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Are you ready baby? Are you ready? Then get the fuck up! Let me hear some noise! There's diffintely not enough people on the fucking floor There's diffintely not enough people on the fucking floor You people come on get up Woo ha Wait just a minute I see your mouth moving But I don't hear a word that you say Mish mosh Up and bring my psycho highways My ways up and down like the Dow Jones I bring these microphones I don't exaggerate Keep it real and only speak about the shit I hate Don't hate you people just the 'tudes the attitudes Lose the attitude And I wouldn't be fucking mad at you But if your fighting don't be fighting Kid I'm sorta liking what your stealing Your open room style needs some healing Checked out by my flow I'm glad you know Behind this punk I got the phattest fucking live show You feel the tension the eye balls in your socket You can't apprehend I'll be rock it you can't stop it You like the ways we be living it You need it your demo tape punk Inspected then ejected who survives at the end of the day When to much air play huh I'm gonna keep it all on the ground I need you help baby Get up! Woo ha Cambodia What do you know about this punk!? Who's hot, who's not? Wait just a minute I see your mouth moving But I don't hear a word that you say Hand grenades best describes the impaction Leaving no satisfaction You take it back what was you doing back in 82' No need for intrust Just the thought for your mental call out Shelter helter-skelter the J I'll bet ya the deal will upset ya But I'm an easy rider like I'm Henry Fonda The king pin Bizkit that flows be on ya The mental highways my path you can't stop the unexpected So check your road block Old black water keep on rolling Cause this mic is mine and I'll keep on shinning on you Do you feel it? Then get up, get up! Woo ha Cambodia What do you know about this punk!? Who's hot, who's not?

Nolia Clap (Remix)

[Juvenile:] uh huh Remix...Remix.... Wacko, Juvenile, Skip! Hollaback.... Where H-town at..ATL at..Miami, Lil Haiti, Lauderdale at... [Chorus] Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? Ya'll hear dat Nolia clap? I say da U gon do dey thing wodie please believe If not we'll make it hard for u cowards to breave One thing about a ghost, keeps sh* up a sleeve Juve and skip attack the boards, while I plug em wit 3's Every stash spot i got, I stuff it wit g's don't need a chain or a whip to snatch me a freak.. I'd rather ride around in my hooptie blowin on trees With two heaters in my lap..bumpin 400 degreez I 'on rock wit juvenile. what clown? datz my dawg.. Say dat sh* again I'll wack all ya'll. Get on some bo? sh*...smack all ya'll Prolly get on dat rob sh*...crack all ya'll I neva talk sideways I put ya on da highway Have ya sweatin in da chicken coop like smokey off Friday Catch ya in da nolia have ya runnin down da driveway Tryna bring ya down ? Yippe Ka Yay Where da Bay dat 'lay at where dem teks, where dem 9's, where dem k's at [Chorus] west coast whats up, west side whats up where NY at..., NJ at, Philly philly, DC, VA at [Chorus] east coast whassup, east side whassup [Skip:] I'm straight hollygrove ya know dat But I'm ol' skool, fisher projek like a throwback Now I told you now you know dat You ain't welcome here, you ain't see I'm Gone on my doormat So stupid ain't abide by dat If I catch you on my porch, you gon die by dat Right there, by them can lie by dat On side of dat dog doo doo, you can dry like dat Cause this is payback for anyone who eva said dat Look, I'm safe wit this vest...Gon get his head packed Or get his face slashed, get his neck jooked Look in my face...this how death look If ya deaf look, I won't play witcha Gun talk is all I'm gonna say to ya So learn to read lips...cause see we tripz Every time dat alk and dem trees mix Where da Row at, Interscope at... Choppa City, Universal, Cut Throat at... [Chorus] where my pimps wassup, all my playaz wassup where UTP at, Crime Lab at, Rap A Lot, DTP, Aftermath at [Chorus] all my souljas wassup, all my gangstas wassup [Juvenile] we from the dirrty dirrty ya heard me ya shoot and get shot from under the department line we bout as long as ya block i travel all over the states been in some serious spots carzy not knowing if them people gon' kill me or not all that booting up and stunnin and gon get u no where if u aint bout shooting them subs dont even go there if u scared show u scraed and put ur sets down we aint got a way lookin for beef u can go away now gotta holla at ?? survival these people be my people hook me up with some prada clap for a PM calp for a bbenz and if u clap right here ill give u twenties and tens 3rd ward got money we got plenty to spend quit spending on transportation we got plenty of them YEA THIS IS BIG BUISNES RIGHT HERE RAP-A-LOT UTP 2004 PUT UR U'S UP [Chorus]


Impending doom, assassinate Agressive drive explodes Uncontrollable resistance Paeallised dismay Agenda carried all around The world is in a shock Terroristic action brutal Sacrifice and loss Bomb threat - final warning No statistic prediction saw it cominĀ¹ Hateful dedication Defecate your force Dehuminization Panic hits the nation People keep fighting back Pushed to the limits in pain Ready for anything Now or never laws made to break People keep fighting back Movement united by hate Together break down the walls Terrorists blood marks their way Panic hits the nation A wave of fear, a psychic shock Radical impact of the blast Frightening mayhem, terror, doom There is nothing you can do Extremists on a mission A reawoken scorn Of a lost civilisation Against the systems loss of its position

The Right To Reply

The house, Looks for an answer to end all the violence. The ungovernable finally break silence, There's endless white papers, and new institutions. That still won't stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing continue to bore, With pre-dated policies all heard before. This is mankind now see how mankind kills, We're hitting back hard now you see how it feels. They teach and preach examination tests, So the political privelaged can order the rest, Of the young parasites, Who live in a world without hope, To get back in line, and stay there, Then assure us they'll cope. In the new violent Brirtain they pledge to invest, In skills and communities with renewed interest. To build schools of education, Not colleges of crime A manifesto so perfcetly timed, Providing help for the helpless, Their new commissions strive, For a stable re-educated society by 1995. Meanwhile, we fight on in desparation Still trying to break through. Their barriers of insanity and even now they know it's true, That to irradicate violence effectively, Injustice has to unfold. But, instead they choose to compensate, to lie and Then collaborate, no interest in any true debate, Their courts set up the offenders fate, the new Secure units for the old custodial sentence. Well we have listened to you for long enough, Taken all your threats, and you ain't so tough. You intimidate, then punish the persistent hard-core offender. You condemn more and understand less, You'll get no apologies ever. In an atmosphere of moral panic, You blame us for fighting back. But it's us that's been dragged through your streets backwards, Battered shell-shocked and attacked. The pressure's building on law and order, But we ain't even started. They may think they have been tested, But no way for we still stand divided. More and more we're turning against our own, How come? How have we forgot? That this is the one thing they want us to do, To compensate For the freedom that we ain't got. Some mug old folks and these are SCUM It's the one main thing that just ain't done. We can deal perfectly with our own problems, By taking the law in to our own hands. We can protect our own, young, the weak, and Elderly, and therefore smash their callous plans. I shall not work to build my death Nor have decisions madeby fools, For my or your behalf. As though I can't see or hear Of that which surrounds me, As though I'm quite content With all that, that disgusts me. I will not build for another's gain, Although it always ends up the same, It's as though I can't see or hear, As though I'm content, With everything that disgusts me. How can they talk about low life? Whilst they're destroying the earth? How can they take away someone's freedom? When they don't know what it's worth. To the people with feelings, To those not totally succeeding, Those, shattered, torn, ripped right in half, And whose broken hearts are bleeding. Yet still they bash and batter, To them, man onslaught, does not matter. They create society's whitewashed picture, That everything is alright. Then when people voice opinion, and object, They show disgust, confusion and then demonstrate Their might. Don't you dare think for a moment, that it's only in a Riot that we show we're discontent. It's in every so called criminal act, That we demonstrate our contempt. You shove your outstanding promises, your respect I only have respect for the life. That you destroy time and time and time again, I'm still hoping for the hopeless, And making excuses for the lawless.

Keep Doin' It Like This

Freddie Foxxx "Freddie Foxxx Is Here"
(As we go a little something like this Hit it -- Slick Rick ) (Like this) [Verse 1] Now I'ma pump a new record up loud like thunder Get your minds goin, so you all wonder How does he do it, grab his mic and run through it Over to the public, so suckers can chew it Kut Terror, terrorize wanna-be stars While I rip through my rhymes like a rocket to Mars The man keeps goin, strong forever Over bumps and bruises, but loses never I gotta move, I can't sit too long Cause if I'm idle, I start thinkin somethin is wrong Cause I'm a warrior, can't be beat and won't lose Rap is the life and profession I choose Can't take a rest, I'm still in a rush I'm out to conquer and just cold crush Condition my mind and keep both eyes open Even at night when I'm restin I'm scopin See, once I start, I gotta finish up Nobody leave until the record is cut When I aim, I aim for the stars, and I won't miss Cause I'ma kick it like this (Like this) [Verse 2] People all over had a serious doubt That I could grab the microphone and burn it out But microphone-burnin is a serious sport So I burned every rapper that played on the court Terror's a Kut Terrorist, seem to scare A lotta deejays gettin paid out there They hear about speed and a acurate scratch So bring the whole batch cause no one can match Quality shows and the style of the rhyme But when a scratch track hits the charts are all mine Cause I work hard, and never was a quitter Like Les Foxxx is a homerun hitter If you follow the intro, you know what I'm sayin See that I'm business, and I ain't playin Light shines on the man that you see, and you're present Those that are jealous are mere peasants When a child is born, he's already a striver You make him like the Foxxx, a soul survivor I shoot for the stars at the top, and won't miss Yeah, and I'ma kick it like this (Like this) [Verse 3] Now gettin on the top ain't hard to do And if I gotta ruin reps, I'ma do that too Cause I'ma take out the maddest, outrap the baddest With just my mind, slim up the fattest I'm on a mission to house competition Fredddie the Foxxx got you hopin and wishin You could grab your mic and knock me out the box Come on - not the Foxxx Now here's an example of poetry in motion Grab your trunks cause I'ma flow like the ocean You rappers ain't ready yet, Freddie is right I pump about a million watts through a mic Keep you dancin all night till your feet start achin Bass pumps loud till your bones start breakin Security runs because the walls start splittin I'm tryina explain to you how hard I'm hittin Girls out front can't wait to touch me Fellas look mad, but they won't rush me Keep it all cool, and the jam won't miss And I keep kickin it like this (Like this) [Verse 4] The next century waits for a man with a new style And I get greeted with a hug and a big smile Solo, I walk forever in a world of my own Without guns and knives, just a microphone Travel the land to see rappers that step to me In my quest for fame, are bound to get done, you see I won't shoot the next man down until He gets disrespectful or acts real ill Then I gotta smash like a roller steamin Doin it like this while you keep dreamin Rappers that press me know Foxxx is a top man Cause I rule the mic and enthrall with a strong hand My rap juices flow like a river Around your heart and down past your liver You can't take the pain cause it's rough Screamin to your partners, you had enough You wanna step to Foxxx, then you like to get dissed Cause I'ma kick it like this


Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Devil, and Satan, and born in a thousand years See [Choppa] I'm the soldier type, keep grip on steel like Conan Money bulgin' out my pockets, I peel with both hands Inter-national dopeman, known as a D-Boy If ya need me nigga, know you can call on the decoy Me, All I do is move blow off tha corner Paper chasin', cause I'm tryin to stack doe like colma, (Watch me) I'm tryin' to keep my head on tight Baller blockers make a nigga wanna ride at night Block watchers callin' coppers so my mind ain't right The Devil with me but the young boy acknowledge Christ I did alot of ridin' in my time, and God blessed me still I look out for tha one the knocks [Chorus: Fredrick & Sarah] So why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me, why Why he knockin' at my door, my door Why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me Can you tell me why he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for, tell me Could you tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for Could you tell me, tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for [Fredrick] You thinkin' lifes a joke, I'll slice your throat Oh you a thug, you about to get yo' rights revoked I'm from the Dirty, we don't even know the price of soap I'm a star, look in the sky, you need a microscope I'm way ahead of the game, thuggin' runs in my veins My pockets chubby, so I went and got a gun in my name Its just me, him and my blunt in the Range A young nigga with the filty slang Ha ha, I hop out like a Jack In The Box With three macks and a glock I'm askin' for nothin', I'm snatchin' my props I'm gettin' money while I'm laughin' at cops It ain't ya lad, I ain't bad It's the Devil, why don't you tell'em to stop [Chorus] [Elliot Ness] Its like somebodys lookin' over my shoulder [EN] Its hard to focus in the open I'm surrounded by vultures [Babs] So many haters I don't know where to turn [B] And niggaz be starin' us down like we got money to burn [EN] First things first, I'm sick of all you industry thugs [EN] You feel me, You a enemy if anything cuz [Both] In memory of [EN] Death to the powers that be [EN] See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier ain't no coward in me [EN] Somebody is constanly watching and following me [EN] Throw shades over my eyes, Wont allow me to see [Both] Allow me to peek [EN] Forget about reading the fine print [EN] My lyrical content on some Vietnam shit [EN] Shoot 99% dogg, top of the line [Both] I'm back on my grind [EN] Satan in the back of my mind [EN] Go a-head with the bullshit, tomorrow ain't promised [EN] I'm pushin' the rock to stop from getting knocked unconscious [Chorus] [P. Diddy talking with Sarah singing] Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou walk with me It's Bad Boy baby, we done seen the ups and downs Sunny days, rainy days, we'll never stop Da Band, the next generation, God first And we won't stop, Yea, Lets go Yea, get off me, get off me You know what team I'm on One God, One love, One family, Bad Boy I'm like Micheal baby Dark Angel, Yea, You feel me I see all you Devils out there You'll never stop us Da Band, 2003, The next generation Yea, and we won't stop

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