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Lillian Axe lyrics

She Likes It On Top

Original and similar lyrics
Ow! C'mon! (I bet you like lookin' down on me) So you feel a little lonely girl Well you know you're used to that one Now the taste of sweet success Is on your lips, you always want some Picture perfect innocence Behind a guard that she can't drop She's been around the world Now she's back on the top Chorus: She wants everything put in her lap Yeah she likes it on top She's in the right place Though all along you knew it was wrong The taste of blood got to ya Now everyone who's on your list You know they gotta do something for ya Not a care at her expense She'll pay the piper when he stops She's been around the world Now she's back on the top Chorus She cries herself to sleep at night It's not all it's cracked up to be She can't see, Yeah She's a little lonely girl Gets her kicks on top of the world Solo (Well you sure look good from down here) Picture perfect innocence She'll pay the piper when he stops She's been around the world Now she's back on the top Chorus

Movie Star Part 2

Rascalz: Yeah Uh, Ladies...Its rascalz. And we making the hits And doing remixes..Uh Huh.. Shawn: Its the rascalz, with Shawn Desmon, and BA ya'll Some come and check it out... Shawn: CHORUS Girl you look like a movie star You the finest chick, no matter where you are, oh yeah, oh yeah. I love the way you move baby. Girl you look like a movie star With your prada dress and your fancy car ,oh yeah ,oh yeah. So girl, keep on doing what you do. Rascalz: Flow blown, genetics. Somebody call the medics. These girls look good, and somebody gonna get it. You them cats said it, but they don't get it. Cause we them cats, whos all up in it. Yo, short skrit wearing Tear off what you're wearing She don't be daring... She live life daring. And don't like sharing And them girls staring Can't hold them back Once she takes off them earings..OH OH Here we go again: girl fight. Cause, your style tight And that they don't like. When you pass through, whats like a spolight Yo kid, you rock right So let them back fight Cause I got you. You hold it down, so I got to. DJ spinning the sounds That we rock to So let him drive 'em around Just to clock you Cause how you move, Just wondered, can't stop you. REPEAT CHORUS Rascalz: Hey yo, Them girls pretty And look good pretty. So I dedicate this, I hope ya'll hear me I love ya'll dearly, So keep ya'll near me. How you put it together It never once failed me Ya'll do it dearly With or without baby You, a movie star, better yet You a lady. So I'll ride shotgun You drive me crazy Think of you nearly every minute And its scarey. Feeling you dearly And I hope that you seeing Beauty's in the eye If you defose you being I hope that you will beware So we can beware Not only my temper But you lift my spirits REPEAT CHORUS Rascalz: Hey Yo, A real fine damsel girl We should tango. You do the talk And action I'll handle Pure satisfaction We pure waxing. Though you like it rough.. So touch without asking. No one better touch Just long lasting Eventhough I'm in a rush, Can't stop blasting Even though we do what we be doing often I still want more, But You know what I'm talking, come 'ere Shawn: Everybodys talking So I gots to take a look N' What else can I say But this girl she got me shook Oooh, tell me what I gotta do Oooh, cause girl I gotta get with you Oooh, girl you make me feel this way Tell me what I got to say REPEAT CHORUS

Just Say So

Turn out the lights, leave the candle burning We can talk all night Yeah I'm listening and I'm learning Well I've never never never No I ‘ve never seen nothing like this before Hey but that's alright I've never been more sure So, so you're looking me over So you're letting me in You put your head on my shoulder Yeah I know where you've been So you're asking me questions ‘Cause you're needing to know If you're ready to love me Just say, just say so Well I understand the weight of your words and worries But tell me true ‘Cause I'm in no hurry Well I've been hit hard and it's left deep scars Yeah we've all got memories But I am your answer You never met no one like me Chorus: Everyday that you don't say what's on your mind Still afraid of letting go let me inside Don't you think that I won't stay for good this time Everyday I'll show you over and over and over and over again Chorus:


yeah, when it's cold outside, girl who are you holding, you'll be holding me, well well well well well, said if ya'll don't mind can i talk about this woman i have, she's always complaining about the things she ain't got, and the things that her girlfriends got, but lady i wanna let you know, i can't be in two places at one time, if you think you're lonely now, wait until tonight girl, when skeletons come out of your closet and chase you all around the room, memories ? like a ghost Chorus ain't it funny how tables turn, when things ain't goin yo way, when love walks out pain walks in, you can't help but say Chorus adlibs i wanna testify, i wanna testify, i just got one thing to say if you think you're lonely now chorus

Bitties In The Bk Lounge

DE LA SOUL "De La Soul Is Dead"
Part One: Yo man let me make some Cpt. Krunch man alright Yo man we have any milk? Yeah, what time is it? I don't know, what day is it? Don't know, well I'll tell you. Well it was a Wednesday me and Boss Hog was kinda hungry like two eggs, and a slop beef slice of lettuce and a glass of milk and some cookies. Spotted in the mist was a BK logo what we said - well what do you know this chick thought I was trying to play fly cause I had a pair of blue jeans on. Young girl, won't you take my order? she said, Yeah, but right now I'm kinda busy... can't you see I'm trying to put this band aid on my finger? Lingering, I could tell she's a B-K mademoiselle Ripped uniform and bottom bell and some Jelly stuff on her sleeve Look to this cause I had no name tag on my collar could be pissed cause she's clocking 2.45 an hour And then Boss Hog hollar Girl you better make this quick! She said, I ain't your girl and I ain't your chick! I had an idea and lickity split took my hat off and that was it Dread locks fallen all over me and then I said Yeah now we'll see! And o' with quick velocity honey was mesmerized Ain't you that guy? Aint you that GIRL! De La Soul, right? No Tracy Chapman! Why don't you come over to the counter; and write me out an autograph? Ha ha ha, I had to laugh She was quick with the Bic just to get that autograph But me and Hogg just laughed, and laughed What's the name of that song you sing? Living in a fast car, I said Forget about the order I made I'll go get a slice of pizza instead. Chorus: repeat 2X Bitties in the BK lounge, All they do is beg and they scrounge Bitties in the BK lounge (2x) Part Two: F - female P2 - Posdonus F - Excuse me, would you take my order I have to go Shashawna's got a real job, dag don't you know! P2 - Oh yeah, Now I recognize The real real bitty with the fake fake eyes Yo, can I interest you in some burgers and fries? F - Yes you can, but you can keep your lies cause you know you can't diss me but your pissing me off I know where you live and I know that your soft You're as booty as they come [booty?] and you dress like a geek my shoes cost more than you make in two weeks P2 - Look, you don't have to play fly in here I can tell your fly by the weave that you wear! But you must be aware that a fly can be swatted by a BK tray By the way yo, here's yours F - I know your just sweating me to kill the noise of your polyester pants and thier o' so high waters Look at what you do all day but take orders You bow tie wearing, clocking and staring I know your just upset because you cant get the rat/wrap I think you Chubby for my man is living slack P2 - Yeah, I know your man, the biggest punk in school selling devil rock to the fiends and the fools! With one hand that punk I could snap- the kid is so skinny... F - But we be livin fat P2 - Speaking of fat, would you like a diet soda? Cause less fat on you would spare us all the odor Better yet pour it down the pants and let the acid kill the smell that should have been left to Masingel! Let me make you a deal, take the soda free and jet I got to much family to heed your threats F - Are you a family man? [Word booty!] Well I shouldn't be surprized your sister's flipping burgers and your momma's frying fries P2 - Don't even try that shit! F - Oh damn look! [What?] F - Here comes one more It's your father he just finished mooping the floor Now give them a hand, its the BK clan So you can't talk garbage about who I am P2 - well, arn't we living foul Speaking of foul how bout some chicken for the cow? Ops I meant you sorry for the mix up but your stomachs always big from the sexual slip ups! F - I could buy you and sell you for pennies, young man! {You'd better!} I think theres something you should understand I try to be nice and help the poor make money And since I know you need it, I'll go elsewhere dummy! Now B-K workers is too damn rude I think I'll go get me some Chinese food

Just What It Takes

KENNY LATTIMORE "Kenny Lattimore"
Just another story of the lost and lonely Stuck right in the middle of two broken hearts Even though you want to have who loves you only You're afraid to give yourself another start You deserve better Girl if you let me I'll be your everything I'll give what you need So think it over Soon you'll discover To make the perfect situation what you need is me Chorus: I've got just what it takes Don't be afraid Can't wait til the day that you will stand beside me Taking full advantage of my broken heart I've got a love that's not so much demanding Just keeps right on giving till it fills you up I'm gonna hold you Let me console you Girl when you're feeling low I'll be your place to go So here's my offer Comes with a lifetime guarantee From now on lonely nights till be all made history ‘Cause you've got me Chorus Chase your tears away Bring you out when you're down Erase the pain Now that I'm around, ‘cause Chorus

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