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Lillian Axe lyrics

Down On You

Original and similar lyrics
(Whoa!) It's the same old aggrevation Undercover love is still a sin (That's right) I just can't deal with complication I'm givin' up I'm givin' in You slipped right through my fingertips You're just too hard to please Chorus: I'm rainin' down on you Down on the pain that you put me through Been up and down with you Down on the love that I thought so true Oh, it's an impossible situation Been pushed every way but your direction (No, no) You stuck a knife in my achin' heart Then left me here to bleed Chorus Down, down, down on you Down, down, down, down on you Solo (Aw, I've had enough of this) Ow! You slipped right through my fingertips Was I too hard to please? Chorus Down, down, down on you Down, down, down, down on you Down, down, down on you Down, down, down, down on you

Hard, Ain't It Hard

Kingston Trio "An Evening with the Kingston Trio"
Woody Guthrie Chorus: Well, it's hard. Ain't it hard? Ain't it hard (oh, yes) to love one who never did love you. Well, it's hard. Ain't it hard? Ain't it hard, great God, to love one who never will be true? Well, there is a house in this old town. That's where my true love lays around. She sits down upon another's knee (do tell) and tells him what she never will tell me. (Chorus) The first time I seen my true love she was a-standin' by my door, And the last time I seen her false-hearted smile, she was dead on that bar room floor! (Poor girl!) (Chorus) Well, who's gonna kiss your ruby lips? (Not you, sweetie!) Who's gonna hold your little hand? (Hand?) Who's gonna do, well, you know what, when I'm down in that promised land? (I will!) (Chorus) Well, don't go drinkin' and gamblin'. Don't go there your sorrows for to drown. This hard liquor place is a low-down disgrace. It's the meanest damn place in this town! (Chorus)

Don't Wanna Lose You

LIONEL RICHIE "Louder Than Words"
You know it's taken a long time to realize How much I love to be with you Times are hard,spirits weak Everything seems to be going wrong Outlook's bleak You know I fooled around playing the field That's when I found that your love was real No I haven't treated you so right But I won't lose your love without a fight Chorus: I'm gonna hold on to the love we have togther Hold on don't you say good-bye Tell me now before we lose forever Girl I don't want lose Gotta have your sweet loving 'Cause without it girl I'll just lost my mind The way you hold me Comforts me and shows me That a love like yours is hard to find I need your loving every day and night You're kinda lovin' makes me feel alright Chorus Baby don't go Baby don' go ,not now Baby don't go I need you by my side girl Baby don't go I love you so I don't want to lose you You know it took me a long time T finally realize That a good thing is hard to find That's why I'm standing right here With you doday girl I want to keep you I've come to my senses I don't wanna go anywhere I'm coming home Chorus

Foolish Pride

TRAVIS TRITT "Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof"
She stayed up all night and cried into her pillow and fought off the urge to jus break down and call lasy night to find the failt seemed so darn easy but now who's to blame don't mater much at all she thinks if she calls him it just shows weakness so the hurt goes on with every tear she's cried ain't it sad to see a good love fall to peices chalk another heatbreak up to foolish pride Chorus: Turn out the lights the competitiion's over the stubborn souls are the losers here tonight and while the bridges burn another hard, hard lesson's learned as in the ashes passion slowly dies and this romance goes down to foolish pride He relives every word they spoke in anger he walks the floor and punches out the wall to apologize to her would be so simple but instead he cries, 'I'll be damned if I'll crawl' if he loses her he's lost his best friend and more then just a lover can provide so he wrestles with emotions that defeat him chalk another love lost up to follish pride Chorus

Love Action

Human League
When you're in love You know you're in love No matter what you try to do You might as well resign yourself To what you're going through If you're a hard man or if you're a child It still might get to you Don't kid yourself you've seen it all before A million mouths have said that too I've had my hard times (hard times) in the past I've been a husband and a lover too I've lain alone and cried at night Over what love made me do And the loved ones who let me down And couldn't share my point of view But this is Phil talking I want to tell you What I've found to be true Chorus : I love your love action Lust's just a distraction No talking, just looking Watching your love action I believe, I believe what the old man said Though I know that there's no lord above I believe in me, I believe in you And you know I believe in love I believe in truth though I lie a lot I feel the pain from the push and shove No matter what you put me through I'll still believe in love And I say (Repeat chorus three times and fade)

Crimes Of Paris

ELVIS COSTELLO "Blood Chocolate"
I thought it was you and your optimist's view of the clock And how it's always another day Just after twelve o'clock's struck You said Now I only want you so I don't have to promise But tiny children in grown-up clothes whispered all the Crimes of Paris Chorus: You're not the girl next-door or a girl from France Or the cigarette-girl in the sizzle hot-pants All the words of love seem cruel and crass When you're tough and transparent as armoured glass You're everywhere girl in an everyday mess Who'll pay for the Crimes of Paris I heard that you fell for the Hell or to Hammersmith Blues In the tiny torn up pieces of his mind he's irresistible too Now it's hard to say now if he's only stupid or smart When he crawled through the door And poured out more of his creeping-Jesus heart Chorus And it's all here and now She hit him with that paper-weight Eiffel Tower And I tried to hold on to you but I don't know how And I find it hard to swallow good advice Like going down three times to only come up twice She's so convenient, he's always stiff as hair-lacquer It's hard to discover now he's in love with her It was her way of getting her own back You never did anything she couldn't do on her own You're as good as your word and that's no good to her You'd better leave that kitten alone Chorus

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