in a world dominated by whiteness Ever since the declaration of independence we've been easily brainwashed by just one sentence It goes: all men are created equal that's why corrupt governments kill innocent people With chemical warfare they created crack and AIDS got the public thinking these were things that black folks made And every time there's violence shown in the media usually it's a black thing so where are they leading ya To a world full of ignorance, hatred, and prejudice TV and the news for years they have fed you this foolish notion that blacks are all criminals violent, low lifes, and then even animals I'm telling the truth so some suckers are fearing me but I must do my part to combat the conspiracy The S.A.T. is not geared for the lower class so why waste time even trying to pass The educational system presumes you to fail the next place is the corner then after that jail You've got to understand that this has all been conspired to put a strain on our brains so that the strong grow tired It even exists when you go to your church cuz up on the wall a white Jesus lurks They use your subconscious to control your will they've done it for a while and developed the skill to make you want to kill your own brother man black against black you see it's part of their plan They want to send us to war and they want to ban rap what they really want to do is get rid of us blacks Genocide is for real and I hope that you're hearing me you must be aware to combat the conspiracy Even in this rap game all that glitters ain't gold now that rap is big business the snakes got bold They give you wack contracts and try to make you go pop cuz they have no regard for real hip-hop They'll compare you to others and say: but yo, he sells and you know in your heart that he's weak as hell So you say: I ain't doing that corny stuff but they tell ya that your chart positions will go up Sometimes they front big time and make you many promises and when they break 'em then your mama says Son you're making records but that guy seems shady it could be too late and your career could be played gee I hope you listen to the things that I'm sharing see we all have a job to combat the conspiracy

Evil That Men Do

QUEEN LATIFAH "All Hail The Queen"
[Queen Latifah] You asked, I came, so behold the Queen Let's add a little sense to the scene I'm living positive, not out here knocked up But the lines are so dangerous, I ought to be locked up This rhyme doesn't require prime time I'm just sharing thoughts of mine Back again cause I knew you wanted it From the Latifah with the Queen in front of it Dropping bombs, you're up in arms, you're puzzled The lines will flow like fluid while you're guzzling The sip I drop you on a BDP-produced track From KRS to be exact It's a Flavor Unit quest that today has me speaking Cause it's knowledge I'm seeking Enough about myself, I think it's time that I tell you About the evil that men do Situations, reality, what a concept! Nothing ever seems to stay in step So today, here is a message to my sisters and brothers Here are some things I want to cover A woman strives for a better life, but who the hell cares? Because she's living on welfare I government can't come up with a decent housing plan So she's in no man's land It's a sucker who tells you you're equal [KRS-One] You don't need him, Johannasburg's crying for freedom! [Queen Latifah] We the people hold these truths to be self-evident [KRS-One] But there's no response from the president [Queen Latifah] Someone's living the good life, tax-free Except for a girl, can't find a way to be crack free And that's just part of the message I thought I had to send you about the evil that men do Tell me, don't you think it's a shame? When someone can put a quarter in a video game But when a homeless person approaches you on the street You can't treat him the same It's time to teach the def, the dumb, the blind That black-on-black crime only shackles and binds You to a doom, a fate worse than death But there's still time left Stop putting your conscience on cease And bring about some type of peace Not only in your heart, but also in your mind It will benefit all mandkind Then there will be one thing that will never stop And it's the evil that men do

It'z A Set Up

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
We got news for ya -- gt; scratched by DJ Premier Chorus: Guru and Hannibal [Guru] While they devise our demise, we grow wise [Hann] Upset the set up, the element of surprise [both] IT'Z A SET UP [Guru] It's time to upset the set up Verse One: Guru Though they conspire, fake us to make us retire With the burning desire we make it out of the crossfire Thoughts are higher, elevating and focused while the path is narrow, for those like us Primo beats provoke us to meditate like Zen With the will and the strength, of a million men While they introspect, where nothing is met It's been that way for a while so much has come and then went But I'm confident, a few, are due to redeem their respective kingdoms, with an abundance of cream So if I were to scheme, it would be on a realer dream Like formin effective teams to filter the smokescreens You totin in jeans, don't even know the true envy The man I'm pickin apart, and plus they both were friends to me Past trivial pursuits like East and West coast feuds Come against me on the mic, many and most will lose Like most dudes, I love this hip-hop, and this rap stuff But I don't like the shows, where the ignorant act up While some'll be rippin it, they be in the crowd wildin Flippin on kids, for the chains and medallions Or the kid they don't like, from a beef from way back And decide that's the night, perfect time for payback It's wack for the group, plus the others who came to see a fat ass show, instead there's bullets aflame Chorus Verse Two: Hannibal Still waters run deep this is leagues in depth Quiet as kept they slept we crept Society puts the squeeze on MC's like iron grips of death From here on in peace and blessings long cherish your breath Gifted and Rhyme U now how we do, stay true Follow through lay down the law, cause it's probable and overdue All systems overdue, my guns know me I only hold a few my nigga for only a few hold me Never forget the ones before me, my momma told me sacrifice for the ones behind me leadin the seeds Blind leads, black on black, crime to me Inclined to refine my creed I eat thinkin lead Conceive to make the beast bleed, enhance thoughts like tossed trees 'cross the Earth three-fourths Let my offspring feed all three, corpus delectis cost me Lost and found on enemy ground, quoted although they don't know how we get down at sound speed we breed Mo more confined to blind greed and self destructive deeds Heed my freedom war cry, of course I'm N.Y. Hug my peeps that died, the loved ones alive Reinforce and fly high as I lie so shall I from New I to Cali next plateau U.N.I.versal Unleash the black rain Show em who in control, electro-magnetic pull on the hole, ill as toters bang out Til we sittin on swole the strongest way to grow The only way I know, Underground Railroad on track No physical or mental chain can shackle that [answering machine messages]

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