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Lillian Axe lyrics

The World Stopped Turning

Original and similar lyrics
I watched you bathing in the moonlight I heard you crying in the wind Oh, every day is just another symphony Of angels singing praises in your name Look up can't you hear them calling It wasn't very long ago That you and I believed in the same things And now it seems you've put our love behind you And turned away before you understood You can run but you can't hide Chorus: Can't you see I'm falling down Thanks to things I never knew Don't you know I'm tryin' hard To take this love from you Oh, the skies are falling And the seas are drying Oh, oh, can it be? The world stopped turning on me Well, I see you still but that's just fantasy I hear you call to someone else Oh, gazing at a distant cold reflection And crystal lakes of tears I cried for you Trying to keep this hope alive Chorus Solo Chorus (Repeat)

I Don't Know

QUEEN LATIFAH "Order In The Court"
Oh I don't know And it makes me scared Because I'm falling in love And I don't know if you feel the same I'm taking this time to write you this letter Cause what we got is good but want to make it better Yo boo, I'm digging you, you got all of the equipment Now I'm ready for a commitment I'm not trying to rush things Not looking for an engagement ring But the queen needs a king And I choose you, cause what we got is in tune Since you promised me the moon I hope to see it soon (see it soon) I want make this official man, I miss you I fiegn for your touch and your kiss too Listen I hope I'm not being to blunt Don't wanna scare you away, it's a game I want to play but... Oh I don't know And it makes me scared Because I'm falling in love And I don't know if you feel the same (hey) Oh I don't know (I don't know) And it makes me scared (so scared) Because I'm falling in love (falling in love) And I don't know if you feel the same (falling in love, hey) I know you love it when I call you big poppa My thoughts are pure I heard you left your last cause she was insecure I'm not tryin' to compare myself but I got health and wealth And now you dealing w/ the top shelf My orgasmic thoughts need support Thinking of positions you taught While I stare at the gifts you bought The things you do for me make you my number one When you're around I have a lot of fun Check me now Like the time we went to six flags Boostin', tearin off tags And sticking souvenirs into our bags Slipped up, almost got caught then tried again You're more than a lover you my best friend Do you remember the first time I letcha get it I was nervous you were too but wouldn't admit it You were the best I had that's why I want all of you Now tell them hookers to stop calling you I'm dead up I want to wear your name So I pray and ask god to make you feel the same (hey) Oh I don't know (don't know) And it makes me scared (It makes me so scared) Because I'm falling in love (I'm falling in love again again) And I don't know if you feel the same (baby baby baby baby) (hey) Oh I don't know (I don't know) And it makes me scared (makes me scared) Because I'm falling in love (falling in love again) And I don't know if you feel the same (baby baby, oh oh oh yeah) Is there a place to ease my mind (place to ease my mind) (think about you all the time, yeah) Show me a sign and wish that you would offer me a sign Relax my mind Let me close by saying stop delaying our fate Let go your fear I'm here come hold your soul make I want more but I don't want push It's never to late so be straight Don't beat around the bush I'm all woman if you don't feel like I feel that's fine Let's stay friends but I want you to be mine now check it But I'll take what I can take it can't get no plainer With love sincerely yours your boo dana Oh p.s. guess who's back around My ex he called me said he bought a house up town But I told him that my love for you was too strong Write back and don't make me wait to long Oh I don't know Oh I don't know (I don't know) And it makes me scared (makes me so scared) Because I'm falling in love (falling in love) And I don't know if you feel the same (I want to know, wanna know) (Just me and my queen Do you know what I mean Hey hey hey Falling in love Tell me if it's good enough for you)


Verbs "Unlocked"
examining actions of slaves to self satisfaction in a circle snakes where saints are a small fraction cover my ears an can still hear the fall happenin i'm body battlin' saddlin' up to keep travelin' and you are my inspiration many emotions mangle my meditation and every time i spit i keep tastin' soul preservation link with the lord for some life renovation i keep reservations for conversation it's hard to harm the lord's well-armed calm kept creation none felon bomb of a none denomination a simple servant out here sicken sevens on the nation my camp or coalition cold crash your congregation we standing in the light eternal life is what we facin' and aint nothing adjacent and cant nothing replace the man every time i say amen i feel like i'm trippin chorus trippin in any city, county, town, or zipcode interstates, highways, byways, backroads. skylines twinklin' pretty but still look dark pushin evil outta these borders and tell it to depart. hear the cries from famined cities where crime and sin crumble the streets. where heat waves seek and earthquakes shake the territory. i see my man on the block that goes anywhere the just may blow. downtown in the middle of the night, neon light bright where there's no windows. gangs bang with gun and chain until their brains hang out then pick another gang to see if they hang so that they can claim they clout. it's where the worth of young youth is getting skewed and reduced they've been handed the wrong juice and straight lost their innocence. fatherless dealing with rage fight to escape the shame finger pointing ignites the blame, inner bitterness beginsto flame. not seeing beyond the hood life is automatically lacking demons of death on desolate blocks and they're feenin' for destiny jackings. but the news is marvelous, we can start repairing thebreech. christ came to destroy the works so you can start repairing the streets. and he's looking for people presenting an ultimatum to evil threating lethal either leave or simply get drawn off the easel. chorus

Livin' On A Prayer

JON BON JOVI "Cross Road"
Once upon a time Not so long ago Tommy used to work on the docks Union's been on strike He's down on his's tough, so tough Gina works the diner all day Working for her man, she brings home her pay For love - for love She says we've got to hold on to what we've got 'Cause it doesn't make a difference If we make it or not We've got each other and that's a lot For love - we'll give it a shot Chorus: Whooah, we're half way there Livin' on a prayer Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear Livin' on a prayer Tommy's got his six string in hock Now he's holding in what he used To make it talk - so tough, it's tough Gina dreams of running away When she cries in the night Tommy whispers baby it's okay, someday We've got to hold on to what we've got 'Cause it doesn't make a difference If we make it or not We've got each other and that's a lot For love - we'll give it a shot Chorus We've got to hold on ready or not You live for the fight when it's all that you've got Chorus

Loved By You

JOURNEY "Arrival"
Every time is like the first time tenderly Loving you is like breathing spring Seasons change but your heart beats constantly Count my blessing every day as you love me As the sunset disappears across the northern sky You look for forever in my eyes All I can say, long as I have a voice I'll thank God above that I was your first choice CHORUS: If I should die before I wake I'll go into the night whispering your name If lying in your arms is the last thing that I do At least I know that I'll be loved by you In about a hundred years from now When all of my love letters are found And someone reads these words I've written only meant for you They'll know how forever came true... REPEAT CHORUS Let the years roll on by These are the best times of my life I'll just smile when my days are through Knowing that I've been loved by you At least I know that I've been loved by you

Thistlehair The Christmas Bear

ALABAMA "Alabama Christmas"
The city's full of MANGER scenes and stores lit up in red and green. But down the road just out of town there's more magic to be found. The countryside is all aglow with holly trees and mistletoe. And in THEM woods there lives a bear known to all as Thistlehair. Chorus (no changes) Oh Thistlehair the Christmas bear spreadin' the good news everywhere. About Christmas time and what it means to all the children of the world. Every little boy and girl out there love Thistlehear He comes around this time of year spreading lots of Christmas cheer. The kids all love this shiny coat and the smell of honey on his nose. He tells them all about that star (delete wondrous ) and everything that it stands for. The birthday we all celebrate (delete and why ) is STILL OUR favorite holiday (delete everyone's ) Chorus Wherever you find OLD Thistlehair there'll be music in the air. He dances 'round the Christmas tree Every single NEW YEAR'S eve. (delete Christmas ) Then he and all his furry friends GATHER 'ROUND THE FIRE AGAIN. (delete entire line) Singin' 'bout the Angels' wings gifts of love that Christmas brings. (delete and the ) Chorus

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