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Linoleum lyrics - Dissent


Original and similar lyrics
Running to the station And you're feeling just like Ray Liotta Eyes are blacker than your shades You're wearing pretty thin Tearing through the crowd 'Cause you won't wait And you can't face a weekend Staring at the ceiling The walls are closing in Life's too slow So you run away And you know Life's too slow Turn into the market And you catch him on the stairs Man, you kept me waiting And it's giving me the fear He takes you 'round the corner And he passes you the gear You bitch about the money He says that's the cost of living And life's too slow I'll have you run away And you know You can run away Back into the open And you're feeling kind of nervous Wanna get there quick So get a cab Rushing for the door It seems you're never gonna get there Now you're sitting again without your friend You're looking in the mirror but it's not at your reflection And a hit between the eyes starts your weekend You're looking in the mirror but it's not at your reflection And a hit between the eyes starts your weekend


TAPROOT "...Something More Than Nothing"
in company respect's shown mutual into it's own, indifference although when i'm left alone and true feeling's begin to show, honesty overflows in my mind when i try not to cry 'cause i'm blind and alive, and esteem has no gleam and it can't be seen, i'm so alone, i still can't understand these feeling's that i'm feelin, you're pullin' me back and forth all that you're doin' is confusin' me, with this emotional strain, it's drivin' me to the edge of insanity, you can't blame me for your pain and sufferin'... not keepin on no downlow, i'm screamin the flow in your face, just like mace in your eyes, like feelin' my bass in your thighs, it's time to recognize and realize that your ways are not the only ways to lead your life... low, concerned about what others think right, cause your ego's makin' your core so weak tunnel vision, you move from .a to .b to .c, that's not the point see, you lived your life around me.... i'm crushed inside, each day i get by, w/ the gleam in my eyes... if you want me then just try to find me, if you ever need to suck me dry, when you need me you won't ever see me i've lost respect now watch you cry, touched on me so shortly then just left me 2 you watched me bleed now you smile, you walked through me while you crushed that gleam i had inside my eyes.

The Key

The eyes, looking so cold Condemn failure and seek for perfection what will never be attained They're judging the denying face which stares back, a bewildered revelation Show me objectivity And let these eyes judge again You cannot touch what you can't ever obtain I'm inexhaustible as well as empty, in my bitter search My words are yours, my voice speaks for your thoughts I am your mirror without remorse, your reflection without doubts I fall and fall, I must learn from the bruises, the scars will be my guide There's no excuse in ignorance No time for weakness or regret Face your mirror without doubt, your reflection without remorse If knowledge was wisdom, and wisdom the key to inner rest, teach me...

Through Her Eyes

DREAM THEATER "Scenes From A Memory"
7) Scene Five: Through Her Eyes (05:29) - John Petrucci [Present] [Nicholas:] She never really had a chance On that fateful moonlit night Sacrificed without a fight A victim of her circumstance Now that I've become aware And I've exposed this tragedy A sadness grows inside of me It all seems so unfair I'm learning all about my life By looking through her eyes Just beyond the churchyard gates Where the grass is overgrown I saw the writing on her stone I felt like I would suffocate In loving memory of our child So innocent, eyes open wide I felt so empty as I cried Like part of me had died I'm learning all about my life By looking through her eyes And as her image Wandered through my head I wept just like a baby As I lay awake in bed And I know what it's like To lose someone you love And this felt just the same She wasn't given any choice Desperation stole her voice I've been given so much more in life I've got a son, I've got a wife I had to suffer one last time To grieve for her and say goodbye Relive the anguish of my past To find out who I was at last The door has opened wide I'm turning with the tide Looking through her eyes

Under The Supreme

Martyrs of the cross, bear the flames of hate The madness in their eyes is blind to their obsession The judgments they bestow... in God's name Abolish the impious, conquering their fate Driven by beliefs they enforce upon the weak to justify the life... they've destroyed. For control of the soil, sacred grounds of faith Soaking in the blood, the blood of their redemption Longing for deliverance... from sin Apostles of perversion, the suffering they induce Thrive upon the carnage, take pleasure in their pain They offer no atonement... for they're his chosen Take the weak... Make them see Our blessed ways... Died for God Sickening... Benevolence Twisted... Conviction On the shores of Armageddon, the defeated bow their heads Silent are their prayers, silent are the heavens Their somber eyes have seen the coming of the beast. Behold the loss of life and the triumphs of death The fall of man and God, a penance for devotion Feel the fury of his everlasting retribution

My Old Man

I got a picture of him, barefoot in the mud. Behind his grandpa's plow an' two great mules. When he turned ten years old, on May 8, '53. He grew up fearin' God in Washburn, Tennessee. The closest thing he had to a Dad was his Uncle Bob. An' he could only dream of things like little league baseball. An' that little boy, with big blue eyes and calloused hands, Huh, became my old man. Well she was a Kentucky girl, born on Valentine's Day. The fourth child of five to my Grandma, Eula May. So shy and beautiful with sunset hair and emerald eyes. Her Daddy spent his life workin' in the coal mines. Now in my eyes, all my life, my Daddy's been a Saint. But even Saints need Angels to show them the way. And over thirty-seven years ago, he asked for Margaret Lynn's hand. And that Angel married my old man. And there were times I tried to buck, the truthful things they said. But now I'm glad that, more than once, they rattled my stubborn head. 'Cause my folks are just like mountains, I looked at from afar. But now the closer I get to them, the bigger they are. The time seems to fly anymore, and the holidays are so far apart. There's no way a 'phone call could express what's in my heart. So this is just a song to say how greatful I am. For Mamma and my old man. For Mamma and Dad.

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