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Linda Rondstadt lyrics - Mad Love

Party Girl

Original and similar lyrics
written by Elvis Costello 1979 Plangent Vision Music (BMI) They say I'm nothing but a party girl Just like a million more all over the world I know I shouldn't be raising my hopes so high But I have seen the hungry look in their eyes They'd settle for anything in disguise of love Seen the party girls look you over Seen them leaving when the party's over They can't touch me now You say you don't mind We're so hard to find I could give you anything but time Give it just one more try Give it a chance Starts like fascination Ends up like a trance You'll never be the guilty party will you Maybe someday we can go hiding from this world Maybe I'll never get over this change in style But I don't want to lock you up and say you're mine Don't want to lose you or say good-bye I'm the guilty party and I want my slice But I know you've got me in a grip-like vise They can't touch me now You say you don't mind We're so hard to find I could give you anything I would give you anything I can give you anything but time Time Time Time

Thought Conditioning

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds - Part IV"
Your misguided mind seeks presence of a greater, from around the equator, as we move via soul, via sound, surrounds all verbalization nation never will it be, like the same way again, so they blend human nature in the excess, less you know the whole combination of a paragraphs genetic complex, many pages in the book, through the ages, take a look out of a room with a dark view, view a time I never knew and I’m never gonna be without drive on the highways taken, making every move, with a brain swift and nimble as a being I resemble my god, it’s hard and I recognize and deliver from the me to me, seem to be, high society, are down low, showing all out, out of body experience, looking at your own reflection, correct mind thought conditioning. Cast a revelation for the time of day, eventual panic attacks me, but I come back with a new determination, knock wood, street solid rock, clock tick a time, are you inclined to be the anonymous, I’m ever living like Israelite, those who funk faking, we’re breaking now that were taking it out of sight, like a spark, dynamite ignite, light a flame fire burn, live and learn, no cause for your concern, never antagonize me, fear is not always overcome, some thrive on this, live on this stratosphere, we near a new day, fear inside us all you know you can’t deny it, I, keep on stepping use minds, lethal weapon, it’s time being taken, history is in the making, by the day, hold a thought for the ones that slept but to me dignity was like kept, we’re in the line of fire, I will not break or take your petty excuse for the lack of punctuation, natures on the down slope, still I stand vertical position three ways, intuition over paths of belief, I keep it brief and let your own interpretation know the real meaning of my alternative, it wrecks typical, from the back I will speech my peace, my release will let the hard times cease.

TV Talking Song

BOB DYLAN "Under The Red Sky"
One time in London I gone out for a walk Past the place called Hyde Park where people talk About all kinds of different gods they have their point of view To anyone passing by and it's who they're talking to. There was someone on the platform talking to the folks About the TV god and all the pain that it invokes It's too bright a light he said for anybody's eyes If you've never seen one it's bleesing in disguise. I moved in closer got up on my toes Two men in front of me were coming to blows A man was saying something about children when they're young Being sacrificed that's why lullabies are being sung. The news of the day is on all the time All the latest gossip all the latest rhyme You mind is you temple keep it beautiful and free Don't let an egg get laid in there by something you can't see. Pray for people he said you could feel it in the crowd My thoughts began to wander but his voice was ringing loud It will destroy you family your happy home is gone No one can protect you from it once you turn it on. It will lead you in to some strange pursuits Lead you to the land of forbidden fruits Scramble up your head and drag your brain about Sometimes you got to do like Elvis did and shoot the damn thing out. It's all been designed he said to make you loose your mind And when you go back to find it there's nothing there to find Every time you look at it your situations worse If you feel it grabbing out for you send for the nurse. The crowd began to riot and they grabbed hold of the man There was pushing there was showing and everybody ran The TV crew was there to film it they jumped right over me Later on that evening I watched it on TV.

Piece Of Mind

TWISTA "Legit Ballin' - Vol.1"
(feat. Darkside Ballaz) [chorus] I thank God that I found my piece of mind one more time Since I'm dyin' I'd rather go right now than to be waitin' in line [REPEAT] [verse 1] play with mine you'll find that it's the wrong damn move I was the wrong damn dude Gino told me do the usual leave him in critical my brother Bruce told me that he didn't pay dues you snooze and lose so what I'd do is make this man take a bath in his shoes and it was all on the news see I knew that it would be that me or him gonna bleed and it wasn't gonna be me so what I did was popped one up in my chamber and I sent 3 no women no kids and I'ma shine on this nigga like Mop 'N Glo you think he stopped and load he jumped down with the rocks and a bomb on a dope but he didn't have to be so bold he rushed the Mob like a blob with the glocks and more and even called the cops on Sko he be shitty chi with the diamond in the watch in the coat the medallion to match with the rope no cars and the trucks in the cars that he ride lookin' like a star when he glide I swear to God when he hear the bullet fall through the sky he be jackin' like a rabbit tryin' to hide kinda hard to catch a nigga who be gone in the wind purple Navigator and a Benz a new , the old niggaz that he used to fuck with took a fall for strength of a man [verse 2] (Sko get it) before I step outside and do my job for Allah pray to Allah, undo Allah anythang go wrong I pray to Allah anythang go right I give my praise to Allah anythang in sight I'ma bless for Allah everythang tonight I'ma test for Allah everythang you write I'ma erase yo bar if you ridin' tonight you better hop out yo car cause the moon tonight is traced in 5-star I feel for my sisters at the bar y'all be aight just keep yo self to yo self y'all can see aight out on the streets it's double dare over there it's the end of the road East 99 find my kind still blind to the times and the signs on the streets niggaz killin' elites killin' killin' the chief 5 stars in the governor everybody gettin' covered up wrapped up in some bloody sheets I came off the deep saw throw my heart niggaz slangin' a V with the L's on his way all the time since I'm dyin' then I'd rather go right now than to be waitin' in line [chorus] [verse 3] I cant seem to get away from all the things in the world that bring me down and I cant seem to get away from all the pressures and the pain that I find myself around but I need a little more time for me to survive all the dirty things that I did in my life I can walk by I can try to crawl by I can run but I cannot hide from my piece of mind I hit him clean in the middle of his dentures he was getting carried away because I let him slide a couple times he went off on an adventure bloody murderer only to die it the Darkside and god I like to for killin over some Benjamins but it wasn't about my money it was bout his pride he had to run to the van he was defending it in a line of duty he died for a piece of mind I never knew I would have to murder the motherfucker I was the one fighting and piecing and increasing the peace I could () hit me and my brother we was the reason for a record that cd release we B.I.B. to the avenue about the trigger time you can't be alive in the hood when we dirt ride and motherfuckers got down cause never could never survive with the goods that god provide so as I bogus wack him for doing my job eliminate niggas that hate cause they ruining the mob I choose got bruise when I toss that guy out in the squad while they flossing the cars we busting and turn into god [chorus]

Paris Train

BETH ORTON "Daybreaker"
Now your sitting on a Paris train laughing at your own jokes again Sun splits the trees into beautiful broken light Never cry more tears than you could hold in your hands When all the world's airbrushed it's a sacred bond of trust Sometimes, sometimes I see right through the scenery The first place that's on my mind the last place I find each time Sometimes, I swim beyond the scenery The last place that's on my mind The first place I find each time Now I'm sitting on a Paris train molten ash falls like rain Fire burns the trees it's a beautiful fatality Love the way you stand your ground sea moves as mercury To break its perfect skin to dare to dive within Sometimes, sometimes I see much more than is good for me The first thing that's on my mind the last place I'd look each time Sometimes, I slip inside the imagery and The last thing that's on my mind's The first thing I'll do each time Stars racing to burn out Just stars racing to burn out A storm waiting to break Like trees standing black against the sky This was inevitable, inevitable Sometimes, sometimes we can see beyond our history The last place you hope to find the one that's been there all the time Sometimes, sometimes we can swim beyond the scenery And the first place that's on your mind The first place you'd find each time

Circle Back

JOHN HIATT "Beneath This Gruff Exterior"
Ward bond Was his sidekick rowdy yates? Drove that wagon train out West Right along this interstate Cross the high plains of kansas To the colorado line Spent a lot of sleepless nights 'Round the campfire They had mountains on their minds Those high plains people They're different somehow You spent your life leaning into a hard wind I guess you're less likely to take a bow All these stories buried out here They're calling to me Like the earthquakes in california Like the hills back in tennessee [Chorus:] I gotta circle back Touch something near Find out which way to go To get on out of here I lost my thread And i've lost some time But it takes a lot of ground For me to change my mind Well its 99 in topeka The wind is blowin' hot Blowin through my oldest daughter's hair With everything else i forgot I drove her out to college Drove back through an empty space Thinkin' back to when she was a baby Tryin' hard to see that face [Chorus:] I gotta circle back Touch something near Find out which way to go To get on out of here I lost my thread And i've lost some time But it takes a lot of ground For me to change my mind Two kids up and at 'Em One more left at home She's a spark plug, a real fire cracker And in four years she'll be gone They just blow through your life Like the wind on the plains Like the dust that covers everything 'Til the rivers fill with rain [Chorus:] I gotta circle back Touch something near Find out which way to go To get on out of here I lost my thread And i've lost some time But it takes a lot of ground For me to change my mind

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