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Linda Eder lyrics

Even Now

Original and similar lyrics
Even now...I remember all the empty spaces You filled with love Even now...Every corner of the world we shared Is still filled with love Even now...not a day goes by When I don't ache for you Through my tears I still hear your laughter even now Stars still shine bright when they're gone Hearts that break will still beat on Letting go's the hardest thing to do ‘Cause all those feelings start And time can't change my heart It all leads back to you Even are in my dreams and in my dreams You always will be Even now...You're the one true thing that brings my heart Back home to me When I'm scared...I can close my eyes You are there...Ever young And somehow, I can always find you even now From all the memories kept inside To all the dreams we knew, the rush of you Will always be a part of me Even are in my dreams and in my dreams You always will be Even now...You're the one true thing that brings my heart Back home here to me Even my darkest night Still you shine silver light So I fall through forever with you even now

The Requiem For Broken Hearts

It Dies Today "Forever Scorned"
enslave my heart, revealed is her apathey. I'm bounded by a fear of loneliness, show me fidelity now fill me with a false sense of hope, this will be reminder of what we once were. I'll leave your lips soaked with remnants of a love held together by deception. and death is masked as my savior. martyred in you heartless name. the detriment was much too profound for you to mend my wounds sweetly with your blackened kiss, my heart you've bled it dry. you could mean the world to me nothing less throughout eternity. you're the end of the world to me. a beautiful contradiction possessing me. I can give you no more than all the love I have. take it with you wherever your heart shall lead you. this is the requiem for broke hearts and empty promises, with weary steps I will press on no longer, now watch as the blade cuts through my skin, and this blood will forever rain up on your guiltless head, could you hold this close to your heart forever...forever? Will you hold this close to your heart forever and always. or will you bathe in my blood foerver and always?

Love's Reqiuem

Confusion writhes around our hearts impatiently It drains the faith that lights the dark and sets us free From the chains of our war and the pain we once called love The poison of doubt enslaves our minds and we bleed We abandon the trust that kept us blind and disappear Under the crimson wings of hate where the lost are safe Until they love again The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's requiem We pray to the serpent of delight desperately The questions are answered and we try not to weep Until we are sure we're suffering for love In the dungeons of our dreams we're so weak The promise made to be broken still haunts our sleep And we wont open our eyes afraid we would die for love The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's requiem The salvation we seek will be waiting us there In the heart of darkness lonely and scared With a promise of death for our love And now that we're free from the chains of our dear love I'm lost, so lost The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's requiem Take me into your arms and sing me your beautiful song Hold me until we're one and sing me your beautiful song

Turn Of The Tides Under The Northern Lights

ASAF AVIDAN "Through The Gale"
The sun, it rises and sets My homeward path is the place where it rests Oh, where the sun goes, that'll be my home From there I come, to there I go Love is all I need to take My heart is strong though my body'll break My lungs will fill with the ocean's salt My love will keep my heart afloat The waves will tear my battered arms But in my heart the water is calm The winds will strip my bones from flesh My love is strong, my heart is fresh My eyes and ears will feed the sea My heart will keep on guiding me... Back home... Guide me back home... Back home.

European Soul

I want to tell you of a place that I recall Where you're drawn by the seduction And the beauty of it all You can step into another world Of poetry and dreams In a land of mystery Images dance, translucent colours seem to shine They're a ghostly recollection Of another space and time I imagine I can hear their voices calling me To the land of mystery Where the Russian heart is strong Like the beating of a drum Where the magic lingers on And the fight for thruth is won Deep in the European soul And love's eternal flame was burning deep inside It was the purest inspiration That he never tried to hide When you see the lovers floating You can almost hear them sigh As you watch them dancing Up into the sky The world's realities are not to be denied But must we keep destroying all our fantasies It's hard to look beyond when terror fills our eyes We mustn't give up trying to let our dreams survive I touch the paintings with the fingers of my heart Like a supernatural love affair that's just about to start But there'll always be the hidden dreams I'll never see In the land of mystery


JEWEL "0304"
Walk in a corner shop See a shoplifting cop See the old lady with a gun See the hero try 2 run Nothing's what it seems, I mean It's not all dirty, but it's not all clean There's children paying bills There's monks buying thrills There's pride for sale in magazines There's pills for rent 2 make u clean Marvin Gaye, there's no brother, brother Woody Guthrie's land can't feed Mother [CHORUS] Mothers weep, children sleep So much violence ends in silence It's a shame there's no one 2 blame For all the pain that life brings If u will just take me It might just complete me And together we can make a stand A waitress brings me lunch We meet but do not touch On TV, D.C. is selling lies While in the corner, King's dream dies Go 2 the counter, pay for me and my friend A homeless man pulls out a roll, says it's on him The mayor has no cash He said he spent it on hookers and hash [CHORUS] U will love me, I will love u [CHORUS]

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