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LIMP BIZKIT lyrics - Significant Other

N 2 Gether Now

Original and similar lyrics
[Fred:] Who can be the boss Look up to the cross Stranded in the land of the lost Standin up, I'm sideways I'm blazin' up the path Runnin on the highways of rap Choked up by the smoke and the charcoal Lava stamps and brands me like a barcode I'm Dashin all the meteor strikes Keep the media dykes As re-enforcements for the fight And that alone with keep John Ghotti on the phone Tangled in his own I got the bees on the track Where the fuck you at [Method Man] Tical Let me hear you pigeons run your mouth now [Method Man] Shut the fuck up! I'm pluggin in them social skills That keep my total bills over a million The last time I checked it Thank God I'm blessed with the mind that I wreck it Wait until the second round, I'll knock him out [Method Man:] They call me big John stud My middle name mud Dirty water flow Too much for you thugs That can't stand the flood What up doc Hold big gun like Elmer Fudd The sure shot Mr. Meth I'm unplugged Learn Temperature's too hot for sunblock Burn Playin with minds can get you state time Lock behind twelve bars from a great mind Killa bees in the club when there's ladybug Brought a sword to tha dance floor to cut a rug Love is love all day 'til they both slug And take another life in cold blood Can't feel me Cause it's your blood Murder is tremendous Crime is endless Same shit different day Father forgive us They know not what they do Our praises do I'm big like easy, ya bigbamboo [Method Man:] What's that, I didn't hear you Shut the fuck up! Come on a little louder Shut the fuck up! Everybody N 2 Gether now Shut the fuck up! What What [Method Man:] Headstrong, deadcon, dead by dawn Deadweight they dead wrong Let's get it on Twelve rounds of throwdown Who hold crown Protect land with both pound Limp Bizkit Get around like merry-go What's the scenario Comin' through your stereo Why risk it Lifestyles of the prolific and gifted Eight essential vitamins and minerals Delicious Word on the street is They bit my thesis Knocked out their front teethes Tryin to taste mine Actin like they heard through the grapevine Dope fiendin for the baseline To provide rhyme Pharmaceuticals Hard as nails to the cubicle Where you find that monster She beautiful Wu-Tang and Limp Bizkit Roll on the check Kick a hole in the speaker Pull the plug and inject [Fred:] Mic check So what's it all about Where we gonna run Maybe we can meet up on the sun Discretion is advised For the blood of virgin eyes Limpin on the track with Method So get the sunblock You get your one shot Until you dissolve I revolve around everything you got From outta nowhere prepare You'll be blinded by the glare I told you not to stare Now you're turned into stone Without a microphone But don't you forget you're in the zone [Method Man] So shut the fuck up! And take that shit back Cause all your shit's whack [Method Man] Doodoo is doodoo When it's way down like that Burnin up your brain like a piston So all those who didn't listen Never even knew what they were missin And never even knew that the sky was fallin down Wu-Tang Clan for the crown [Method Man:] What's that, I didn't hear you Shut the fuck up! Come on a little louder Shut the fuck up! Everybody N2 Gether now Shut the fuck up! What What [Method Man:] It was over your head all day every day S-I-N-Y 1-0-3-0-4 Wu-Tang, Killa Bees, and the Limp B-I-Z-K-I-T Gotta know the time Gotta know to rhyme It ain't easy bein greezy In a world of cleanliness and you know all that other madness We gone Peace Limp Bizkit, Method Man, rock the house y'all, bring it on Hey wait up, where you guys going You're not recording are you I'm all alone I can't do this Feel it You guys feel it out there Check your head if you feel it Hey, hey, hey Every day is brigther than the next day, at least that's what you think

Representin '93

2PAC "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z."
I got a head, but ain't no screws in it. Roll up and get swoll up. Hold up. How ya gonna play me like a sunkin dunkin donut I ain't came a long way to get checked So give me respect when I get wreck or get your motha fuckin chimp check. Once again, it's your friend outta Oakland. Hoping I rock the shit to get ya open. Say your looking for some real shit. Then catch a funkdified batch. Like that!! Oakland's on the map. Tupac is on the big screen strivin. Gotta love a nigga for survivin. I wear alot of old schools jewels. Look how the fools . Ooohh. Stop lookin at me hard cuz your buffer. But I'll just buck then bigger motha fuckas. Turnin men to suckas. Niggas wanna start a little ruckus. Better duck cuz I'll be poundin them motha fuckas. They wanna throw their hands up. Thats tight. Hit em wit my eight. Never had shit left, right. Then hit em wit the uppercut. Duck quick. Shit outta luck. Fucked and stuck with that rough shit. Fuck a pop song, fuck video, fuck Arsenio, fuck the radio. Do you hear me though Give a holla to my niggas in the pen. And my murderous parteners wit their Mac 10's. I represent the real cuz I'm ill, G. Glock cocked and then they kill me. I'm representin'. Peace to Redman, Tretch, Vin Rock, K-G the great one Mary J. Blidge, Pete Rock and sure you're late son. Heavy D, CL Smooth, and Queen Latifah. Too Short, Tony Toni Tone, And the Special motha fucka, Ed Lover, the Tribe, A Tribe Called Quest, and Jungle Brothas. Das Efx, EPMD, and Ice Cube. House of Pain: funky blunted ass white dudes Cypress Hill, yeah, the ill niggas. Digital Underground: my real niggas. Raw Fusion, all in house confusion. Wickeder than most men: Spice 1 and Pooh Man. TLC, Eric B rockin, then Scarface. Stretch, Mad K-Low, pumpin the scars bass. Thorough Heads, Poonannynans, the Click. Mmmm. , Richie Rich. Young Guns in the house pumpin the flava. DJ Ditch for their behavior. Off the head, my freestyle flow. Just a couple of motha fuckas that I know. I'm strictly representin 1 motha fucka, 2 motha fucka, 3 motha fuckas, Damn, who did I forget I'm a soulja. Daddy was a soulja. Strong in the struggle. Must contend so it's on. Raised in a house full of bad motha fuckas. Mad motha fuckas. Never had so we grab from the stacked motha fuckas. Now they know me, the homies. Raised by some crazed ass well payed OG's. Ah shit! Pulled up in a benzy, snatch. The wheel as I peel out. Catch a cop's tail. Rock shells hit. Raise a fist so they know to make a hit. Can I flip it I may get wicked as I rip it. To get specific: If the shoe fits, then kick it. It's for the gifted. Pump your fist if you wit it. Here's your ticket to see Mr. Wicked rip shit. Now they wanna maime me. (Told ya) All I wanted to be was a soulja. Bang bang boogy it's stick up. Quit now nigga, eat a dick up. I

The Crawl

JOHNNY WINTER "Raisin' Cain"
I saw these fools tryin' to get around, tryin to let me down And all dat, ha, but I got an easier way to let dem drown Wit these Guns of Navarrone, I shall shoot dem like Al Capone Take dem to the zones of bones, like dat, well Yo dunn, they tried to knock me down, bury me under Big pipes soundin' like thunder Skated by the skin of my teeth I had to put a man in his place last week Now why you wanna come at me? I'm the wrong nigga to approach like that, homes Wrong nigga for threats Lone nigga wit long chrome And we can dance till one of us drop You score points fallin' wit good formation I'm the wrong nigga for patience, wrong one at dunn The very last nigga you should ever blast your gun To the floor, actin' like you goin' to war Now you fucked up, here come a real rocket launcher Flame thrower, rule wit a iron rod That be the Ruger, ya'll niggas keep tryin' hard But who the loser when you can't walk your hood at night And you can't come outside without fear Am I in your thoughts often? While you be walkin'? Foot soldier catch you at the store's corner Keep me on your mind and don't slumber Man the minute you slip wit those, that's your ass M O B B dunn, let's get it on dunn Wit Bounty Killer, yo, it's like this dunn Aiyyo cock that shit, pop that shit Squeeze off, let em know how real this is M O B B, D double E P wit Bounty Killer No other gun runners keep a round like this From Q U double E N S, my bomb borough, till the day of my death Whether in shit I been in, runnin' down the block Sprayin' shots wit the Lindon, listen We all been through action, you know the last me blastin' The last man standin, pack shit long than bare wake Neither the Jake nor the snakes gon' stop it You know the Mobb lettin' off rockets Gun burners spit like lungies, dummies Still nuttin' pop but the shells These ain't words from hell these are slugs, something you feel A gun runner nigga for real nigga Yo hear my gat blow, make you spit out crack the axle Of that brand new Six that you couldn't seem to whip Empty the clip, make sure no friendly get hit While you layin bloodied up in the Six Flee the frontline, dismantle gat then bounce Then watch the twelve o'clock news and hear them shout you out Plug leak, slip rug right from under your feet You runnin' the streets, you don't want no problems wit us Everyday is like Fourth of July to us Henny in my cup beside the gat you'll find in my clutch Interfere wit the plan and you will get touched Let the liquor talk for you and you will get touched Full fledge, like Ra let 'em know The Ledge While you slippin' off edge, your shorty's givin' me head Cockin' 'em legs like guns when I'm cockin to spray Poppin' your way, sendin' shit that's hot your way

Gz And Hustlas

SNOOP DOGG "Doggystyle"
[Chorus:] This is for the Gz, and this is for the Hustlas This is for the hustlas, now back to the Gz This is for the Gz, and this is for the Hustlas This is for the hustlas now back to the Gz [Verse One:] Freeze, at ease, now let me drop some more of them keys It's 19-9-tre so let me just play it's Snoop Dogg, I'm on the mic, I'm back with Dr. Dre But this time I'ma hit yo' ass with a touch To leave motherfuckers in a daze, fucked up So sit back relax new jacks get smacked It's Snoop Doggy Dogg I'm at the top of the stack I don't lack for a second, and I'm still checkin The dopest motherfucker that ya hearin on the record it's me, ya see, S-N-double-O-P D-O-double-G-Y, the D-O-double-G I'm fly as a falcon, soarin through the sky And I'm high till I dizzie, rizzide So check it, I get busy, I make your head dizzy I blow up your mouth like I was Dizzy Gillespie I'm crazy, you can't phase me I'm the S oh yes, I'm fresh, I don't fuck with the stress I'm all about the chronic, bionic ya see Every single day, chillin with the D-O-double-G's P-O-U-N-D that's my clique, my crew Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up I thought ya knew, but yet and still Ya wanna get real, now it's time to peel, ya say chill and feel, the motherfuckin realism Snoop Doggy Dogg is on the mic i'm hittin hard as steel nigga [Chorus] [Verse Two:] How many hoes in your motherfuckin group Wanna take a ride in my 7-8 Coupe, DeVille Chill, as i take you on a trip where them niggaz ride, and slide, you know about the East Side Niggaz like myself, here to show you where it's at With my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back Papers I stack daily, and Death Row is still the label that pays me but you know how that goes We flow toe for toe, if you ain't on the Row Fuck you and your hoe, really doe, so check it It's Snoop Doggy Dogg on the solo tip Still clockin grip, and really don't give a sheeit about nuttin at all, just my Doggs, steppin through the fog and i'm still gonna fade em all With the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin How many hoes in ninety-four will I be bangin Every single one, to get the job done As I dip, skip, flip, right back to two one Where the sun be shinin and i be ryhmin It's me, Snoop D-O-double-G, and I'm climbin [Chorus] [Verse Three:] I come creepin through the fog with my saggin Dukes East Side, Long Beach, in a 7-8 Coupe DeBille I'm rollin with the G Funk, bumpin in my shit and it don't quit So drop it on the one motherfucker put together that set A nigga with a grip of that gangsta shit With the Eastside hoes on my motherfuckin dick And the Compton niggaz all about to set trip Swing it back, bring it back, just like this And if you with my shit, then blaze up another spliff And keep the motherfuckin blunt in your pocket loc Cuz Doggy Dogg is all about the zig zag smoke See it's a West coast thing, where I'm from And if you want some, get some, bad enough, take some But watch the gun by my side Because it represents me and the motherfuckin East Side So bow down to the bow wow, cause bow wow yippie yo, you can't see my flow My shit is dope, original, now you know And can't no hood fuck with Death Rizzow [Chorus]

Baby Bubba

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Indecent Proposal"
(feat. Petey Pablo) (Pop a Dom boo, what, c'mon) [Petey Pablo] It's the dippy dippy don now you heard that Let's take you back, where the original Tim the bird at I got shit here to make you down on twelve-pack Call Rudy, tell him hook us up a twenty sack C'mon c'mon c'mon, we ballin y'all Where my cats think you feel me at Alla y'all, and when we earn that They finally let the dish and the pan Then I start with some cash Let me get to Virginia (V-A) link up with Timbaland Now I'm bustin they ass Now they callin me The Incredible Man I'ma shit it sick like YEAHHH And there is one thing to understand Y'all know what it is and Petey is just what I am Spit what I spit cause I don't give a damn Spin like just like y'all spin at the mall in blue drawers On some du-rag, it's 'bout to be the all that is New broad, new day, new cars, new motherfuckin deal Heyyyyyy [Chorus: Petey Pablo] Heyyyyyyyyyy baby bubba If y'all feel it let me hear you say Heyyyyyyyyyy baby bubba We lost the music selector Heyyyyyyyyyy baby bubba If y'all feel it let me hear you say Heyyyeyyyeyyyyy baby bubba Well he caught me in the van, the gun chat lean fah-ward [Timbaland] Check me out in my black Trans-Am dippin on that man, who that be TIM-BA-land, now haters wanna get at me Just because we three brothers dippin in the FLY RIDE He don't care though, nigga we just three FLY GUYS all up in your local mall pickin all your local broads HOLLA - if you wanna get into a local brawl We the in-timidators, y'all in-timidated by our bling bling ring ring, and I can't debate it LOWRIDERS (bzz bzzt) hittin on switches As we PASS BY YA (bzz bzzt) in sun fire - c'mon! What y'all need to do is throw that shit up, shit up For the cool amigos with Tequila in the gut What y'all know about them Southern girls with them big butts What y'all know about them buckshots bustin from a truck Yeah, yeah - that's that Southern hospitality The come of the me, the come of the Pete The come of the 'goo, the come of the G [Chorus] [Magoo] Mag spit it 'til I die fucker You wit your label kissin ass like a damn sucker Meanwhile, Mag in Virginia in some house shoes, watchin the news Do my album when I'm ready, tell my label to sue If I got it I'ma get 'em, it's cornered and sell some () from N-Y to floater while I'm humpin your daughter Stayin in the French quarter and listen to Juvenile I like that South shit, all my niggaz is wild You gotta come up with a new plan, I'm sayin man South boys ain't fuckin playin - check them This week got OutKast and No Limit, and Eightball Scarface, Ludacris, and Goodie Mob, UHH We do it country cause we proud of this shit All those that wanna hate on hip-hop can eat a dick I ain't a thug and I ain't tryna be They tryna take my love man and it bothered me [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Freestyle With Remy Martin

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
[Big Pun] Yo yo yo What the fuck, Terror Squad All we do is battle what; what, what what Yo it's The Dream Shatterer strictly for cream team battler Ring rattlin microphone fiend spline splatterer King of the throne, bringin it home five nights Up in The Source - five mics Whippin a Porsche - high price Pumpin the 9-7, rhyme heaven her voice is mindbendin Imaginin Angie nuttin but panties and my 911 That's what I'm reppin the thug tech and the glove Step in the mud with less than a SCUD I'm splittin your rug It's just I'm in love with Mrs. Martinez Latin Goddess or Venus, you just happen to give me the hardest {penis} You wanna see us apart, you're chasin the dark Long as she run the battle she got a place in my heart [Remy Martin] Yo.. yo, yo, yo All of a sudden the big question is, yo who this bitch Remy-nisce Is she really thorough with her borough, can she represent Do Remy write every line and every rhyme that she spit Is she, really the shit, is her flow really sick Get off my dick, keep your sorry ass compliments I get mad quick y'all knowin me ain't got no sense Bitch don't try to play me, because you not a player Believe me, you don't really wanna see my gangster It's easy to cock back and smack the shit out a hoe Had to leave niggaz bleedin just so we could get our dough It get me heated, that's why I wild out for no reason on the Bruckner, like fuck you, gettin weeded and speedin I'm untouchable nigga I ain't never have love for you niggaz cause y'all pussy that's why I ain't never fuck with you niggaz Motherfuckers is scandal, on the avenue of Randall Don't slip into some shit you and your click can't really handle I ain't havin it, get the cash out the cabinet before I stab the bastard baby in the bassonet I'll, body a botty bwoy, blow his gut open Leave son chokin, gun still smokin Know how many niggaz like, I bet you Pun wrote it Y'all can all take a dirty dildo and deep throat it!

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